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Monday, June 30, 2014

Christmas in the French Quarter

A reader recently submitted the following article:

A week before Christmas, a year after Katrina hit the Gulf, my boyfriend at the time, Bruce, and I flew from Oregon to Chicago to see my family and rent a car to drive down the Mississippi valley and over to San Antonio to catch a flight back to Oregon. It was simply for the adventure of it. We arrived at our New Orleans destiny, The Hotel Villa Convento in the French Quarter at sundown the evening before Christmas Eve. We hadn't planned on staying but the one night, hoping to continue our drive on Christmas Eve Day. We were wrong.

The Hotel is old. I immediately felt the history and the spirits walking around me looking at me with smiles. We checked in and went out on the town walking Bourbon Street. It was warm and the lights were like walking through a Christmas tree. The people were few as far as tourists go. All 3 days we were only among the locals because tourism had come to a halt with the buildings still marked with big red "X's" and many of them abandoned and destroyed. But not in the Quarter.

As we walked back to our Hotel down the center of the street, undoubtedly intoxicated, the people in the distant became floating black shapes within the multicolored lights. Soon, as we approached Royal Street, we were absolutely alone. The big white mansions all around us looking alike under the dim lights.

For some reason I took a right down a dark alley and Bruce tried to hold my hand but then he claimed, I pulled away and literally disappeared before his eyes. I only remember coming into the dim light and sitting down on the sidewalk with my back against one of the mansions. He came around the corner as if it were just moments later. He said, "My God, I've been looking for you for two hours! Where have you been?!" I replied, "Sitting right here." He helped me up and just the next couple buildings was the Hotel's sign hanging over the sidewalk.

The Hotel itself, is a haunted place which is frequented by a ghost tour. Years ago, it was a convent and then became a brothel, now it is a Hotel. Good vs Evil if you will. I went into the old bathroom in our room and there in the tub with its claw feet, was a dime that was not there before. Someone had the decency to pay for their bath before they left while we were gone! I still have the dime. It's old and solid silver. I don't have it front of me at present but the date is circa early 1900's.

The following day, Christmas Eve. we decided to stay. We were very hung over but more than that, the City was pulling us in to stay. We were two of the few tourists and this was a beautiful time to get the flavor of the Quarter as it is meant to be savored. We set out to find a place to eat and to see the sights. As we walked Bourbon Street we saw the street cleaners had gone through washing away the previous night. The sky had an overcast but it was warm and beautiful. A young black man in his 20's, with his bicycle leaning against the pole stopped us at the corner before we crossed. He said, "If you can answer this question I'll give you twenty dollars. If you can't you give me twenty dollars." We looked at each other and smiled and Bruce said, "okay." The guy asked us, "You can see my shoes are brand new. Can you get them off my feet and and onto yours without touching them?" And just as we answered a couple appeared next to us. The black man stopped, looked at them and his face went gray at the jawline. We looked at them, and figured they had walked up somehow with us being distracted. They were of an upper class. Both were in their late 60's, gray/ white hair. The man was dressed in a spotless black London Fog type raincoat that came to his knees with gray pants, pressed crisp, his shoes were black and shiny and his hands were in his pockets. The woman, had shoulder length hair, wavy and fixed fresh at the shop, wearing a long rain jacket as well, nylons and black pumps with 2" heels.

We only knew they were there behind us because she snapped, "Don't you dare give him your money!" We turned and looked at her and him and they were frowning. Their faces ashen and both seemingly with powder on their faces. She looked at the black man and said boldly, "It's because of people like you that this great City is given a bad name!" We looked at him in unison.

Well, he got on his bike and sped away while we turned around to thank them. They were gone. There was no crowd they could have disappeared into. There was no building so close that they could have gone into in such a split moment but there we were standing alone. We looked at each other and smiled, then both of us shaking our heads just said, "Whoooa!" We chattered about it the rest of the day and never saw our man on the bike again either!

We watched the news that night from our room and found that New Orleans had the highest murder rate in the Nation that day. We knew then that there was no logical explanation of why I was still alive and with my money and driver's license still in my pocket, not to mention untouched, from the night before. Where did I go when I disappeared? How had so much time elapsed when to me it was moments? Who were these people? We described them as our angels for that 24 hours. We stayed a third night...Christmas Day. On that night we stayed in our room watching WGN's Bozo Christmas Special and eating pizza. I recorded the whole thing with my movie camera. Then as he fell asleep, I decided to walk around the Hotel. The courtyard was silent except for the rain. A large dove-like bird sat above our door. I walked over towards the door to the front desk to buy a t-shirt and inside was a group of people. I was filming the whole walk, knowing there were spirits all around me. The group was a Ghost Tour and I was asked to join while they were at the Hotel. I got to hear about where I was staying and about the elevator and room 4 on the second story. It was beautiful and by the time I got to the front desk, I can assure you, I was ready for the long welcoming chat I had with the owner of the building, thanking her. I bought my t-shirt and slept well that night.

The following morning, the sun shone brightly. We knew it was time to leave our beautiful New Orleans. It is a moment in time I will never forget. As I went to close the room door behind me, I watched Bruce head with his luggage, through the door to the office to check out. I turned, swung the door gently back open and looked in. I said out loud, "Thank you for your gracious hospitality and for watching over us." Then I gently closed the door behind me hearing the click of the latch and smiling. JJ

The Haunted History of New Orleans: Ghosts of the French Quarter

Haunted New Orleans: Southern Spirits, Garden District Ghosts, and Vampire Venues

Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead (America's Haunted Road Trip)

Haunting Tales of Old New Orleans, Volume One: History, Legends and Lore (Volume 1)

Daily 2 Cents: Bright Light Through the Window -- Final Farewell -- Grumpy Granny Ghost

Bright Light Through the Window

It has taken me 25 years to write this down in its entirety and share it with any one else. Please forgive me if I ramble.

