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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rainboy: Donnie Decker

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania native Donnie Decker's life has been surrounded by a phenomenon that remains unsolved to this day. It started after his grandfather's death when he was a teenager in February of 1983. Unknown to everyone within the family, Don had been carrying a secret about his grandfather since the age of 7 years old. Donnie Decker alleges that his grandfather had been repeatedly physically abusing him.

Don was disturbed by the reverence shown to his Grandfather at the funeral and afterwards, spending the night with friends, the Keefer's, those feelings erupted in a way that could never have been foreseen. Who knows what emotional turmoil that unleashes within the mind and spirit of an adolescent but there are those who say Donnie Decker allowed it manifest in a series of strange paranormal events.

As he sat quietly with his friends the air around him suddenly turned cold, and at the same time, water started to drip from the living room walls. Don fell into a eerie trance like state. The tenants of the property immediately called the landlord, Ron H. Van Why to report that water was now dripping from the walls and the ceiling.

When Ron arrived he was mystified as to what was happening. As the landlord he knew where the plumbing pipes were located and there were none anywhere near the vicinity of the room. The plumbing was all at the rear of the building and the water was pouring through one room only where no pipes were located. Ron quickly realized that water wasn't simply travelling downwards from the walls and ceiling...it was pouring up out of the floor as well. At this point he called in the local police.

Patrolman John Baujan couldn't believe his eyes and was taken aback enough by what was unfolding before him to call in his partner Patrolman Richard Wolbert. Together they stepped into the one room which was affected by the water and immediately both were drenched through. Both observed droplets of water travel horizontally between them and move out of the room in mid air.

Police advised the family and Donnie leave the premises and go to a nearby cafe while they investigated, but Ron elected to stay. As the Keefer's and Donnie Decker left the building, suddenly the water stopped pouring. Ron surmised that somehow one of them was responsible for causing the 'indoor rain'...but which one?

It had now been almost a full 24 hours since the indoor rain started and as they sat in the local cafe Donnie still appeared 'trance like'. Cafe owner Pam Scarfano who had earlier witnessed the rain in the house thought out loud that maybe Donnie was responsible and that maybe it was the Devil's work and that Donnie was possessed. No sooner had Pam, the Keefers and Donnie seated themselves around a cafe table than the seemingly impossible happened...it started to rain inside the cafe. Alarmed Pam rushed to her cash register where she kept a crucifix and placed it around Donnie's neck...it immediately turned black and burned Donnie on the neck.

The Keefers and Donnie decided to leave the cafe and as they did so once again the 'rain' stopped. It was at this point the concensus appeared to be that Donnie was the cause. Back at the house the rain had started again and accusations towards Donnie started to fly. At this stage the pots and pans on the stove started to rattle and without warning Donnie suddenly levitated and was thrown across the room. The police chief was called in but he put the whole incident down to 'plumbing issues' and ordered his men to leave...though he also ordered his men to say nothing of the incident and not to file a report.

The following day Lieutenant William Davies of the local police became yet another authoratative witness to the events in the house. He and Lieutenant John Rundle witnessed the seemingly impossible happen again...Donnie Decker was levitated off the floor and hurled across the room. When they rushed to his aid they found three claw marks upon his neck. It is worth bearing in mind at this point that we now have four experienced, respected and completely trustworthy officers of the law who have witnessed the seemingly impossible happen. Rarely does any paranormal event have such authoratative testimony.

Three nights later the rain was still pouring down inside the house. An exorcism for Donnie seemed the only possible answer...but every Catholic priest and Protestant minister turned all request down. Eventually an Evangelical preacher was found who agreed to perform the exorcism. Although Donnie convulsed during the ritual, things appeared to calm down and the rain stopped. The results however were temporary.

Soon after Donnie was sentenced to prison for a theft and was placed in a maximum security cell. Once again the 'rain' started. Startled guards removed Donnie from his soaking wet cell and accused him of throwing water from the sink around his cell. He pointed out to the guards 'I can make it happen anywhere, and I can control it'. The guards then taunted him with the challenge of making it rain somewhere like the warden's office. Lt. David Keenhold was acting warden and sitting in his office oblivious to the events going on with Donnie when a guard came into the office to explain what was happening. Upon standing up the warden only then became aware that his shirt was saturated with water. He hadn't felt it happen to him as he had been focussed on writing a report. When the guard explained that Donnie had said he would make it rain in the warden's office the warden was mystified and in his own testimony states that he and the guard were both scared.

The warden called in a local clergy, the Reverend William Blackburn. The Reverend accused Donnie of making things up and a rattled Donnie replied by raising his fingers and instantly causing rain to fall. The shocked Reverend realized Donnie did harbor the power to make it rain and reached the immediate conclusion that he was possessed. Performing some religious rites the Reverend appears to have dispelled the ability Donnie had. Since then it seems Donnie has never been able to recreate the phenomenon. - planet-flipside.com / profilingtheunexplained.com / unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com

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NOTE: A television segment first ran on Unsolved Mysteries in the February 10, 1993 episode. The case was also featured on an episode of Paranormal Witness on SyFy Channel. Most likely this was a thought-form manifestation resulting in poltergeist activity. These situations are normally resolved when the oppressed individual is removed from whatever stimulated the activity or is able to control those emotions that feed the manifested entity...Lon

Haunted Pennsylvania: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Keystone State (Haunted Series)

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Humanoid Reports: Finland - Part III

Albert S. Rosales of Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies forwarded several more interesting encounter reports...these are from Finland. This third and final part is from 1983 through 1998:

21.8.1983 02.00 Lake Pojanjärvi in Kytäjä in Hyvinkää, Southern Finland

35-year old man woke up in the night to go to the outdoor closet. It was dark outside with no stars visible. When he returned , he saw through the window a luminous sphere on the other side of the lake in a U-shaped valley. He woke up his companion, a 33-year old woman, and opened the window to see better the sphere. It came behind the hill on the left side of the valley and was 3-4 times the size of the moon and deep yellow in color. On it were several black spots, which resembled eyes, mouth and nose, like in cartoons of full moon. The sphere lifted a little, but stayed under the hilltops . a beam of light emerged to the lake down under. The sphere now changed to somewhat oval shape and almost immediately after this they both observed a human like figure on right edge of the sphere. Its height was about one fourth of the height of the sphere, had a broad belt and tight sitting clothes. It moved to left edge of the sphere walking along the side and taking hold of the side of the sphere first with right hand, then left hand. When it disappeared behind the left edge of the sphere another similar figure emerged from the right side, and when this figure had disappeared behind the left edge, two more came from the right side. The sphere moved to the right descending slightly and disappeared behind the hilltop on the right side of the valley, but before that reddish stripes appeared over it, and these stripes remained visible after the sphere had disappeared for a couple of minutes. An interesting detail is that the phosforous numbers on the old alarm clock which the woman used when she recorded the time of the observation were luminous for over fifteen minutes after the observation, although they usually did not show any luminosity at all. The whole observation, as recorded with the alarm clock, took 19 minutes.

It must be noted , howewer, that the full moon was descending at that time in the direction of the observation, and it is possible that this observation was just a missjugdment of full moon, how improbable it may sound.

July 1987 22.00-01.00 Kannus, Parsiala

A 19-year old student was watching TV together with a friend, when they heard whistling noise and saw trough window a grey object with a bright white light. It resembled a tea saucer and vas visible in the northern sky only some seconds. Both boys rushed to terrace door. Near the wall of the house two men emerged, one of them older. Both were long, bald and clad in white clothes. They smiled friendly and asked telepathically if they could come in. The next thing the 19-year old remember is sitting on a sofa and explaining something tensely.

The older one of the humanoids spoke, the younger was silent. 19-year old students friend was standing nearby and staring wright ahead without reactions,but he was not worried about his friend. Sometime after the older one said that they musrt go. The boy would not let them go, but they smiled friendly and he got a warm and pleasant feeling. They said there was no cause for fear and promised to come again and take him with them.

Next morning the boy woke up in his bed, head aching and with a strange taste in his mouth. The TV was on. He assumed he had dreamed a very realistic dream. He called to his friend, who did not recall anything of the night before or how he had got home.

