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Friday, December 30, 2022

The Venus Gospel: An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium - Part III


The Venus Gospel:  An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium - Part III

By Raymond A. Keller, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus

The Vast Venus Conspiracy

Lady Columba Venus Revelations

Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy

The Southern California contactee, George Adamski, having had ten years of experience answering questions on the flying saucer lecture circuit since the publication of his first non-fiction UFO book, Flying Saucers Have Landed, well anticipated the oft-asked inquiry made to him at the 5 May 1963 conference of the Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) group in Denmark, that being: “Why didn’t the space people contact high officials right away instead of a fellow like you or someone else?”

To this valid question, Adamski replied, “The chances are just as good that we will not contact high officials when we land on some other planet in the beginning.  It is usually customary to send someone to test a condition, whether pertaining to space travel or daily affairs before the ‘big ones’ are contacted.  And I happened to have been the one picked.”

Section III

Major Governments Contacted  

Many leading lights in the American ufology community have maintained all along that some extraterrestrials have contacted key figures in positions of power in all major governments of the world, especially the ones with space-faring capabilities.  Adamski himself confirmed this, and revealed the following in his special introductory SUFOI address:

“But since then,” Adamski affirmed, “all major governments have been contacted directly, and even some of the minor ones.  There were to a number of ways in which the contacts were made.  In the Korean war, there was one that caused the government (of the United States) concern; for a number of spacecraft appeared.  

“On one occasion, the United States Navy, as published in the newspaper, said that a destroyer was standing by saw ‘two missiles,’ as they called them, come out of the blue and hit the water with a terrific impact that buckled the plates on the destroyer.  And three months later it had to come into San Diego for repairs.  When the ‘missiles’ went into the water, the big ships in the vicinity immediately circled and started (launching) depth charges, hoping to get them.  While they did this, the missiles were caught going out on the radar.

“So, you can see that the government could not help but be concerned, and began to look into it a little better to see what was happening.  Thus, fine contacts have been made by these people (extraterrestrials) with major governments.”

Reasons for Non-Disclosure

George Adamski also foresaw the next question: “Why don’t the governments come out and tell us the truth that they have?”  The contactee, however, sensibly and shrewdly surmised the state of affairs the extraterrestrials would be in should they follow through on that course of action.  

The UFO prophet believed that propaganda would play a major role in this scenario, to which he explained:  

“Propaganda is spread every day on the air in one way or another.  If the American government was to come out with the truth that it has, the Iron Curtain would say ‘propaganda;’ and if the Iron Curtain came out telling us what they know, the American government and all the satellites would say the same, ‘propaganda,’ and the people at large would be more confused than they are today and not know what to believe.  So, the time is not yet at hand to tell the world just what is happening and there is only one answer.  And that is to put a man into space, let him land on another planet, and keep broadcasting while he is going there and back again.  It is the only answer to solve this problem between the powers that be who do not believe one another.”

Extraterrestrials are deploying reconnaissance ships to all countries of the Earth from bases both on and below the Moon’s surface.  Photo source:  West Australian newspaper, Perth, Australia

(Cosmic Ray’s commentary:   The reader notes that Adamski made the stipulation that during the space mission to another orb in space, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) or whatever nation and their respective space agency would be behind that particular launch, would “keep broadcasting while he (the astronaut) is going there and back again.”  With regard to the crewed lunar Apollo missions that took place between 1969 through 1972, where American astronauts actually walked on the lunar surface, one must keep in mind that the astronauts that landed there only covered a few miles by walking or while riding around in their Moon buggies.  Since there are slightly over 14 million square miles on the Moon’s surface, one could hardly see these brief excursions onto the surface as anything so conclusive that they provided proof that there were no alien beings to be found anywhere or even below the surface of that mysterious sphere.  Even the orbiting lunar command modules in each of the Apollo missions, taken collectively, only photographed twenty percent of the Moon’s surface in any detail, and even at that, were NASA authorities allowed by the intelligence services in the United States to show us all of the photos taken or without being doctored in some way?    It should also be taken into account that the Apollo landing sites were all relatively close to the Moon’s equator and only on the side of the Moon which always faces us, and all of these lunar regions had been predetermined to be desolate by NASA specialists and their photographic analysis of prior images obtained through the unmanned lunar orbiters.  

In addition, the transmissions coming from the Apollo astronauts contained many code words to disguise their explanations for the UFO activity that they observed off in the distance, with aliens apparently monitoring their historic activities.  There was also a time lag in the radio and television signals coming from the Apollo spacecraft to Houston Control; so, there was plenty of time to filter them.  For a detailed report of what is really going on up there on the Moon and below its surface, please see “Chapter 9:  The Moon is a Venusian Colony,” of my fourth book in the Venus Rising series, The Vast Venus Conspiracy (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2021), pages 129-139.  

Insofar as TOP SECRET compartmentalized information about the Moon, known to be true, only by the highest executive and military authorities of the United States government, and explored in my fourth Venus book, I can positively state that:

1. The Moon at its lowest elevations, has a substantial atmosphere of some six pounds per square inch.

2. The Moon has a much higher gravity than previously theorized, about 50 percent that of Earth’s.

3. The Moon has water and vegetation.

4. There are substantial variations in the lunar environment between the side always facing us and its backside.

5. The Moon is occupied by extraterrestrials, primarily Venusians.  Some artificial structures and bases are on the front side, largely camouflaged, but more natural on the far side.  Most of these have been photographed and cataloged by American, Chinese, and Russian space experts.

For additional information on the subject of advanced extraterrestrial life in our solar system, this author also highly recommends fellow American Navy veteran, and nuclear specialist Daniel K. Ross’ UFOs and the Complete Evidence from Space:  The Truth About Venus, Mars and the Moon (Walnut Creek, California:  Pintado Press, 1987).


(Editor’s Note:  Want to know about the extraterrestrials and their connections with Earth’s religions?  Find out what the premier contactee in the age of ufology, George Adamski, had to say on this subject in the next installment of this series, Part IV of “The Venus Gospel,” right here on this website. - Lon)

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