I was sixteen years old. I had been up talking to a friend of mine on the phone and decided to go to bed. My mother and step-father and younger sister were already in bed asleep. We lived in a modest size single level rancher in Tennessee. I went to sleep and was woken up at 12:34 (yes, I remember the exact time) by a painfully bright light outside of my window. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh great, Drew (a boyfriend of mine at the time) has wrecked his stupid car in the yard...I'm gonna get in so much trouble"...so I got up out of bed to go see what was going on. I pulled my hair back because it was just a mess and quietly opened my bedroom door. It was an old house and the floorboards creaked, doors popped, etc...so I had to be particularly cautious getting outside. I put my hand over the keys in the lock so they wouldn't make any noise when I turned them, and stepped out onto the back porch. The light was so bright it looked like daylight outside but I knew it wasn't. I opened the back door on the porch and started to step out onto the steps....but instead....I started rising up...very quickly...I was shocked...at first I couldn't understand what was going on...I looked down and could see my house and street getting smaller...i could feel the wind around me but (even though it was February) I wasn't cold. I also realized that for whatever reason, I was not scared. I saw my high school....everything.....then I realized I was over a nearby park....and looked up. There was an array of three lights tightly together, almost like stars, that I began ascending toward. The lights "opened" into a triangular shape and I seemed to pass through that interior space.

I was in a room of sorts...it was a huge room. It was FILLED with people. HUMANS. I could see....hundreds of them it seemed. They weren't afraid either. We all stood in lines and there were other people that seemed to be asking each one of the humans a question. Just one question. I could hear voices responding....I knew my turn would be soon and I knew no one knew where I was. I saw, what I thought was a telephone laying on a shelf and stepped out of line and went to call my friend Chris to tell him what was happening because I knew he would call my mom, and my other friends right away. A small woman, older looking than anyone I have ever seen before, came over to me and gently put her hand over mine and said I should "put that down" because "it wasn't what I thought it was". She was kind and gentle and led me back to my line. It was my turn at that moment. They asked me my question...I remember responding...then suddenly I felt like I was being sucked back down FAST.....and was back in my room. Where I fell on my bed and went into a very deep sleep. I never said a word about what happened to anyone....I knew that they would say I was crazy or something. So I kept it to myself.

I have tried for 25 years to remember what my question was, what my answer was....and I can't ever seem to recall. I wouldn't even be writing now, if more had not happened to me in more recent history.

When my daughter was 7 (I was 29) my second husband and I had a small apartment in an extremely rural area of Tennessee that where he and I and my two children lived. It was attached to his sister's main house and was over a work shop. I was woken up, at 12:34 am...yes, I looked...and that is exactly the time it was...again, by a tremendous bright light shining in my second story apartment window. I tried to wake up my husband but I could not get him to rouse. I heard the door to our apartment open...I heard footsteps coming up to our living area from the workshop....I got up to see what was happening....as I came out of my bedroom, I heard the footsteps reach the top. I should have been looking AT someone/thing...but there was nothing. There were two or three large skylights in the apartment and I could clearly see the entire room. After a second or two of silence...I heard the steps go right in front of me, pass me and head toward my daughter's room. My eyes kept straining to see what they SHOULD be seeing...but I never "saw" anyone. I saw her door open...I RAN...FAST....through her door and into her room and said out loud..."You stay away from my daughter!". The light blinked out instantly. I was left standing there shaking and still seeing "blue spots" from the light. For the record...my daughter was not home that night...she had decided to spend the night with a friend of hers. Her room was empty. The next morning, I went down to my sister-in-law's house for coffee...and casually asked her if her son had gotten home late that evening. She said no, he had been home all night. She asked me why, so I mentioned that I thought maybe someone had headlights or something and was trying to play a joke on me...and told her about hearing the footsteps.....she laughed...then said, "Oh! You saw the angels too!". I was numb. I asked her what she meant....and she told me that she had a visit from something she decided was an "angel" that night around midnight....and that she has had those visits before. I excused myself from the conversation....I was feeling more than faint. It was the first time I had ever had anyone ELSE verify an experience for me....it left me quite shaken.

Many years have passed. I am now 41. I no longer live in Tennessee. I live in Maryland. I have only told two other people about this...my mother...and my husband. I have never breathed a word of it to my children or anyone else.

A couple of months ago, my youngest child, who is 6, got up one morning and asked me what the bright light outside of his window was during the night. He said it was so bright it woke him up. My husband and I are exceptionally anxious...this time I didn't wake up....I really don't know what else to do. We deadbolt our doors and make sure our home is as secure as possible. But, I am not convinced there is really anything I can do to protect him. I don't even know for sure there is anything to protect him from... I have a couple of loose theories but nothing that really adds up...I just really feel...alone. My experiences don't seem to be like others.

I have read so many of these commercialized experiences of being abducted, etc. I do know several things for facts...1) I was NOT dreaming..nor was I suffering from "sleep paralysis" at any point. 2) This has apparently been going on for some time now....3) I am NOT crazy 4) no "experiments" have been done on me that I am aware of, 5) I have no "traumatic" memory of anything bad happening to me whatsoever, 6) there were no little gray people with big black eyes (although the woman that told me to put the item down was shorter than me and seemed extremely old...), and 7) I was NOT the only human being on that ....ship? I know other people have had this experience...I saw them having it....

