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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: 9/11 Suit Dismissed, 55Ft. Mystery Fish in China and Huge Illinois Fireball

Court dismisses 9/11 suit against Bush officials, orders sanctions

Rather than judicially review significant evidence in the events of September 11, 2001, on April 27, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s dismissal of an Army Specialist’s complaint against former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Richard Myers.

One of Plaintiff April Gallop’s attorneys, William Veale, didn’t know whether to relate the decision to “Kafka, Orwell, Carroll, or Huxley,” referring to the absurdity and dearth of reason emanating from the court regarding the deadliest attack on U.S. soil the nation has ever faced.

“The Court’s decision, analogous to reviewing an Indictment in a liquor store hold-up without mentioning the guy walking in with a gun, refuses to acknowledge even the existence of the three defendants much less what they were doing that morning or saying about it afterwards,” Veale added.

Of the three judges on the panel, John Mercer Walker, Jr. is first cousin of former President George H.W. Bush and first cousin once removed of George W. Bush, who used 9/11 to manipulate public emotion to support passage of the unconstitutional PATRIOT Acts and waging illegal wars of aggression in the Middle East. According to Wikipedia, Walker shares a grandfather with the 41st president, George Herbert Walker, whose daughter married Prescott Bush. A motion to force Judge Walker’s removal from the case was denied, despite a clear conflict of interest.

The lawsuit, prepared by the Center for 9/11 Justice, accuses the defendants of conspiring to facilitate the terrorist attacks of 9/11 that killed 3000 Americans and which has resulted in the deaths of many more, due to the toxicity of the clean-up conditions at Ground Zero. The plaintiff and her son were both injured in the attack on the Pentagon, multiple videos of which the government has refused to release to the public.

Ignoring crucial evidence like the total collapse of WTC7 though not hit by a plane on September 11, the whereabouts of and statements made by the Defendants on 9/11, and the presence of thermitic material in the rubble of the Twin Towers, the court ludicrously affirmed the lower court’s finding that the case was “not plausible” and “the product of cynical delusion and fantasy.”

Additionally, the court filed an Order to Show Cause for Sanctions amounting to $15,000 for filing a “frivolous” suit, which the Center for 9/11 Justice plans to appeal.

Meanwhile, nearly 1,500 professional architects, engineers and scientists continue to assert the physical impossibility of all three World Trade Center buildings collapsing in near free fall as a result of burning jet fuel. Indeed, it is the government’s conspiracy version which is implausible, “fanciful, fantastic and delusional.”

The bravery of April Gallop in her attempt to expose the truth is as laudable as the obvious official corruption is contemptible. An unbiased judicial review of the events surrounding 9/11 will not be found in the United States. But refusal to do so only heightens global suspicion. The conspiracy and cover-up was so poorly executed that the vast majority of the planet’s population doubts the official version of events. - COTO Report


Huge fireball rises from Illinois farmland

MUFON CMS - 4/29/11 - Illinois: I went out the back door that faces the western sky it was dark and cloudy. There is nothing west of us but miles and miles of fields and various farm land.

I right away seen a fireball bright orangish red rising from the ground. It looked to be about 2-3 miles away. It hovered for a minute or two not getting up to high and it started moving to the northwest.

This thing dwarfed any other lights in comparison even from the distance between us and the object. It was HUGE!

I grabbed my camera and car keys and tried to chase it down to no avail. It starting moving way to fast. I was speeding and trying to catch it jumping from one road to another. I just wanted to get it documented. Maybe next time. We have seen it in the same spot a few times in the past year. There were four of us that witnessed it.


55 Feet Long Unknown Fish Species Found in China

ibtimes - A 55 feet long fish has been found in the seashore of Guangdong, China.

According to a local newspaper, the big fish weighs at least 10,000 pounds.

Hwang, a 66-years-old fisherman living in the near area, said he has never seen anything like this in his whole life and that the fish was tied with ropes when it was first found.

Many people have flocked to see this strange specimen since its discovery, although its rotting corpse already emits a foul smell.

The people living in the area think the fish was caught by some fisherman but was abandoned due to its heavy weight, hence the ropes.

Due to the serious decay of the fish's body, it is almost impossible to identify the species, according to the local newspaper.

The fish was discovered on April 25th.


2 Bitten in Possible First Croc Attack

nbcmiami - A Florida Keys couple is poised to make the history books, although today they are simply celebrating the fact that they are alive.

Mike Gregory and Leigha Poulson may soon hold the dubious distinction of being the first people in the state to ever be attacked by the elusive American crocodile.

"I think it's cool. Kind of made history a little bit," Gregory said. "We're lucky to be alive."

While state officials are trying to confirm the alleged attack, which happened Thursday morning in the Upper Keys, the couple says they have the bite and scratch marks to prove it.

Gregory, 23, and 20-year-old Poulson were kayaking at around 3:30 a.m. after a night of partying when they're vessel was flipped, they said.

As they scrambled to get back to the kayak, each was bitten on the leg. Poulson also suffered scratch marks on her side.

"I was saying how pretty it was out there and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else because I am from Ohio and then the boat just flipped," said Poulson, who moved to the Keys to study marine biology at Florida Keys Community College. "I was screaming 'Oh my God!'"

Pictures of the attack were sent to the Croc Doc, Frank Mazzotti, a biologist at the University of Florida Research and Education Center in Davie. He said no other animal could have caused such damage.

“That area is almost all crocodiles. On very rare occasions an alligator may stray into there,” Mazzotti said. "Nine out of 10 times it would be a croc in that area. It's possible that it may have been an alligator, but that’s going out on a limb to say that.”

Crocodiles usually roam in the brackish, salt water in the Keys, while alligators set up territory further inland in the fresh water.

Poulson and Gregory thought they might have stumbled on another marine animal that night.

"We thought we might have hit a manatee and gotten bruised up," Gregory told the Florida Keynoter.

"We made it back to the house and we got into the light," he said. "We looked at each other and we’re bleeding like crazy."

American crocodiles were once on the verge of extinction and are still classified as a threatened species.

Unlike people's usual view of the croc based off the prehistoric-looking, aggressive crocodiles of Africa and Australia, American crocs are fairly shy and prefer flight over a fight, Mazzotti said.

He said Thursday's incident wasn't by a man-eating predator, but a scared reptile who was minding its own business.

"I wouldn't describe it as an attack. It was an escape attempt by the crocodile,” Mazzotti said. "They are not grabbing you to eat you. They are giving a warning, 'Don’t mess with me.'"

Friday, April 29, 2011

Muhuru: Jurassic Relic


The Muhuru is said to be an armor plated, club-tailed creature that lives deep within the thick overgrown terrain of East Africa. Some people have suggested that it is a modern example of a living dinosaur.

Photographic or biological evidence is sketchy at best in proving this animal’s existence and the general consensus among cryptozoologists is that the Muhuru is yet another Jurassic relic unlike the Mokele-mbembe. Unlike the Mokele-mbembe, which is known for it's vicious territorial instincts, the Muhuru, which has been spotted primarily in Kenya, is not known to be aggressive.


Eyewitnesses have described the Muhuru as a heavily armored reptilian beast with large, bony plates jutting out of its spine. There is speculation that this creature may well be a surviving species of the plant-eating dinosaur called the Stegosaurus. Believed to have been extinct for 150 million years, the Stegosaurus was a large, herbivorous quadruped from the Late Jurassic period.

Descriptions of the Muhuru’s unique armor plating and intimidating club-like tail would seem to indicate that, unlike the spike tailed and triangle scaled Stegosaurus, this beast may more akin to the squat, armadillo like dinosaur known as the Ankylosaur.

Ankylosaur were bulky, armor plated, quadrupeds with short, powerful limbs with clubbed tales which it used to fend off predators. First known to have appeared in China during the early Jurassic Period, these unique creatures managed to survive at least until the end of the Cretaceous Period.


I received a brief correspondence from a Canadian reader a few months ago where he detailed a conversation he had while on vacation in Kenya in 1988:

Sir - I want to thank you for the daily newsletter. In the Spring of 1988 my father and I vacationed in Africa where we toured several parts of the continent. During the last week of our trip we were able to secure an invitation from an associate to accompany him to Mount Elgon National Park in western Kenya.

It was a bone-jarring 200 mile trek by car from Nairobi to the park then an additional 10+ mile hike through tough terrain. It was the most unusual area we had visited during our trip. I especially enjoyed the caves, known as a gathering place for elephants who would scratch for salt with their tusks.

We stayed the night at the park lodge. That evening we had a conversation with a park guide who mentioned that there had been talk of a strange animal in the rainforest at the foot of the mountain. A group of locals had discovered a fresh killed male elephant who had large lacerations across it's abdomen and neck. The theory was that this was not an attack by another elephant and that a 'mahuru' was the culprit.

The guide explained that a mahuru was said to be a dinosaur-like animal and larger than a fully grown elephant. My father and I were amazed by this story because the guide was very serious while he talked. Another gentleman was listening to the conversation and said that he had seen a drawing of a mahuru and that it looked liked an armored dinosaur with a horned club tail. I later was shown a picture that resembled a stegosaurus dinosaur. Have you heard of this animal? Nevin

NOTE: there is very little information on the 'Mahuru'. I suspect it is more legend than fact...but I still wonder what could have killed the elephant in that manner. Lon

Is this an actual depiction of a Muhuru?


