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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Voronezh Aliens

Summary: On September 27, 1989 in Voronezh, Russian Federation several young children claimed to have seen a three-eyed alien with a robot escort. The alien was said to be about nine foot tall. The craft, according to eye witness testimony, landed on the outskirts of the city. Shortly thereafter, the tall alien appeared, and upon seeing the young lad, shot a type of weapon at him, causing him to vanish before the eyes of the other people around him.

Incident: One of the most bizarre accounts of UFO folklore involves an incident that allegedly occurred in Voronezh, Russia. This case was reported in the United States by the St. Louis Dispatch. The story was originally published on October 11, 1989, in America, but its origin was the Russian newspaper TASS.

The report recounts the adventures of several young children who claimed to have seen a three-eyed alien with a robot escort. The alien was said to be about nine foot tall. The craft, according to eye witness testimony, landed on the outskirts of the city. Shortly thereafter, the tall alien appeared, and upon seeing the young lad, shot a type of weapon at him, causing him to vanish before the eyes of the other people around him.

There are several important elements one must keep in mind regarding this extremely strange case of a close encounter. The original details of the case were brought forward by Genrikh Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, who gave details to the TASS agency. Silanov stated that the media took an enormous amount of creative freedom with his report.

"Don't believe all you hear from Tass," he stated." We never gave them part of what they published."

The agency had informed the entire world that Russian scientists had confirmed that an alien spaceship carrying giants with tiny heads had landed in Voronezh, a city of over 800,000 people located about 300 miles southeast of Moscow. They stated that as many as three of these giant creatures had emerged from the alien ship. The ship was described as a large, shining ball. These strange creatures were said to have walked in a nearby park, accompanied by a menacing robot. Ironically, TASS was the only media member to print the story in Russia. The newspaper Pravda declined to print, or comment on the strange tale.

In defense of the TASS account, Soviet reporter Skaya Kultura said that the agency was following the ''the golden rule of journalism." "The reader must know everything.''

The TASS account stated that the UFO landed in Voronezh on September 27, 1989, at 6:30 P.M. Young boys playing soccer witnessed the event, stating that a pinkish glow preceded the descent of the unusual flying craft. The pink glow became a deep red as it touched down. Most witnesses described the object as a flattened, disc shape. A crowd quickly gathered, and peered through a hatch that opened. They saw a ''three-eyed alien'' about 10 feet tall, clad in silvery overalls and bronze-colored boots and wearing a disk on his chest. "

The TASS account also stated: "A boy screamed with fear, but when the alien gazed at him, with eyes shining, he fell silent, unable to move. Onlookers screamed, and the UFO and the creatures disappeared."

According to the report, about five minutes later, they reappeared. The alien had an object similar to a pistol - a tube about 20 inches long, which it pointed at an unidentified 16-year-old boy, making him disappear. The alien went inside the sphere, which then took off. At the same time, the boy reappeared.

"Children and eyewitnesses of the abnormal phenomenon have been questioned by police workers and journalists," wrote E. Efremov, the Voronezh correspondent for Soviet Skaya Kultura."

"There are no discrepancies in the description of the sphere itself or the actions of the aliens. Moreover, all the children who became witnesses to this event are still afraid, even now."

Several drawings were made by some of the children who supposedly witnessed the events of Voronezh. A couple of these are included here. One of the drawings showed the Cyrillic alphabet character "zhe" on the side of the UFO.

TASS listed three witnesses' names, all of whom were youngsters. They also stated that a group of international researchers would be investigating the claims of the witnesses.

Voronezh residents interviewed later claimed they had observed this UFO not just during the above incident but also many times on September 21, 23, 29 and October 2, between 6 and 9 PM. Some of these incidents involved a different entity: small, with grayish-green face and blue overcoat resembling a loose raincoat.

This phenomenal account is still in need of more eye witness testimony and research. The Voronezh landing remains an unsolved mystery.

Some of the children of Voronezh: Lena Sarokina; Vasya Surin; Vova Startsev; Alyosha Nikonov. (credit: Michael Hesemann)

Strange Tale of the 3-Eyed Alien That Zapped a Boy!