I am just scared now...and I don't even know of what. I am sure you must get a million messages like this a day. I thank you for your time and if you do not have any answers, I understand. I don't have any either. I just desperately needed to tell SOMEONE about this... just...in case. - MUFON CMS


Final Farewell

My best friend passed away about 6 months ago. At the beginning, i could still feel his presence but this feeling would eventually go away after a few weeks. One night, about 2 months ago, i had a dream about him. I was in school, going downstairs as he appeared right in front of me. I remember feeling very happy at this moment, almost euphoric, because of seeing him. So i asked him why he's still here and not 'resting in peace' in his own heaven, or paradise or whatever one believes, and we continued talking a bit. I asked him how he was (maybe not the best thing to ask a dead person) and things like that, and i was kinda sad about the fact that his soul/spirit/whatever was still on earth. I wanted him to find peace. Then we went to a glass door, and outside you could see a bright light that no one else but us could see (at least the other persons in my dream didn't react to that light), and i told him that this is where he belongs now, this is where he has to go. I hugged him for a last time and then he went off to that light and disappeared.

I remember waking up after that and still feeling euphoric. I couldn't stop smiling, knowing that he's finally okay. - Reddit.com


Grumpy Granny Ghost

A Sidmouth fashion shop has been forced to call in a medium after spooky going-ons in the shop.

Frightened fashion shop staff called in ghost hunters after fears their store was haunted by a Victorian granny who disapproves of certain outfits on sale.

Workers at the New Look branch in Sidmouth, said they had heard mysterious bangs, footsteps and ghostly whisperings.

They were convinced the bizarre goings-on were linked to a former local named Gladys whose prudish taste clashes with the chain's fashionable clothes.

Staff were so scared they called in spiritual medium Linda Helliker who poured cleansing salt on the shop floor and attempted to communicate with the old-fashioned OAP.

And since the visit they claim the paranormal activity has quietened down - although they still say hello and make polite conversation with Gladys in case she gets grumpy.

The strange happenings started in April when staff entered a previously unused store room on the top floor.

They later learnt it used to be Gladys' bedroom long before the building on the site of a former hotel became a shop around three decades ago.

Manager Lisa Jordan said: "That room is normally out of bounds but we had to unlock it because a health and safety visitor came to check it out.

"Ever since then we've heard banging noises even though nobody is up there.

"When we've been in the stockroom we've heard footsteps coming down the stairs. We've even heard a strange swooshing that almost sounded like a disapproving sigh.

"One girl heard a whispering in her ear and she got so scared she ran into a table. Another of my girls felt someone breathing on their neck.

"It's really weird and quite frightening."

Lisa said she felt the "energy of an elderly lady".

She said: "I saw a woman dressed all in black. I got the impression she was a widow and that she was there in her own lifetime because she had fallen on hard times.

"She felt she wasn't getting enough respect and the place was being neglected.

"I think she disapproved that it was a shop and in particular the type of shop, the fact that there were too many inches and bare bellies on display.

"But she was from a different time, perhaps the Queen Victoria era, so that's understandable.

"I asked her to talk to me if she wished, that her time there had finished and that she should move on to her loves-ones."

Lisa added: "Before she left, the medium asked us to put some flowers out as a nice gesture.

"When we checked on them later on the flowers were on the floor and the cup we put them in was smashed.

"Thankfully it's been fairly quite since then so hopefully she's made her peace with us.

"Apparently Gladys had a Yorkshire terrier - so if he we see clothes hopping around the store by themselves it's just the dog wanting to play with us." - exeterespressandecho


Mysterious predator killing pets in Alabama town

Several residents in Trussville are concerned that an animal is preying on their pets.

Flyers are circulating around the Maplewood neighborhood warning of a "large cat-like animal." It says that it has been seen on at least four separate occasions.

Several cats have gone missing and one resident told FOX6 News she found her dog dead in the driveway.

Mayor Gene Melton says that the city hasn't gotten any calls yet concerning the possible predator. - MyFaxAL


Bengal Tiger leaps onto fishing boat, snatches man in India

A Bengal tiger snatched a man off a fishing boat in eastern India, dragging him away into a mangrove swamp as his children looked on in horror, the man's son said Friday.

The attack happened Thursday as Sushil Manjhi and his son and daughter were crab fishing in a stream in the Sunderbans National Park. The tiger leaped aboard the boat and clamped its jaws on Manjhi's neck, said Sushil's son, Jyotish.

The tiger "quickly flung my father on his back and gave a giant leap before disappearing into the forest," Jyotish said by telephone from his village of Lahiripur in West Bengal state. He said he and his sister tried to beat the animal with sticks and a knife, but the thrashing had no effect. His father was dragged away and was presumed dead.

The attack underlines the difficult existence of millions of poor Indians who make a living by scavenging in forests and rivers, often at risk from wild predators. Many villagers fish for crabs in the Sunderbans — even though it's illegal in the protected reserve — because they fetch a good price at markets in nearby towns.

The national park is one of the largest reserves for the royal Bengal tiger. Thursday's attack was the fourth deadly assault by a tiger this year in the Sunderbans, wildlife officials said.

India has more than half of the 3,200 tigers believed to be left in the wild in the world. But as the country undergoes breakneck development to accommodate the growth of its 1.2 billion people, tiger habitats have been shrinking.

The big cat's numbers have also dwindled because of rampant poaching to feed a flourishing market for tiger organs and bones in China. - Cosmostv



How Do You Tell Your Family You Have Been Abducted By Extraterrestrials?

