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Friday, January 31, 2014

A Few Favorite Humanoid Reports

Over the years, I have referred to and posted many of the humanoid reports supplied by my friend & colleague Albert Rosales at Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. The following reports are a few of my favorites:


Location: Anza Borrego State Park, California
Date: September 15, 2007
Time: 3:00am local time

Carl and his girlfriend had decided to go on an overnight backpacking adventure. Their destination was Mt. Laguna (unincorporated area of San Diego) however a forest fire in Julian closed off Route 78 therefore they took an alternative route and stumbled upon the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. They arrived at the park at 1700. He had never hiked, or backpacked at the park, therefore Carl went to the visitor center got the information he needed and set on his journey to Culp Valley Campground. Culp Valley campground is approximately 3500 feet in elevation. He pulled into the campground loaded their packs and set off. They only backpacked about 1 mile out due to night settling. They set up a tent about 20 feet north of the trail.

At around 0300am the night moon had sunk behind the mountains surrounding the desert, it was pitch black and Jeremy’s girlfriend was sleeping. Unable to sleep Jeremy just stares at the starry sky. Suddenly he heard a man’s voice, he looked into the direction it was coming from and saw a green light being waved back and forth. He immediately thought it was a park ranger. The light was about 50 yards east from his tent. He could tell that whoever it was using the green light to guide somebody on the trail. The green light was coming closer and closer to the tent...probably not directly to the tent but on the trail about 20 feet away. The tent was set up on a small slope looking downward on the trail. The green light disappeared and Carl panicked. Suddenly out of nowhere a massive amount of light lit up the trail 20 feet from where he was. He was terrified, nobody was talking at this point and he didn’t hear footsteps just saw a massive amount of white light. The light was getting closer to the trail next to his tent. He immediately ducked down and laid low in his tent scared. He then peeked out of the tent and saw 12 to 15 humanoid figures that looked like people, but some were extremely tall and the rest were really very short with large bald heads. The tall figures appeared to be wearing white cloak-like outfits and the short figures appeared to be naked. Terrified and his heart pounding Jeremy watched the beings walk very gracefully and slowly, turning their heads from left to right with each footstep. They were all holding metal rod like implements which emitted a powerful white light. They seemed to ignore the tent and walked “peacefully” by the tent. The witness remained laying down and quite as the beings “walked” by the tent. The light eventually faded as the beings continued down the trail and disappeared. Terrified he woke his girlfriend 10 minutes later because he didn’t want the beings to hear them talking.

He told the ranger the next day about what had happened and the ranger wrote it down in a report, suspecting it was some type of religious cult.



Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date: January 1997

While working in a shopping center the witness says she noticed a woman who had a certain air about her and as she watched her she seemed to glide above the floor. The woman came to her desk and she noticed that this woman's irises were a pale gray color and her pupils were elongated from top to bottom rather than the usual round shape. She couldn't keep her own eyes off the woman's eyes and felt quite mesmerized by watching her. She knew she was asked a question but can't remember what it was or what she answered. She thought to herself "what planet are you from"? Suddenly, the woman moved off and disappeared.

She described the strange woman as having non-styled hair that was just to her ears, fairly straight and a mousy brown color. She wore a cardigan done up to the top button and the dress seemed to just hang on her. She didn't seem to be dressed for the times but more like the style a century earlier. She carried an old fashioned handbag over her arm.

The witness states she has experienced strange dreams in which she has found herself getting out of a ship and meeting a young man about 20 years old with tight curly hair, plaid trousers and a very tight-fitting jumper. She accompanied the young man on a dinghy and sailed to another floating craft. On the top of the craft there was a gray type alien that appeared to be steering it. He wore a tight-fitting gray suit with an emblem on one side. She saw a craft with transparent walls and people walking inside, she thought these people were "workers".

Source: UFO Research Queensland, Australia



Location: Overland, Missouri
Date/Time: June 1982 - 11:30 pm local time

Witness heard his Border Collie barking and whining at something in the garden behind the barn. Witness set out with a flashlight to investigate the disturbance. As he turned the corner of the barn, he nearly stumbled over his dog, which was cowering and shivering next to the building. Thinking that the dog had been hurt, he knelt briefly beside his dog, checked quickly for any injury then stood up and directed the beam of the flashlight toward the sounds of movement in the garden.