Fortean / Alternative News: 'Yeti Hand' Returned, Crop Circle Burns Proven and Triangle UFO Lands

'Yeti hand' replica to be returned to Nepal monastery

BBC - A pilot from New Zealand is in Nepal to return a replica of what some believe is the hand of a yeti to a remote monastery in the Everest region.

Mike Allsop will fly from Kathmandu to the Everest region on Friday to take the models to Pangboche Monastery, which sits at 4,000m (13,123ft).

The originals were stolen from the monastery in the 1990s.

They first came to light in the 1950s when an expedition to find the mythical yeti came upon the monastery.

Mr Allsop will also take with him a replica of a yeti skull-cap, which was also stolen in the 1990s.

"I will take these replicas back to the monks so they can replace the ones that were stolen," Mr Allsop told the BBC.

Peter Byrne, the leader of the 1950s expedition to find the abominable snowman, said that while the skull was probably made of goat or antelope skin, the hand did not match the skeleton of a human or a primate.

Mr Byrne managed to take one of the bones from the hand out of Nepal to his friend, the Hollywood actor James Stewart, who was on holiday at the time with his wife in Calcutta.

James Stewart's wife then placed the bone in her lingerie box and smuggled it into England where it was examined by a professor at Oxford University who said he could not conclusively say what kind of bone it was.

In the 1990s, an American television channel ran a documentary about the hand and skull. Shortly after, both were stolen from the monastery.

Mr Allsop said that he decided to make replicas of the hand and skull after trekking in the Everest region.

He approached the head of the New Zealand firm Weta Workshop, who were responsible for crafting the special effects and props for the Lord of the Rings films.

They agreed to make the replicas for free from photographs.

Mr Allsop has not yet told the monks in the monastery that he is returning with replicas of the hand and the skull.

He hopes that they will now be able to attract more trekkers to Pangboche, who will pay a small fee to see the artefacts.

"I want to help the monastery have an income again - I want to help them out," he said.


1st Scientific Proof of Burning in Crop Circle Plants

We have heard many reports over the years about possibly "burned" plants in crop formations. However, in every case where these plants have been sent to BLT for examination our consulting analytical chemist has shown (through FT-IR and EDS) that the blackening was actually caused by Ustilago, an opportunistic fungus which feeds on the internal plant stem moisture which is exposed to air when the stems are crushed or broken (http://www.bltresearch.com/labreports/mission1.php).

But in 2010 seedheads from a Dutch formation which occurred in the early morning hours of August 2nd in a field in-between Hoeven and Oudenbosch have provided scientific proof of actual burning. At the end-point of a "half-ring" or "arc" component of one section of this formation, in the standing plants right at the edge of this area, there were three partially blackened seedheads and an additional plant stem with no seedhead but with a 45 angle cut which was also blackened.

The laboratory report clearly shows that -- in this case -- the blackening is carbon-based and positively due to burning, not to the fungus Ustilago. Continue reading at FIRST SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF BURNING IN CROP CIRCLE PLANTS


Triangle UFO Lands

MUFON CMS - April 26, 2011 - Kennewick, WA: Was driving and spotted a huge glowing orb of light hovering over the blue bridge in Kennewick Washington where I live, I watched it hover for 10 minutes and then fly across the river and land in someones yard,

I started my car and drove across the bridge to go find where it landed, by the time I got over there it had gone back up and started sitting hovering above the bridge again,

I stayed where I was though watching it, finally it started moving right towards my car, I got to see that it was a triangle shape and very large in size, it was quiet and made no type of noise.

I have seen this same ufo on three occasions now, and am curious to why they are in my city.


Animal Planet's Whale Wars Returns For The Ultimate Battle That May End The Antarctic Whaling War Forever

underwatertimes - When the Japanese whale meat processing ship - the Nisshin Maru - turned around and set its course back to its home port in mid-February, Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds declared a cautious victory. Watson and his international conservationist group have been hell bent on stopping the whaling industry for nearly a decade, harassing them and making international headlines in the process. Perhaps the Sea Shepherds' tactics finally had taken their toll... The whalers' actions not only signaled a possible victory for the Sea Shepherds, it also meant hundreds of whales' lives in the Antarctic would be spared this year through an unprecedented cancellation of an entire nation's whale hunt. But was it a final victory or just a temporary conquest?

Animal Planet's Emmy-nominated WHALE WARS returns for a fourth captivating season beginning Friday, June 3 at 9 PM with 10 exhilarating episodes documenting the Sea Shepherds' dramatic campaign on the Antarctic high seas. The series has enthralled audiences who have witnessed the dangerous cat-and-mouse game at the far end of the globe between the Sea Shepherds and the whalers. For years, Captain Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society crew have taken to the high seas in an attempt to stop Japanese ships from hunting whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. WHALE WARS documents the ongoing battles in the icy Antarctic waters as the conflict between Sea Shepherds and the whalers grows more intense with each engagement - each pushing the other to the limit to fight for their beliefs.

This new season is full of the drama that viewers have come to expect from the Sea Shepherds' campaigns, including new equipment in their arsenal -- a new vessel that's almost as fast but far bigger than the boat destroyed last year, a helicopter with a greater range, secret GPS devices, and more. Aside from the Sea Shepherds' new tactics, there are harrowing experiences unlike any viewers will have seen before, including a crew stranded overnight in freezing conditions and a tragic mayday call. Captain Alex Corneliessen joins the campaign to helm the Bob Barker, and Captain Lockhart Maclean takes command of the Sea Shepherds' newest small vessel, the Gojira.

As Watson has said, "In order to save the whales, people have to be willing to risk their lives." And, before this campaign, when a reporter asked pointedly if he really couldn't stop whaling, he vehemently responded, "We can't stop whaling? That's what they once said about slavery, but it was stopped. So yes, we can stop whaling."

The third season of WHALE WARS averaged nearly 1.4 million viewers, 29% above the season two average. In 2009, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognized WHALE WARS with a Television Academy Honor identifying it as "Television with a Conscience" for exploring issues of concern to society in a compelling, emotional, and insightful way. The series has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy® for Outstanding Cinematography in a Non-Fiction Series (twice) and Outstanding Picture Editing for a Non-Fiction Series. The first three seasons are available on DVD at AnimalPlanetstore.com.

Liz Bronstein is the executive producer for The Lizard Trading Company, and Jason Carey is the executive producer for Animal Planet. Charlie Foley is the vice president of development for Animal Planet.


Superman to Renounce U.S. Citizenship

yahoo - Superman, citizen of the world?

The Man of Steel, in the latest issue of Action Comics which hit newsstands on Wednesday, said he intends to renounce his U.S. citizenship in a speech before the United Nations.

"I'm tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy," Superman said in a short story in the issue, Action Comics No. 900 from the Time Warner Inc unit DC Comics.

In the comic, Superman never actually renounces his citizenship, he only talks about his plans to do that.

But conservative commentators reacted with disgust to the new storyline, given that the fictional superhero has long proclaimed he stood for "Truth, Justice and the American way."

In a blog post at The Weekly Standard, senior writer Jonathan Last questioned Superman's beliefs, now that he seems to have rejected the United States.

"Does he believe in British interventionism or Swiss neutrality?" Last wrote. "You see where I'm going with this: If Superman doesn't believe in America, then he doesn't believe in anything."

The new plot twist for Superman comes as the superhero visitor from a distant planet, who was raised by a Kansas farmer and his wife, looks to take on a more global mission for his battle against evil.

"The world's too small. Too connected," Superman said in the comic book.

Superman, who was first introduced in the 1938, has a long association with the United States. But Joe Shuster, the artist who helped create the character with writer Jerry Siegel, was born in Canada.

And critics have described Superman's life story as a metaphor for the immigrant experience, because he is an alien.

DC Comics co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio seemed to downplay their landmark superhero character's latest declaration, in a joint statement.

"In a short story in Action Comics 900, Superman announces his intention to put a global focus on his never ending battle, but he remains, as always, committed to his adopted home and his roots as a Kansas farm boy from Smallville," they said.


Argentina: Captain Polanco Recalls the Bariloche UFO

From Scott Corrales - Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Source: Clarin (Argentina)
Date: 04.26.11

“Open your minds, we’re not alone in the universe.” These are the words that airliner captain Jorge Polanco spoke to Clarin. He was the protagonist a UFO event that shook the country: the Bariloche Case.

On the evening of 31 July 1995, Polanco was about to land at Bariloche Airport, at the rudder of an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 727, when “a light, dim at first, then intense and bright, got between the airliner and the runway.” The captain immediately advised the control tower, but received a disconcerting reply: it was no known aircraft. The strange light escorted the Boeing and its 100 passengers for 17 minutes.

A Gendarmería aircraft that was also in flight at the time confirmed seeing the same object. The tableau was made complete by another extraordinary event: a sudden blackout at the airport.

“The case had great repercussion in the media worldwide. I was even visited by NASA specialists. This was the most definite, real and spectacular case. I witnessed two other episodes in my career,” says Polanco.