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Oct. 11, 1989 - MOSCOW - A three-eyed alien with a robot sidekick landed aboard a spaceship and made a boy vanish by zapping him with a pistol, a Soviet newspaper reported Tuesday in a second day of strange tales in the state-run media.

But as the bizarre saga of the space invasion of the city of Voronezh unfolded for a second day, a scientist whose words were used to buttress the first published report voiced doubts and said he was in part misquoted.

''Don't believe all you hear from Tass,'' Genrikh Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, said from Voronezh in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. ''We never gave them part of what they published.''

On Monday, the usually staid, official Soviet news agency told the world that scientists had confirmed that an alien spaceship carrying giant people with tiny heads had touched down in Voronezh, a city of more than 800,000 people about 300 miles southeast of Moscow.

As many as three aliens 13 feet tall left the spacecraft, described as a large shining ball, and walked in the park with a small robot, Tass reported. A Tass duty officer stood by the story. ''It is not April Fools' today,'' he said.

The purported close encounter in Voronezh was only the latest weird tale to appear in the Soviet media. Under the policy of glasnost, or openness, the media have recently told of other sightings of unidentified flying objects and the yeti, or Abominable Snowman.

Monday's report spawned rumors in Moscow, including one that the aliens told Voronezh residents the Earth would be destroyed by the year 2000 if people didn't stop polluting it.

Nonetheless, a Communist Party paper whose avowed mission is to write about culture was the only major national daily to print anything Tuesday about the UFO, indicating that more authoritative newspapers like Pravda had thought the topic too hot to handle.

Sovietskaya Kultura said its coverage had been motivated by ''the golden rule of journalism: The reader must know everything.''

The daily quoted witnesses as saying that the UFO flew into Voronezh on Sept 27. At 6:30 p.m., it said, boys playing soccer saw a pink glow in the sky, then saw a deep red ball about 10 yards in diameter. The ball circled, vanished, then reappeared minutes later and hovered, it said.

A crowd rushed to the site, Sovietskaya Kultura said, and through an open hatch saw a ''three-eyed alien'' about 10 feet tall, clad in silvery overalls and bronze-colored boots and wearing a disk on his chest.

The newspaper, quoting witnesses, gave this account:

The UFO landed. Two creatures, one apparently a robot, exited. A boy screamed with fear, but when the alien gazed at him, with eyes shining, he fell silent, unable to move. Onlookers screamed, and the UFO and the creatures disappeared.

About five minutes later, they reappeared. The alien had a ''pistol'' - a tube about 20 inches long, which it pointed at an unidentified 16-year-old boy, making him disappear. The alien went inside the sphere, which took off. At the same time, the boy reappeared.

''Children and eyewitnesses of the abnormal phenomenon have been questioned by police workers and journalists,'' wrote E. Efremov, the Voronezh correspondent for Sovietskaya Kultura. ''There are no discrepancies in the description of the sphere itself or the actions of the 'aliens.' Moreover,
all the children who became witnesses to this event are still afraid, even now.''

It gave the names of only three witnesses, all youngsters.

Scientists from a nationwide group that investigates ''abnormal phenomena'' were looking into the landing, the newspaper said.

Artist's rendition of the Voronezh landing by Elena Penkova
Sketches of the UFOs and robots/beings drawn by some of the witnesses. The top-left drawing of the UFO and robot is by sixth-grader Roma Torshin; and the top-right drawing by Genya Blinov. (credit: Hesemann / Jacques Vallee)

Soviets Report Alien Sighting

Associated Press, Oct. 9, 1989

By JOHN IAMS Associated Press Writer

MOSCOW (AP) -- The official Tass news agency said today that scientists have confirmed the landing of an alien spaceship carrying giant people with tiny heads.

The report was the latest strange tale in the official Soviet media, which under the policy of glasnost, "or openess," have recently told of other sightings of unidentified flying objects and alien creatures.

"Scientists have confirmed that an unidentified flying object recently landed in a park in the Russian city of Voronezh," Tass said in a dispatch from the city, 300 miles southeast of Moscow. "They have also identified the landing site and found traces of aliens who made a short promenade about the park."