Summer 1987 Espoo, after midnight

A female student still living in her parents house woke after midnight to a strange feeling that some warm power drew her to. After she had wondered the feeling for a moment, she went downstairs to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Then she stepped to the living room eating her sandwich, and saw three humanoids staring at her outside the glass door that leads to the large garden. The humanoids were about one meter tall and were clad in a suit, the colour of which was perhaps something between dark green and bluegrey. Their head was disproportionately large compared with the body. The eyes were large, perhaps the size of an egg, and no eyewhites were visible. There were no hair or ears, and the nose was just two holes, the mouth a short thin line. Their fingers were extremely long and it seemed they had only tree or four of them. Behind them, about 20 to 30 meters away was a metallic or bluegrey ovalshaped ship standing on the ground. It was about three meters broad and one and a half meters high, and it had red and yellow flashing lights.

She stared at this sight paralyzed for a minute, then she got scared and forced herself to move and ran upstairs to her bed and put the blanket over her head, and tried to calm herself. The next day she went to the garden to see if there were any traces, but could not find any. During the later years she noticed that nothing was growing on the place the ship had stood, howewer.

21.06.1991 17.00 Lake Kääkönlampi in Häkkilä, Haukivuori

A 46-year old man and his brother went fishing with a boat to the small lake of Kääkönlampi. At this time nothing unusual could be seen. After they had fished some minutes, the second brother noticed a shining grey vessel to the north of them some 500-700 meters away. It was 7-8 meters broad and 1,5-2 meters high, the contours were a bit unclear as it was shining some light(which was not blinding) and no separate lights were visible. Two beings in shining grey suits were on its deck. The man said to his brother:”Look, two guys have come with a splendid boat to fish with rod and reel out there.” His brother watched and observed the same object. He wondered who had brought such a big boat to such a little lake as this. After observing the boat for 2-5 minutes they continued to fish for some 2-3 minutes and when they again looked at the boat it had disappeared without a trace. Astonished the men thought it must be out of sight in the cove of the lake and went looking for it, but nothing could be found.No sound was heard.

November 1991 about 21.00 Kyrölä in Järvenpää

A 29-year old female was watching TV in an armchair in her living room. Suddenly it was like a wind had started to circle him, beginning from the feet. She wondered what was wrong with her and tried to stand up, but she was not able to do so. She was paralysed. Her head rose up and mouth opened. She could not close her mouth or turn her head. She could see in front of her up on the left side a hologram picture of a small creature half a meter long lying on a bed, with one hand under the jaw and feet kicking nervously. She could do nothing but watch this creature and feel angry. After about 10 minutes she was shown a large star map, and when that image faded she send a message in her mind that she did not want to go where the humanoid was coming from, as she was terrified. The humanoid now moved to sitting position, and a long tube of white light reaching some 50 meters outside the window appeared in front of him. The image of the humanoid was faded three times, after which only lines were shown. She was not able to see the face, fingers or toes of the humanoid.

25.6.1992 about 21.00 Suomenniemi, road to Mäntyharju

54-year old woman was driving her car on the way to her summer cottage in Ristiina . After a long straightaway the road curved climbing a hill and the woman noticed some movement there. She thought it was some animal and drove closer speeding down. She thought she saw acouple of rabbits, but when she drove closer she noticed they had not long ears, so he assumed they were some other small mammals. Howewer, when she came closer she could see they were 2 humanoids, who seemed to be measuring something, the first in the middle of the road, the second on the roadside. They were so concentrated on their work that they did not see her car before she was already very near. When they noticed her car they turned and the one on the roadside jumped to the ditch and disappeared, while the humanoid which was near the middle of the road petrified on his place as the woman drove over it, trying to steer so that the wheels woud not go over the entity. When driving over she heard a metallic ”niuuhh”-sound from under the car. She stopped her car and went out to investigate, but could not find anything. Later she discovered that a cover of hard plastic under her car had been torn out .

She described the humanoids as being welltrained miniature humans some 50 cm tall, clad in tight dark grey overalls with a darker broad belt around the waist. Their head was round, not eggshaped, they seemed to be baldheaded and had large dark, round eyes or eyeopenings.

13.9.1992 03.00 Sotkamo, Northern Finland

A headmaster, aged 56, and his wife, nurse, aged 55, were on a vacation with travel van in Sotkamo. They had been eating late supper with their 85-year old German friend, and after some chat went to sleep around 22.00. At 03.00 the wife woke up and saw her husband sitting up on the bed asking: ”Do you see the same as I?” the woman answered: ”Do you mean that golden fellow?”

On the table in the travel van, just three feet from them, was sitting a 100 cm tall humanoid, shining gold and smiling benevolent. It said:”Pasi Pieskä, I know you”. The couple discussed whispering some five minutes, then the husband decided to touch the humanoid, but when he started moving the humanoid disappeared like a fog, which is running away.

In the travel van the curtains were not on, and the full moon outside lit the van. Inside the van, on the side that the humanoid was, there was some shining fog. The German friend also woke, but he was not told about the humanoid. The electricity had gone off and it was cold in the van, so the husband merely gave some blankets to the guest so he could sleep. All went to sleep again.

In the morning it was noticed that a curtain beholder had been removed from inside the van and left outside on a table. The curtain beholder is rather difficult to remove and none of the occupants went outside that night.

14. or 15. 3. 1993 Somewhere in Lappland (exact place unknown)

24-year old man had been awake for some nights, thinking of his divorce and missing his child, when he woke up in the night of scrathsing noise from the door. In came 8-10 grey-green humanoids, which did not have any special clothes, were 100-120 cm long and had only four fingers, the thumb was missing. One of the creatures carried in his hand some kind of ”firearm”. The man was leaded some 100 meters to the shore of the river, where an oval shaped white ship was standing. It had doors opening to both sides like in elevator, and the ladder had a couple of steps. Inside the walls were metallic. The ship started to move and vibrated. One of the humanoids said they would be going far away. Nothing was done to the man in the ship, and finally he was brought back to the river shore. A humming noise was heard and the humanoids gestured him to leave. When he left, he was deeply relieved, as he had seen beings he had known to exist since his childhood. He later estimated that the whole thing had lasted only five minutes in earth time.

28.4.1993 02.15 Lake Kitka in Kuusamo, Northern Finland

Observer, 50-year old construction manager, was in his summer cottage and woke during the night to go outside. He was smoking a cigarette when he noticed two obscure beings, which were wobblingly walking towards the cottage . He got scared and took his shotgun and loaded it. When the walkers got inside he was astonished to note that they were now like a normal couple, dressed in outdoor suits. The couple said good morning and wondered about his shotgun. When the observer had explained for what purpose it was used, they said it would not be needed as they intended no harm. The man spoke only english, the woman also bad finnish.

They told the men in Kuusamo had good genes, of which they were interested. They would contact in breeding purpose 384 men in Northeastern Finland , 4600 men in total in Finland during 10 years. The observer could not accept or decline their proposal, although they promised a winning Lotto line in compensation.

After a 5-8 minutes long conversation the couple left trough the door, but the observer could not see them in the yard in front of the cottage. He went outside and could find in the snow the incoming tracks of the couple, which were like something between a humans and a bears. When he wnt to the shore of the lake, he found a deep round melten spot in the snow, with a diameter of about 5 meters.

15.8.1993 01.30-03.10 Järvikylä village in Nivala, northern Finland

A 73-year old woman was sleeping deeply, when she woke by someone shaking her shoulder. When she woke up she could not , howewer, look at her room as it was so brightly lit that she had to cover her eyes and look through the fingers. The woman went to the front yard to find out the source of the light, but nothing could be deen there. It was all dark and raining smoothly. When she went back in she was astonished to see that the light came from the back side of the house through a window. When she went to investigate she saw a fiery ball some 60-70 meters away. It was about 3,5 meters in diameter, at the height of 4 meters and shining so brightly that trees close by could not be seen.

She woke her sister, aged 70, who observed the phenomen for about 10 minutes, after which she felt so sleepy that she went back to sleep. She slept to the morning without seeing any dreams. A strange detail is that the bright ball could only be seen through the other glass panel of the window. Looking through the other panel one could only see the dark rainy forest.

The 73-year old woman , howewer, decided to observe the phenomenon to the end, even if she had to be awake to the morning. She took a chair and started to observe the ball trough the window. Nearly at once the ball started to descent vibrating, became smaller and then suddenly two walls appeared on the forest. The ball, now quite small, settled to the corner of these walls and stayed there the rest of the observation. The walls were brightly lit by numerous lights on the top part of the walls, and each wall had one staircase attached to it. The walls were hovering in the air.

About 10-20 normal looking men now appeared descenting by the staircases to the ground. They were clad in normal light grey suits, were about 170 cm tall, handsome middleage men with brown hair sticking up under the white cap. Faces were identical. Each carried a weaved basked on their left elbow. The men started to move very fast, like in a video put to fast forward, and seemed to collect something. Every now and then they went up and down the staircases without taking a hold with their hands. Where the staircases were leading could not be seen because of the bright lights. After one and a half an hour they seemed to get their work ready and suddenly the walls and the lights disappeared. All that could be seen was the dark forest. The 73-year old woman went back to sleep.