At first, he saw a figure that he thought was human with a blanket wrapped around it, bending over and eating a melon. The witness yelled at the figure and it suddenly stood up revealing itself to be a tall human-like creature with dark wings that had been folded around it's torso. As it stretched itself to it's full height of well over six feet, each wing unfolded to a width of what appeared to be seven to eight ft....about fourteen feet from one wing tip to the other. The terrified witness dropped the flashlight and slid down to the ground. The humanoid then emitted a terrible screeching sound and lifted off into the night sky. "Its wings made a sharp, leathery slapping sound as it flew away."

Source: private investigator, St.Louis, MO



Wicomico County, Maryland - Autumn 1980 - Late night

This particular area around Maryland's eastern shore is reputed to be the home of a bizarre entity dubbed the "Cat Man".

Four people parked near a landfill witnessed two yellow eyes looking in the car window. Extremely frightened, they quickly left the area but got curious and decided to return. They returned in two cars this time and parked at angles so they could direct the headlights and be able to see more area.

After an hour or so they noticed something crouched down and moving towards them. The creature slowly moved over to them on all fours. It was black with coarse hair, and had very long claws or nails on each hand. The face was human-like but with feline features and covered in hair. There was a long thin tail that whipped back and forth slowly.

After remaining motionless for a few seconds, it moved to one car and hooked it's claws into the driver side door. It's yellow eyes glowed in the dark as it peered inside. Again terrified, the witnesses started the car causing the creature to fall away from the car as it cried out a high-pitched scream as it ran away. Deep scratch marks were on the car according to the owner.

The witnesses reported the sighting to the local authorities who conducted an investigation. Nothing was reportedly found though this was not the first or last time this creature was seen in the area.

Source: local county authorities

NOTE: Similar sightings have be reported since the area was inhabited by native people. Several half-eaten sika deer carcasses with large claw and teeth marks have been found in the past, usually in areas near the Wicomico River and other waterways.



Location/Date: Lajas, Puerto Rico - January 14 1998 - 5:30 AM

An employee at a cow ranch that belonged to the University of Puerto Rico, Carlos David Vargas Montalvo was doing his usual morning chores of rounding up the cows from the feeding lot. Like usual and without any apparent fright the animals responded to his call and lined up, except for what he thought was one white cow that remained back in the field without moving. Curious he called the “cow” again but again there was no response, he decided to walk over thinking that the animal could be hurt or sick.

As he approached the white form on the ground he kept calling it, when suddenly the supposed cow began to twist and turn on the ground and took out two huge white wings. At this point the stunned Montalvo realized that it was not a cow but a bizarre winged bird-like creature, totally white in color. Stunned the witness watched the creature rise up on his wings and disappeared quickly towards the nearby Laguna Cartagena. A heart patient, Montalvo was in shock for the next several hours.

Source: Terra Clubs Ovni

NOTE: There have been other similar reports throughout Puerto Rico for a number of years. Some of these other witnesses described this cryptid as a 'white winged humanoid'.

I'll periodically post a few of my favorite reports. I want to again thank Albert Rosales for his commitment in compiling the database...it is truly an excellent reference. Lon

Encounters with Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Manbirds, Gargoyles & Other Winged Beasts

Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster

Monsters of Texas

Daily 2 Cents: Demand For Psychics Grows In Russia -- Giant Boulder Causes Havoc -- Girl Survives 3000+ Ft. Fall

Demand for psychic services in Russia is growing

Russians spend twice as much money on psychic and occult services as on medical treatment abroad. People practicing psychic readings and other supernatural activities claim that they are approached for their services by customers from all walks of life. Experts attribute this hankering for the supernatural to the desire to find easy solutions to public and personal problems.

The proliferation of ads in the papers and on TV offering Russians all sorts of occult services is a little unnerving. For a modest fee, they promise to bring a cheating husband back into the fold of the family, to cure alcohol and drug addiction, to secure new heights in one's career development, to get one happily married and much else.

Simply put, they offer things that are usually difficult, and sometimes downright impossible, to get through via ordinary efforts. People naively turn to these services in the hope of a miracle. The Russian Academy of Sciences has calculated that Russians spend up to $30 million a year on psychic and occult services, and only $17 million on medical treatment abroad.

Olga visited a psychic on a regular basis for several years, sometimes with her mother, and once she even dragged her husband in for a consultation. She was convinced that she was getting very useful advice. Although in reality that advice often resulted in bitter marital rows.

For example, once the alleged clairvoyant told Olga that she had an enemy in her mother-in-law, which immediately affected relations in the family. Olga's husband described how the so-called "psychic" would begin with making some generic statements that could easily apply to anyone and then would masterfully detect any minute changes in the person's look or expression to gauge the reaction and guess which of her statements were making an impact.

