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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Large 'JEEPERS CREEPERS' WINGED HUMANOID Encountered in Garland, Texas

A Garland, Texas father, mother, and son experience sightings/encounters with a large winged humanoid in their residential neighborhood. They also observe unexplained lights in the sky.

I recently received a telephone call from 'RC' and his wife who live in a residential neighborhood in Garland, Texas.

They described 3 different sightings/encounters with a winged humanoid near their home between May 2020 to November 2020. They stated that the winged humanoid had a build similar to the 'Jeepers Creepers' film character but much larger. Each sighting was observed from outside their home.

They described it as a thin dark-colored human-like body with legs and large bat-like wings that had a total span of over 15 feet. The head was not distinct and seemed to be part of the upper body. On one occasion the winged humanoid flew above them at a short distance, approximately 50 feet or so. They both felt a 'strange pressure' that emanated from the being. They never heard any sounds associated with the winged creature. They did see it fly into a neighbor's tree during one of the sightings but it totally disappeared. They have not seen it since.

When they attempted to tell friends, family, and neighbors they were totally rebuffed. RC did mention that they are Hispanic and that many of the people around them are very superstitious when it comes to supernatural and unknown creatures.

During the same period, they encountered an unexplained series of lights and anomalies one evening. Both of them work late shifts and are home in the early morning. They usually enjoy taking late-night walks around the neighborhood.

One night, they heard loud shrill screams coming from down the street. As they were walking in the direction of the sounds (at approximately 2AM) they both observed the erratic movement of blue and red orb-like lights in the sky. As they continued to watch the lights, a huge 'dome of light' filled the sky. They then heard what they described as 'mechanical sounds.' They never did find out the source of the screams, but believe it was associated with the unusual lights.

NOTE: It has become apparent, not only in the Chicagoland incidents but also throughout North America, that a large percentage of the witnesses are of Hispanic descent. We have never disclosed this component before, but feel that it should be noted as part of the record. Lon

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