15 years following his experience, he sees the Argentinean Air Force’s interest in these matters as something positive, “provided that it’s done seriously.” The two other cases the pilot alluded to occurred on 6 February 1995 when he was returning from Rio de Janeiro toward the Cordoba Airport, and was startled by a bright light. Upon contacting the tower, he received the same reply: “Unknown traffic.” Another episode occurred on 11 August 1996. Flying over the city of Trelew, he crossed paths with a bright light for a third time. “I treat it as a natural occurrence. I believe there could be life on other systems; I’m convinced of it. I never bothered making my case known because most people do not take it seriously,” Polanco reiterates. On 14 February of this year, the crew of the 727, the crew of the military aircraft and UFO specialists met at Costanera to discuss the case. Polanco feels that it’s always good to keep these events fresh. “Being air travel experts, we aren’t startled by a mere light. I think that there is more developed life than our own. I repeat, we are not the only ones who inhabit the planet,” he says.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The 1978 Fort Dix / McGuire AFB Incident

Reconstruction of the Fort Dix incident

Preamble: January 18, 1978 - Fort Dix/McGuire AFB, New Jersey - The primary eyewitness in the case, Jeffrey Morse, alleged that he had been working as a security policeman at McGuire AFB when he was notified about UFO activity over Fort Dix army base. Morse alleged that he heard that a non-human entity had been shot and he later witnessed the dead body of the entity lying on the ground on a disused runway at McGuire AFB.

Incident: The primary eyewitness in the case, Jeffrey Morse, alleged that he had been working as a security policeman at McGuire AFB at 03.00 on January 18, 1978 when he was notified about UFO activity over Fort Dix army base that adjoined McGuire AFB. Morse alleged that he heard that a non-human entity had been shot and he later saw the dead body of the entity lying on the ground on a disused runway at McGuire AFB. The scene was rapidly cordoned off and the body was crated and flown to Wright-Patterson AFB (WPAFB) for examination. Morse himself, two days after the shooting incident, was allegedly summoned to WPAFB and interrogated about the event. He was warned to keep quiet and shortly thereafter was transferred to Okinawa, Japan.

Location of Fort Dix / McGuire AFB, NJ

Letter from sergeant Morse summarizing his experience and the incident:

In January of 1978, I was stationed at McGuire AFB, NJ. One evening, during the time frame of 0300hrs and 0500hrs., there were a number of UFO sightings in the area over the air field and Ft. Dix Army camp. I am a security policeman and was on routine patrol at the time. N.J. State Police, and Ft. Dix MPs were running code in the direction of Brownsville, NJ. A state trooper then entered gate #5 at the rear of the base requesting assistance and permission to enter. I was dispatched and the trooper wanted access to the runway area which led to the very back of the air field and connected with a heavily wooded area which is part of the Dix training area. He informed me that a Ft. Dix MP was pursueing (sic) a low flying object which then hovered over his car. He described it as oval shaped, with no details, and glowing with a blueish (sic) green color. His radio transmission was cut off. At that time in front of his police car, appeared a thing, about 4ft tall, grayish (sic), brown, fat head, long arms, and slender body. The MP panicked and fired five rounds from his .45 Cal into the thing, and one round into the object above. The object then fled straight up and joined with eleven others high in the sky. This we all saw but didn?t know the details at the time. Anyway, the thing ran into the woods towards our fenceline and they wanted to look for it. By this time several patrols were involved.

We found the body of the thing near the runway. It had apparently climbed the fence and died while running. It was all of a sudden hush-hush and no one was allowed near the area. We roped off the area and AF OSI came out and took over. That was the last I saw of it. There was a bad stench coming from it too. Like ammonia smelling but it wasn?t constent (sic) in the air. That day, a team from Wright-Patterson AFB came in a C141 and went to the area. They crated it in a wooden box, sprayed something over it, and then put it into a bigger metal container. They loaded it in the plane and took off. That was it, nothing more was said, no report made and we were all told not to have anything to say about it or we would be court martialed.

Morse, in subsequent conversations, revealed that two days after the incident he and others on duty at the scene were summoned to Wright Patterson AFB for interrogation, and each was transferred promptly to a separate base overseas.

The Fort Dix/McGuire case was also of interest because a prominent UFO investigator, George Filer, claimed to have been present at McGuire AFB on the morning of January 18, 1978. Mr. Filer told NIDS that he witnessed a commotion with red lights on one of the disused runways at McGuire when he arrived on the base at 4:00 AM. He further claimed that he heard from a Senior Master Sergeant at McGuire command post on the same morning that UFO activity had been sighted by the control tower and on radar at neighboring Fort Dix and an alien had been shot that morning and that it had been found dead on the runway at McGuire. - NIDS - National Institute for Discovery Science

Eyewitness sketch of the dead extraterrestrial


Alien Being Shot Dead by MPs - Body Found on New Jersey Air Force Base

January 18, 1978

During the early morning hours of January 18, 1978, UFOs were sighted flying over Fort Dix and McGuire AFB, adjacent military bases. Shortly afterward, an Air Force security patrol was ordered to the back gate of McGuire AFB to allow entry to New Jersey State Police who were searching for something. One of the airmen on duty was Sgt. Jeff Morse (pseudonym). The state trooper told Morse that a Fort Dix MP was pursuing a low-flying object that had hovered over his car; then a small being with large head and slender body appeared in front of his car. The MP had panicked and shot the alien several times with a .45 automatic. The being had fled over the fence between the two bases, before falling and dying on the deserted runway.

Morse and his colleagues found the body lying on a deserted runway. As they followed routine procedure and roped off the area of the "crime scene," other "blue beret" forces unfamiliar to Morse and his companion took over. Morse was relegated to a back-up role, but could see from a slight distance what was happening. Later that day a team from Wright-Patterson AFB arrived in a C-141 cargo aircraft, crated up the body, loaded it on board, and took off. Morse and his companion were warned not to talk about the incident or they would be court-martialled.

Two days later Morse and other participants were taken to Wright- Patterson AFB, OH, where they underwent intimidating interrogation and were again warned not to talk about the incident. (Morse supplied the names of the interrogation team taken from their name badges, and their identities have been verified.) Morse reported; "[They] told me about my duty to keep my mouth shut. . . . I signed a form and it is supposed to bind me for life."

Shortly after returning to McGuire AFB, Morse was debriefed by his commanding officer, a lieutenant colonel (name also known), and heard no more about the incident. Shortly thereafter each of the airmen who had been involved was transferred to a separate overseas base. Morse was shipped to Okinawa.

The author has met with Morse face-to-face several times, talked with him on the telephone numerous times, and considers him completely credible. He has cooperated fully, answering all questions to the best of his ability and agreeing to meet and talk with various colleagues. He has given a formal deposition on the incident in the presence of several witnesses, and was subjected to questioning on specific details.

As a direct consequence of innocently being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Morse has been harassed and threatened, and his reputation defamed to the point that he had difficulty finding employment in the law enforcement field.

Another witness is George Filer (Major, USA, Ret.), who was stationed at McGuire AFB in 1978, serving as an intelligence officer; one of his duties was to brief the commanding general. He was not on duty at the time of the incident, but the next morning he heard talk about the "alien body" and saw a lot of unusual activity He is prepared to testify on what he knows firsthand and what he has learned since about the incident. - Richard H. Hall - "The UFO Evidence - A Thirty Year Report"

A detailed account is also available at THE FATAL ENCOUNTER AT FT. DIX-McGUIRE: A CASE STUDY; Status Report IV - Leonard H. Stringfield


10/4/1985 - Copy of form letter sent to Senator Dan Quayle, Senator Richard Lugar, Representative Frank McCloskey, which included attachments: copy of letter to Stringfield, copy of Incident/Complaint Report, responses from AF and Army.

Dear Sirs:

I am the State-Section Director for Posey, Vanderburg, and Gibson counties for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an international organization. I work with the local police, sheriff, state police, airport control tower people, etc., in regards to unidentified aerial phenomenon reported by the public (and sometimes by the law enforcement people, etc.). In the earlier years I served with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (1960- 1974) and they worked with a lot of congressional committees trying to get serious attention on the problems inherent in the situation. We ran into a "wall" when in 1968 the House Committee on Science & Astronautics, chaired by George P. Miller (California) and J. Edward Roush (Indiana), had to wait & see what the University of Colorado decided, as far as the fate of future investigations by the Air Force Project BLUE BOOK. As a result, Dr. Condon's study recommended BLUE BOOK be shut down, and it was, in 1969. Newly released documents uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act show that the government is withholding a lot of information on UFOs, and that the government is still interested in UFOs. Project BLUE BOOK was only a "front".

I am assuming that you have some knowledge in regards this subject. The public opinion polls show that we have come a long way the last 10 years. I have a request. This is being done all over the country and you will not be the only one working on this, but your help is needed if we are to succeed. I have enclosed a document that we of MUFON feel is of key importance to the issue. It is an Incident Report that was given to us by a confidential source. It appears to be authentic. After months of exhaustive research by Leonard Stringfield, Richard Hall, and a few others, the case seems to be standing the test of time. Also, besides the "leaked" document, the person reporting says that he will "go public" with his name when he is assured of a safe forum for his story, such as a congressional committee hearing.