With the astuteness of a professional investigator she would, over a cup of tea, quiz a customer about people in their life and them, judging by the reaction she was picking, would figure out the person's "ill-wishers."

However, if a client's reaction was impossible to read, the "clairvoyant" appeared completely at a loss. For each visit she charged 100 euros. After yet another piece of advice that did not make any sense, the husband insisted that Olga stop seeing the psychic, threatening to divorce her otherwise.

Tatiana was a frequent customer to fortune-tellers, usually recommended to her by her friends. However, each time she received completely different advice from them. At one of the sessions the fortune-teller was shortsighted enough to say that only Tatiana "herself could cope with her own life," and that simple psychological observation did the trick, albeit not the one presumably intended. Tatiana stopped going to fortune-tellers altogether after that.

There are however other examples, too. Viktor turned to a psychic only once in his life and it, surprisingly, worked. The woman told him that he needed protection at work and promised to create this protection for him. Once Viktor, who had a senior position in a bank, fell ill and did not come into work. It was on that day that a 60 million-ruble scam was carried out at the bank, and had not Viktor been off sick on the day, he would have easily been blamed for the machination.

In an interview with the SNC magazine, a second-generation psychic and parapsychologist, Sergei Shevtsov-Lang, described the occult as one of the world's most ancient and needed professions. He said that his client base had changed in recent years, with superstitious pensioners having been replaced by people in their 20s, teachers, doctors, councilors, civil servants, librarians, engineers, even police officers.

The problems they come with vary from fear of the future to early alcohol addiction to complexes. Shevtsov-Lang said he had many customers among former casino owners: after gambling establishments were closed under the new laws, they tried to set up a new business, usually a restaurant, went bankrupt, took to the bottle and lost their way completely.

There were also many police officers among his clientele who failed to pass the obligatory appraisal procedure that was part of the recent police reform and lost their job in the police force.
Commenting on the rising popularity of the supernatural and the occult, Shevtsov-Lang said that people often came to see him "having been advised to do so by a psychologist or a doctor who had not been able to help them".

According to forensic psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov, Communist leaders Joseph Stalin and Leonid Brezhnev resorted to psychics' services too. Whereas today's popularity of the occult is largely because of numerous TV shows in which clairvoyants, psychics and the like compete in working out various mysteries or personal tragedies, he said.

"It has been scientifically proven that extrasensory perception does exist and it is being studied by scientists. For example, we have a state-funded center in St Petersburg that does research in this area. It is another thing how this phenomenon is presented and perceived,” Vinogradov said.

“People in our country are beset with a growing number of social and personal problems. Men and women are trying to resolve personal difficulties by going to a fortune-teller instead of working on their problems themselves. This is a common enough thing for any unstable society, as real opportunities are being replaced with some rituals or other," he added. - RBTH


Giant boulder smashed through buildings in Italy

A 300-year-old Italian farm owned by the Servite Order of the Catholic Church is in ruins after a giant boulder dislodged in a rockfall rolled through the property.

Approximately 4000 cubic metres of rock was dislodged from a cliff face and crashed through a barn and vineyards in Tramin in northern Italy on 21 January.

After bulldozing straight through the barn, one huge boulder came to a rest close to another giant rock that had been dislodged in a previous rockslide. Another boulder stopped just feet from the main house.

Although no one was hurt, the area has now been evacuated as geologists fear there may be a chance of further rock falls.


Girl survives fall of over 3,000 ft

A 16-year-old girl has astonished doctors by surviving a 3,500ft fall after her parachute failed to open properly.

Makenzie Wethington, of Joshua, Texas, was given a skydiving trip to Oklahoma as a gift from her father on her 16th birthday. But the celebration nearly turned to tragedy after her primary parachute failed to open.

Makenzie's older sister Meagan told FOXdfw that the parachute became tangled or failed to open properly during the jump.

She also told the US TV station that instructors had attempted to talk her through opening the chute but the girl stopped responding to instructions and may have lost consciousness.

According to trauma surgeon Dr Jeffrey Bender, Makenzie hurt her liver, broke her pelvis, lumbar spine in her lower back, a shoulder blade and several ribs and a tooth in Saturday's fall in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

"I don't know the particulars of the accident, as I wasn't there. But if she truly fell 3,000 feet, I have no idea how she survived," Dr Bender, of OU Medical Centre in Oklahoma City, said.

He said Makenzie was expected to leave the hospital's intensive care unit.

