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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Rock-Throwing BIGFOOT Threatens Washington Steelhead Fisherman

A steelhead fly fisherman in Washington recounts 2 incidents where he was in the presence of Bigfoot. In the first account, he felt that it was a warning and that he needed to leave immediately.

"I have a preference for fly fishing where I go after steelhead in Washington. The fish are almost all wild and I usually fish alone. During my four decades of solo hikes and waves, I've had a bunch of weird experiences, two of which I absolutely consider encounters.

In 2011 on a river near Mount St. Helens which I know has a storied past as far as sightings. I hiked up the logging road about a mile and a half from my truck intent on wader-fishing my way back downstream to what we call the Honey Bowl. As I continue working through this stretch a big rock came flying from behind me and bounced around on the freestone boulders between my spot in a 10-foot high willow about 50 feet away. I froze, listening for any sound and watching for any movement. I knew I had the river entirely to myself since it was mid-week. It was eerily quiet with no leaves rustling and no birds chirping. I felt that I was being watched as my heart began to race and the hair on my neck stood up. After a few minutes of observation, I decided to get back to my fishing even though the feeling of being watched had not left me. I settled down and got my focus back to the task of finding a steelhead.

10 minutes later, as I reached the midpoint of the ripple, another big rock was thrown from behind the willows, this time crashing into the knee-deep water near where I had been standing only minutes before. The best description I can give of the sound of that splash would be like a shot-put dropped from a high dive. I freaked out. First I shot a glance back toward the willows and I didn't see anything. I quickly secured my gear and started moving downstream. On sheer adrenaline, I waded across the river at a spot I normally wouldn't even try, but it was the fastest way back to the logging road. After climbing a steep bank on the other side I literally ran the whole way back to my truck in my wader boots.

After tossing my rods and packing the bed of the truck I jumped in started it up and locked the doors. I was thoroughly out of breath and sweating, but feeling safe I then replayed the whole experience in my mind. I remember my conclusions at the time. First, no man could have thrown that rock that far. Second, something or somebody didn't want me there, and even though it or he cost me a couple hours of steelhead fishing time I was fine with that. Third, the primal fear I felt was real. But irrationally, given the circumstances, if it had wanted to hurt me it easily could have.

One morning in the spring of 2013 I was hiking solo down a trail in the area of a canyon called Grisdale in Washington. In the old days, I used to be able to drive my truck way down this trail to a creek where I'd park, gear up, and then wade the rest of the way to some sweet steelhead water on the river.

Halfway down the trail past the clear cuts and into the old growth the sound of three hard distinct wood-to-wood knocks stopped me in my tracks. The knocks were methodically slow and rhythmic and it sounded as if they came from just ahead of me and a few hundred feet off the left side of the trail. I squinted in low light scanning the woods ahead of me in an effort to see any movement. Every muscle in my body tensed up and all my hair stood on end for the next few minutes as I started to think about my options. The prevailing thought was to say screw it and continue on down the river because I was jazzed to fish this day and had already done all that work to make it this far.

I decided to announce my presence by making some random yells and sounds of my own right before I made it to the creek. Some 50 minutes later I again heard loud knocks of wood only this time there were only two and they came from slightly behind me and on the opposite side of the trail. I thought there was either something following me or there was more than one. I felt safer once I made it to a clearing, a huge gravel bar along the river.

Those two instances were the only times when I knew a Bigfoot was in my presence."

Transcribed Source: The Facts by Howtount.com (NOTE: there are a few Bigfoot images included on the video)

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