The next day both women remembered the events during the night first in the evening. The 73-year old described her observation as looking a film or show, and her condition as being somehow ”doped”. The 70-year old woman remembered that she was very tired already in the evening before, and watching the ball she felt so irresistibly sleepy that she had to go to sleep.

8.12.1993 18.15 Vihtiläjärvi, Kankaanpää (near Tampere)

The observer, 45-year old house repair worker, had finished his daily work and was heading home to Nokia. Driving in his car he first noticed that the surroundins became brightly illuminated. His first thought was that an airplane was descending and he tried to look up, but could not observe anything unusual. After a while bright lights were seen in his back mirror. On the next sraight part of the road the lights came very quickly towards and stayed just behind his car. Then the lights put some distance to the car, but on the next straight part of the road they again raced towards his car in a second and passed it without a sound. The object behind the lights somewhat resembled a red car. The red colour was glowing and in some way transparent, too. In the ”car” there were 3 or more beatiful completely white women, aged 20-30 . As the ”car” passed, they smiled and wawed to the observer. Except for black eyes and mouth, they were completely white. Even the hair, which reached to the shoulders, was white.

After the ”car” had passed, it accelerated and vanished to the end of the straight part of the road (some 500 meters away) in a second. After the observer had driven a couple of kilometers he noticed the ”car” again. It had stopped in a downward slope after a curve. He began to brake cautiously, but as the object started to move towards the observer and a crash seemed inevitabel he braked all he could. Yet the object closed fast and the observer was sure it would hit his car. Then, suddenly, when it was only about a meter from his car it stopped and vanished completely. Astonished, the observer got out of his car to see if there was some trace of the object, but there was none, not even warm air.

19. or 20. 07.1995 about 15.00-16.00 Varpasalo in Rääkkylä

An old farmers wife went out to see if there were any strawberries in a familiar spot in the forest. Walking towards it she heard three faint shot-like noises, but did not pay any attention to these. When she came closer to the spot he noticed something blue in the forest. When she came closer she saw it was a giant blue ”umbrella”, which rised and descended some half a meter. She heard noises like two sighs when the umbrella descended to some 20 cm over the ground. Under the blue surface of the object some kind of ribs could be seen, hence the image of an umbrella.

To her astonishment she now saw that a man was standing stooped some one meter from the blue object. He seemed to be picking something to his vessel, which plinged when he throw things to it. She assumed the man was collecting ore, as there are many ore mines in the area.The man was clad in dark green overall with possibly a broad belt. Once he stood up (or went to the object, she does not recall ) and then stooped again.

After observing the man some 5-15 minutes she felt a compulsive urge to leave, so that she would not disturb the mans work. She went home (the man and the object were still there when she left) and on the way watched if there were any cars in the forest, but did not see anything. When she came home her daughter-in-law at once noticed that something had happened to her, and after they had discussed the event they decided to go to the place some two hours later. When they came to the spot only a faint impression could be seen. During the next months the old lady felt often a compulsive urge to visit the place, and could see how impressions began to create on the ground, when the ground vegetation withered away, being almost black in the end.

The UFO investigators visited the spot first the following year in the spring, when five black spots were visible there. Samples had been taken from the ground, ant nests and trees. The place where the object was is well covered from sight due to the dense young firs that surround it. The last visit was made 22.6.1996 when it was observed that the spot which had been under the ”umbrella” was still completely lifeless, though outside it the vegetation was growing normally.

01.08.1998 after 23.30 Kuusamo

Two couples were in a summer cottage chatting and waiting for the bath in sauna. The owner of the cottage, Pekka (alias), went to the terrace to smoke a cigarette. Suddenly he noticed how his guest, Teemu (alias), came to his left side. He was a little surprised as the door had made no sound as usually, but did not pay any attention to it. Pekka began to tell Teemu about events in the cottage last winter, wondering why Teemu did not said anything, just smiled, when he suddenly noticed that the other man was not Teemu, he only resembled him . Pekka said: ”But you are not Teemu”. The man just smiled and walked to his right side. Pekka now looked inside and noticed that the other three were sitting in the living room of the cottage. He was going to ask who the man was when he answered like he had read Pekkas thoughts : ”You know very well who I am, Pekka”.

The man was now having difficulties to keep his appearance. His jaw fell down wax-like, but he managed to restate it after some ”facial gymnastic”. When the jaw fell down his mouth was wery thin and the jaw pointed, so Pekka began to think that the man was not from this planet, and started to fell uneasy. He kept asking who the man was, to which he answered: ”You are one of us,Pekka. You are chosen.” Pekka started to move indoors and asked :”Why me?”, to which he answered :”You are a good man”. When he was on the door Pekka asked : ”How long did the journey last?”, to which he replied ”11 months”. Pekka got the impression that he would have wanted him to get closer, but Pekka went inside, where the others noticed at once that something had happened. He told them of the meeting first next morning, howewer.

In spite of what the stranger said, Pekka did not recognise him. He had not been interested in UFOs previously and was badly shaken about his experience. He indeed drove some 1000 kilometers to a meeting where UFO was discussed to ask if there were other people with similar experiences, and that way his observation came to our knowledge.

NOTE: Many thanks to Albert for the fantastic reports...Lon

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Just the Facts?: The Ghosts of McKinley County -- New Maya 2012 'End Date' Text -- Obama 'Alien Fighter'

The Ghosts of McKinley County

Formed in 1889, McKinley County, New Mexico was named, inauspiciously enough, for President William McKinley. Two years later, McKinley would be dead – a victim of anarchist Leon Czolgosz.

The Old County Courthouse dates from 1938. The Works Progress Administration, or WPA, funded the construction as a New Deal project.

Originally, the third floor of the courthouse housed the county jail. Courtrooms were located on the second floor, and prisoners would be brought down a narrow iron staircase. The staircase and the third floor are now two of the focal points of paranormal activity. There have been a number of strange occurrences here, but I'll just give a few of the highlights.

Sometime in the 1940s or 1950s, a gruesome murder took place on the third floor. Although details are sketchy, the story is that a jail trustee who worked in the kitchen found out that his wife was cheating on him. During their next scheduled visitation, he stabbed her to death with a butcher knife he had stolen from the kitchen.

After a new jail was constructed, but before the newer Courthouse Annex was built, the county administrative and financial offices were moved to the third floor. But employees learned to avoid this area after hours. One night, the County Finance Director, who I'll call Jody Cracker, was meeting with state auditors from Santa Fe in the third floor conference room. For safety reasons, the noisy old hydraulic elevator could be set to "hold" on the 3rd floor so that no one could access the offices after hours. The fire exit stairs were open for those going down, but locked to anyone coming up.

It was late at night and the elevator was locked open on the third floor. Suddenly, the doors closed. The elevator ground its way down to the first floor and stopped. It paused a few minutes, then slowly returned to the third floor. The doors opened and out stepped... no one.

Jody and the auditors decided to call it a night and left – by the stairs.

Employees have claimed that elevator often behaved strangely. It never got stuck but it seemed to have a mind of its own. It sometimes went to the basement for no apparent reason, and stopped on floors where it shouldn't have. It was incredibly slow -- someone in good shape could have climbed or descended the stairs and beaten it.

A number of other employees have heard or seen strange things in the Old Ccourthouse. The County Clerk at the time -- I'll call her Karen Slade -- was standing with her assistant in the lobby one night. They saw a thin young man approach the double glass doors at the back entrance and walk right through them. He disappeared before reaching the second set of doors. They checked the locks, and as was customary at the time, the outside doors were locked with a chain and padlock.

There have been a number of other paranormal events. Once, when taking a publicity photo of the courthouse, Safety Director Tom Sparks captured a demonic figure standing at the window of the Treasurer's Office window. Unfortunately, his computer crashed soon afterwards, and he lost the picture.

The Old Courthouse still stands next to the New Courthouse. Most of the employees have moved, but as for the ghosts? Who knows.

Thanks to David Hoes for forwarding this original article

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Maya Archaeologists Unearth New 2012 Monument With 'End Date' of Dec. 21, 2012

Archaeologists working at the site of La Corona in Guatemala have discovered a 1,300-year-old-year Maya text that provides only the second known reference to the so-called "end date" of the Maya calendar, December 21, 2012. The discovery, one of the most significant hieroglyphic finds in decades, was announced June 28 at the National Palace in Guatemala.

