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Tuesday, December 27, 2022


In 2012, Elizabeth April, then 18, had gone away to a ten-day spiritual retreat in Los Angeles, California. On the second night, she claims that she was abducted by Grey aliens.

It was the middle of the night. She was dead asleep. She just remembers waking up and seeing a large head hovering over top of her. She then realized that it was not humanoid looking. Suddenly she was surrounded. There were now three of these beings in the room. One was on her left ankle and wrist. One was on her right ankle and wrist. They started dragging her out of bed into the hallway.

The only part of the experience she could not recall is how they got from the hallway to their ship. They put her in a stiff metal chair in the middle of a room She was paralyzed but could look around. She observed a machine in her periphery on her right side. It had a cylindrical mechanism. It got smaller and smaller the closer it got to her head. It then went into her right ear. She sensed that they were chipping her. She next remembers being placed into bed. There was one drop of blood in her ear.

A couple months later, she was greeted by a Pleiadian being that entered her room one evening. He was an etheric, seven-foot-tall, male humanoid-looking being. He spoke to her telepathically:

“Elisabeth, I would love to invite you to a meeting that is being held with the Galactic Federation.”

Elizabeth insisted that this Federation was peaceful and looked for unity.

Source: UFO Witness, Season 2, Episode 7, “Pleiadians and Alien Conspiracy” Episode aired Aug 9, 2022

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