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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saurian Humanoids & Demons...Is There A Connection?

Not long ago, a reader asked me if it is possible that Reptilian humanoids could be shapeshifting demons. I suppose anything is possible...but, for the most part, I use the anecdotal evidence provided by experiencers and abductees. Many of those incidents included a Saurian humanoid.

Nonetheless, I was intrigued by the question...so I pulled a few eyewitness reports that my apply:


For 8 years it was my misfortune to be married to a woman who I discovered, not long after our marriage, to be a shapeshifting negative entity in human form. (I actually saw her shape-shift on several occasions.) From our union sprang three daughters, two of whom are of like nature to their mother. During the years of our marriage my then-wife engaged in Satanic rituals and similar practises, for the purpose of invoking and evoking negative entities of her own kind. A "side-effect" of these practises was that she drew into manifestation many entities who were eventually able to appear whenever they wished to, without having to be drawn by rituals. For me, this nightmare didn't end until we divorced in 1985.

Unable to get rid of the unwanted "visitors", I frequently spoke to them in order to determine who they were and what they wanted. These entities were cold, ruthless and without any compassion. Without exception, they all loathed and despised humans, and often spoke of a long-term agenda for taking over the planet for themselves. I found this self-declared agenda highly disturbing and worrying, but was not sure if they were telling the truth or simply winding me up out of malice. They often spoke of places such as Draco and Orion, and on several occasions I suffered encounters with an entity whom they referred to as their 'Leader'. He was without doubt the most terrible entity with whom I have ever had contact, and he declared on one occasion that he is the one whom religious people would call Satan, the Devil.

Amongst many other things, the entities told me that they were not the only alien life-forms on this planet (many of whom, they declared, have incarnated in human form throughout the millenia in order to carry out their long-term goal.) I was told that various other aliens have incarnated here, but for other purposes.

Although full of hatred, contempt and loathing for human beings, the negative entities were surprisingly civil to me. When I once asked why this was so, I was told - much to my surprise - that it was because I am not human. "Your body is human, but your soul is not," I was told by a number of the entities. They told me that I was not one of their kind, and had nothing in common with them, but was as alien on this planet as they themselves are. I eventually discovered this to be entirely true, when I once discovered my spiritual origin.

Many of the experiences I have had, and many things which I was told by the alien entities, make perfect sense, and are now comprehensible to me. - From Witness - Cumbria, UK - 4-23-01



I became truly involved in spirituality in 1990. I always knew that I believed in many things, but it wasn't until then I really began to delve deeper. And let me tell you, it has been an interesting 10 years!

Well, in 1994, I met this guy named Shawn. As an aside, I have noticed that ever since I undertook a pledge to learn as much as I could spiritually and to empower myself and become the best being I could, certain people have been "sent" my way.

Anyhow, Shawn is my first experience with the 'lizard race'. Shawn was odd, to say the least. But frankly, that's why I liked him.

He had a very dark side to him that he claimed was in the past, and as he always attested, he was moving toward the Light. However, our friendship fell away because that was not Truth! He said he was drawn to me because he wanted to be of the Light.

I used to stand outside at night in the country and look up at the stars, basically at the starships, and call to the Lighted Beings to communicate with me. My deep interest in extraterrestials was exceeded by Shawn's own. Then he told me something that shocked me, and I had never, at that time, heard of anything quite like it! He said that he had been abducted many times, but was on a friendly basis with the reptilian race. Now let me tell you, Shawn had amazing artistic skill and he drew them for me...my skin crawls thinking about it.

But what was even more odd were Shawn's eyes! My mother noted it as well: his pupils were not round all the time. Quite often, they appeared like that of a cat's eye. And, excuse this bluntness, but his penis had 2 openings, and it was unlike anything I have ever seen.

He swore to having contact with 2 large reptilians as well as adamantly stating that he met with a female and male vampire. He told me that he was part vampire, and he even threatened me with harm by the vampires if I ever did anything to upset him.

Of course I was NOT afraid, because I am so very protected at all times.

But let's just say his true colors started coming through! But guess what? One night, (I dream very lucidly), I met this female vampire who attempted to attack me. The next day, Shawn called me and asked me if I had met anyone in my dream that night.