"This text talks about ancient political history rather than prophecy," says Marcello A. Canuto, director of Tulane's Middle American Research Institute and co-director of the excavations at La Corona.

Since 2008, Canuto and Tomás Barrientos of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala have directed excavations at La Corona, a site previously ravaged by looters.

"Last year, we realized that looters of a particular building had discarded some carved stones because they were too eroded to sell on the antiquities black market," said Barrientos, "so we knew they found something important, but we also thought they might have missed something."
What Canuto and Barrientos found was the longest text ever discovered in Guatemala. Carved on staircase steps, it records 200 years of La Corona history, states David Stuart, director of the Mesoamerica Center at The University of Texas at Austin, who was part of a 1997 expedition that first explored the site.

While deciphering these new finds in May, Stuart recognized the 2012 reference on a stairway block bearing 56 delicately carved hieroglyphs. It commemorated a royal visit to La Corona in AD 696 by the most powerful Maya ruler of that time, Yuknoom Yich'aak K'ahk' of Calakmul, only a few months after his defeat by long-standing rival Tikal in AD 695. Thought by scholars to have been killed in this battle, this ruler was visiting allies and allaying their fears after his defeat.

"This was a time of great political turmoil in the Maya region and this king felt compelled to allude to a larger cycle of time that happens to end in 2012," says Stuart.

So, rather than prophesy, the 2012 reference places this king's troubled reign and accomplishments into a larger cosmological framework.

"In times of crisis, the ancient Maya used their calendar to promote continuity and stability rather than predict apocalypse," says Canuto. - sciencedaily

12/21/2012: A Prophecy

The Day After 2012


Alien following a skunk

Yadkinville, NC - 6/29/2012 - unedited: The dog was barking more than usual and I was having trouble sleeping. I saw a thin grey looking alien shape shadow walking down the road behind a skunk. Watch for about 30 to 35 secs then it just disappeared. Watched for another 30 minutes and nothing. I have never seen anything like this before and was a little startled by saying I even saw this, but I know it was about 3-4 feet tall and thin, just following a skunk. - MUFON CMS


Two-Thirds of Americans Think Barack Obama Is Better Suited to Handle an Alien Invasion Than Mitt Romney

According to a new U.S. extraterrestrial survey from National Geographic Channel (NGC), more than 80 million Americans are certain that UFOs exist. In fact, many believe in tangible proof that aliens have landed on Earth and think that government officials are involved in covering up paranormal activities. Moreover, most citizens would not mind a minor alien invasion, because they expect these space-age visitors to be friendly--like the lovable character depicted in Steven Spielberg's popular film "E.T."

Survey results also reveal that more than one-third (36%) of Americans believe UFOs exist. More than one in 10 (11%) are confident that they have spotted a UFO, and one in five (20%) know someone who claims to have seen one.

- Despite the popularity of "Avengers" and "Twilight," more than seven in 10 (71%) Americans think that aliens are more likely to exist than are superheroes, vampires and zombies. Furthermore, if aliens attacked our planet, more than one in five (21%) would most likely call on the Hulk to deal with the havoc. Far fewer would most trust Batman (12%) or Spiderman (8%) to step in.

- In regards to national security, nearly two-thirds (65%) of Americans think Barack Obama would be better suited than fellow presidential candidate Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion. In fact, more than two in three (68%) women say that Obama would be more adept at dealing with an alien invasion than Romney, vs. 61 percent of men. And more younger citizens, ages 18 to 64 years, than those aged 65+ (68% vs. 50%) think Romney would not be as well-suited as Obama to handle an alien invasion.

Tech Supervisor Erin Ryder and UFOlogist James Fox from NGC's new series "Chasing UFOs," believe the survey results are in line with the interviews and research they found in field operations taping the show. Viewers who watch the series' back-to-back premieres on Friday, June 29, at 9 & 10 p.m. ET/PT, will witness over 30 Texas residents who swear they saw an unidentified flying object in 2008 and Colorado towns folk share their encounters with the team about speeding saucers and green lights that often are spotted in the night sky.

About the Survey

NatGeo's "Aliens Among Us" survey polled a random nationwide sample of 1,114 Americans, May 21-29, 2012. The poll was conducted by Kelton Research, which used e-mail invitations and online surveys. Quotas were set to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the total U.S. population, ages 18 and older. The margin of error is +/-2.9 percent. - spaceref

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Humanoid Reports: Finland - Part II

Albert S. Rosales of Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies forwarded several more interesting encounter reports...these are from Finland. This second part is from 1955 through 1983:

Summer of 1955, about 21.30 –2200, the road between Karhula and Huruksela near Kotka

A young man was driving his first car, a Russian Moskvits, when in a straightaway in the middle of the forest he noticed how three creatures resembling bears or penguins run from the woods to the road some 100 meters away. When he drove closer the creatures started to gesture him to stop, which he almost did. The creatures at once run to his car and tried to open the doors, which luckily were closed. The young man was terrified when he saw their faces resembling those of the Chinese or Eskimos. Their hands were covered by the dark overalls they had. Scared, he gestured that he would drive to the side of the road a little bit farther out. When the creatures let go so that he could drive to the side of the road, he accelerated all the Moskvits was worth. The creatures seemed angry, gestured with their hands and ran some tens of meters after his car in a clumsy way. The driver came back quite soon with some other youngsters, but there was nothing to see. Later he found out that others in that area had found that there was a place where the ground vegetation was all burnt in a round area some 7-8 meterts in diameter.

Midsummer 1956 Järvenpää

Female observer, who at the time of the observation was 15, was sleeping in the main farmhouse and his brother in a nearby storehouse. In the night she woke up and noticed two small humanoids with large eyes and in grey suits in her room. She did not let them notice that she was awake, as she was afraid of them. They seemed to be interested in the two alarm bells that were in the room. After a while they moved to the living room, and she could hear how the big wall clock in that room was drawn. Soon after the humanoids went out of the main building. Now the girl watched trough window and saw one of the humanoids standing in the open door of the storehouse in which her brother was sleeping, with a clock in its hand. Then both humanoids came out of the storehouse and began to bounce one after the other towards the corner of the field, where a strange vehicle with many lights and a cupola was standing. The humanoids bounced to the vehicle, which then ascended straight up. Next morning all the clocks in the farmhouse were showing different times, between 24.00 and 04.30. During next years, nothing grew in the corner of the field where the strange vehicle had stood. (Unfortunately, this case is based on a telephone call, and no more information can be obtained).

August 1962, daytime on the road between Puolanka and Oulu

Ilmari Karunto was a young man from Helsinki, having a vacation in Northern Finland together with a friend. On a warm sunny day they decided to drive from Puolanka to Oulu. When they had drived some 50 kilometers from Puolanka, Karunto, who sat beside the driver, noticed a short man on the road side. With his hands up he signaled the men to stop and asked for a lift to a forest path five kilometers away. Karunto moved to the back seat and they began to drive. In the back seat Karunto started to wonder the appearance of the lifting man. His head was larger than usual, mouth broad and thin and nose quite big. The eyes were black and round. And when he happened to watch his eyes from the side mirror of the car, he saw to his astonishment that the mans eyelids closed from down to up. The man seemed to notice his observation and put sunglasses on, and Karunto now saw that he had six thin brown fingers. Karunto was now not a little upset and asked where in Finland the man was living. This question seemed to make him thoughtfull, but then Karunto heard like in his brain that he was not from Finland, but travelled around the world. Almost at once after this the path came to sight and the man stepped out, thanked once again politely and began to walk along the path. Karunto suggested to his friend that they would follow his walking a moment. After the man had walked some 50 meters he came to a pile of brushwood some 3 meters high – and jumped on top of it and ”walked”over it. ”Look, he can levitate”, said Karunto to his friend, but spoke yet nothing of his observations during the car trip. Both men were upset and decided to continue their journey. But after a while they heard humming noise, which became louder. Suddenly the motor started to cough, then stopped altogether. When they stepped outside, they saw a large round object, perhaps 6 meters in diameter, fly low over their car, make a wide turn and then disappear from sight. When they had recovered from the shock of this sighting, they tried to start their car again and it started without problem. Next day they saw in a local paper a small notice of a light phenomenon that had flown northwards.