Why can't you remember being a baby? Science explains

The terror and the bliss of sleep paralysis

Study Shows Telepathy May Be Connected to Phone Calls, SMS, Emails

The Testimony of Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa: A Life of Mystery and Alien Contact

Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit

How to Hear Your Angels

The Angel Therapy Handbook

Mysteries of the Supernatural

Shamanic Hallucinogen Responsible For 'Demonic Possession'

Remember this story from last week?

3 People Taken To Hospital After Being 'Possessed By Demons'

Three American friends have been taken to hospital after reportedly becoming ‘possessed’ by evil spirits while playing with a Ouija board.

Alexandra Huerta, 22, was playing the game with her brother Sergio, 23, and 18-year-old cousin Fernando Cuevas at a house in the village of San Juan Tlacotenco in south-west Mexico.

But minutes into it, she apparently started ‘growling’ and thrashing around in a ‘trance-like’ state....

Well, according to the Daily Mail, Alexandra Huerta, 16, used the Ouija board with her brother and cousin after taking the powerful 'shamanic' drug Brugsmansia. In a video taken by paramedics, she can be seen in the depths of 'possession'

Her guardians admitted that they had told the trio how to contact dead parents using the drug and the board. The drug is also known as Angel’s Trumpet for its large poisonous flowers, and induces dark hallucinations, confusion, muscle paralysis and can lead to death in large doses. Alexandra was 'convulsing and speaking in tongues, not her own.'

Her guardians believe the possession was real, adding: 'We are worried she may still be possessed by these demons'

Brugmansia has proven medical value for it's spasmolytic, anti-asthmatic, anticholinergic, narcotic and anesthetic properties, although many of these alkaloids, or their equivalents, are now artificially synthesized.

Brugmansia has also traditionally been used in many South American indigenous cultures in medical preparations and as a ritualistic hallucinogen for divination, to communicate with ancestors, as a poison in sorcery and black magic, and for prophecy. It has been used internally much more rarely due to the inherent dangers of ingestion. Internal uses, in highly diluted preparations, and often as a portion of a larger mix, have included treatments for stomach and muscle ailments, as a decongestant, to induce vomiting, to expel worms and parasites, and as a sedative. In a concentrated or refined form, derivatives of Brugmansia are also used for murder, seduction, and robbery.

Several South American cultures have used Brugmansia as a treatment for unruly children, that they might be admonished directly by their ancestors in the spirit world, and thereby become more compliant. Mixed with maize beer and tobacco leaves, it has been used to drug wives and slaves before they were buried alive with their dead lord.

These hallucinations are often characterized by complete loss of awareness that one is hallucinating, disconnection from reality, and amnesia of the episode, such as one example reported in Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience of a young man who amputated his own penis and tongue after drinking only 1 cup of Brugmansia tea. The Swiss naturalist and explorer Johann von Tschudi described the effects of Brugmansia ingestion on one individual in Peru:

Soon after drinking the Tonga, the man fell into a dull brooding, he stared vacantly at the ground, his mouth was closed firmly, almost convulsively and his nostrils were flared. Cold sweat covered his forehead. He was deathly pale. The jugular veins on his throat were swollen as large as a finger and he was wheezing as his chest rose and sank slowly. His arms hung down stiffly by his body. Then his eyes misted over and filled with huge tears and his lips twitched convulsively for a brief moment. His carotids were visibly beating, his respiration increased and his extremities twitched and shuddered of their own accord. This condition would have lasted about a quarter of an hour, then all these actions increased in intensity. His eyes were now dry but had become bright red and rolled about wildly in their sockets and all his facial muscles were horribly distorted. A thick white foam leaked out between his half open lips. The pulses on his forehead and throat were beating too fast to be counted. His breathing was short, extraordinarily fast and did not seem to lift the chest, which was visibly fibrillating. A mass of sticky sweat covered his whole body which continued to be shaken by the most dreadful convulsions. His limbs were hideously contorted. He alternated between murmuring quietly and incomprehensibly and uttering loud, heart-rending shrieks, howling dully and moaning and groaning.

After leaving the hospital, Alexandra has no memory of what happened after she started playing with the Ouija, so there is no way of knowing whether the trio believed they had contacted the dead parents at any point during their ordeal.

'We know what we did was very wrong', said Mrs Camaño. 'She is a Christian girl who doesn’t even drink alcohol. We should not have encouraged her to attempt black magic to contact her parents'.

It seems that Alexandra's experience was more drug related than spiritual.

Magical Passes: The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico

The Flying Witches of Veracruz: A Shaman's True Story of Indigenous Witchcraft, Devil's Weed, and Trance Healing in Aztec Brujeria

Plant Spirit Medicine: A Journey into the Healing Wisdom of Plants

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chicanery & Russian Ufology

There certainly have been a high number of dubious supernatural claims from Russia, it's former republics and satellite countries (as well as China) since the fall of the Soviet Union. Many of the 'news agencies' in these countries seem quite willing to advance the agendas of hoaxers, as well as questionable assertions made by governments. I have gathered a few supposed alien / humanoid incidents, including a well-known abduction case, which I believe were exaggerated or simple acts of deception. Read the post and tell me what you think:

Alleged 'Alien' Body / Mystery Surfaces In Russia

from Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The image above was forwarded to me approx. 3 years ago - the images below were posted in a Russian blog this week

An old lady from Petrozavodsk city reported that she had been keeping a frozen alien body in a refrigerator for a couple of years. The alien was found next to the woman’s summer house. The body was said to be 'very hot' and that metal fragments were lying beside it. Before finding the body the lady heard a terrible noise. The creature was 40-50 cm long, had a big head, mouth and orbits. It was also wearing a one-piece garment. Two days ago the lady was visited by some people who confiscated the body for the purpose of its investigation and, according to their words, took it to the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. However, employees of the Research Center who were interviewed later said that they had never heard of the discovery. Where was the body taken?