I wish I could remember the names he gave me, because he had names for all of them, the vampires and the reptilians. By the way, he actually took me to where in Pennsylvania he met the reptilians' ship!

My point in telling you all of this is that I am so flabbergasted. Actually, this all goes deeper than I ever imagined. Witness 'B' - 7/11/2000

These are two entirely different accounts, though both could be attributed to shapeshifting entities...or demons. So what exactly are shapshifting demons? I consider demons as non-human entities who possess malevolence towards humans...not in a Biblical sense as Satan's minions hell-bent on destroying mankind. Then again, you may consider these examples as one-in-the-same. I found an interesting post at - Reptilians Are Demons – Will Be Used As Scapegoats. Though I'm not a fan of David Icke, there are some parts in his rhetoric that do make you ponder. I'm interested in your thoughts. Lon

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Ulema Secret Teachings on Anunnaki, Extraterrestrials, UFOs, Alien Civilizations and How to Acquire Paranormal Powers. 7th Edition. (Supersymetric Mind, ... Hybrids, Spirits, Reading the Future.)

Children of the Matrix: How an Interdimensional Race has Controlled the World for Thousands of Years-and Still Does

A New Order Of The Ages: Volume One: A Metaphysical Blueprint Of Reality And An Exposé On Powerful Reptilian/Aryan Bloodlines

Children of the Matrix: How an Interdimensional Race has Controlled the World for Thousands of Years-and Still Does

Daily 2 Cents: 'Werewolf' Vs. 'Vampire' Murder Trial -- Harrowing UFO Experience -- 50 Years of Strange Encounters

Bizarre "Werewolf" Vs. "Vampire" Murder Trial in California

An Atascadero, CA man accused of gunning down his neighbor has believed he was a werewolf for about 20 years, a forensic psychologist testified Tuesday.

The District Attorney’s Office says Mark Andrews, 51, committed murder when he shot Colleen Barga-Milbury, 52, twice on May 22, 2013. But Andrews has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

During trial testimony Tuesday, defense witness Carolyn Murphy, a forensic psychologist who interviewed Andrews for roughly five hours, said she reviewed his mental health records, which includes seven or eight hospitalizations.

Murphy said Andrews has schizophrenia and suffers from fixed delusions, which she defined as false beliefs that continue over time.

The first record of Andrews believing he was a werewolf, she said, dates to 1996, though she suspects he had that same delusion during his first psychotic episode three years earlier.

“(He believes) he transforms into a werewolf,” she said, and “holds the spirit of the wolf.”

Murphy said Andrews believed the voice of God commanded him to kill Barga-Milbury, whom he believed was a vampire.

In 2009, according to court records, Andrews believed a different neighbor was a vampire. Andrews left mounds of dirt and flour on that neighbor’s door and once pounded on the neighbor’s door, calling her a “bitch,” though she didn’t answer.

At his home, according to police reports, police found two lists of names, several marked “hate with death.”

Murphy testified that she asked Andrews why he didn’t kill the neighbor from 2009.

“God didn’t tell him to kill her,” she said.

While Murphy said she believes Andrews was delusional when he shot Barga-Milbury, deputy district attorney Matt Kraut questioned that conclusion.

During his cross-examination, he suggested that various people who had interactions with Andrews before and after the murder did not detect psychotic behavior, including police who interviewed him after the shooting, jail staff and the defendant’s treating psychiatrist, who had described Andrews as relatively stable three months earlier.

Murphy said sometimes schizophrenics can control their symptoms and appear more normal, especially if they are taking their medications. Andrews’ mother, Carol Andrews, has said that her son was not taking his medications regularly closer to the time of the killing, Murphy said. - San Luis Obispo


Harrowing UFO Experience

Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - 2/28/2015: Came out to my Nannas & Papa's for tea and they invited there friends over,which they live on a farm in the middle of Hardwicke Bay and Warroka, Yorke Peninsula, SA. I had just finished my tea and I made a phone call to one of my friends from school outside of the office. All of a sudden it was getting a little breezy and I said on the phone to my friend "It's getting a little windy, I'm getting a little cold. Is it windy where you are? and cold?" then I looked up at the trees because I could hear the wind becoming more stronger. Then I looked at my phone again because it vibrated and then I heard like a swoshh... like a whirly wind was happening. I looked up and an object was hovering over the trees. It had yellow and orange lights around it shaped in a disc form, then a beam of a light blue and white came down - not all the way - just a little bit around 70-80cm from the under of the object off the ground, and it kept hovering. I said "I will call you back soon" then ended the call. I was screaming because I had no idea what it was going to do to me because I had no idea what it was. I didnt know if something was gonna jump out or if the object was going to move towards me and make the beam of light which was located under neath the object shine upon me. I was thinking of the documentary that I saw on the TV not long ago which the object beam of light shined upon these people and they were no where to be seen.