May 1964 , daytime on the road between Tornio and Kemi (Lappland)

A 50-year old religious woman was on a car driven by her husband when she about half way to Kemi observed a flying man on the right side of the car. The man was flying in a standing position with hands out some 200 meters from the road and 300-400 meters over the forest to the same direction as the car. He was flying a little slower than the car was driving (80-90 km/h) so he was slowly left behind. The man was clad in a silvery or metallic suit and had a helmet. When she later saw astronauts in the TV, she said they were similar. She observed the man in 2-4 minutes and could see him clearly, but did not see any planes or other vehicles in the air. Her husband did not want to look at him, though she insisted, and has in fact never believed in her story. A relative of hers, a retired police officer, told her story which he was convinced was of actual observation.

19.08 1965 about noon, Luumäki

A family of four, Matti, Maria, Teuvo and Tapani went to the forest of the village of Hermunen to pick blueberries. They scattered to four directions keeping eyecontact with each other, howewer. About noon two of them, father Matti and his eldest son Teuvo had an experience they shared with the others only later. Already when they arrived to the forest Matti Kuningas had observed a large stone,or so it looked like, which he had never seen before although the forest was very familiar to him. The distance to the stone was about 30 meters. The stone was about two meters high and three meters broad, and on it was some very green moss and a rowan tree. Suddenly a gust of wind rose, which astonished Teuvo Kuningas,as the day was clear and calm. Both he and father Matti observed now from their respective places a little man , about one meter tall, who appeared near the stone. The mans skin was reddish like that of a carrot and he had a green overall. The head was large and his shoulders broad. Teuvo Kuningas observed a box in the mans chest, from which came some kind of flash. Now the man started to run away from the stone, and Matti Kuningas, who was closer, heard him make noise like he was mourning. Teuvo Kuningas heard voice like human speech.

Suddenly the man turned and ran now towards Matti Kuningas. He stopped at a distance of 15 meterts and for a minute or so looked at Matti. He seemed to have human like face, a face of an older person. Then he turned and started to run away. About 50 meters from Matti he seemed to turn a somersault and disappeared. Teuvo saw also the disappearance, but he saw also the man reappear, now closer to him. He was now somehow deterred by some unknown force and could not even look at the man properly. He could not move, either. He smelled some bad odour. After the man had again disappeared, he heard noise from the direction of the stone, but nothing could be seen. When the whole thing was over, Teuvo noticed to his astonishment that over a half an hour had passed.

When they going to head home, Teuvo decided to have a closer look on the stone to see if there were any footprints. When he came near he too noticed the moss and the little rowan tree and some silver grey on its surface. When he tried to go closer and touch the stone with his berry basket, the same unknown force deterred him again and even turned him around and forced him to go away. He was thinking of throwing it with a stick, but could not do that, either. In the car he suddenly felt himself unusually tired. He intended to tell about his experience to the others, but soon it all vanished from his thoughts. Only gradually could he remember the event, but it was first some six months later he told of his experience to his younger brother Tapani. Teuvo had thought he was the only one who had seen the little man, but now he got to know that his father had also seen it.

Note: Tapani Kuningas was at that time already interested in UFOs, and later he wrote several books about UFOs and is nowadays the leading ufolog in Finland.

July 1965 or 1966, 01.00-01.30 Lake Näsijärvi in Otavalta, Ylöjärvi (near Tampere)

A man was laying longline to the water of Lake Näsijärvi between the north side of the island of Pikku-Hornu and the island of Hornu . Having finished the job, he was taking a one hour pause in the northern shore of the Pikku-Hornu. He was eating his sandwiches and drinking coffee when he heard over the weak rushing of the wawes an increasing rushing noise from the south of island. He thought it was another boat coming to the island, and soon after a sound of letting the anchor was heard. Then began a very load hammering noise, and the man assumed the other boat needed motor reparation. After this noise had faded, he heard steps from behind, first one person, then two persons. As he expected they would come forward and adress him, he did not turn. When nothing happened, he rose and packed his things and went then to his boat and started to lift the longline to the boat, slowly rowing the boat. It came to his mind to see how the other boat looked like, and soon he saw it from a distance of about 30 meters. He was astonished to see that it had a row of oval windows , trough which a faint light was shining. After a while he looked again and was even more astonished when he noticed that the ship was actually standing on the shore and over the surface of the island. From the opening between the ship and the island he could see someone walking on the island. The ship was standing on four telescopic legs, two of which were shorter as the slope of the shore is quite steep. On the island side of the ship a ladder with three steps visible could be seen.

The fisherman now felt that this ship was not from this world, but he continued to observe it now and then (he had to row his boat and take up the longline, as well as unfasten the fishes from hooks). Someone in the ship did not like this, as they began to show bright lights towards him as soon as he tried to observe the ship. This ceased after a while, however. He could altogether see five humanoids, three taller and two smaller. As they were all the time behind the ship, he could not see many details. They seemed all to be clad in jeansblue overalls. Finally they all got into the ship, which began to ascend. The telescopic legs, which had round plates lowest, went to black holes in the bottom of the ship, which was oval shaped, some 2,5 meters high and 6 meters broad. After it had ascended to the height of ”several treeheights” it started to flew with great speed (”like a mortar shell” towards north-northwest. After it had flown a kilometer it disappeared.

March 1970, about 02.00 Lappeenranta

Musician Pauli Niiranen and the band he was in had performed during the evening in Joutseno. He was now returning home to Lappeenranta with his car. The weather was awful: a snow flurry with strong wind that had caused snowdrifts on the street. When he was driving on a street that passed the Lappeenranta airfield on eastern side, he noticed a small creature in the next crossing about 200 meters away. The humanoid was standing in the middle of the crossing and watched in turns to left and right. When he drove nearer, Niiranen noticed four other similar creatures, three on the northern side of the crossing and one behind them on way towards the barracks area. The humanoids were a little over one meter with a large head and a slim body and they were clad in an overall green or darkgreen suit. Their eyes frightened Niiranen most: they were long and oval, tilted upwards and seemed to glow blue light. Niiranen is certain that they were human beings but not from this planet. After watching them for about half a minute he got an unresistible urge to run away. He turned his car on the road and went home another route.

The next day there was a newspaper item that a round melten spot had been found near the place of his observation. He did not coupled it with his observation at that time. He spoke of his observation only to the other members of the band next evening, but it was only after he had seen a TV document film of UFOs in 1992 that he contacted us. It was the first time he told to his wife, too.

15.04.1970 17.00 Kursu village in Salla

Locally well known and respected former athletic Kalle Tiihonen had just come from the sauna at about 17.00 and was drinking coffee in the kitchen. The first thing he noticed was a sound like from a swarm of bees, which was also heard by other family members. Then he had a feeling that someone was staring at him from the door, which was behind him. He turned and saw on the doorstep a small creature about 120 cm long, clad in tight shining green suit and helmet. The creature had large, very dark eyes with a human look. Tiihonen decided that it could not have come trough the door, as he would have heard it.

For some moments they stared each other speecless, then Tiihonen asked where the creature was coming from. ”From the space” was the answer, and Tiihonen is unsure whether he heard it or if it was fed to his brain. Just to ask something more he asked if the Apollo-astronauts (then in space) would get back home with their broken ship. ”Yes they will” was the answer. Tiihonen discussed some time with the humanoid of other things, too, but could not recall later what it was, other than that the humanoid promised to return. Then the humanoid started leaving, and when Tiihonen looked to other direction for a moment, it was gone. A similar noise of a swarm of bees was heard.

Kalle Tiihonens 8-year old son was sitting in an other room, and he heard his father discussing with someone, but the wall kept him from seeing the humanoid. Howewer, he had seen a bright object land on grass outside through the window and also saw it lift. When the humanoid had left, Tiihonen ran to sauna where his wife was and told her of his observation. After the observation Tiihonen could not sleep for three nights, and weeks later he was feeling somehow strange.

15.1.1971 06.30 Ikuri, Tampere

69-year old woman was awake and watched through window how a 120-140 cm long creature appeared to the yard and walked in deep snow with stiff and machinelike steps. It wore a blue-green tunika and baglike trousers, and it had some kind of helmet with four antennas. In the hands it had some kind of mitten. Face could not be seen. The creature walked past the swing in the yard and disappeared into thin air. It left round footprints in the snow.

02.02.1971 20.00 Kiiminki, road from Kuusamo to Oulu

Two women, mrs Sinikka Kuittinen and mrs Manninen, were driving from Kuusamo towards Oulu, when in Kiiminki they observed a light behind the car on the right side of the road. After some time the light passed over to the left side of the road, during which the ears of mrs Kuittinen plugged up. When they came to a field the light disappeared. Suddenly mrs Kuittinen, who was driving, saw a head behind the snow wall that lined the road on the left side and thinking it was a child, braked. Howewer, it was a creature one meter tall, with a helmet on its head. It was clad in browngreen suit and crossed the road with small jumps, disappearing on the other side of the road. There were no houses or other buildings round the field. The woman were very scared and did not stop to investigate if it left tracks, but drove straight to Oulu.