Tass said Voronezh residents saw a large shining ball or disk hovering over the park. They reported that the UFO landed and up to three creatures similar to humans emerged, accompanied by a small robot, Tass said.

"The aliens were three or even four meters (9 to 12 feet) tall, but with very small heads," the news agency quoted witnesses as saying. "They walked near the ball or disc and then disappeared inside."

The report was similar to a story last summer in the daily newspaper Socialist Industry, which told of a purported "close encounter" between a milkmaid and an alien in Central Russia's Perm region.

In that report, Lyubov Medvedev was quoted as saying she encountered an alien creature "resembling a man, but taller than average with short legs." The creature, she said, had "only a small knob instead of a head."

The Tass report, which did not give the date of the purported landing in Voronezh, said onlookers were "overwhelmed with a fear that lasted for several days."

Genrikh Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, told Tass that scientists investigating the UFO report found a 20-yard depression with four deep dents as well as two pieces of unidentified rocks.

"At first glance, they looked like sandstone of a deep-red color. However, mineralogical analysis has shown that the substance cannot be found on Earth," Tass quoted Silanov as saying. "However, additional tests are needed to reach a more definite conclusion."

Silanov said the landing site and path taken by the aliens were confirmed using the "biolocation" method of tracking, but Tass didn't explain what that was.

Further confirmation came from witnesses, who were not told of the experiments and whose accounts matched precisely the scientific findings, Tass said.

The Tass report said residents also reported recent sightings of a "banana-shaped" object in the sky.

In July, Tass disputed a report in Socialist Industry quoting a UFO specialist, A. Kuzovkin, as saying a 26-foot-wide patch of burned ground near southern Moscow was probably caused by the landing of a UFO.

Tass said firefighters believe a haystack simply caught fire and scorched the ground.

Sketch of the object by one of the children who witnessed the object.

Click for video - Voronezh, Russia UFO Landing and Giant Aliens September 27, 1989



In the Russian Federation, the case was welcomed by official sources and the medias. The account was published in a Swiss newspaper, which made the case seem solid and real. Unfortunately, this may not be the case.

Genrikh Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, told Tass that scientists investigating the UFO report found a 20-yard depression with four deep dents as well as two pieces of unidentified rocks.

What kind of substance? What was the composition? The Voronezh case is possibly a hoax. Silanov declared the landing site and path taken by the aliens were confirmed by their use of a "biolocation" tracking method.

Silanov stated:

"To locate the place of landing, we had recourse to the technique of biological magnetism", indicated the chief of the laboratory of the expedition sent in the park, Guenrikh Silanov. "It is a circular surface of 20 meters in diameter. Four depressions of 4 A 5 centimetres of depth and 14 to 16 centimetres in diameter are quite visible there. They form a rhombus. We also took two samples of the mysterious ground. At first sight they resemble dark red sandstone. However, after mineralogical analysis, we established that it was a rock without equivalent on Earth. To give a more precise conclusion, we need to make complex additional studies."

French ufologist Jean-Jacques Velasco contacted Silanov by phone, starting a written correspondance. Silanov offered more unusual claims including his group had telepathic contacts with extraterrestrials.

Silanov is not a scientist...his laboratory is a private structure and he is a member of a UFO hunter group. Silanov collected the drawings from the children, revealing the controverted symbol of UMMO on the spacecraft.

The media could not retrieve adult witnesses of the close encounter, despite the thousands of witnesses reported.

Tass was the official media of the government and presented the party line, even under the policy of Glasnost. Despite this fact, it remains as one of the strangest tales from the from the Russians.

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Fortean / Alternative News: Whales Return to NYC, Russian Frankenstein and Egyptian Antiquities Looted

Whales, dolphins and seals return to New York City Harbor

NYDailyNews - Whales, dolphins and seals have made a triumphant return to the waters just outside New York Harbor - and the comeback has even sparked whale and seal-watching tours.

Tom Paladino, captain of two ferry boats from the Rockaways, says pods of aquatic mammals off the city's coast have "increased tenfold."