The light from underneath fainted and it moved slowly east and I ran inside and got all the adults and I said "Come quickly there is something in the sky that is moving away. It was directly in front of me while I was talking on the phone! Did you not hear me screaming? "Quickly" and they all came running out of the house to see it. When we got out there it was moving very slowly away from where I was standing. As we were watching it we were trying to decide what is was by the lights and shape and the movement. Then as I said "UFO" its lights all switched off. Now its no where to been seen. Now I feel so scared because I have no idea where it came from, how it got here, it just came out of no where! I have no idea what to do. I just don't want it to come back! I definitely don't want to be abducted!! Now I know we are not the only ones on this planet by the looks of it. - MUFON CMS


50 Years of Strange Encounters

In the fall of 1966, a dentist driving down Route 53 through Redding and Weston noticed something unexplainable hovering over the Saugatuck Reservoir.

The dentist, Dr. Harry Neilsen of Darien, later described what he saw as “a large, triangular glow bearing red and white lights” just above the horizon near the large reservoir, a news wire service reported in December of that year.

This event would prove to be the first of many published reports of strange, often red-orange lights in the skies above both Redding and Weston. The reports, found in old newspaper articles and on UFO reporting sites, have been compiled and today, almost 50 years since the first report, Hersam Acorn Newspapers has what may be the first photographic evidence of the phenomenon.

Taken in November and December of 2013, the digital photographs by Wilton Bulletin reporter Christopher Burns show an unnatural orange light moving horizontally and slowly just above the tree-line on the southeast side of the Saugatuck Reservoir, near the Easton/Weston town line.

The light is so bright in the photographs that a clear reflection of it can be seen in the water of the reservoir. Read more at The Weston Forum...includes images



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Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary

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Friday, February 27, 2015

What Was That Thing? - Mystic Caverns, Arkansas

I received the following encounter report today:

Hello - I want to thank you in advance for reading my story. In 1981 I was working for a contractor as a masonry apprentice after leaving trade school. That summer, we were working at Mystic Caverns in northern Arkansas. We were upgrading tour trails in the caves.

On a Friday, it was getting close to quitting time. So myself and another guy had to go through the work area and make sure that all the tools were collected and that the safety barriers were in place. We weren't working during the weekend, so the work area had to be tightened up before we left. The guy who was with me had to leave - I forgot why, so I was down there by myself for a while.

I was almost finished loading the cart when I heard faint pounding sounds coming from deeper in the cavern. I thought that maybe one of the crew may still be in the cave, so I yelled out. The banging stopped and it was quiet. Then I started to hear slapping sounds for a few seconds - then it got quiet again. I yelled out again. I didn't get a response so I figured it was cave critters or bats. I started to make my way out.

There was an area that I came upon, where on the right of the railing it dropped off into a depression. There was some lighting but difficult to see the bottom of the depression. As I passed by, I heard splashing sounds coming from the depression. I stopped and I got a glimpse of something on two legs walking in the water below. Further away there was a section of the cavern that opened up and was well lit. As I watched, the splashing continued - then I saw this thing moving out of the shadows moving away from me.

The only way I can describe it was something walking on two legs with large frog feet. It stood about 5 ft and was dark grayish-green. The head was large and rounded, though it never turned around, so I can't give much detail of the face. The body was thick in the chest but narrow at the waist and hips. It bent at the knees when it stepped and had shiny skin resembling a frog. I didn't notice any hair. I didn't hear any vocals, just the splashing as it moved away from me. I'd estimate that it was 70 or so ft. from me when I first got a good look at it. I wasn't scared - just stunned. I grabbed the cart and quickly made my way towards the entrance.