The incident reportedly occurred on January 18, 1978, at Fort Dix-McGuire AFB, N.J. It describes a UFO encounter/alien body retrieval operation. It is a "leaked" document confirming the basic facts of the reporting personnel's story - the document being an "Incident Report" filed by the McGuire Security Police & forwarded to the USAF Office of Scientific Investigation (OSI) for coordination of any follow-up request.

what I am asking, initially, is for you to send this request to the appropriate House/Senate committee for their review and investigation. After about thirty days I will write to the committee chairman, directly, to determine what his committee is doing, or plans to do, to resolve the issue. There is always the possibility that documents like this may be deliberately "planted" so as to be easily discredited, especially since we have gotten over 3,000 cleared as a result of FOIA lawsuits. One such document turned out to be fraudulent about a year ago, but wasn't an embarrassment to us since we exposed it. But this document that you have appears to be real.

In the meantime, we are trying to track down the current location of the several principals cited in the preliminary Incident Report (whose names we deleted from your copy) so as to protect them from the same type of reprisal allegedly incurred by Stringfield's informant.

If you need further information, please contact me whenever possible. Surely, you can see the implications if this one of many incidents can be confirmed. What we hope to get are the follow-up reports that can help resolve any question about the case's authenticity, comparative importance, and outcome. Where do the reports repose now ? The letter, dated 1 February 1985 (also enclosed) states the reports would have been held 5-years, then destroyed! Or, if they were important and classified (which we assume something of this nature would be), where are they now ?

This is only one of the problems involving UFOs that we are trying to resolve, but the implications here are staggering. The full 17-page SYMPAP report by researcher, Leonard Stringfield, will be provided upon request.


Francis L. Ridge
State-Section Director,
Mutual UFO Network, Inc.


Leonard Stringfield
Dix-McGuire Updated Report

The former Air Force security policeman who claims to have witnessed a UFO incident on January 18, 1978, involving military police at McGuire AFB, New Jersey and adjacent Fort Dix, and New Jersey State Police, recently visited the Washington, D.C., area from overseas, where he is employed and met with the authors. The Fund for UFO Research sponsored a mini-conference to bring Stringfield from Cincinnati, Ohio, and have representatives of the Fund meet the witness to form their own impressions of his credibility.

The witness, Jeff Morse (pseudonym), had contacted Stringfield in 1980 and described the alleged events, including a non-human-appearing body found near a deserted runway, allegedly shot by a Fort Dix MP, crated up and hauled away on a special aircraft from Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Afterwards, Morse was flown to Wright-Patterson for a "debriefing," instructed to remain silent, and shortly afterwards transferred overseas, while his colleagues who also witnessed the event were shipped to various parts of the world.

A preliminary report on this incident (and many others) is included in Stringfield's 1982 "Status Report No. III" and a detailed follow-up report appears in the MUFON 1985 UFO Symposium Proceedings. Over several years, Morse remained incommunicado, surfacing briefly at times in response to Stringfield's communications. His silence, he said, was due to harassment and threats by officials as a result of talking to Stringfield.

The Fund-sponsored mini-conference took place on January 24, 1987, at a large shopping mall in the Washington, D.C., area suburbs. In addition to the authors and Morse, Dr. Bruce S. Maccabee (Chairman of the Fund) and William H. Hall (electronics engineer and brother of Richard) were present. Dr. John B Carlson, Univ. of Maryland astronomer and Fund Board Member, was to have been present, but a postponement caused a schedule conflict and he was out of town on the date of the conference. William Hall. a former technical consultant to the National Investigations Committee an Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), substituted since he had a number of things in common with Morse (including military police background and overseas duty stations) and would be able to judge Morse's credibility as he talked about his activities .


By prior arrangement Morse remained incognito, using only his first name, but talked freely and responded to questions by Maccabee and William Hall. (The authors know his full name, employment status, past biography, etc.) During the questioning and review of the alleged incident, Morse filled in details that were missing from his previous account, but offered no startling new information. A number of questions were clarified, and some new information (including claims that can be checked and proved or disproved) were offered. However, the authors were again impressed by Morse's straight forwardness and lack of embellishment.

The most significant new information related by Morse, briefly, was his claim that on a trip to the United States to visit his family in October 1986 he had been "detained," while in California, under obscure pretenses. Outraged, he filed a lawsuit against the California-based authority and notified Stringfleld by letter that he would return to the United States in January 1987 for court appearances and, at that time would be willing to meet him and Dick Hall and a couple other well-trusted friends to discuss the matter. But, during Morse's layover in the States he could learn nothing about the cause or reason for his detainment, nor the identity of the source who dictated the "pick up and hold" order. His legal probes, for some inexplicable reason, had been stalled in a tangle of red tape.

Among other things discussed at the mini-conference was the entire question of alleged harassment of UFO crash/retrieval witnesses, apparently in an attempt to intimidate them into silence. If Morse's story is credible, he is potentially an important witness who would tend to undermine the official cover-up. Unfortunately, this makes him vulnerable to retaliation (which may account for his detainment) and inhibits his ability to lead a normal life.

Skepticism about crash/retrieval reports may be fully justified and entirely understandable on the part of UFO "believers" and "disbelievers" alike unless they have met Jeff Morse or one of his many counterparts face-to-face. Morse has now provided many additional leads that we intend to check, and we will report our findings objectively as new information is


Meanwhile, the authenticity of the "Incident Report" form Morse supplied to Stringfleld (reproduced in the MUFON 1985 UFO Symposium Proceedings), obtained from a colleague still on active duty, has been disputed by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) on the grounds that the style and terminology used "allegedly" does not follow proper Air Force style and is therefore probably a hoax. One of the key statements made by AFOSI was that pay grades (E-2, E-3...) were given instead of ranks (Corporal, Sergeant...) on the official form.

Aside from the fact that Morse has claimed all along that this was a rough draft "back room" copy subject to review and revision, and that minor errors would be corrected by responsible officials before the final report was filed, the AFOSI statement is inaccurate. Pay grades, rather than ranks, are routinely filed in official Air Force reports. Two examples of this are an Air Force form reproduced in a November 6, 1985 Congressional hearing transcript (copy provided to MUFON) and an Air Force Serious Incident Report form on a 1973 case reproduced in Appendix A of Clear Intent by Fawcett and Greenwood (Prentice-Hall, 1984), labeled Figure 6.

Participants of the mini-conference discussed ways of obtaining additional confirmation of the reported 1978 event, and various initiatives will be undertaken to do so. Results will be reported periodically.

As a result of the mini-conference, two additional persons (B. Maccabee and W. Hall) now have met and talked with Morse and can confirm that he is not a "fairy tale" or a figment of the imagination. They are also now in a position to help confirm or disconfirm his story. - Leonard Stringfield & Richard Hall


Former Air Force Maj. George Filer III told reporters that when he was at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, an alien craft came down, and an alien got out and was shot by a military policeman.

"Our security police went out there and found him at the end of the runway dead," Filer said. "They asked me to brief the general staff," he said, but was later told not to. He said he would tell the story in front of Congress.

Filer is not new to UFO sightings. He has his own Web site called Filer's Files, where he says he also chased an alien ship over England when flying for the U.S. Air Force. "I personally have observed a UFO both visually and on radar. I've been chasing them ever since," he writes. - ABC News

NIDS - National Institute for Discovery Science
Richard H. Hall - "The UFO Evidence - A Thirty Year Report"
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)
Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording (MADAR)
Stringfield, Leonard H. - "UFO Crash/Retrievals: Amassing the Evidence: Status Report III" - 1982

Fortean / Alternative News: Russians Are Believers, 'The Vampire Diaries' Set Haunted and Bolivia UFO Panic

For many Russians, UFO and Bigfoot equally realistic

pravda - A paradox was revealed during a recent poll of the Russians. In spite of the fact that approximately 70 percent of the country's population call themselves believers, only 26 percent believe that life after death is possible. The beliefs of the Russians are generally contradictory: Russians bring Easter cakes to church to "make them holy" but at the same time are afraid of black cats and broken mirrors.

"Public opinion" fund decided to poll the Russians on the possibility of resurrection after death. The fund found out that despite the fact that 59 percent of the citizens consider themselves Orthodox, and ten percent say that they belong to other denominations, only 26 percent believe in an afterlife.

For 54 percent resurrection is no more than a myth. The majority of those who do not believe in the afterlife are represented by rural residents, men, students and seniors.

Another interesting fact is those who do believe in the afterlife are people with an income of over 30,000 rubles a month, entrepreneurs and executives. Surprisingly, there were more of those who believed in eternal life among the businessmen than among those who call themselves Orthodox Christians: 43 percent versus 31.

According to the numerous surveys and studies, human faith is generally a collection of paradoxes and even absurdities. Russians who call themselves Orthodox Christians consider it their duty to wear a cross, but at the same time do not shy away from horoscopes and psychics' services. A growing number of advertisement promising "to return the beloved one" and "ward off a competitor" indicate a growing demand.

Generally in the recent years Russians have become much more skeptical. Horoscopes, prophetic dreams and professional astrologers are still popular among the population, but to a much lesser extent. Alien life for the majority of the Russians is as much a fairy tale as the life after death. Possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is denied by 58 percent of Russians.