Her father, Joe, who jumped first, landed safely and watched as his daughter spiralled out of control and smashed into the ground in Oklahoma, USA.

He subsequently blamed the skydiving company for allowing his daughter to jump.

Nancy Koreen, director of sport promotion at the US Parachute Association, said its safety requirements allow someone who is 16 to make a dive with parental consent, though some places set the age higher.

Robert Swainson, owner and chief instructor at Pegasus Air Sports Centre, defended the company, saying Makenzie's father went up with his daughter and was the first to jump.

He told an Oklahoma TV station that the parachute opened "halfway" before he had to watch his daughter's struggle and spiraling freefall to the ground.

"She hit the ground hard," Meagan Wethington said. "God caught her."

Meagen said her dad and sister sat through six hours of training before the jump.

Mr Swainson said Makenzie's parachute opened correctly but she began to spiral downward when the chute went up, but not out. He said divers were given instruction during a six-to-seven-hour training session on how to deal with such problems.

He also said Makenzie had a radio hook-up in her helmet through which someone gave her instructions.

"It was correctable, but corrective action didn't appear to have been taken," Mr Swainson said.

Mr Swainson said he did not jump out to help Makenzie because there was no way he could have reached her and another jumper got scared and refused to make the jump. Mr Swainson said it was protocol for him to remain with the frightened person because instructors do not know what that person will do.

"The most I could have done is screamed," he said.

Ms Koreen would not comment directly on Makenzie's case but agreed that a reluctant diver could not be left alone in a plane and that even if an instructor exited the aircraft, he would not have been able to help the student.

"You can't fly over the parachute and help somebody," she said.

Although a remarkable survival story it is by no means the only example.

Last year Victor Bryie survived a 9,000-foot fall in Florida, after his parachute became tangled in a friend's during a jump.

Bryie and his jump partner were attempting a maneuver which involves one diver holding the canopy of another's parachute. - Independent



50 Reasons We're Living Through The Greatest Period In The History Of The World

How do we recognize an alien intelligence?


Could the Plague Return to Kill us All?

Is This the Future of Air Travel?

American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America

The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf

Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America

Spooky Lord Baltimore Hotel

The first (and only) time I walked into the Lord Baltimore Hotel I sensed many raw emotions, good and bad. It was 1980 and I was there to meet a friend who was in town for a conference. We sat in the lobby over drinks and conversed about our past...but, in the meantime, I was being bombarded by distant sounds of yesteryear. It became so bad that I started to feel claustrophobic and had to make a 'polite as possible' excuse to leave. That was the one and only time I entered the building.

The hotel was named after George Calvert, Lord Baltimore and the founder of the Maryland colony. The hotel was built in the popular classic style of the 1920's. At the time the hotel was built it was hailed as the largest hotel built in the State of Maryland. The 23 story hotel was constructed in 1928. It was the last high rise built in Baltimore with the classic Art Deco ornamentation of the era.

There have been a few significant incidents at the hotel that tend to assure that spirit activity is present. The most famous happened just after the 1929 stock market crash when at least four people jumped to their deaths from the roof of the Lord Baltimore Hotel. Some time late, employees at the hotel began reporting strange sights, namely, people dressed in vintage clothing that disappeared at the end of the hall, two men and a woman at the back of a dark ballroom who would disappear when the lights were turned on and the Lord Baltimore's 'little darling', a small girl who appears in a long cream-colored dress and black patent leather shoes.

There is also the story of the woman who, in 1931, abandoned a 2-year-old child in one of the hotel’s rooms. A judge gave the child the surname “Lord,” before sending him to the Nursery and Children’s Hospital. No further information on the woman's identity or child's fate was ever recovered.

BTW, parts of Renee Zellweger’s film My One & Only were shot on site, as were scenes from Guarding Tess with Nicolas Cage and Shirley MacLaine.

Now known as the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel, it is an historic landmark hotel and is a member of the Historic Hotels of America...Lon



One psychic to another: Staff told me and mom about the (presumed) suicide of a young woman on the 19th floor and the elevators’ constant trips up there at night, with no one ringing the bell and no one emerging after the trip from 19 back to the lobby. I did not research the hotels being a hotspot, as I had no motive or reason or inkling beforehand to do so, simply put. I was there, for a wedding. After I felt the touch of spirits in the lobby and in the elevator, on the way up to our first “unsatisfactory” room, I asked about any ghosts in the hotel. We were told only about this woman's suicide on 19, and I stupidly insisted to mom that we go up there and explore the hallways.