NOTE: I saw one of these images (top photo) approximately 3 years ago...it was forwarded by email from a lady who lived near St.Petersburg who then stated to me that it was given to her by a friend. I attempted to gather further information but hit a dead end. Today, these photos were published in a Russian blog with the narrative posted. What do you think? Lon


The Voronezhsky Abduction

from Monday, January 06, 2014

In December 2009 I came across an abduction incident that occurred in Dubno, Rovno Region, Ukraine in January 2008. Subsequently, the abductee passed a polygraph test. Here is the entire scenario:

34-year old Vladimir Voronezhsky and his wife 29-year old Olga, at the time on maternity leave, were at home with their one and a half year old son Arthur and their daughters 9-year old Vanessa and 8-year old Angelica. Olga asked their daughters to go to a nearby shop. While returning home, both saw an unusual object in the sky, rushed home and told their family that they had seen a “flying star”. Olga told them that most likely it had been a satellite or a plane, but the girls objected and explained that the object had been round with strange white, yellow and red flashing lights around its perimeter. Both girls then drew a picture of what they had seen and despite the fact that they went to different rooms to sketch both drawings were quite similar. The girls then insisted that their parents go outside to look at the sky. Olga and Vladimir saw was a distant hovering object which was very high in the sky over the nearby river. It seemed to move and change shapes. Olga managed to take a photo of the object with her cell phone. The photo only shows a yellow spot or elongated strip with a black background. They finally went back inside, had supper and went to bed.

Around 0200am, Vladimir suddenly awoke and saw that the whole room was lit by a whitish-violet light. He began to wake his wife Olga, telling her that something was illuminating the house but she mumbled something, half asleep and told him that he was just dreaming, so both then continued sleeping. However, the strange light had not only woke Vladimir but their youngest daughter Angelica. A strong orange colored light shone on her face irritating her eyes, the light penetrated the room through a space between the blinds, illuminating the room like daylight. Scared, she ran to wake her mother. Olga woke up and pushed her sleeping husband and in a panic voice told him to look up. He was amazed to see that the ceiling of the room had apparently disappeared or had become totally transparent. Right over them, instead of the ceiling they could see open sky and a huge disk-shaped craft hovering right above.

Vladimir and his wife Olga ran outside their house wearing only their nightgowns. At about 100 meters from the house both could see the hovering disc shaped craft which emitted a strong white-violet luminosity. Terrified, both Olga and Vladimir were unable to move. Everything around them was reflecting the weird light from the UFO. Then Vladimir saw Olga ascending into the air, zooming up in a spiral motion, suddenly able to move he tried to grab her legs, but felt that he had no control over his body. Meanwhile Olga sensed being taken upwards and during that time she couldn’t move her arms or legs and she was nauseous. She was terrified and in apparent shock of what was happening to her. Suddenly both Olga and Vladimir appeared inside a white room without any furniture. The walls of the room were transparent, like glass.

Moments later, both witnessed 12 “living entities”. The humanoids were short---not taller than their oldest daughter Vanessa---all about 1.20m in height. They had three fingers on each hand, large heads with smooth gray skin. Vladimir didn’t notice any mouths, noses or ears on the entities. They wore a kind of completely sealed tight fitting coverall with masks and hoods that covered their bodies. The only detail visible on their faces were large black pupil-less eyes. The shape of their eyes was unusual “unlike the popular image often shown in the films about aliens from space” remarked Vladimir. The entities had no visible legs, and were moving around like “caterpillars”. The impression was that instead of legs, the humanoids had numerous tiny suckers under their long tight fitting suit and gave the impression that they floated. Only one of the aliens was taller from the rest, more than 2 meters in height and stood behind the other small humanoids. He wore a long loose fitting overall and his face was not visible at all.

The short entities approached Olga first, grabbed her moving her to another section of the room, placing her in a deep armchair which remotely resembled a gynecologist’s chair. Once Vladimir saw the aliens taking his wife, he was suddenly able to move and rushed towards Olga, in an attempt to free and defend her, but he suddenly stumbled upon what appeared to be an “invisible wall” or force field. Soon two of the small humanoids approached him. Terrified he asked them, “What’s going on guys?” They answered him telepathically, “Nothing terrible, soon you will be back home” “I am not satisfied with that” answered Vladimir angrily and began pushing the humanoids back, but at that moment two other entities came floating grabbed his arms and legs. However, being a professional wrestler and martial arts expert, Vladimir used several methods of Ushu wrestling to free himself. Incredibly he would kick off the entities from him and they would immediately return at him like a boomerang grabbing him again. The aliens asked him why he resisted, their words sounding straight inside his mind. The aliens would stare straight into his eyes each time they “spoke” to Vladimir; they were neither aggressive nor irritated. The voice inside his head according to Vladimir had no accent or timbre and apparently the aliens spoke in the Ukrainian language and sometimes used the so-called “surzhik” (a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian). Soon the aliens inserted four metallic rods into his chest area apparently paralyzing him completely. From that moment on he was not able to move at all. He could only stand there helplessly and watch the aliens “experiment” on his wife Olga.