"We used to see 10 whales a year - now we see 100," he said. "We saw dolphins almost on a daily basis between June and September."

There are so many more seals in New York Harbor that earlier this month he started weekend tours on his ferry, American Princess.

On one trip last weekend, he counted 14 lolling on a small island off Staten Island.

Cornell University Prof. Chris Clark estimates that as many as 30 to 50 fin whales now live full-time in the waters just past the Verrazano Bridge.

Acoustical monitors installed by Cornell in and near the harbor discovered six species of whales touring the New York-New Jersey bite - "a real menagerie of giants," he said.

Experts say anti-hunting laws and cleaner waters may have brought back whales and their cousins after being largely absent for a century.

The numbers are "far, far more than expected, even for me," Clark said. "I've been surprised elsewhere in the world, but off New York - yikes!"

Much of the data was collected by a federally funded study by Cornell and the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

When acoustical traps were laid in New York waters in 2008, researchers were surprised to hear not only the 20-minute serenades of humpbacks, but a cacophony of other fish making a racket, Clark said.

"Black drum fish lit up the night with their choruses. Males were out there singing their hearts out: 'Hey Baby! Hey Baby! Hey Baby!' There's a cornucopia of life 10 miles off the Verrazano Bridge. It's mind-boggling!" he said.

Officials said the study was supposed to last three years but was abandoned when a DEC official overseeing the project quit to get her doctorate. Budget cuts made it impossible to hire a replacement.

Clark said the whale study needs to be revived because no one knows the extent of whale activity around New York Harbor - or how best to protect them.

Environmentalists are especially worried about endangered species like the Right Whale, spotted locally along with Humpback, Fin, Sei, Minke and Blue whales.

The Right Whale is the slowest-moving local species, traveling at no more than 10 knots, and is the most prone to being killed by ships.

Clark is hoping to raise $1 million to revive the whale study and install a sophisticated monitoring system like one in Boston that notified boats to slow down.

"We don't know what's off our coastline," said Maureen Murphy of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment. "I know more from 19th century books than I do from anything printed in the last century."


Mummy fried - woman sets fire to house while trying to reanimate long-dead sister

RT - A night fire in an apartment block has been caused by a woman who tried to reanimate her long-dead elder sister with electricity.

The horrific story happened in Ekaterinburg, the biggest city in the Urals.

The suspected arsonist, 69, apparently was not completely of sound mind, judging by her mental health record.

A year ago, her 73-year-old sister died from natural causes, prosecutors told Noviy Region news agency. However, instead of reporting the death, the woman preserved the body with gasoline and had been trying the reanimate it ever since.

Her last macabre experiment on Tuesday night involved “jump starting” the mummified corpse with two wires connecting the body’s hand and neck to the mains.

Despite what Frankenstein movies suggest, the electric current did not revive the body, instead setting it on fire.

The surviving sister is now in hospital suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.


Mystery of 200 Dead Cows in Wisconsin Solved...Moldy Sweet Potatoes

aolnews - Authorities investigating the deaths of 200 cows in Wisconsin have come up with an unlikely culprit: the sweet potato.

The cows were found dead in a Stockton pasture two weeks ago. Locals were left scratching their heads about what caused the mass die-off.

Investigators from the University of Wisconsin have determined that the animals were killed by a poison found in spoiled sweet potatoes that were part of the cattle's feed.

"It is likely that a mycotoxin from moldy sweet potato was a major factor in the disease and deaths of these steers," said Peter Vanderloo, associate director of the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

There's been a spate of mass animal deaths in recent weeks, from fish in Maryland and Arkansas to birds in Louisiana and South Dakota.

The farmer who owned the cows had thought they might have fallen victim to disease such as infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, according to The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune. Vanderloo and his team ruled that out.

"None of the major respiratory pathogens of cattle were identified in the samples provided to the lab," said Vanderloo.

He also explained that the toxic sweet potatoes were not in the human food supply chain, so there was no threat to people.

