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Monday, December 19, 2022

BIGFOOT ACTIVITY Observed & Heard at Mt. Gretna, PA

A couple is hiking on Mt. Gretna in Governor Dick Park, PA. Along the trail, they observe obvious Bigfoot evidence, including sounds. This is an area known for Bigfoot activity.

"My experience happened in late June 2019. The location was Governor Dick Park which is located in southern Lebanon County. I live in a town called Lititz which is only about a 25-minute drive away in neighboring Lancaster County. It is a major residential hub for those folks who work and commute in Philadelphia. It is only a little over an hour's drive away from here.

The girl I was dating at the time wanted to go for a hike at the park. It was a Saturday morning so we went. It was quite hot out, easily into the 90s, however, we made our way up the main trail toward the top of a couple of trails. Some are for foot traffic and others are for horses. There's another trail that is for mountain bikes.

As we hike up toward the top of the hill (Mt. Gretna) there's a decent-sized tree that was bent over the trail and wedged into another tree on the opposite side. There were several folks gathered there in awe of it. I had been interested in Bigfoot for some time and knew about tree bends. This wasn't caused by the weight of the snow. The bark, right where it was bent, was twisted off and the branches of it were wedged into the branches of the trees on the opposite side of the trail. I wasn't at the peak of the hill and the tree wasn't facing the prevailing winds in the area.

We continue to hike to the top of the mountain. We reached the tall watch tower and climbed the steps to the top. Now, I have PTSD from an event that I won't get into here, so I want to describe how climbing the top of this involves climbing short ladders that are enclosed in a concrete tunnel. When you get to the top you have to step off to the side and grab the next ladder climb. These are tight quarters with an escape out. The intense heat could trigger uneasy feelings.

We reached the top. I took in the beautiful view, but quickly, and then we descended back down to ground level. When we got to the bottom there was an open area away from the structure which opened up to the top of the hollow. So I walked over there with her to get a breather and have a cigarette. Just as I approached the crest of the ridge, where I could look down to the hollow, I heard what sounded like a very large man let out a guttural raw groan. I've enough time in the woods to be able to gauge sounds. The issue was a man sounded that loud from that distance as if he were only five yards from me. The entire area is choked with mountain laurels and briars so no human would have been there.

I didn't say a word to my girlfriend and she didn't say a word to me about the sound. I only said, "Come on, let's go get some lunch." We headed back down the main trail. I've never felt more naked and vulnerable. She talked about some mundane stuff which I occasionally responded to, I wasn't really listening to her and was only focused on the hollow on her right from where that sound came. When we hit the last stretch of the trail where it sort of bottomed out and became flat again I happened to look down and saw a stack of large smooth rocks stacked neatly on the top edge of the trail. These rocks weren't there when we walked up and they weren't native to that area. Rocks that you find on the typical forest trail have edges, but these rocks were completely smooth and looked like they came from a creek. I recognized the stacked rocks as a recognition of me heeding the beast's verbal warnings.

We reached our lunch destination. When I brought up the sounds, my girlfriend admitted hearing what I heard but had no idea what it was. I filled her in on my thoughts of the incident and, needless to say, she was skeptical but in an uneasy way."

Transcribed Source: The Round Table Of Knowledge By HTH

NOTE: Butch Witkowski had talked about this location on several occasions, especially at Mt. Gretna. The area's First Nations history and artifact discoveries are well-known. As well, there have been several contemporary and historical Bigfoot sightings and encounters in the entire region. Lon 

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