However, the skepticism of the Russian people does not apply to every day superstitions. Little green creatures and life after death seem to be a myth to many, while troubles promised by a meeting with a black cat, a broken mirror or spilt salt are quite real for the most. The Russians believe that spitting over the left shoulder and knocking on wood is much more effective than a prayer or a call to the spirits.

It is worth mentioning that the representatives of the Church are not surprised by such data. Priests say that identifying themselves as Orthodox, people are not talking about religion, but, rather, the national and family tradition and culture. This means that many Russians do not believe in God, but call themselves Orthodox.

In fact, for many Russians a visit to a church during holidays or baptizing children is the same thing as knocking on wood or avoiding "jinxing," i.e., and old tradition designed to ward off trouble.

However, Russians are not the only ones that have such a strange attitude to religion. For example, 43 percent of Americans attend religious ceremonies every week, but this does not prevent 38 percent of the U.S. adults from believing in the existence of aliens, 33 percent believing in Bigfoot, and 37 percent - in ghosts. Of these, 23 percent are convinced that ghosts are their dead relatives or friends, while 20 percent said they personally met with the spirits of the dead.

Experts, however, argue that there is no paradox here. "Traditional" (in moderation) religion does not interfere with the belief in the paranormal, but quite the contrary: being open to the faith into the unknown, people are not so steadfast in their religious beliefs that reject the mysterious events in principle.

In other words, people who admit the existence of things unexplained from the viewpoint of science can be (or call themselves) Christians (Muslims, Jews), and with the same sincerity believe that aliens have visited Earth a number of times. An individual open to the faith in a higher intelligence, in principle can believe in some seemingly conflicting things. Traditional religions are traditional because people transfer their commitment to a particular confession from generation to generation, observing certain rituals as a family. But it is often nothing more than a tribute to the national culture, rather than a sincere belief and commitment to a wholly-owned church dogma.


Is The Vampire Diaries Set Haunted?

The Vampire Diaries is a scary show—vampires, werewolves, witches and frighteningly sexy stars—but the set itself is also a pretty terrifying place to work.

What happened to cause star Nina Dobrev to believe in ghosts?

The actress, who plays doppelgängers Elena and Katherine on the CW thriller, says the crew had more than one close encounter with paranormal phenomena while filming at the Gaither Plantation in Covington, Ga.

Once, Dobrev told the AP, a phantom piano player interrupted a shoot.

"The ADs started screaming, 'Stop! Whoever that is, stop the music. We're rolling!'" she said, adding that when the crew barged into the room with the piano, it was empty.

Another time, when Dobrev was alone in a bathroom with no one nearby, she said "the lights were just spontaneously coming on and off."

The whole crew, said the actress, shared a "weird feeling" while filming at Gaither but "nobody could pinpoint" why.

Enter Syfy's Ghost Hunters crew, who investigated the plantation for an episode airing aired April 15, 2009.

"We have a lot of theories," Amy Bruni, one of the Ghost Hunters paranormal investigators, told us today about the hauntings. "The place is very historical—it's been around for a long time. There's a lot of history in that area. Sometimes we see that associated with paranormal activity, especially tragedies or things like that where something might not want to leave.

"I wouldn't blame them," Ami laughs. "It's a beautiful location."

Ami says The Vampire Diaries crew aren't the mysterious piano player's first audience. "I know piano playing has been reported there before," she told us, theorizing that "it could be what we consider a residual haunt. Something that doesn't necessarily interact with you but it kind of does things—goes through the motions."

The Ghost Hunters crew believe they found pretty conclusive evidence of paranormal activity during their investigation at the Gaither Plantation. "We basically put some flour down on the floor upstairs in the attic, left it and came back and there were footsteps in it." (Goosebumps!) "It's a very old-fashioned way of investigating. And then there was a cabinet door downstairs that we caught on camera that opened on its own [and] we heard footsteps throughout the location. It's been awhile but I do remember it pretty well as a really neat place."

A neat place to go on a dare, maybe, but would you want to work there?

"I don't think we've shot there since," Dobrev said. - eonline


Alfred Hitchcock 'The Birds' Barbie Doll

Made by Mattel. I have to get one of these. I had a crush on actress Tippi Hedren (mother of actress Melanie Griffith) when I was younger. As well, "The Birds" is one of my favorite films. It seems this product has been available for a few years....really don't know why I never noticed it.

Alfred Hitchcock 'The Birds' Barbie Doll


Politician: "Ban Abortion, Sterilize Poor Women and Pay the Wealthy to Procreate"

Louisiana State Rep John Labruzzo (R) has introduced "feticide" legislation to ban all abortion in his state and sentence women and doctors who violate the ban to 15 years hard labor. The law would make no exceptions for cases of danger to the health of the mother, incest or rape, and would essentially be an attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade in the state of Louisiana.

In previous attempts to manipulate, penalize and reward women's reproductive choices, Labruzzo has also suggested Louisiana law should pay poor women to be sterilized and well-to-do women to crank out more financially secure kids into the American gene-pool.

From the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Worried that welfare costs are rising as the number of taxpayers declines, state Rep. John LaBruzzo, R-Metairie, said Tuesday he is studying a plan to pay poor women $1,000 to have their Fallopian tubes tied...

It also could include tax incentives for college-educated, higher-income people to have more children, he said.

Julie Mickelberry, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast, denounced Labruzzo's actions as sham politics, intended not really to impact local law, but to give legal ammo to anti-choice groups in a federal setting:

"The bill is purely political. It's not at all about preventing abortion—he said it himself...his intention is to give anti-choice groups a bill they can take to court." - care2


Bolivia: Alleged UFO Causes Panic in Magdalena

Trinidad, Beni, 25 Apr (Erbol) – An alleged Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) caused fear and concern among residents of the municipality of Magdalena, Province of Iténez, in the Department of Beni.

According to the report on “Iténez” Radio, belonging to the Erbol Network, the object was seen around midnight on April 16 of this year as the “José, María y Juan” religious act came to a close at the municipality’s main square.

The local station reported that residents claimed seeing an unidentified flying object for more than 15 minutes.

“To the north of the municipality we could see an object flying around at low altitude over the town. It looked like an enormous piece of hot coal, seen by all of us present at the site,” said a witness.

Some of the townspeople managed to take photos of the phenomenon on their cell phones. - Scott Corrales - Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Alaska Mothman: Dark Harbinger

On Monday (4/25) I posted an encounter with a Mothman-like humanoid in southwest Alaska. The witness stated that this was his first incident with the being and that descriptions of subsequent encounters would be forthcoming. To begin, I have again posted the first incident:

My first encounter with this thing most people call the Mothman was when I was nine years old and I remember it clearly like it was yesterday. I was walking back from my uncle's place. I was walking on the sidewalk and I saw this man standing on top of my fathers house close to the edge facing west. He was all black he looked like a man. He stood about 7 or 8 feet tall. I shouted out at him but he acted like he didn't hear me. I said "hey you...who are you?" I kept trying to get his attention...it was like I wasn't there. But when I said "hey you're standing on my house...who are you?" he looked at me for a few seconds.

His face seemed like a normal persons face until it slowly opened it's eyelids and I saw a red glow...like his eye's were glowing not a red light but a glow. I froze and just stared at him. He stood there looking at me for 9 or 10 seconds and looked away and jumped really high and far. I'd say he jumped about 40 feet high and 70 to 80 feet away and as soon as he seemed to fall down, very long and large wings came out of his back and flapped twice...just in those two flaps he traveled about 100 feet and flew right over the high school.

Since that day I never spoke to anyone about it cause I thought I saw the devil. I freaked out so bad I looked out for it everyday to make sure it wasn't around. That is my first encounter with that thing. It's body was like a man's and his face is like a man's too...but his eye's are what make's it so scary and weird. Those wings are very long and large. His whole body was all black...like not skin but blackness was covering him...I can't explain. I'm not the only one in my village that saw this thing but after that there have been many sightings here and in other villages....even to a point that the thing goes into people's house's while they sleep. That happened to someone I know.
- N.H.

Tununak, Alaska

Before I decided to post further encounters I needed to know more details into these sightings as well as the possibility that similar incidents had been recorded. These specific occurrences where experienced in and around the coastal village of Tununak, Alaska, located on the northeast coast of Nelson Island, about 110 miles northwest of Bethel. The population of the community consists of 96.9% Alaska Native or part Native. Tununak is a traditional Yup'ik Eskimo village, with an active fishing and subsistence lifestyle.

I will be referring to the witness as 'Nate'. There are a few questions that needed to be asked during the research process in particular, why he refers to the being as a 'Mothman'. His answer was:

I don't know it's real name. It's just that all the people here know it as the 'devil', it comes around and suddenly very bad things start happening. Sometimes it just seems to be watching and nothing happens or very weird things happen. Some people will experience an ability of some sort for a short time and then suddenly they're back to normal. If you ask me I think that the Mothman is not a physical being. I think it's an energy formed from somewhere or someplace that takes character when encountered by an individual. When encountered by a person with a certain belief system the Mothman takes on a form according to the person's point of view of reality. That's one theory of mine to explain it's appearance to people. Some people will say it looked like an angel with red eyes. Some will say it looks like a cowboy standing 9 feet tall with glowing red eyes. Others will say it looked like a 6 feet tall man that can walk through walls. So to tell you my thoughts of the name of the thing I would say maybe it's name is 'Leviathan' from the book of Job in the Bible. That would be the closest name I got for it. Why I had so many encounters with it...I have no idea. I do know that there have been encounters in other villages.