After a time, she humored me.

It was a mistake to brazenly open myself when I have trouble with negative energies, which float in often enough, just sitting in the house! I asked the staff, repeatedly, in Mom’s presence, about ghosts seen in the hotel.

I ran into a spirit in the front lobby, opposite the desk and a real pain in the ass, other(s), in my room, 1620. Not one staff member (Mom can testify) ever mentioned a long gowned screaming child. That image, before my eyes, fully awake, was persistent and strong, and she was both frantic and terrified. So sad.

In another 20 years I’ll be better at this, in that I will learn how to avoid being sensitive enough to be up with bad dreams all night when any sinister spirits are around.

The clear fact that YOU were sensitive enough to get hit with a psychic attack (imposed imagery nightmare scenario of a serial killer) of a spirit’s peculiar mental illness, suggests, to me, at least, that you're more capable than you suspect of assisting and sensing the unseen

In comparison, Mom and Ian were so untroubled.


Employee's Experience:
Francesle (Fran) Carter has worked at the Radisson Lord Baltimore for many years. She currently functions in the role of captain, supervising a team of people overseeing the food, beverage, and setup needs of the hotel.

In 1998 Fran was on the 19th floor of the building preparing a small meeting room for future use. She was working at a table facing the wall with an open door to her left. She bent over the table for a few moments, absorbed in her work. Then she looked up and to her left at the doorway. A little girl wearing a long cream colored dress and black shiny shoes ran by the open doorway, bouncing a red ball before her.

Fran immediately ran outside calling after her “Little girl, are you lost?”

The hallway was completely empty. Fran, quite shaken at this point, turned around to go back to the meeting room when she saw two people walking down the hallway toward her. The first was an older gentleman dressed in formal attire. He was accompanied by a woman in a long ballgown. Frank asked them if they were looking for their granddaughter because she had just run by. She turned to point in the direction that the child had passed. When she turned her head back toward the two people, they had just vanished right before her eyes.

Fran was then so frightened that she called a security guard. He stayed there with her until she finished her work, and no more ghostly visitors appeared on the 19th floor that evening.

A few years later a guest at the hotel told Fran that she believed that her room had a ghostly visitor. She was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of a child crying. As she sat up in her bed, she saw a little girl crying and rocking herself back and forth while sitting in the window of her room. As the woman rose to go to the girl, she slowly faded away. The little girl was wearing a long cream colored dress with black shoes.

One evening a few years later, Fran was approached by a coworker who told her that three people were standing in the dark in the ballroom of the hotel. The hotel’s ballroom is a very large room, which can accommodate 1,250 people seated at banquet tables. Three arched ceiling length windows dominate the far wall of the room- the side of the room opposite the entrance doorway. When Fran entered the ballroom, she walked across the room in the direction of the windows. She noticed that there indeed were three people standing there in the darkened, moonlit room. One man stood before the far left window, another stood before the far right window, and a woman stood a few feet behind the two men before the middle window. They were all looking upward through the windows. Fran noticed that they were standing in what she described as a triangular formation.

Fran passed within 5 feet of the man standing in front of the window on the left. She noticed that he was wearing a dark, possibly blue, sport blazer with metallic buttons that gleamed in the darkness. He had an ascot tied around his throat and appeared quite the dapper gentleman. She thought that his clothing was odd, but at this point didn’t know that her visitors were out of the ordinary. She then asked them if they would like some light and walked by the man in the ascot to turn on the light switch, just a few feet from where he was standing.

Light immediately flooded the room- and the three visitors were gone! As earlier noted, the Lord Baltimore hotel has had its share of guests who were very reluctant to check out. It appears that some of them never did.


Haunted Baltimore: Charm City Spirits

Baltimore Ghosts: History, Mystery, Legends & Lore (second edition)

Baltimore's Harbor Haunts: True Ghost Stories (Schiffer Books)


The following accounts were posted at UFO Digest:

At a hotel, in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, the Raddison, where I booked a four stay at a 1920's restored gem, named the Lord Baltimore, ostensibly to attend a wedding of my wife's niece, I ran into a paranormal wall.

As soon as I walked in I felt the undeniable burning touch of a spiritual attachment; something had tried to crash my defenses.

We were shown to a 18th floor building corner room, a lovely suite, but when the bellboy opened the door, the reek near the window overlooking the corner was of death and suicide and I at once announced the room, was "unsatisfactory".