When we came back to work that next Monday, I didn't mention anything to anyone. I kept a sharp watch for anything out of the ordinary. The job lasted a few more weeks and I didn't observed any other weird stuff.

A few weeks after this, I found out that one of my girlfriend's cousins worked at the caverns. He replaced lighting and did other odds & ends, so he was in the cavern a lot. When I got the chance to meet him, I asked if he had ever seen something weird in the cave. He said that he hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary. I told him I was just wondering. I didn't want to alarm him with details of what I saw.

I wasn't imagining this thing - and after all these years, I still get creeped out when I think of it. I have never heard or read about any other sightings in Mystic Caverns. What do you think this was?. Robert M.

NOTE: I received a follow-up email after I offered my opinion and asked permission to publish. The best known incidents that I can compared this to is the Loveland Frogman and the Thetis Lake Monster, though Robert only compared this humanoid to a frog when describing the legs and feet. One other account worth mentioning is the Zanfretta Alien Encounter. A reader once submitted an image of footprints in the snow that could have been similar to that of a frog. The Bishopville Monster is another reference of interest...BTW, an excellent book by Lyle Blackburn. I forwarded all of this to Robert...maybe it can help him answer lingering questions. What do you think? Lon

The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology: Werewolves, Dragons, Skyfish, Lizard Men, and Other Fascinating Creatures Real and Mysterious

Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster

Phantoms & Monsters: Bizarre Encounters

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Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters

Daily 2 Cents: 3 Humanoids Enter Bedroom Through Closed Doors -- Strange Lights on Ceres -- Safest Place to Hide From Zombies

3 Humanoids Enter Bedroom Through Closed Doors

Surf City, NJ - February 2015: We live on an outlet to Barnegat Bay about 2 blocks from the ocean and about a mile from a Coast Guard station. Helicopters, including black ones, are frequent sights. On three occasions this past month around the same time at night - between 1 & 2 am, a brilliant white orb was seen over the lagoon behind our home. We observed this from our third floor bedroom.

We had just gone to bed but were still awake reading. The light was so brilliant, turning more blue, and then thinned into a blue line, which may have been the edge of a craft. We went to the patio doors and what seemed to be a transparent craft simply vanished. This has happened a few times in recent weeks. A previous report I made mentioned a large, dark wedge shaped craft with 5 round white brilliant lights was hovering about 20 feet over the ocean's edge, silent and moving very slowly. It remained in place as long as we stayed to watch- we were there almost 20 minutes. My husband became uncomfortable, so we left. (I wanted to stay and see if they'd take me for a ride).

Since then, the orbs/lights have been a repeated occurrence. On one occasion, my husband observed three humanoid beings surrounded with brilliant blue light come into our room through closed doors. It was about 2 am, he was reading in bed, and I was asleep, and they began to come towards my side of the bed. My husband "heard" one of them say "He is a friend of ____(hard to understand) we must leave". Then they simply went back through the doors. He got up and followed them, but by the time he got to the living room they had vanished. I woke up as they left the room, but neither of us looked out the patio doors for a craft - we were pretty shook up. The beings have not returned, but the orbs/lights turning into craft have been seen by us a few times since that "visit". - MUFON CMS


Strange Lights on Ceres

Scientists are perplexed by a pair of strange lights on the surface of Ceres–a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft photographed Ceres on February 19 from a distance of approximately 29,000 miles. Although regions of higher-than-average reflectiveness have been seen on Ceres before, these new photos from Dawn show two bright spots within the same basin on the dwarf planet’s surface.

“The brightest spot continues to be too small to resolve with our camera, but despite its size it is brighter than anything else on Ceres. This is truly unexpected and still a mystery to us,” said Andreas Nathues, lead investigator for the framing camera team at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany, in a recent NASA press release.

Although scientists are puzzled by these mystery lights, they aren’t without possible explanations. As Mashable describes, “The most obvious contender is ice, although ice would reflect more than 40% of all light hitting it. The difference may be accounted for by the resolution limit of Dawn’s camera at this distance. Scientists have previously detected water vapor coming from the surface of the dwarf planet, making ice — a more likely option.”

But Chris Russell, principal investigator for the Dawn mission, believes, “This may be pointing to a volcano-like origin of the spots, but we will have to wait for better resolution before we can make such geologic interpretations.”