The following narratives are Nate's description of his subsequent experiences with this being:

My second encounter was when I was a teenager. It was a winter night and I was riding on a snowmachine with my cousin. We saw a light on the north hill. We thought it was a snowmachine so we went to go and see who it was. When we got close to the hill the light disappeared. We were able to see every part of the hill...the light just vanished nowhere in sight, so we were gonna go back home. We turned the snowmachine around as cousin said he had to urinate, so I waited for him to finish.

While I was waiting I saw a black object on the ground, darker then all the other things on the ground. It was getting taller like something was coming out of the ground. As soon as it reached 7 feet tall or so it started to come at us fast. I told my cousin to look at the thing. He started to freak out and ran to the snowmachine, started it and looked back at it. He yelled it's getting very close so I looked back. It seemed to be 100 ft. or so away and coming fast. I screamed to my cousin to take off fast. I was so freaked out I closed my eyes. We were going at least 50 miles an hour on the snowmachine. I looked back to see how far we got from it but that thing was getting closer, I estimate at 15 to 20 feet away from us. It was like that thing was not even running and seemed to float over the ground. I couldn't see any eyes on it...no red eyes, just all black. I was screaming to my cousin to go faster but the thing just got closer and closer like speed was nothing to it. When we reached the village the thing stopped and turned around. My cousin just kept going fast on the town road going about 60 miles an hour until we got close to my grandmother's place. He slammed on the brakes as we jumped out of the snowmachine and ran into the house. We told everyone inside about what was chasing us. My grandmother said it was the 'devil' and told us to stop being 'bad kids'.

The third encounter was when I was 22 years old and at home playing on a Ouija board. I was talking with the board and it said it was the 'DEVIL' so I foolish asked it to possess me. It said 'NO'. I asked why, it said 'WRATH' so I stopped asking it questions. Suddenly the room started to get cold even with the furnace running. I wrapped myself with my blanket but I was just getting colder. I also felt the need to look through the window...like something was telling me to. I again felt this urge to look, so I got up, went over to the window and looked outside. I saw a man standing next to the steps of my neighbor's house, just looking at me. I could tell he was staring at me though I thought it was one of my neighbors, so I went outside to talk to him. I called his name but he never replied. The street light was shining on him but I was unable to see his face, like he was covered in a black cloud or some sort of blackness. I kept trying to get him it to recognize me but received no answer from him. I took out my zippo lighter which I had just filled with lighter fluid and hadn't used it since. I flicked it on and tried to see his face but I still couldn't see it. When I got closer my zippo turned off as if that thing blew at it. I tried to relight it but I was unable to do so. Suddenly I heard a quiet voice saying in my head to 'back away'...so I backed off slowly, not turning my back until I got to the road. When I reached the road I took off running as fast as I could to my place. I looked out the window to see if it was still there and it was still staring at me. I started to look for a flashlight so I could see what or who it was. When I found the flashlight I looked out the window and noticed that it was moving off to the road.

I decided to follow it. When I looked closely it didn't seem to be walking...it was floating away. Dogs would start barking as it passed houses. I was chasing it holding a flashlight hoping I could get a look at his face. I was too slow to get close but fast enough to keep up behind it, like it was going slow to make sure I was behind it but fast enough to stay far ahead of me. It was luring me to him but I kept chasing it. When it started getting closer to the church it slowed down and circled the church, like it didn't want to get close. It continued to move on and I just continued chasing it. When we reached the end of the village I stopped. I felt creeped out, like that thing was trying to get me to go out onto the tundra in the dark. I turned around and quickly walked home.

There are other encounters with this thing that many of the people in the world know as 'Mothman' but here, we know it as the 'Devil' or 'Demon'. He has been around for very long time and has been seen by many people here. He has done a lot of things that creep everyone out, like being at a location where someone dies the very next day and on the very exact spot where he was. When he comes around that means something very bad is going happen.

I don't call him the 'Devil' or 'Demon'. I disagree with that term...I just call him the 'Black Man with Red Eyes' or 'Dark Man' because he's surrounded by a blackness or a black cloud.

There was an encounter where a guy was out hunting and saw it with a couple of his friends. They tried to get it's attention but it never responded back. They tried shooting next to it but he never got spooked by the gunshot. There are many other encounters but these are not mine so I can't say exactly what happened...I just hear the stories.

Location of Tununak, Alaska

Traditional Yup'ik shaman 1911
Despite the influence of the Christian missionaries, Yup'ik shamans (angalkuq) possess powers that are beyond physical powers. Their achievements are considered impossible for any human being to accomplish. Shamans define a customary role in Yup’ik life, and while Christian religions have interceded in Yup'ik traditions, some say that shamans still play an important role. A long time ago, Yup'ik forefathers encountered supernatural beings and some have become stories that were passed down from one generation to the next. Encounters of supernatural beings are considered true and can happen to anyone and anybody.

The legends and folklore of the Yup'ik people do include several good and evil spirits but nothing similar to the descriptions given by Nate. The closest traditional entity would be of a dark shaman who makes life more difficult for the people around them. There is nothing that would represent a harbinger of death.

During my research I was impressed by Yup'ik customs, especially those that involved gossip, lies and their respect for spirituality. The community, even in current times, deeply frowns upon malice towards others and the spread of distorted accounts. Because of these traditions and fear of ridicule, there is little to wonder as to why these stories have not reached the mainstream.

Resentment kills a fool, and envy slays the simple.
- Job 5:2

Fortean / Alternative News: 1st Crop Circle of 2011, Yeren-Human Hybrid and Series of Abductions

First Crop Circle of the Season

Innage, nr Chepstow. Gwent. Wales. Reported 22nd April.


China confirms plans to build own orbital station

rian - Chinese space officials have confirmed plans to build a 60-ton space station by 2020 and develop a space freighter for hauling supplies to the station, the China Daily newspaper said on Tuesday.

The China Manned Space Engineering Office unveiled on Monday a blueprint of the future orbital station, which will comprise an 18.1-meter core module and two 14.4-meter lab modules.

"The 60-ton space station is rather small compared to the International Space Station (419 tons), and Russia's Mir Space Station (137 tons), which served between 1996 and 2001," China Daily quoted Pang Zhihao, a space researcher and deputy editor-in-chief of the Space International magazine.

"But it is the world's third multi-module space station, which usually demands much more complicated technology than a single-module space lab," the researcher said.

China's ambitious space program enjoyed a sound success in the past decade, including putting a human into orbit and launching a lunar probe.

In preparation for the construction of the orbital station, Beijing is planning to launch the space module Tiangong-1 and the Shenzhou 8 spacecraft in the second half of this year on the first unmanned rendezvous and docking mission.

Shenzhou 9 and Shenzhou 10 spacecraft are expected to dock with Tiangong-1 in 2012.


Yeren-Human hybrid?

Click for video

Statement with video: Bigfoot Human Hybrid Found in Jungle - this being is believed to be a 'bigfoot' cross human, he was found abandoned in a small town in a remote bamboo forest deep in the Sichuan Province. These areas have long time legends of Bigfoot aka the Yeren

NOTE: most likely a case of microcephaly....though, 'Zippy Pinhead' came to mind. Lon


Beatification prompts closer look at John Paul's miracles

Jesse was just 10 days old in November 2009 when he was diagnosed with Herpes simplex, a virus often lethal to a newborn child. Doctors at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., told his parents that he had no better than a 50% chance of surviving, and at most a 25% chance of living without severe brain damage.

As the Virginia boy waited for a possible liver transplant, his grandfather started praying to the late Pope John Paul II, who died in 2005 and will be beatified by Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday.

Practically at once, Jesse's vital signs began to improve. He went off dialysis a few days later, and was released the following month with a clean bill of health, after what the specialist in charge called a recovery of unprecedented swiftness.

The hospital's medical staff hailed Jesse as the "miracle baby."

Jesse's story comes from a new book, The Miracle of Karol, whose recent publication in Italy was timed to coincide with the beatification of the potential Polish saint born as Karol Wojtyla. Continue reading at usatoday


Series of Abductions?

MUFON CMS - Tennessee - unedited:

Case One
My first memory was of waking up in my grandparents house being abandoned. I walked into my grandparents living room, and I saw that only I was in the room. I walked into the dining room, and saw in the driveway a ten foot flying saucer landed. and then I saw a battalion of brown suite soldiers marching to my door with black rifles. I tried to hide, but then the door opened. Then a black out.

Case Two
I woke up to see that my houses hall was warping, my family computer and mouse was floating. I looked out the window, and a siren went off. I looked out the window, and I saw a flying saucer chased by a fighter jet. And then the flying saucer split into two flying saucers. I woke up with a scratch on my arm.