From the frying pan into the fire, we went back down to the front desk and up again in a haunted elevator to another lovely appointed suite where I had persistent and intermittent visions of a young girl emotionally bereft screaming a face of frozen horror!

I could not surmount my own dread and disquiet enough to offer her solace or attempt a loving message of healing.

After three sleepless nights, replete with nightmares, I was able to checkout and return home, the most horrid weekend ever spent in a haunted place.

That girl has appeared to many others, I learned later, after I wrote a mused letter telling this story and receiving answers that such a weeping young girl in a long cream colored gown has been seen crying, by guests and staff, alike. Continue reading at UFODigest

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: House of Horrors -- Queens, NY Abductions -- Zombie Bees Found in Eastern US

House of Horrors

Hundreds of snakes - many of them dead - have been removed from a "house of horrors" in California after neighbours complained of a strong stench of decay.

"The smell alone - I feel like I need to take a shower for a week," said officer Anthony Bertagna.

"They're pretty much in all the bedrooms - everywhere."

Police have said they expect to find as many as 500 snakes, alive and dead, by the time they complete the search of the five-bedroom home in Santa Ana.

The owner, school teacher William Buchman, claimed his intention was to breed the snakes but his collection grew out of hand.

He has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty.

"It's definitely a house of horrors in there," said an Animal Services spokesman. "Just in one room alone we had 56 dead snakes, and 12 alive, and that's only one room.

"I mean there's so many dead snakes ... ranging from dead for months to just dead.

"There's an infestation of rats and mice all over the house. There are rats and mice in plastic storage tubs that are actually cannibalising each other."

After clearing out two of the bedrooms, officers had recovered 66 dead pythons and about 50 live ones.

The largest live python recovered was about 6ft long.

None of the snakes were crawling around loose but the house also was infested with rats and mice, some of which were brought in as food for the snakes.

The exterior of the house was well maintained with a manicured lawn - with only the smell giving away what was inside.

An animal welfare agency will try to re-home the surviving snakes at nature centres, museums and schools. - SKY


Zombie Bees Found in Eastern US

"Zombie bees" have now invaded eastern U.S., according to media sources.

Anthony Cantrell - a beekeeper in Burlington, Vermont discovered "zombie bees" in his hive in October, according to the Associated Press. This is the first report of 'parasitized' honey bees being found in eastern U.S.

The zombie bees aren't half-dead bees and they certainly don't roam the earth forever. These bees suffer from a parasitic infection that disrupts their neurological functions, leading to strange, "zombie-like" movements. The honey bees die within a few days. "Right now, we don't know if it's an isolated thing," Stephen Parise, Vermont agricultural production specialist, said Tuesday at the state's annual farm show, Associated Press reported.

San Francisco State University researchers led by Professor of Biology John Hafernik were the first ones to discover this strange bee infection in 2008.

What are Zombie Bees?

A fly called Apocephalus borealis, lays its eggs in the bees' abdomen. The eggs take about a week to hatch during which they disrupt the neurological function of their hosts. The larvae then enter the world from their hosts' body through the head.

"When we observed the bees for some time-the ones that were alive-we found that they walked around in circles, often with no sense of direction," Andrew Core, an SF State graduate student from Hafernik's lab said in an earlier press release.

The fly was known to parasitize bumblebees. Until last October, the parasite was only seen in bee hives in California and South Dakota.

SF University researchers had warned in 2012 that the honey bee population is quite susceptible to the newly emerging parasitic fly- A borealis.

"[Furthermore] the domestic honey bee is potentially A. borealis' ticket to global invasion. Establishment of A. borealis on other continents, where its lineage does not occur, where host bees are particularly naïve, and where further host shifts could take place, could have negative implications for worldwide agriculture and for biodiversity of non-North American wasps and bees," John Hafernik and colleagues had written in a study article published in 2012 in PLOS One.

Honey bee population in the U.S have become homogenized as farmers usually shift them to different parts of the country. The fly could have hitched a ride with honey bees sent to Vermont.

"It's not surprising; it's certainly not good news," University of Illinois entomologist May Berenbaum told Associated Press. "There are so many pathogens and parasites that we're aware of that are afflicting bees." - NatureWorldNews


Remains of 55 bodies found near former Florida reform school

Excavations at a makeshift graveyard near a now-closed reform school in the Florida Panhandle have yielded remains of 55 bodies, almost twice the number official records say are there, the University of South Florida announced on Tuesday.

"This is precisely why excavation was necessary," said USF professor Erin Kimmerle, head of the research project. "The only way to truly establish the facts about the deaths and burials at the school is to follow scientific processes."