While the recent mass deaths of animals have spawned some exotic conspiracy theories, scientists have come up with more mundane solutions for some of the mysteries.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture acknowledged last week that it was behind the deaths of thousands of starlings in South Dakota. The USDA said it put out poisoned bait after a farmer complained the birds were defecating in his animal feed.

The thousands of red-winged blackbirds that dropped out of the sky in Arkansas on Dec. 31 apparently died of blunt force trauma. Investigators say loud noises prompted the birds to take a rare night flight, and that they likely slammed into objects such as trees and houses.


Climber survives and stands up after 1000 foot fall

guardian - A climber who fell 1,000ft (300 metres) down the face of a Scottish mountain was found by a rescue helicopter, standing up and studying a map and suffering only cuts and bruises.

The 36-year-old man, who has been named as Adam Potter, from Glasgow, was in a group of four climbers who reached the 3,589ft summit of Sgurr Choinnich Mor, about five miles from Ben Nevis, early yesterday afternoon, when he lost his footing and fell. He was kept overnight at the Southern General hospital, in Glasgow, for observation for injuries that were said to be "non life-threatening".

Police said Potter was happy for his name to be released but would not be giving any interviews. They described him as "the very fortunate climber".

His first piece of good fortune was that a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter was already in the air on a training exercise and arrived at the scene only 35 minutes later.

The rest of the group pointed rescuers in the direction of Potter's fall, down the steep and craggy eastern slope of the mountain.

When they spotted somebody standing far below at 792.5 metres and beneath three high craggy outcrops, they assumed it must be the wrong man and flew back to the summit, where they saw bits of Potter's kit scattered in a vertical line down the face of the mountain.

A paramedic was winched down to check him and found him bruised, with a minor chest injury and some superficial cuts, although he was described as "shaking from extreme emotional shock and the sheer relief of still being alive".

"We honestly thought it couldn't have been him as he was on his feet, reading a map," Lieutenant Tim Barker, the observer for the crew from HMS Gannet, based in Prestwick, Ayrshire, said. "It was quite incredible. He must have literally glanced off the outcrops as he fell, almost flying."

Potter was winched on board the helicopter, where he was checked again by a doctor before being transferred to hospital in Glasgow.

Barker said: "He is lucky to be alive. It's hard to believe that someone could have fallen that distance on that terrain and been able to stand up at the end of it, let alone chat to us in the helicopter on the way to the hospital. I have to say that, when we got the call and realised the details of where he'd fallen, we did expect to arrive on scene to find the worst-case scenario."


Plundering of Tombs, Museums, Antiquities Widespread, Egyptian Official Reports

NatGeo - Widespread looting of museums and antiquities are occurring across Egypt, not just in Cairo, the news website Bikya Masr reported an Egyptian official saying in a statement. The official called on the global archaeology community to be on "high alert" for ancient artifacts being smuggled out of Egypt.

The website quoted an antiquities official, Mohamed Megahed, saying that "Immense damages to Abusir and Saqqara" have been reported. Looters allegedly have gone into tombs that had been sealed and destroyed much of the tombs and took artifacts, the site added.

Gangs 'Digging Day and Night'

"Only the Imhotep Museum and adjacent central areas were protected by the military. In Abusir, all tombs were opened; large gangs digging day and night," Megahed said.

Bikya Masr added:

"According to Megahed, storage facilities in South Saqqara, just south of Cairo, has also been looted. He did mention it was hard to ascertain what, and how much, was taken.

"He said Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) officials 'are only today [Sunday] able to check on the museums storage, but early reports suggest major looting.'

"Please spread the word to law enforcement officials worldwide."

"He called on the international archaeology community to issue a 'high alert' statement on Old Kingdom remains and Egyptian antiquities in general, "and please spread the word to law enforcement officials worldwide."

Looters of museums, 'who may be encouraged by outside Egypt entities, may try to use general confusion to get things out of the country.'"

Egyptian Museum "Looted by Security Guards"

The looting and destruction of antiquities in the Egyptian Museaum in Cairo on Friday evening was the work of the museum's poorly paid security guards, a former director of the museum is reported saying on the website of the German news organization Die Zeit.