Case Three
This was when I was thirteen, I was at the beach swimming, and felt a jelly fish in my swimming suit, and pulled it out. It felt like 30 minutes passed, but in fact only 3 minutes passed. I discovered i had a rash between my legs. I then went to bed that night, and found myself pulled out of the window I couldnt normally reach. and then I saw a triangular craft pull me into the air. I woke up the next morning, with my underwear turned inside out, and a black mark that lasts to this day.

Case Four
In this case, I saw 6 grey like being standing in front of my bed. They were about 6 ft tall, and that had no apparent face. The incident lasted 3 minutes.

Case Five
This one was this year, I had a dream were an insectlike creature was crawling all over my walls, and then it turned its head 900 degress, and then starred at me with daggers.

Case Six
In this case, I had a dream were instead of seeing a jet fighter chasing the ufo, it was the ufo chasing the jet fighter. All in all, I'm not so much scared, as I am crepped out, and totally confused.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UFO Encounters - CFB Gagetown NB / Additional Sightings

MUFON CMS - submitted 4/27/2011 - near Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada - 6/1/1992 - unedited: I was in the US Army Reserves in the 1990's. One night, around June 1, 1992, while on my annual training exercise, I was in the woods, many miles from the nearest town, but amongst thousands of US & Canadian Army Reservists on a base called Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada. I was dropped off a mile or two from camp, to guard an ammunition dump in a clearing of about 100 yards by 150-200 yards, surrounded by tall trees. The moon was full and the sky was clear.

At 11:20pm, I had the chilling sensation someone had snuck up on me and was standing next to me, looking at me. It sent a slight chill through me. I looked up to the right and there, about 100-or-so yards past the treeline, an enormous craft arose in the vicinity of a small lake/pond. I could see it plain as day and knew immediately it was an alien space craft.

It rose like a helicopter and flew slowly, like a helicopter, yet it was silent and lacked distinctive characteristics of both a helicopter and airplane, like a tailfin, wings, propellers, or safety lights.

In the bright moonlight, I could clearly see the entire craft, which was longer than a 747 or C-130, possibly oval or round, and tapered towards the tail. There were three sets of lights in a 120 degree arc around the front of the craft, which appeared to be windows, but may have been headlights.

I was paralyzed with fright and tried not to move, lest be seen. I slowly turned my head to watch the craft pass by. I watched it until it had gradually disappeared over the treeline.

After it had passed, I could hear the faint static-like sound of a jet-type engine, however the craft moved far too slowly to be a jet and the sound was barely audible, unlike a jet. There were no runways, where it took off - it had to come out of the lake or another clearing past the trees. Having seen many helicopters throughout my training, and ridden in them, I can say without equivocation this was no helicopter. With the bright moonlight, there is no doubt in my mind this was neither a commercial nor military craft known to the public, even now, nearly 20 years later.

Another soldier was on post about 1/4 mile away at another ammo dump. We had agreed beforehand to pick up our field phones at 11:30 to make sure we were both awake. Our exact conversation went: me,"Hey, you there?" him, "Yeah" me, "Did you see that?" him, "Thank God you said that!" We had both seen the same thing, described the same thing to each other, and agreed we had both seen an alien space craft.

This incident was never reported to the military because our fellow Reservists thought it was a joke we had both concocted and we eventually dropped it. But to this day, I shudder when I think of it.

I did report this on another website and was shocked to see the year after I posted it, a Canadian soldier posted an eerily similar account on the same night.

CFB Gagetown


Further sightings in this area:

Oromocto, NB Triangle UFO

I wanted to share this amazing craft I seen in Oromocto, New Brunswick in the late 1990's Aug or Sept. I know the sketch is elementary but it is the best I could do with paint.

The craft was enormous in size like looking at a house hovering in the air. The color of the craft was a dark Grey metallic with smooth edges no sharp edges like my sketch. It had no sound. The triangular craft had windows all around like a normal Air craft but there was no living beings visible. It appeared to be scanning the area without lasers or fancy flash lighting. This was in the early part of the evening still day light after supper.

I ran in the house to get my companion to see this beautiful sight but he was hypnotized to the TV. I tried in vain but my companion would not budge like in a trance. I ran back outside and the craft was still there in the field hovering. I had a sense of calm while I watched it until it zipped off in a split second.

I then felt lonely as if my family just left after a holiday visit. I wanted it to come back.

I then spotted hovering above the Oromocto Lake at the boat docks. I jumped into my car to drive over to see it and before I arrived it zipped off again. This was the last time I seen it.

Oromocto seemed to be quiet while this was happening. I don't know if the town was asleep or having supper.

This is my story of UFOs and it has made me a believer. - UFOBC

Witness' sketch


Near Gagetown July 27th 2006

"We were driving north from Moncton to Fredericton. Just before getting to Gagetown I noticed something shining to my right, up in the air. It was approximately a couple thousand feet from us flying along the trans Canada highway. I said "what's that?" and two of my companions looked up, the front passenger saw it then it just zoomed at incredible speed and stopped around 20 miles away, we could still see very well then the third passenger see it. The characteristics that were most interesting is it was round (looked like an aspirin pill), shined like chrome and moved at incredible speed. I've seen jets move before and this was no jet, it would be going like Mach 7. When it was close by, if you calculate by distance at 2000 ft from us, it must have been like 200 ft in diameter.

As we watched it from a distance and the shine was still very intense (seemed just like the sun reflecting from the surface of this craft) it just moved again and we just lost it, it was way too fast to follow with our eyes. We just looked at each other and no other comment was made, this was no doubt a very odd experience." - PSICAN


Hovering Flat UFO Observed Over The Trans Canada Hwy Near Gagetown New Brunswick

Date: November 20, 2010
Time: Approx: 7:45 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Trans-Canada Hwy near Gagetown, New Brunswick.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of Objects: 1
Shape of Objects: Long flat.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: The object appeared to be just above the tree line, it had two very bright green balls of light on it (not LED green, but a weird milky/mint like green). It was hovering/floating and was silent. No flashing/blinking lights.

No red lights (like known aircraft). There also appeared to be smaller lower strength white light/lights on the opposite side of the object when we drove by it on the highway. Object appeared large and stationary. - The Vike Factor


New Brunswick, Canada UFO Sighting

Posted on August 15, 2010 at 8:54 PM
Case Number: 25089
Log Number: CA-08132010-0010
Submitted Date: 2010-08-13 21:36 GMT
Event Date: 2010-08-13 22:01 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Oromocto
Region: New Brunswick
Country: CA
Longitude: -66.476117
Latitude: 45.84429
Shape: Star-like
Duration: 00:05:00
Distance: Unknown
Vallee Index: MA1

Sitting in our kitchen talking at approx 2200hrs, my wife commented that she was looking at what she thought was a helecoptor over our house with what she thought was a spotlight (she could see it from her kitchen chair through our deck screen door. My brother stood up and had a look and commented that he thought it was weird that it made no noise. I have military experience with helecopters, para flairs and artillery flairs so I got up and stepped out on the deck to have a look (the rest were still in the house. At first I thought I was looking at a bright orange flair but then I noticed it was moving over our neighbourhood from West to East. We have a large military base and they fire artillery flairs to our south but their normally white and we can see them fall (not fly).

The object was semi-bright star shaped. It made no noise at all and definately wasn't a flair or aircraft (no red/green or white flashing lights). It flew towards CFB Gagetown and then stopped in the air. I yelled at my brother to come out and look and we watched it hover in the vicinity of the base for about 2 minutes and then it slowly started to fly again in a north east direction. We watched it fly out of sight and it never changed shape or added color (bright orange). When I checked my watch it was 2207hrs. My wife asked if it could be a meteor but i said no because it moved, then hovered, then moved again. It's speed wasn't fast but it was consistent (under mach 1). It seemed to waver left to right slightly and it made no noise at all. We have Bell 412 Choppers here flying all the time, some Sea Kings and EH 101s and you can hear them. This made no sound at all. - UFO Clearinghouse


In early August 1969 - Daytime
Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada

One object was observed by 200 witnesses for over one minute. Hynek rating: DD: Daylight Discs Vallee rating: FB1: A simple sighting of a UFO traveling in a straight line across the sky. - UFODNA


May 4th 2007 : Oromocto, New Brunswick

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report
Location: Over Oromocto New Brunswick Canada
Date: May 4, 2007 at 1:05 am
Approach Direction: east to west
Departure Direction: east to west
Witness Direction: north
Description: Friday May 4, 2007

At about 1:05am I went out to the patio to have a cigarette. I live in Beaver Dam which is just outside Fredericton, NB. I was looking in the general direction of Oromocto from there. Just above the tree line I saw what at first glance I thought was just another plane. The longer I looked at it the more I realized that it was not a plane. The colored flashing of the lights were completely random. They had no pattern to them like a normal plane. The next thing I noticed was that it was barely moving. During the 10 minutes that it was visable it only moved slightly from my right to left. Then disappeared.

I called CFB Gagetown in the morning to see if they were doing any exercises or could explain the lights and they said there were no exercises and they had no planes or helicopters out.