On a hillside in the rolling, tall-pine forests near the Alabama-Georgia border, a team of more than 50 searchers from nine agencies last year dug up the graves to check out local legends and family tales of boys, mostly black, who died or disappeared without explanation from the Dozier School for Boys early in the last century.

The school, infamous for accounts of brutality told by former inmates, was closed by the state in 2011.

The University of South Florida was commissioned to look into deaths at the school in the Panhandle city of Marianna, after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced the presence of 31 official grave sites in 2010.

Excavation began last September with bones, teeth and several artifacts from grave sites sent to the University of North Texas Science Center for DNA testing.

Members of 11 families who lost boys at Dozier have been located by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for DNA sampling and researchers hope to find 42 more families for possible matching.

State investigators initially located 31 suspected graves in the woods across a busy highway from the shuttered reform school. Kimmerle's more detailed probes raised the number to 50 or 51 last year, and USF announced on Tuesday the searchers had found remains of 55 bodies.

"Locating 55 burials is a significant finding, which opens up a whole new set of questions for our team," said Kimmerle.

"All of the analyses needed to answer these important questions are yet to be done, but it is our intention to answer as many of these questions as possible."

Research will continue in areas adjacent to the graveyard, dubbed "boot hill" by school officials and inmates a century ago.

Greg Ridgeway, acting director of the National Institute of Justice, praised Kimmerle's work. He said the discoveries made by the USF team "will not only bring resolution to these cases but will add to our knowledge about investigations of missing and unidentified persons in jurisdictions throughout the country." - Yahoo


Queens, NY Abductions

I am a 58 yr. old professional woman of color who has had visitations since I was a child. I know what happened to me and only want to discuss my events for research purposes. The first case listed happened at night around 1986/7. It is still a vivid memory of waking up on an examination table with several aliens of different heights around me under a bright light. At first I didn't feel afraid even know I knew I was not at home and believed I was on a spaceship. I thought I had been there several times before. They spoke to each other and myself through thought. The next thing I remember, I was still on/near the table but I felt very sad and was crying. I don't know why. When I woke up in the morning and went to work, I felt uneasy and nervous which, is not my nature. I was casually discussing the incident with a co-worker to further calm myself down when another employee who had come in starting listening to what I was saying. Suddenly, she became very excited and said that she as there also and saw me on the exam table. It freaked us all out and we stopped talking about it. I was a deputy-director at this agency and I remember the name of the co-worker who also saw me.

2. Somehow, I believe this incident is connected to the first one described. I lived in Queens, NY and had several visitation memories from that location as an adult. The one I will discuss happened around 1993. I woke up in the morning and there was a stillness in the room that had me feel uneasy. I had two dogs at the time and neither one was in the room with me which was strange. I stepped off the bed and everything that had happened to me the night before came back in a rush and extremely detailed. I woke up to see very alien-like people entering my bedroom. I was not afraid at first because the first person who entered the room was my general Dr. I saw on regular basis. The second he appeared to come in, he stepped to the side and there were several aliens who also entered. I immediately became scared and the next thing I remember was being pushed up against the wall in my room and one of them was trying to exam/look for something through my private area. My Dr. seemed to be gone as I was calling out for him but the other aliens where one my left side and were talking calmly and telepathically to each other. They were about 4/5 of them in the room and by their voices, some were female. They all seemed to be some type of Dr/medical staff and wore white type clothes. The ones of to the side were about 6ft, very slender and almost angelic looking with minor interest in me.The one examing me was short, very rough examining me, wearing a hooded type clothing,about 4'5". I kept trying to see his face but he was trying to hid himself from me but he appeared the most non-human looking. There is more graphic detail to this but for the sake of space, in the end the alien found what he was looking for and removed it. I blacked out and then woke up as stated earlier. Thank you - MUFON CMS



The Gipper’s UFO

Madame Lalaurie House

Argentina: Police Report Documents 1978 UFO Teleportation

Omens in Ancient Times: Predetermination and Catastrophes

Monsters in the Morgue

The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities

The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits

Talking to the Dead

'Made in China': Lunar Rover in Trouble

China's moon rover, Yutu (Jade Rabbit), has experienced a mechanical control abnormality, and scientists are organizing repairs.

The abnormality occurred due to "complicated lunar surface environment," the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence (SASTIND) said on Saturday, without giving further details.

The abnormality emerged before the rover entered its second dormancy at dawn on Saturday as the lunar night fell, according to SASTIND.