37-year old female teacher was on her way home after work. It was cold and rainy, when she arrived to the busstop at about 20.45. She had waited for bus some minutes when a dark ”car”stopped in front of her and the man in the car asked where she was going. When she answered that she would be going some 20 km to the direction of Turku, the driver offered her a lift to her home bus stop. She accepted and stepped in. At once she noticed that there was some kind of transparent magnetic or electric field between her and the driver. The driver, whom she could see only in profile, was in a strange way elegant and slender built. She was astonished to see that his dress was of one silvergrey material. Howewer, it was pretty dark inside, so she was not able to see very many details. The driver asked him questions about her work, about the pupils and so on, like he would have been unfamiliar with schoollife.

She also noticed that the ”car” was driving soundlessly and some 1-2 meters over the surface of the road. Strangely, no cars met them, nor passed by, although this road usually is fairly densely used. She could see the familiar landmarks, howewer. When they came near the bus stop where the teacher would get off, the driver said he wanted to continue the conversation. She refused because of her little children waited her. The driver then asked if he could continue the conversation some other time, but she refused as her husband would not understand it. the driver then asked where her husband was, to which she replied that he was in Sweden in business, so she had to hurry to her children. She said goodby, than the driver also said goodby, after which the car door opened by itself and she stepped out. When she was watching, the car disappeared, although there were more than one kilometer of straight road visible. She suffered from feeling hot directly after she came home, and later from headache, electric feeling and reddened face.

14.12.1972 02.30 Lauhala village in Honkajoki

Farmer Veikko Kivioja was returning home after a visit to his neighbour, Seppo Oja. After driving some one and a half kilometres on a winding forest road he suddenly after a turn saw three bright lights on the left side of the road. He thought it was an other car and stopped. Then he saw that the bright lights were made by three humanlike creatures who walked over the road to the logging opening on the other side of the road. Even if they were bright, Kivioja could see that they had a round head, faces were not visible, and their somehow winglike hands were resting on the hip. Legs could be seen clearly and they seemed to walk softly and with ease. Kivioja now decided to return to his neighbour Seppo Oja to get a witness to what he had seen. He drove first forward a bit so that he could turn his car, and when doing so the headlights lit the three creatures he noticed that they did not pay any attention to it. When he reached his neighbours house he used the car horn to arouse him . The neighbour, Seppo Oja, was already in his underwear, but agreed to follow Kivioja although he did not quite believe in his story. But when they reached the logging opening the three creatures were still there, although on the way behind a small hill some one hundred meters away. Both men could see how the sphere of light around the men was moving in pace with their steps. The light was so bright that the trees around could be clearly seen. After ten minutes the light faded out, and the men went outside to see if there were any marks on the soft surface of the road, but nothing was found, nor was nothing found during the next day on the logging opening.

Some five hours later than Kiviojas and Ojas observation, a dairy worker was coming with his tractor on another road some ten kilometres from the logging opening, when he suddenly observed a very bright light coming from the right side of the road some one hundred meters away. It turned out to be an object two meters in diameter, emitting bright green light, which flew one meter over the ground in a walking speed, evading easily the obstacles on its way. The dairy worker, Heimo Mattila, drove his tractor as fast as he could and passed the object just before it flew over the road. Looking at it from the rear mirror Mattila could last see it some 300 meters away.

27.12.1973 03.00 Road to Timovaara

Olavi Kolehmainen from Polvijärvi was plowing the Timovaara road from snow. When he came to the Lipasvaara road crossing at little over three o´clock in the morning, he noticed a strange steelgrey object about four meters broad, which was standing on the Timovaara road. The object was not emitting light. Kolehmainen stopped his truck at a distance of 40 to 50 meters and looked around to get some hint what it was. After about a minute a little hatch opened on the side of the object and against the bright light inside the object Kolehmainen could see at least two white clad, human like figures who were looking out.

He realised this was no ordinary vehicle, and began to fear he would be abducted, so he closed the car door and waited on the cabin step with a knife in his hand.( As the Timovaara road is very narrow he could not turn his truck round and escape.) Howewer, after some ten or fifteen seconds mutual staring the hatch was closed and wining or buzzing sound could be heard. The sound became louder and some kind of smoke came from the object, after which it started to rise. The ascend continued and it vanished to the north. Kolehmainen listened its distancing sound a minute and stepped then down and went to the place where the object had been. Three landing marks could be seen on the snow.

Beginning of January 1976, about 15.00 Saukkoaava road around border of Pelkosenniemi and Kemijärvi.

A travelling salesman was driving his car on the Saukkoaava road towards Vuostimo on one of the first days of January. At about 15.00 he was near the border of Kemijärvi and Pelkosenniemi, near the farm of Niskala, when a large disc-shaped bright object descended gently towards the ground, flying over his car. The motor of his car ceased running and he had no choice but to stop his car. The bright object landed on the road some 100 meters away, and the salesman estimated it to be four meters in diameter and one and a half high. It was shining brightly. In a moment to small human-like creatures appeared beside the object. In the darkness (up north it is dark already at that time) their strangelooking suits seemed to be dark green, and they were only about 80 cm:s high. The two humanoids started to walk towards the car, but when they were about 40 meters off, they suddenly turned around and hurried back to the object. The salesman did not notice how they got in, but the object ascended almost at once straight up and vanished behind the thin clouds without a sound. When the object had disappeared, the salesman tried to start his car, and it started running at once. He drove to the place where the object had been, and there was three landing marks, five cm:s wide and two and a half meters apart.

02.10.1980 about 23.25 Liipantönkkä in Ylistaro

a 23-year old man was driving from Vaasa towards Lapua on road number 64 to have a late night meal in a grill bar. When he was in Ylistaro near the border of Lapua on a small hill the surroundings were lit by a bright light from the sky and a shining grey disc-shaped solid object appeared 5-10 meters in front of his car. The man cant remember if he himself stopped the car. The contours of the object were clear, and it somehow glowed the light, like it would have been hot. The object was as broad as the road, about 6 meters, and it had two lights, one on each end, but no other details were visible. It hovered about half a meter over the road surface, when two small lights were lit in the middle of it and three humanoids came out. The driver described them as quite humanlike, but smaller. He did not see any ears or hair, but the eyes were very small, quite unlike the ones he had seen in the TV and magazines. The humanoids came to the laft door of his car – and that is all he can recall. The next thing he remembers is driving to the parking place of the grill bar he was heading, but it was already closed as four hours had passed, hours he cant recall.

NOTE: Many thanks to Albert for the fantastic reports. The 3rd and final part will be posted tomorrow. Lon

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Just the Facts?: Pterosaur Reported Near San Antonio, Texas -- Ghostly Alien Entity -- Venus Crop Circle

Pterosaur reported near San Antonio, Texas - Reader submission

I guess i'll just begin with the story because I don't know how else to begin. Last night my dad and mom were outside working on our car. It was dark and they had been using a lamp. I was inside while this happened. Suddenly my mom came into my room and told me to come outside. I asked her why but she was talking with such a low voice that I couldn't hear her. When I did I found my dad looking through our fence to a nearby church; when I asked what was going on they just told me to be quiet. So I went to where my dad was and he pointed to the direction he was looking in and told me if I was seeing what he was. It was a very large dark bird in the middle of an empty parking lot! I couldn't make up much of it's characteristics just that it was very large and dark. So the next morning I decided to look up local stories in San Antonio and Texas to see if anyone else has seen anything like this? Sure enough it turns out Texas has its own little myth of large birds. The Pterosaur? I saw pictures read all the stories and when my parents came how without mentioning any of this, I asked if they could describe how it looked. They were able to match the description!! Finally I showed then a picture and they both agreed that's how it looked. I know my story isn't that exaggerated as the other sighting, but it's definitely something.

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Criminal charges: dog barks scared chicken to death

Emotion overcomes Joy C. McDonald each time she pauses to think about what her future might hold.

She could lose her job, her small rented home and custody of her three children — all because her two little dogs supposedly scared a neighbor’s elderly chicken to death.

According to McDonald, the penned bird apparently suffered a heart attack when her two Chihuahuas barked at it while running loose in their rural Lafayette County neighborhood.

A chicken heart attack?

Actually, court records accuse the dogs of killing the chicken but don’t describe how. The bird’s owner refused to recount his version of events to The Star. The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office released only the department’s incident log, which confirms deputies were called to investigate April 5. And the county prosecutor is saying little because the case remains unsettled.