The humanoids gestured to Olga to lie down. Looking around she didn’t see or noticed any surgical instrument of any kind around her, but somehow the entities without her noticing had cut performed an incision on her stomach. She sensed the smell of her inner organs, it was an unpleasant feeling. The shocked Olga could see her internal organs, but incredibly felt no pain, quite the contrary only tranquility and relaxation. The aliens seemed to be taking samples from her body and organs and apparently were now using different instruments to study the organs inside her abdomen. Olga had never seen such strange instruments before, she was only able to describe one that looked like a pair of pincers and had three clamps. The alien “doctors” also had three fingers on their hands. After the strange procedures the aliens closed and sewed up her stomach. How have they done this, Olga could not understand, apparently they had used some type of advanced bio-molecular technology, not even a scar remained. Before the abduction Olga had been bothered by stomach pains, and after the abduction she never suffered them again. During the “operation” the aliens talked to her, their voices sounding straight inside her head, they lacked mouths. The humanoids attempted to calm her, asking her how she felt and if she felt any pain. They told her, “We wouldn’t do you any harm; we just want to look”. Olga noticed that they always communicated in a very polite manner.

Apparently the aliens were more interested in communicating with Olga’s husband Vladimir. They explained to him, “The female is the entity in a stage less developed than the male entity”. According to Vladimir the aliens also subjected him to some medical experiments. They pushed an object resembling a pistol inside his head. While they did this he felt no pain. When the medical “tests” were over the aliens accompanied Vladimir, alone, to another separate room to talk to the 2 meter tall humanoid. The smaller humanoids respectfully called the taller humanoid by a word that Vladimir loosely translated as the “Professor”. While communicating with Vladimir if the aliens could not make him understand by the use of words they would in turn use symbols or images that would appear in Vladimir’s mind. For example they explained to Vladimir that their society was like a huge ant colony with everyone of the collective with a strictly defined social role. After Vladimir was brought in front of the “Professor” he asked the entity why they have taken him and his wife. “Why do you need us?” asked Vladimir. The tall humanoid answered “It has to be done” and promised an “excursion” throughout the galaxy as a compensation for the “medical suffering”.

Vladimir remembered that both Olga and he were then placed on large armchairs and that everything around them was transparent. They could easily see the stars and planets around them. For example, the sun looked like a diffused bright spot of light and Earth seemed like a tennis ball. Then he saw a bright blinding flash of light and experienced the feeling of nausea. In the next moment he saw that the spacecraft was now hovering above an unknown planet. After arriving there they stood up and were accompanied to another room, a kind of air lock or dock where the aliens placed them inside smaller craft---sort of cigar shaped “space boats” or modules to travel to the planet. They then separated from the mothership, entered the atmosphere and flew for a short period of time above the surface of the planet. Vladimir noticed what appeared to be holes or open pits on the surface of the planet. It appeared that the dwellers of this planet lived underground, like moles (or ants?), and their strict subsurface society reminded him of a giant hive. The “Professor” told Vladimir that this place was called by humans “Andromeda Nebula” (not clear). From what the tall alien told Vladimir, he understood that the aliens didn’t eat or drink in the usual manner that humans did, but absorb the necessary elements by a more sophisticated universal way. Their mode of life is totally underground. The humans or earthlings were a subject of interest to them because terrestrial people have feelings and emotions that the aliens do not possess. The tall alien also said that humans and cows were brought to earth from another planet.

After returning to the mothership there was another flash of light and more feeling of nausea and they then appeared at another location. Again, over another unknown and different planet. At this point, Vladimir asked how were they able to travel so fast, the tall alien answered that they could not overpass the speed of light so they traveled by tearing space (?) (Worm holes?). Vladimir admitted he wasn’t able to comprehend the concept. After this, one of the smaller humanoids said, “now this human knows too much”, that they couldn’t let him return home, that he was must stay with them or be eliminated. After hearing that telepathically Vladimir became angry and told them that he was not afraid of them that if they would try to kill him he will resist. After that the aliens communicated in a more respectful manner (?).

According to Vladimir, the alien abductors proposed that entered into sexual contact with a female humanoid of their species which had now appeared in the room. This alien woman had an awful appearance. She had a bald head, covered with tight fitting gray greenish skin. The aliens then asked Vladimir, “Where must they place her sexual organs?” (!) “How comfortable would you feel to have sex with her, in such or other position?” This situation became amusing to Vladimir who said, “Sorry guys I cannot have sexual relations with such an alien looking female” The aliens then accompanied their woman to a small round platform, where a column of light unexpectedly appeared. The next moment the alien woman walked out of the platform, now with a quite different shape, she now looked like a very beautiful human woman. However Vladimir couldn’t see her body, something like a white bed sheet had been place over her body area. But her face was very attractive with beautiful dark hair, exactly to Vladimir’s taste. Vladimir realized that the aliens had penetrated deep into his thoughts and had materialized the ideal image of a woman for him. Vladimir enjoyed his new sexual partner’s company, however upon seeing this Olga reacted with extreme jealousy and became hysterical, screaming for the aliens to stop the procedure immediately. The aliens apparently became confused and said, “You humans always mate together sexually, just like that...so what’s the matter?" Olga answered, “No! We don’t just mate. We have feelings and emotions!” Upon seeing his wife’s reactions, Vladimir restrained himself from additional contact.

Both witnesses understood that having such feelings was the central interest of the aliens. The 2 meter tall aliens said, “We do not understand you, why haven’t you, intelligent animals, destroyed yourselves yet? How can you survive with your emotions?” The tall alien then added that their principal task was to teach earthlings about extraterrestrial technology. He said that there was a “space war” going on at this time in the Universe” and he said, “The entity that you call God, has implanted much information into Earth and into the waters of it. Those who are against God want that information destroyed. If the Earth is going to be destroyed, the son of God would arrive to Earth again and will restore everything living it”. This is literally what the tall alien told Vladimir. Vladimir also asked the “Professor” about death, and according to the professor the aliens didn’t fear death because it does not exist, that it was only a transition into a different form of existence.