The lander, another part of the Chang'e-3 probe, also "fell asleep" earlier on Friday.

The pair went dormant for two weeks about one month ago when the first lunar night of the mission occurred.

One night on the Moon is about 14 days on Earth, during which the temperature falls below minus 180 Celsius. During the lunar night, there is no sunlight to provide power to Yutu's solar panel.

After the first dormancy, the lander's Moon-based optical telescope carried out observation of the sky, while its extreme ultraviolet camera observed the plasmasphere over the Earth, according to SASTIND.

An Ultra High Frequency communication test between the lander and the moon rover was also conducted.

The rover obtained scientific data through its radar, panorama camera, a particle X-ray device and infrared imaging equipment, said SASTIND.

The Chang'e-3 lunar probe soft-landed on the Moon on Dec. 14. Yutu separated from the lander hours later.

The success of the Chang'e-3 mission makes China the third country to soft-land a spacecraft on lunar soil after the United States and the former Soviet Union.

Humans have conducted a total of 130 lunar probe activities with a success rate of only about 51 percent, Wu Weiren, chief designer of China's lunar probe program, said in an earlier interview with Xinhua.

China's lunar probe missions -- Chang'e-1, 2, and 3 -- have all succeeded, according to Wu.

Lunar probe mission failure is not rare. In April 1962, the U.S. lunar probe Ranger 4 crashed into the dark side of the Moon after equipment failure prevented it from returning pictures and scientific data.

Japan launched a lunar probe in 1990, which soon moved off course. It failed to transmit any data and crashed into the Moon in 1993.

India managed to send a lunar probe into space in 2008, but an equipment in the main craft malfunctioned several months later, leading to the loss of contact with the unmanned spacecraft. - xinhuanet


China's imperiled Jade Rabbit moon rover: 'Goodnight, humanity'

China's brand new moon rover is already saying farewell.

The diminutive lunar explorer, known as Jade Rabbit, or "Yutu" in Chinese, was about halfway through a three-month mission to study the moon's crust when it suffered a potentially crippling breakdown, said state media.

The report, authored by China's state-run Xinhua news, was written in the voice of the rover itself.

"Although I should've gone to bed this morning, my masters discovered something abnormal with my mechanical control system," said the Xinhua report, in the voice of the Jade Rabbit. "My masters are staying up all night working for a solution. I heard their eyes are looking more like my red rabbit eyes."

"Nevertheless, I'm aware that I might not survive this lunar night," it added.

During a lunar night, which lasts about 14 Earth days, the moon's surface temperature can plunge to minus-180 Celsius. To make it through the cold, the lunar rover must "hibernate" to preserve its delicate electronics.

If a mechanical problem keeps it from hibernating properly, then the Rabbit could freeze to death.

Named after a mythical rabbit who lives on the moon, Yutu was a source of national pride when it launched into space last December along with the lunar lander Chang'e-3, named after the moon goddess who kept Yutu by her side.

The successful lunar landing made China the third country in the world to perform a "soft landing" on the moon's surface.

Earlier, Yutu and Chang'e survived their first lunar night together, from Christmas until the second week of January.

The Chang'e-3 lander successfully entered a second hibernation on Friday and is expected to function normally for another year.

"[Chang'e] doesn't know about my problems yet," said the voice of Yutu in the Xinhua report. "If I can't be fixed, everyone please comfort her."

On social media, thousands of Chinese internet users sent their well-wishes to the little robot.

"You have done a great job, Yutu. You have endured extreme hot and cold temperatures and shown us what we have never seen," wrote one microblogger, as quoted by Xinhua.

Another wrote: "This is too heavy a burden. If the rabbit can not stand again, maybe we should let it have a rest."

Despite the setbacks, even the little Rabbit seemed aware of the odds it had overcome.

"Before departure, I studied the history of mankind's lunar probes. About half of the past 130 explorations ended in success; the rest ended in failure," noted the Jade Rabbit in its report.

"This is space exploration; the danger comes with its beauty. I am but a tiny dot in the vast picture of mankind's adventure in space.

"The sun has fallen, and the temperature is dropping so quickly... to tell you all a secret, I don't feel that sad. I was just in my own adventure story - and like every hero, I encountered a small problem," said the Rabbit.

"Goodnight, Earth," it said. "Goodnight, humanity." - CNN

The New Space Race: China vs. USA (Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration)

China's Space Program - From Conception to Manned Spaceflight (Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration)

China in Space: The Great Leap Forward (Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration)

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