Color/Shape: lights appeared to be blue red and white

Height & Speed: I would say it was 10 km in the distance so it is hard to gage. - UFOinfo


Boiestown area circled. CFB Gagetown and Oromocto areas squared

I am a young man from Boiestown, New Brunswick, Canada and have a remarkable story to tell and a newspaper article to present, starting with the story. It happened March 26th at night, the night after people were talking about a star outside that would flash three or four colors and appeared to be spinning, but I never heard of it until Saturday. "Its' still out there", a friend said as he pointed it out to me. It's appearance was very strange and after staring at it for a while I noticed it move a little. I pointed it out to my friend and he noticed it. Inside the house was about ten more people so we showed them. It hardly moved but you could still tell it was moving. We decided to travel towards the object into the woods. There isnt many houses around this one, it is a pretty secluded area. Anyway, we walked out and began noticing little star like objects moving all around here and there. Really strange movements. Zooming back and forth and doing circles. Looking towards the object we were previously looking at minutes before it moved all the way to near the horizon. Suddenly another appeared over the horizon about 90 degrees from the first. Then another. Not only was there these weird colorful moving orbs, but the objects that looked like stars would be still, then suddenly shoot at rediculous speeds for a distance and then stop again or do some strange maneuver. We stared all night and sunrise was nearing. One light came direcly above us and seemed to be lowering because the light was getting brighter. We then noticed two more dimmer lights on each side of it forming a triangle. Sunrise was starting to come and the stars were disapearing. All that was left in the sky was three ufos including the one directly above us. One by one they became hard to see and disapeared, the last one seen was the one atop us. We looked around in the daylight for hours in the middle of some field a ways away from houses. By now some had left and there was only five of us left there. We would notice a flash going but it would only last for a second. I looked up in the sky and noticed a dark cloud above us. The funny thing was this cloud was really small and never even covered the small field and the sky was blue all around it. It was the strangest thing we have ever seen. It was really dark and grayish right up top of us but was really blue all around us. Anyway, I got sick of looking for the flashes and left. I didnt tell anyone what I had seen for fear of being considered nuts. Later that day, about 3:00 I went back to the field. My friends were still there and with a story to tell. They told me to take a look now.. That same dark cloud got even darker and the sky around just as blue. (im really sure it wasnt a cloud but its the closest I can compare it to.) I looked and saw about four flashes in five seconds. This time you could follow them with your eye but when they went near the dark cloud, which is where they were coming from or going to, they would disappear or cloak or somthing. At certain points you couls literally see hundreds of these things. Anyway, two of my friends standing there said that when it was just them two, the cloud came right over top of their head. They said it started to pull them up and they took off running towards the house. Back at the house they laughed their asses off at them running and sreaming a cloud was after them and a ufo was trying to abduct them. Personally, I couldnt really believe them either fully because I wasnt there and it seemed so far fetched (except the fact I witnessed the cloud follow us when we walked somewhere). Anyway, back to the five of us standing there watching the sky and all the flashes. There was definately more activity now than the previous night. I would guess there was at least 200 of these things around. Suddenly I looked over and spotted five flying saucers and pointed them out. They were there, just as plain as day and they definately werent anything that most people have ever seen. Their movements were so fluid and precise, it was amazing. They started in a circular motion, then as a sixth one joined them, their motion turned into an up down motion (when one was up, the two beside it were down). Later another saucer, alone this time, crossed the sky. When we went back to the house, the two guys who said they almost were abducted faces' were bright orange. We thought it might have been sun burnt but it went away in two hours. That night we took more peple back there to prove it, and sure enough they started coming from all around, about ten of them. After they come so close they would disapear, probably the cloud was still there but it wasnt really visable at night. After we went back to the house my two friend's faces were bright orange again. Also they were saying their colors in their eyes were screwed up.

I believe we have caught some attention by having a large group staring and pointing in the sky all night long. I honestly never believed in aliens or anything of that matter until now. I would have no reason to post this message for any other sort of reason than to see if anyone knows anything about this.

Here is the odd part to the story. In New Brunswick's newspaper "The Daily Gleaner" for Tuesday, March 29th, second page it tells the story of a guy who caught UFOs on video tape in a place about an hour away from Boiestown the day before the rainbow star was first spotted. Its appearance was the same of the rainbow star that we seen and it had a picture in the paper. It turns out, many others in NB had seen these sightings. http://www.canadaeast.com/

Here is the story exactly as it is write, quote:

Mystery UFO over Lincoln on videotape

The mysterious fireball that lit up the New Brunswick sky last Wednsday was videotaped by Lincoln resident Yancy Munford.

"We've got it on tape and what a sight" he said Monday. "It is a complete ball.

"When you zoom in and zoom away you can see the fire. You can see the trail and the smoke behind it."

Munford and his fiance Veronica were driving home in Lincoln Wednsday evening around 8:30 p.m. when they saw somthing in the sky. He keeps his video camera in his van and he parked near the Ooromocto overpass and they taped what looked like a fireball for at least five minutes.

"This thing hovered for minutes and minutes," said Munford. "We sat there and filmed it."

The fireball was also in Moncton and Digby, N.S. (Nova Scotia) and scientists have specualted that it could be a meteor or peice of space junk burning up on re-entry.

"At first we thought it had to be a comet," said Munford.

Now he wonders if it is a new kind of flare being tested by the military. Flares are often seen floating over CFB Gagetown at night. But he said normal flares burn on the way up. But this object just appeared in the sky.

"I have never seen a flare like that," he said.

In the videotape, which he brought to the Daily Gleaner Monday evening, the object appears to be round and rotating and covering with red and orange fire. There is a definite texture to the object visable on the video.

Munford said he could not see any peices coming off it.

He also said there was more than just one of the objects in the sky.

"There were three of them," he said.

Munford said if anyone from the university of New Brunswick's astronomy department wanted to see his video they were welcome to do so.

Munford was not the only person who saw the fireball Wednsday evening.

Claude and Dianne Gallant of Oromocto also spotted the mysterious object as they were driving through Lincoln on the way home from Fredericton.

"we were driving and watching it," said Dianne Gallant. "I said it must be a plane with a big light because it was moving really slow."

At first it was about the size of an orange street light and then they too thought it might be a flare from CFB Gagetown. But she said her husband used to be in the military and he did not think it was a flare.

Eventually it got even bigger. She said it was the size of a full moon and it was obviously round and rotating and on fire.

"I said boy, it is pretty big," she said. "It wasn't moving as fast as we were because we were getting closer to it."

Claude Gallant said he has seen meteors before and this fireball was not streaking across the sky.

"It was kind of bizarre," he said. "To me it kind of looked like it was almost stationary."

So what was it?

"To tell you the truth I have no idea," he said. "I know it wasn't a plane."

"It was a really amazing sight."

The Gallants bumped into Yancy Munford when they stopped for coffee at the Tim Hortons in Oromocto where he was showing people his newly-shot videotape of the fireball.

Claude Gallant said he got a chance to look at the tape.

"When he zoomed in on it, it looked really strange," he said. "It looked like a round ball that was turning and on fire."

Dianne Gallant said it looked like a miniature sun.

"You could actually see fire around this round thing and it was turning," she said. "It was darker in spots." Endquote.

This described to me the near exact same thing we seen at first, just much larger because he was closer. It was also the same in describing how more began appearing. Would anyone have any explanations for these things?


Photo: UFO / Alien Gray Caught On Camera In New Brunswick, Canada

From Chris Holly on Tuesday, March 10, 2009:

We were recently contacted by a very interesting man who wanted us to look at a photo he took on his property located deep in the Canadian wilderness.

The man was on his usual inspection of his property when he came across this huge light mass hovering over the trees lining one of his fields. He told us it was a massive extremely bright light that lit up his entire field. Along the right side of the light stood what looked like a rectangle structure of some type that seemed to be hovering next to this huge light.

The man thought this was the strangest thing he had ever seen and luckily had his camera with him and took a picture of the lights and his field. The object was so strange looking the man became extremely fearful and immediately left the area after taking the photo.

This event has upset this man since the day it happened. He decided to send it to Ed Fleming of F.T.T.O.U.F.O to see if Ed could help him identify what this light and structure next to it could have been. Ed examined the photo with great care and noticed what appears to be a gray looking creature peeking from behind a tree towards the man while he stood next to his truck to take his photo. The man never noticed this creature at the time.

Ed also agreed with the man that it does appear to be two objects one being the massive light source and the other some type of light structure, it also appears the light structure not only has form but some type of base supporting it.

Ed analyzed the photo to the best of his ability and could not find any obvious attempt the photo had been tampered with. Ed also thought the source seemed to be a very cool energy source – not a hot energy source.

More disturbing is that the creature behind the tree seems to have some type or object or weapon to the right of him either in his hand or standing next to him .This object is also lit and aiming at the man who was taking his picture at the time. You can see that this object next to the creature seems to be casting a light on the tree behind it.

This ordeal has been extremely upsetting for this man and he would only release the photo to us with the promise we would not identify who he is or where his land is located. We always first and foremost protect those who come to us with information and have agreed to show his unique photo without disrupting his privacy.

NOTE: The U.S. military, with the permission of the Canadian government, tested herbicides, including Agent Orange, in the forests near the Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in New Brunswick in 1966 and 1967. You can read an update to this at Soldiers Trained at Gagetown, Canada Exposed to Agent Orange and CFB Gagetown & Agents Orange/Purple. Here is a description of Agent Orange...Lon