“There are photos with a poor dead chicken and feathers everywhere,” said Lafayette County Prosecutor Kellie Wingate Campbell.

The 29-year-old McDonald faces a misdemeanor charge of animal abuse for not controlling her Chihuahuas — Peaches and Domino — that together weigh about 5 pounds, or about as much as the average chicken sold for slaughter in Missouri last year.

If convicted, McDonald could be sent to the county jail for a year or be fined as much as $1,000, or face both penalties.

“I think this is asinine,” said McDonald, who lives just east of Odessa. “I just can’t wrap my mind around it. All of this because of a dead chicken.”

Her ordeal began with an unsettling phone call McDonald said she received from her angry neighbor, George Gamblin, in early April.

He called “screaming and cussing that his chicken was dead because my dog was barking at them,” McDonald recalled. “He said my dogs were giving him a headache.”

McDonald said she asked Gamblin if he was sure that her dogs were the culprits.

“I might have said it with a little smile because I thought it was asinine and that I was holding back (from laughing),” she said.

That only upset Gamblin further, she said.

“He’s still cussing and screaming, saying I wasn’t taking it serious enough,” McDonald said. “So eventually I hung up on him.”

According to court records, a sheriff’s deputy was summoned to the Gamblins’ residence in the 9800 block of U.S. 40.

Gamblin led the deputy to the chicken enclosure, where they found a white, lifeless chicken sprawled on the ground. Gamblin told the deputy that his wife “loves the chickens,” which are her pets. She had heard noises in their pen and saw the two dogs inside it, court records say. She chased them with a stick, but they escaped through the fence.

McDonald told authorities she had offered to give Gamblin $30 as compensation. But according to court records, Gamblin turned it down and insisted on pursuing criminal charges.

Her dogs may be playful at times but are not cold-blooded killers, said McDonald, who now has an outside kennel for her dogs.

Campbell said the animal abuse charge applies when people allow their animals to run loose and cause a nuisance to other people.

“When you see this kind of case, especially in a rural county, there are other contributing factors,” Campbell said.

Campbell didn’t elaborate because the case is working its way through the county courts system.

Gamblin refused to give specifics and didn’t return several phone calls from a reporter or answer his door when a reporter knocked.

But in one brief phone conversation he did say, “All I did was make a complaint with the sheriff and they turned it over to the prosecuting attorney and that’s all I know.”

The value of a pet chicken is unclear, but the average chicken sold for slaughter in Missouri last year brought $2.62, according to data kept by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

McDonald said she has owned Peaches, a white and brown female, for almost six years. Domino, a black and white male, has been around for almost two years. Since the incident, McDonald has built a pen to house the dogs.

An irritating bark is part of a Chihuahua’s DNA.

Chickens, on the other hand, are fragile creatures and are susceptible to heart attacks or collapsing from stress, said Jeff Firman, a professor of poultry science at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

“I don’t know if I would call it a heart attack, but if you had a dog chasing around a chicken and the dog never touches the chicken, it could die from just being stressed out and running around,” Firman said.

The only way to find out how the chicken died is to conduct an autopsy, he said.

“Of course, nobody does unless they (chickens) die in big groups,” he said.

McDonald said she appeared in court in June. She expected to pay a fine after pleading guilty. That quickly changed when the judge insisted she fully understand the charge.

The rest of the story is likely to play out next month when McDonald returns to the Lafayette County Courthouse.

“I thought it was a little humorous until I found what the charges were, and now it isn’t so funny anymore.” McDonald said. - kansascity


Ghostly alien entity appears in bedroom

Durham, NC - 6/27/2012 - unedited: I do not recall hearing any strange noises, though I am used to hearing rumbles due to my proximity to a major street in my town. Many trucks rumble by late at night. It was a strange night to start. Before getting in the bed It appeared as though the moon and stars were in the wrong location in the sky. I dismissed it because I usually do not track such things...it just felt out of place. Anyway, I was in my bed and I saw something just walk through the wall from outside.(I live on the second floor) It looked sorta like a floating pale double "S". It was strange...I dismissed this too and decided It was due to my exhaustion. It was at this point that I felt like someone else was in the room with me. I woke up my girlfriend and told her...she just rolled over and went back to sleep almost immediately. I attempted to go back to sleep but this being got right in my face...as if testing to see if I could detect it. I could not see it fully...mainly like a ghostly outline and some facial features. It was hunched over so I estimate that It may have stood around 3 to 4 feet tall. It had an oblong shaped head with huge eyes. I could only see an outline of the creature...it was invisible mostly. As it was almost directly infront of my face, my right eye began to feel strange...as if I just got over a migraine headache...but it only felt uncomfortable on the right eye. It sort of looked like a Zeta type being or gray alien...but it was smaller than I would expect and it appeared much skinnier. I didnt feel threatened by it but It did startle me when it got right in my face..it appeared as though I was walking through the object (my dogs kennel) right next to my bed to get in my face. I asked it to leave and it did...needless to say I did not sleep very well last night. Not out of fear, just perplexed. - MUFON CMS


Venus 'Sunfish' Crop Circle

It appeared overnight, a mysterious snake-like crop circle weaving across a wheat field in Wiltshire.

The 350ft-long installation is marked out of a field near the 200-year-old Alton Barnes White Horse chalk figure.

Dubbed a Venus 'sunfish', the circle is thought to capture the 'transit of Venus', an astronomical phenomenon which began last week and will continue until the beginning of July.

The crop circle shows Venus' period of visibility as a morning star, where it rises with the sun, and tracks its ascension in the sky following the sun through its rising and setting stages.

The ancient Mayans spent much of their time recording the path of Venus, splitting its 584-day cycle of the planet into four distinct parts.

The Heck Hypothesis: Crop Circle Insight - Great reference...Lon


Woman high on bath salts said she wanted to kill, eat someone

Two more shocking incidents involving people high on bath salts in Oneida County. Police in Utica say they responded to a bar where they found a woman acting bizarrely. When an officer got close to her she lunged at him and tried to bite his face. Police say she screamed that she wanted to kill someone and eat them. She was taken to the hospital.

Later, police found a 20-year-old man who threatened to kill his family. He was also high on bath salts. When police arrived he had ripped a door off its hinges and was punching a car. He was charged with criminal mischief. - 9wsyr

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Humanoid Reports: Finland - Part I

Albert S. Rosales of Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies forwarded several more interesting encounter reports...these are from Finland. This first part is from the 1880's up until the end of World War II:

In the middle of 1880s, July-October, Brante in Kemiö (Kimito in Swedish)

A young woman, mother of three, was picking berries in the forest when she saw a kettle lock on a small hill. Beside the kettle lock was an elf with some kind of an axe on its shoulder. She was terrified and returned to the village. After a couple of hours she came back to the place with other villagers, but the kettle lock and the elf were gone. Her observation was told by her grandmother, now 71 years old.

End of August 1914, about noon, Alastaro

A 10-year old boy, Arvo Kuoppala, was sitting in the living house of a farm with her grandmother, Maria Fält, when suddenly it became dark like during an eclipse of the Sun, a a loud blowing noise could be heard. Then a bright wall of light came from the east, and soon after a large shining globe became visible. It headed to the house and stopped outside the window, after which an oval window opened on its side, trough which the top part of two male beings could be seen. The bigger of the beings was in the middle of the oval window, the second more to the side but well visible. Their heads were large compared with the body, faces broad and angular, but the eyes were friendly.The being that was standing more to the side was even more midget-like and looked ygly.

Arvo became terrified that the men would come in through the window, but his grandmother assured him they would not, that they had something to say. The bigger humanoid now began to smile and started to speak. The lips and faces were moving like he would speak, but no voice was heard. Arvo said in excitement:”He is talking, he says something”, and immediately the creature ceased talking and the face disappeared inside the globe, although no movement could be seen when the oval opening closed. After a moment a loud ”hump”was heard, then a bright flash and the object rose to the sky and vanished to the west with great speed. The observation had lasted only some minutes, but Arvo felt so tired that he went to bed and slept all the way to evening.

His grandmother seems to have anticipated the event, and she later told Arvo that they were not from heaven, but from a distant place, and the globe was intended to travel short distances and that it had come from a heaven ship to which it also returned. Of the beings she told that they had large heads and were much more intelligent than humans, but somehow related to us, and visited us now and then. It seems clear she had a lot of information about the humanoids and she claimed to have made an observation by herself earlier. Contact?