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft will enter orbit around Ceres on March 6, and will continue collecting better photos of the dwarf planet and its mysteries during the next 16 months. With better photos, scientists will hopefully be able to better determine if the strange bright spots on Ceres are signs of an extraterrestrial civilization, or if they indeed have a volcanic origin. - Strange Lights on Ceres


Owl terrorizes town in the Netherlands

Residents have been going out at night wearing protective headgear following a spate of owl attacks.

The town of Purmerend in the Netherlands made headlines this week after it was revealed that dozens of its residents had suffered head injuries over the last month as a result of attacks by an aggressive owl that has been living in the vicinity.

On Tuesday the European eagle owl attacked two runners, one of which required stitches for five head wounds. A home for the disabled has also been targeted by the bird with several workers and residents being attacked after going outside after dark.

"During the day there's no problem, but at night we now only venture outside armed with umbrellas, helmets and hats, anything really, to protect ourselves," said spokeswoman Liselotte de Bruijn.

The bird, which belongs to the largest owl species in the world, typically eats small birds and mammals, weighs up to 3kg and has a wingspan of up to 1.8m across.

It is believed that its strange behavior may either be the result of it being bred in captivity or due to abnormally heightened hormone levels brought on by the beginning of the mating season.

"We are advising people to stay away from the owl," said a local council spokesman. - Owl terrorizes town in the Netherlands


Cornell researchers find safest place to hide from zombies

If a zombie outbreak were to strike US shores, East Coasters should head west ASAP. That recommendation comes by way of Cornell University researchers, who have modeled the statistical mechanics of, yes, zombies and will present their findings at a meeting of the American Physical Society on March 5 in San Antonio.

The researchers used a number of techniques that are used when modeling real diseases, and the abstract ends with this dismal line: "We build up to a full scale simulation of an outbreak in the United States, and discover that for 'realistic' parameters, we are largely doomed." But Phys.Org relays a glimmer of hope by way of Alex Alemi, a grad student involved in the research: He says those who want to remain safe from the undead for as long as they can should head to the northern Rockies.

He explains that while books and movies typically show an outbreak touching all corners of the country immediately, "in our attempt to model zombies somewhat realistically, it doesn't seem like this is how it would actually go down." Yes, major cities could be toast within days, but less populated areas could be unaffected for weeks, and the northern Mountain Time Zone could be safe for months.

"Given the dynamics of the disease, once the zombies invade more sparsely populated areas, the whole outbreak slows down—there are fewer humans to bite, so you start creating zombies at a slower rate," says Alemi.

"I'd love to see a fictional account where most of New York City falls in a day, but upstate New York has a month or so to prepare." (Of course, some people want to be trapped in a room with a zombie.) -



The Kecksburg UFO – 50th Anniversary

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Mysterious Rain of Money Falls From the Sky in Kuwait City

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The Crystal Bible

Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: 175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures, and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family

For Sale: Ed Gein's Ghastly Cauldron

A gruesome artifact, that once belonged to notorious murderer and body snatcher Ed Gein, is being sold at auction:

Amongst the various mundane antiques, the Pientka Auction website contains a photo of a rusted, insignificant-looking old cauldron.

According to the cauldron’s current owner Dan McIntyre, his grandmother purchased the cauldron from the Gein estate sale held in 1958, along with some gardening tools. She painted the cauldron and planted flowers in it as a memorial for Gein’s victims.

The owner says it wasn’t until 50 years later that he learned the shocking reality of the inconspicuous flower pot that ended up in his parent’s garage.

Hollis Brown, a friend of the owner's family, had been a neighbor of Ed Gein’s. After the police had finished photographing the crime scene, they were feeling sick to their stomachs. So he and another neighbor by the name of Howard Lowellyn helped remove the bodies and various remains. It was then that Hollis first saw the black cauldron in a shed, crusted with dried blood and guts beside tubs and barrels filled with what he described as bloody human entrails.

When he saw the cauldron again many years later in the garage, Hollis immediately recognized it. Pale and noticeably shaken, he told his son Carneth about the cauldron, saying that he saw something he had not seen in 50 years. He wished he didn’t remember where he saw it.