Vladimir states that during the whole contact experience “nothing amazed him” since he had not time to think about it at the time. Through the transparent surface of the cabin the witnesses could see planet Earth approaching and felt that their spacecraft was slowing down. The couple was then returned back to Earth the very same way they were abducted, first in the smaller module and then the large disc-shaped craft and then through the roof of their home inside a beam of light. Before returning the witnesses the humanoids promised to return in two years (2010).

At 1100 am the next morning Vladimir and his wife Olga awoke not speaking about what had occurred. Olga decided that she was probably going crazy or that it had just been a wild dream or nightmare. Incredibly, Vladimir had exactly the same thoughts in his head. Finally they talked about what had occurred and after analyzing the mutual identical memories they understood, that what had happened had not been a dream but reality. Vladimir phoned his friend in Kiev and was put in contact with researcher Yuriy Stepanov who hypnotically regressed Vladimir in February 2008. Vladimir remembered additional details of his captivity with the aliens. He drew a picture of the disk-shaped craft which had abducted them, with multicolored lights around its circumference with a dome on top and emitting a large column of violet white light which projected from its center. He also drew sketches of the humanoids. He remembered that while in space the object (spacecraft) had been surrounded by a field (layer) of plasma, he understood that this field was able to make the object invisible to the human eye and prevented it from being detected by radars.

The whole family requested extensive medical tests on them to see if the aliens had left behind any implants and to try to find any traces of surgery. Both feel well and by some mysterious manner Vladimir lost his gray hairs and his physical powers of endurance increased after the abduction. Olga was also cured of her chronic colitis and she also gained the ability to make a drunken man sober by placing the palm of her hand on the man’s forehead for 2-3 minutes. However the family soon became the subject of mockeries and sneers by neighbors and strangers and some accused the family of being “drunks”.

According to researcher Stepanov, quoting the Department of Inner Affairs of Ukraine, about 4,000 people go missing in the Ukraine every year and according to his opinion some of these have been taken by UFOs and more than likely willingly.


The following translated transcript is from the polygraph test:

July 27, 2012 18:50

V.Voronezhsky passed a polygraph test with a rating of "positive" in January 2012 in Moscow (story talk show "Pro Life" (02/10/2012, the TVC, Russia).

February 10, 2012 in a talk show «Pro Life" (filmed January 25, 2012) on the TV channel "TV Center" (Russia), a famous Ukrainian abduktant (UFO abducts) Vladimir Voronezhsky (from the city of Dubno, Rivne region) has successfully passed a polygraph test. "Successful" — means that a specialist in the field of lie detector test confirmed the correctness of the words V.Voronezhsky about his contacts with aliens.

Recall, 29-year-old Olga, 34-year-old Vladimir was a prisoner of aliens in 2008. Their stories of contact, in particular, can be found on the link - Инопланетяне похитили семью украинцев в январе 2008 года

Click for video - V.Voronezhsky passed polygraph test

Specialist and operator of the polygraph (lie detector) served Volodin Igor Konstantinovich. Questions and answers to them was:

- Your name Vladimir?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Today, January 25, 2012?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Are you afraid that the polygraph will detect your lies?

- No. (WRONG)

- You talked with extraterrestrial beings?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- You in 2008 saw other galaxies?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Aliens on your wife conducted experiments?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- You agreed with his wife to enter into all the confusion about the topic UFOs?

- No. (WRONG)

- Aliens put on you experience?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- You saw the "UFO"?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Neighbors call you an astronaut?

- Yes. (TRUE)

- Your life has changed for the better after meeting with a UFO?

- No. (TRUE)

- Answering the questions of the test, you lied even once?

- No. (TRUE) …

Commenting answers Volodin IK said:

"I can say that he believes in all the things that happened to him, maybe it was really a dream, maybe he really was flying somewhere … he believes in it strongly. And to the question "Have you talked with extraterrestrial beings?" Answers truthfully, "Put it on your alien experiments" — answers truthfully, "… Did you see the other galaxies?" — Little doubt … "

Commenting on the results of the test and the guest of Vadim Chernobrov:

According to the confidence, he said significantly to key questions. I, honestly, do not care whether he arranged with his wife or not (enter all being deceived about UFOs) because he was not silent for four years, he was talking to her and the many questions discussed. I do not need to ask him, worried or not, is what I see so, I was worried, "he saw or did not see, he invented or invented?" The big questions I see the green light, the other question I have for him no … "

Notably, in 2009, as part of the documentary film "Caution: UFO" (Studio "07 Production" channel "Іnter", Ukraine), Vladimir Voronezhsky and his wife did not pass a polygraph test. Andrew Volyk, speaking expert polygraph examiner, the survey concluded:

In this case, I'm no surprised as nothing special, extraterrestrial, say, ESP, or extra-human perception I saw. I only saw a few ordinary people wound up, tired of the psyche, and with some its some complexes that exist in every individual...

"According to the polygraph examiner, Olga and Vladimir Voronezh had never been on board a UFO, and their story about their alien abduction — is nothing but a fiction," — is summarized in the documentary Ukrainian TV journalists.

Voronezhsky, Vladimir himself in one of the comments on the website "Ukraine Abnormal" said:

If this were true, then surely I would have agreed to take the test on the detector with a further demonstration of the whole Ukraine and the CIS?

