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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Hungry BIGFOOT Observed From Huntingdon County, PA Hunting Cabin

A young teen girl recalls an incident at their family's hunting cabin in a remote area of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. She insists that she saw a Bigfoot the night before deer season.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"There was an incident that I recall in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania in 1972 when I was a young teen. My father's family owned a remote cottage that they used for hunting. It was in a heavily wooded area about 50 miles home in the town of Huntingdon. The men on my father's side of the family were all deer hunters. My mother, grandmother, sister, and I would drive to the cottage the day before Thanksgiving while picking up groceries for the holiday. The men would come in later after they got off work.

We would arrive and unpack the car, get settled, and start to set up for the holiday. My grandfather would bring boxes of apples he got from a few trees in his yard at home. My sister and I would help him cut the apples in halves and throw them out in the front yard of the cottage in order to attract deer after dark. My sister and I would take turns watching from the window to see if any bucks would come in to feed on the apples.

That evening the adults were playing a game of cards. It was my turn to take the flashlight and watch the yard for deer in the front yard. I turned it on and I didn't see any deer. I shined the light on the ground around the tree and noticed that all the apples were gone. I didn't see anything. leaned into the window and I shined the flashlight over into the tree line as far as I could. Then something caught my eye. as I panned the light I moved back to the spot I had passed just a second before. I stopped and looked. Something seemed different to me. It looked like I was seeing a man standing in the tree line facing me. I could see a body and I could see a face mixed in with small tree trunks and brush. I was too young, I suppose, to be alarmed. The adults were talking loudly and I really didn't want to bother them.

I finally, without emotion, said, 'Hey, there's a man down in the yard by the trees.' Immediately all the adult banter stopped. My father, my uncle, and my grandfather all jumped up from the table and grabbed their rifles. I was a bit startled by them moving so quickly and all grabbing their guns. My dad rushed to the window beside me to look out. My mother and grandmother hovered around the window trying to see out. My uncle opened the front door and ran onto the front porch. My grandfather took his rifle and ran to the basement where a door led out into the front yard area. My mother grabbed the flashlight and shined it all over the yard. My father asked me, again and again, what did I see was I sure that I saw a man. I saw him standing right there in the tree line. We had neighbors in the area but they were a quarter-mile away. No person with any common sense would have been roaming through the woods at night with the hunting season started. It's a good recipe for getting shot.

Nothing was there as the light shined all over the yard. My grandfather went out into the yard from the basement and looked all around but he didn't see or hear anything. He finally came back in. They decided that I just saw some tree trunks in the light of the flashlight and they resembled a person. But I know what I saw.

I had never heard any weird sounds or any of my family talking about a strange incident in those woods. But as time has passed, I have heard of numerous Bigfoot sightings in that same area. I truly believe that a Bigfoot came into the yard and grabbed the apples that we had put out for the deer. It may have even scared the deer since we never saw any in the yard that night. On another note, none of the men harvested a deer at the cabin that year. That had never happened before or since " L

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