The cauldron is listed at Pientka Auction. More information can be found at Ed Gein Cauldron Up for Auction in Wisconsin.

Ed Gein's horrid activity inspired the creation of several film characters, including Norman Bates (Psycho), James Gumb (The Silence of the Lambs) and Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre). He was obsessively devoted to his mother, a religious fanatic. After her death, Gein began robbing graves...keeping body parts as trophies, practicing necrophilia, and experimenting with human taxidermy. He then turned to murder, killing at least two women in 1957.

I almost fell out of my chair while reading this vintage newspaper article. Maybe Ed Gein took lessons from this guy:

'It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again' - Buffalo Bill in 'The Silence Of The Lambs'


Alton Evening Telegraph, Alton, Illinois - 27 February 1907

It is a fact well known to a very few skilled workmen, and not known at all to the world at large, that human skin can be prepared, tanned, and made into durable articles quite as successfully as can the skin of our four-footed friends. You can say over and over again to yourself that there is really no reason why human skin should not be so utilized, and you can be told by the workmen who handle it that there is nothing gruesome in the work; you can reason and argue with yourself about the matter, and try to be “matter-of-fact and sensible,” and still there will be be little shudders running through you and creeping up and down your spinal column at the thought of having the skin taken from a human body and made into some article of wearing apparel.

The only way to overcome this sensation, if you want to overcome it, is to examine some of the articles made from the skin, and you will find that the leather is very much like dogskin or pigskin. Mr. William Hansell, of Philadelphia, has the largest article which has ever been known to be made from human skin. He was particularly fortunate in getting enough of one grain, and succeeded only after a long and systematic search. The article is a beautiful pure white saddle, and anyone examining it would be at a loss to tell the kind of skin from which it is made. When you are told, you realize that the pores show a familiar look; but when you are given a bit of the skin, of which Mr. Hansell has retained a few samples, you are amazed at the thickness. Three layers of skin you know you have, but knowing how easily a needle prick will draw blood, you are astonished to find what a good, thick covering these three thicknesses make. This saddle is made from the skin of one man. A woman’s skin, generally speaking, would be too delicate.

Now, it is not to be supposed that there is a general trade in human leather. Human skin is an exceedingly rare article. Sometimes a physician will have a piece made into a cover for an instrument case, and occasionally medical student get enough to be made into a purse or pair of slippers. Patients sometimes have a bolt or a book cover or some such article made from a limb which has been amputated. It seems a peculiar mind that would take pleasure in “souvenirs” of this order.

The wearing public are not alone in their aversion to the use of human skin for the purposes to which they unhesitatingly put the hides of animals. It is very hard to get workmen to handle the “leather.” Mr. Hansell gave his piece of skin, after it had been tanned, to an old workman who had always made up all his leather goods, and told him to make it into a saddle.

Three weeks the workman kept the skin, and one day he brought the partly finished saddle to Mr. Hansell with question about finishing. “By the way, Hansell,” he remarked as he was leaving, “I wish you would tell me what this skin is. It is the most contrary stuff I ever worked with; it is worse than pig or goat skin.”

Very injudiciously Mr. Hansell informed him that it was human leather. At that the workman dropped the half-finished saddle and left without a word. He never returned, and nothing would induce him to finish his job. Mr. Hansell, after waiting three months, hoping he would change his mind, turned the unfinished saddle over to another workman, but he took good care not to tell him what kind of leather the “contrary stuff” was.

The work of tanning human skin is pretty much the same as the of curing any other skin. Curiously enough, tattooing goes through the epidermis to the under skin, and not a little of the tanning of human skin is done for the purpose of preserving the designs tattooed upon it. Human skin may, however, be tanned with the hair on it, in which case the epidermis is not removed. Scalps so tanned are said to m ake the best wigs known, and because the tanning is done with alum instead of with oils, as is the case with furs and most of the hair covered skins of commerce, the resulting leather is much more durable.

NOTE: Here's a company in the UK that make products from human skin. Also - Top 10 Bizarre Uses for Human Skin. Lon

The Silence of the Lambs [Blu-ray]

Deviant: The Shocking True Story of Ed Gein, the Original Psycho

Acres of Skin: Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (R-Rated & Unrated Versions)

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 photo ouija-ad3_zps911eaa51.jpg