We should also say that Russia's "positive" results of the test subjects themselves very good, despite the fact that in some countries the polygraph is not considered as conclusive proof of the reliability of information on the subject of research (for example, Germany and Poland, the data obtained using the polygraph can not considered as evidence in courts.) - Igor Berezhnoy


Russian Naval Official Claims 'Humanoids' Observed Underwater

from Thursday, August 06, 2009

The objects were moving through water at over 420km/h, and divers 50 meters deep in a lake saw humanoids in silver suits.

After the British Ministry of Defence published documentation about UFO research a few months ago, the Russia navy followed, writes Russia Today.

I think about underwater bases and say: "Why not? Nothing should be discarded. Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there."

"The documents have existed since the time of the Soviet Union, and the former navy official responsible for researching UFOs, Vladimir Azhazha, said for Svobodnaya Press that the materials they found are of great value.

"Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water," said Vladimir Azhazha for RT.

The group which was led by the commander of the Russian navy, Nikolay Smirnov, gathered lots of evidence about unidentified flying objects, which they encountered numerous times.

On one occasion a Russian nuclear submarine, which was on a mission in the Pacific, ran into six unknown objects. After some time, the objects simply took off and disappeared into the air.

The retired Russian submarine commander Admiral Yury Beketov said that he had many encounters with UFOs in the Bermuda Triangle. UFOs most often seen in Caribbean and Bermuda Triangle.

Beketov says that they noticed objects travelling at an incredible 426km/h on radar. This speed is even too fast for travelling on land, and when we take into account the pressure of the water, it seems these objects defy all the laws of physics.

"There is one explanation: the beings that made them have certainly surpassed us," he says. The former Russian intelligence official Igor Barklay says that UFOs were often seen in the Caribbean, in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Besides that, they appeared in the Russian Baikal Lake, known for its great depths. A fisherman witnessed such an object, who says that a strong light came out of the depths, and then the object came out of the water.

During an exercise in 1982, military divers at the Baikal Lake noticed humanoid beings in silver suits at a depth of around fifty metres. They tried to catch them, but did not manage to. - Javno News

Russia and the alien question: an individual appeal to the British people, contained in three addre

The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors

UFO Case Files of Russia

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction

Abductions and Aliens: What's Really Going On

Daily 2 Cents: Burning UFO Chased by Black Helicopter...Portal Opens -- My Grandmother's Story -- Firefighter's Body Found...Strange Incident

Burning UFO Chased by Black Helicopter...Portal Opens

Evans, CO - 621/2008 - Cigar shaped UFO is on fire, covered in flames, Black Military Helicopter respondant on scene hovering. A flashing yellow light appears and some sort of Portal opens, the cigar shaped ufo flies in and portal seals shut with a brilliant flash, Black helicopter flies away.

I was driving in my car late at night to get to my dirt road residence when I thought I had seen a missile. I slam on brakes and jump out of my car. I was shocked and frightened, I wasnt sure if WW3 had started or not cause I thought it was a missile launch.

It was a cigar shaped UFO with narrow strip of windows? down the side, flames were licking at it, 2/3rds of it was on fire.

I wasnt sure whether to stare at the UFO or the Black Helicopter on scene or the flash of yellow light that opened up a hole in the night sky.

Looking for artist to recreate and volunteer services to find peace of mind. Willing to take lie detector test if anyone in doubt. Psychologically effected and feel alone and frightened cause this is my third sighting in two years time.(2008-2009) No sightings since. I am seeking more answers, reassurance.

Happy to share. This happened in 2008. - MUFON CMS


Reports of an Ostrich running free in Wiltshire

Police have said they are responding to reports of an ostrich running along Warminster High Street this afternoon.

Sgt Jim Suter announced on Twitter that officers are investigating the reports. - Wiltshire Times


Missing California firefighter found dead 1 mile from where he was last seen alive two weeks before

Michael Herdman, 36, went missing June 13 when he ran after his dog in difficult terrain in Los Padres National Forest. His body was spotted 1,200 feet above his campsite among rugged cliffs. His dog was found alive on Sunday in the parking lot where Herdman left his car 12 miles away.

(This has a 'Todd Sees' feel to it!)

A California firefighter who went missing two weeks ago during a camping trip after he ran after his dog has been found dead among rugged terrain in Los Padres National Forest, authorities said Friday.

Michael Herdman, 36, ran after his black lab, Duke, the night of June 13 while he was barefoot and wearing just a T-shirt and shorts.

The wayward pooch was found Saturday in a parking lot where his owner had parked his car — about 12 miles from where Herdman and buddy Taylor Byars, 27, had set up camp along a river bottom in woods outside the city of Fillmore. Read more at


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My Grandmother's Story

This is a story my grandmother told me a few years ago. I forget how it came about or where we were when it was told but this is how I remember it.

Her father had just passed away, and back when it happened, they held wakes in the houses of the deceased. So my grandmother was there for the wake and staying overnight in the house. Well after the wake when she was asleep, she woke up in the middle of the night, feeling some sort of presence. She sat up and saw a tall dark figure, wearing a top hat standing in front of the bed with no discernible features other than the top hat. Obviously she was freaked out, but was almost paralyzed and couldn't say or do anything (my grandfather was sleeping next to her). She then closed her eyes for a minute, opened again, and the figure was gone. After calming herself down she lied back down and continued to try to sleep. I could be wrong about that I don't exactly remember what happened after it was gone.

However what I found most interesting about the story was what she said after. Years later (not exactly sure how many) while looking through some photos, she saw a picture of her father wearing a top hat and dressed in black. She said it looked exactly like the figure, in terms of shape and size. She is convinced it was him. Of course I cannot verify if any of this actually happened, I'm just simply relaying a story I heard a few years ago. - Reddit.com



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