29.11.1939 about 17.00 Saarijärvi in Kullaa

This observation came to our knowledge 51 years after, but the date can be assumed correct, as the Winter War began next day, November 30th. At that time 14-year old Arvo was in the forest with his father making firewood. When it was too dark to work in the twilight they headed home. Almost at once the boy noticed on the right side of the path, on a small rocky hill some 2-3 meters high, a strange device 3-4 meters in diameter. He supposed it was a moonshine factory as he had not seen one before, and wanted to have a look. His father deterred him from this, howewer. He observed the device from some 70 meters.

He descibes the device as being 3-4 meters in diameter, narrowing to the top which was hidden by the dense firs. The bottom part was round like a kettle and it was about 2,5 meters above the ground, supported by perhaps three landing legs made of 2-3 rods and ending in a triangular plate, which he could observe later. From the bottom came ”cosy” flame like that of an upside down candle, 1,5 meters long. From the sides of the lower part of the ship came 5-6 strong flames of different colours, angled 45 degrees down and about 1 meter long, making loud noise like a gas blower.

Outside the ship was a 160 cm long humanlike creature, which was clad astronaut-like and had a round helmet with an oval opening. It had a box with which it seemed to direct 2 or 3 robot-like creatures, which had box-like heads. At least one of these robots lifted his legs very high when walking, so Arvo could see that the legs were like two rods under the knees, ending in a plate. It was not possible to make very accurate observations of their activities due to the twilight and covering trees.

The next day began the Winter War, but Arvo went to see the landing place despite of his father, who opposed it and did not want to go to make firewood, either. On the place where the ship was seen a triangular track of the support leg could be seen. There was also a strong, unpleasant smell.

August 1940 Padasjoki, Kellosalmi

A 9-year old girl was sleeping in a summer camp room together with her friend, when she woke up because of loud thundering sounds. She woke her friend and they looked out. They saw lightning-like lights which rised from the ground upwards behind a small hill. Soon after they heard heavy steps and saw a humanoid walking through the berry shrubbery towards the shore. The humanoid went past their room in a distance of only 5-10 meters and the girls could see it clearly. It was clad in a shining dress, which resembled a divers suit, covering also head, feet and hands. Before the eyes, which were not visible, were a glass panel like in the welders helmet. The dress was so silvery shining that it hurt the girls eyes.

The humanoid went briskly towards the jetty in the shore, stepped to the water in the side of it and walked over the water 50-70 meters to the other shore without making any visible impact to the water surface. On the other shore it climbed to the roof of a summer cottage, then to the top of the chimney of the same cottage. There it stood a while and then disintegrated into small translucent particles. The lightning had also ceased and only the Moon could be seen. The observation was told first in 1995.

May 1942 before noon Petäjävesi

First a woman, who was baking and went outside for a while, observed a fiery disc flying from southwest to northeast for about half a minute. In the same time a relative to this woman, who was working on the field with a horse, saw a fiery roundel land . It was piloted by a man with shiny clothes and white hair. He was panicked and run to his mother, who lived close by. There he explained weeping that Jesus was driving in a fiery ballshaped vehicle and landed behind the forest. Even the horse fled to the forest with harrow still attached. When the harrow stuck fast, it broke the harness and was later found in a shed still trembling. It did not recover fully and would panic if caught in the car lights.

July 1942 Niinisalo in Kankaanpää

A 9-year old girl had taken the cows out to pasture and was returning home walking by the railway, as usual. Near a railway crossing she met an ordinary looking ,tall, about 40 to 50 year old woman, who smiled all the time and gave such a friendly and trustworthy impression that when she took the girls hand and began gently leading her, she had no fear. When they came to the road, the girl saw two men, about 30 to 35 and also friendly looking, coming towards them and dragging a 13-year old boy between them. She knew the boy, who was living in a nearby village, and who seemed to be terrified and resisted all he could.

Then they walked off the road to a small opening in the forest, where a strange vehicle stood on three support legs. It was aluminium colored, seven meter broad and two meters high, and there was an opening on its side, from where ladders with four or five steps reached to the ground. The men lifted the boy to the vehicle and then the girl ”felt” that the woman asked her if she would step in. She did it without hesitation.

When she stepped in, she noticed the boy who sat huddled on the floor and was screaming in terror. The room was round, and on the other side it had a two meters high panel like a control panel full of gadgets and meters. On the opposite side was a table, round which were sitting five friendly looking men in deep conversation. On that side were also a row of windows through which one could see out. The woman led her to the control panel and told her to push one of the levers. She did so and she felt how the ship lifted up with incredible speed. The woman signaled that they were now flying east towards the birth time of Jesus. Then she and the woman moved to a room behind the control panel, some 2 x 2 meters large, where there were maps on the table which she began to show to the girl.

They began a deep conversation about matters she could not recall later. The woman asked her what she knew about Jesus and told her that it was very important to know everything about Jesus and that all Jesus said was true. Paging the maps she explained that the man never disappears, the is no border or end, and there is no time as one can travel in it both forward and backward. The girl got the impression that the woman was the leader.

Gradually, all she had heard and seen began to go over her understanding, and her peace of mind started to erase. Above all she wondered that no notice were taken of the boy who sat on the floor and screamed in terror. There her memory ends and she woke up lying on the field some half a kilometer from the railway crossing to the direction she came from. The boy was nowhere to be seen. She felt ill and her stomach was hurting . About two hours later she came home, where people were already worried of her.

The next weeks she was sick and upset. She lost wight as the stomach was hurting and she could hardly eat. Her eyes became swollen and sensitive to light, and the eyewhites completely red. After a month she was so ill that she was taken to hospital, where they could find no reason for her illness. She became gradually better, howewer, but the illness had taken so much time that she missed the autumn termin in the school. Still next year she was afraid of the place where she had seen the object. The boy sufferd worse: he had a nervous breakdown and at seventeen he was taken to closed mental hospital care.

End of September, 1943 Nastola

A boy who was treated for tuberculosis in a sanatorium in Nastola recalls following event: After a peaceful night he woke up and noticed at once that something had happened. The other children whispered about a ”boogeyman” who had visited during the night. The nurses soon heard about it and began to question the children about the ”boogeyman”. The children told that it had a large head and was clad in strange clothes. Furthermore, they said it was looking for ”red eyes”. Even the head doctor came in to question the children, but when he did not get any answers, he ordered the matter not to be discussed. Next night the boy , who was sleeping with his back towards the linen stock room, woke up because of noise from it. Howewer, he thought the night nurse had come. After a while the light in linen stock room was lit, then put off, then lit again and so on. It was like somebody had played with the light. Finally, the light was left on. More noise was heard from the stock room and the boy started to wonder who it was. Somebody was dragging his feet in the room and then the stock room door opened, first slightly, then more and a creature step in and leaned his back to the door frame. It was 160-165 cm in height, was clad in silvergrey clothes and it had a very large head, much bigger than the human head. It raised its hand and the boy could see it had only three fingers. In the place of face was a dark opening, like a glass dome from which the light in linen stock room reflected. By this time the boy was so frightened that he covered his head with his pillow to avoid looking at the creature. He heard the voice: Dont be afraid". Nothing happened and after a while he had the courage to look up again. The room was dark and silent and after a while he went to sleep again. When the night nurse came he asked at once, if there had been any night visitor. The nurse was clearly nervous about the question and said: be quet! The boy was a bit frightened about her reaction and went to sleep again. In the morning he woke when the nurse was pulling his pillow from under his head. When he asked why the nurse said there was blood on it. The blood came from his ear, which continued to cause him trouble even in later years.

November or December 1944, 13.00 Ritoniemi in Ruovesi

An 11-year old girl looked out through the window of her home and saw two 130-140 cm tall strange beings coming from the nearby small forest. They had miners torches and walked stooped in deep snow. Their faces were somehow diffuse. The girl told of her observation to her father and sister and they all went out to the yard to see better. On the field where the humanoids were walking, there were some ploughs covered with snow. When the humanoids came to such plough they seemed to conversate by ”ringing”. Then they turned and went back to the small forest.

The next day the girl told about her observation in the school to the boy next to her, who lived on the other side of the small forest. The boy answered that he too had seen the humanoids, and draw a picture of some kind of flying vessel, with which the humanoids had flown off. Some days later the girl went to investigate the footprints that the humanoids had left on the snow. They were round marks, unlike the marks left by shoes.

There Were Giants Upon the Earth: Gods, Demigods, and Human Ancestry: The Evidence of Alien DNA (Earth Chronicles)

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity

Aliens in America: Conspiracy Cultures from Outerspace to Cyberspace