Wafaa el-Saddik told Zeit Online that the museum's security guards earned about 250 Egyptian pounds, or 35 euros (U.S.$ 48) a month. "We have about 160 security guards plus several dozen police officers who are basically conscripts in police uniforms. These policemen earn even less," Wafaa el-Saddik said. Some of the guards had nothing, she added. One sold everything he had to get medicine for his sick child. Others were hungry "even at home."

El-Saddik also said that the antiquities museum in Memphis and its storerooms "were robbed on Saturday morning completely." She said she had received calls from the staff asking for help and she had alerted the police and the military.

"The biggest problem is the lack of protection of our museums," she said.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 UFO Encounter

Summary: In November, 1986, a Japanese crew of a jumbo freighter aircraft witnessed three unidentified objects while flying over Alaska, USA. This sighting gained international attention when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it was going to officially investigate this sighting because the Air Route Traffic Control Center in Anchorage, Alaska, had reported that the UFO had been detected on radar. Captain Terauchi was featured on numerous radio and TV programs and in People Magazine. Within a few months of these events he was grounded, apparently for his indiscretion of reporting a UFO, even though he was a senior captain with an excellent flying record. Several years later he was reinstated. The UFOs in this case were tracked on both ground and airborne radar, witnessed by experienced airline pilots, and confirmed by a FAA Division Chief.

Incident: November 17, 1986 - over northeastern Alaska - It was a special Japan Air Lines 747 cargo flight to carry a load of French wine from Paris to Tokyo. The flight plan would carry flight 1628 from Paris to Reykjavik, Iceland, across the North Atlantic and Greenland, then across Canada to Anchorage, Alaska, and finally across the Pacific to Tokyo. The crew consisted of veteran Captain Kenju Terauchi, co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji, and flight engineer Yoshio Tsukuba.

On November 16, 1986, laden with wine, JAL1628 took off from Paris and flew the first leg of the trip, to Reykjavik. The next day, they continued, flying over Greenland and then across northern Canada without event.

Just after they crossed into Alaska, at 5:09 PM local time, Anchorage Air Traffic Control contacted them on the radio to report initial radar contact. The Anchorage flight controller asked them to turn 15 degrees to the left and head for a point known as Talkeetna on a heading of 215 degrees. They were at 35,000 feet and traveling at a ground speed of about 600 mph.

At about 5:11 PM local time, Captain Terauchi noticed the lights of some sort of aircraft about 2000 feet below and 30 degrees to the left front of them. He decided that the aircraft was probably an American jet fighter from nearby Eielson or Elmendorf Air Force Bases patrolling Alaskan airspace, so he ignored them at first. However, after a few minutes, he noticed that the lights were keeping pace with his own aircraft, which would be an unusual thing for patrolling jets to do.

It was about seven or so minutes since we began paying attention to the lights (when), most unexpectedly, two spaceships stopped in front of our face, shooting off lights. The inside cockpit shined brightly and I felt warm in the face.

Terauchi said that it was his impression that the two objects he had seen below them minutes before had suddenly jumped in from of him. The craft, one above the other, kept pace with the 747 for several minutes, moving in unison with an odd rocking motion. After about seven minutes, they changed to a side-by-side arrangement. Terauchi said that the "amber and whitish" lights were like flames coming out of multiple rocket exhaust ports arranged in two rectangular rows on the craft. He felt that they fired in a particular sequence to stabilize the craft, much like the small maneuvering thrusters on the Space Shuttle. He also reported seeing sparks like a fire when using gasoline or carbon fuel.

Co-pilot Tamefuji described the lights as "Christmas assorted" lights with a "salmon" color. He said: I remember red or orange, and white landing light, just like a landing light. And weak green, ah, blinking. He also described the lights as pulsating slowly. They became stronger, became weaker., became stronger, became weaker, different from strobe lights. The lights were "swinging" in unison as if there were "very good formation flight...close" of two aircraft side by side. He described the appearance of the lights as similar to seeing "night flight head-on traffic", where it is only possible to see the lights on an approaching aircraft and "we can not see the total shape." He said, I'm sure I saw something. It was clear enough to make me believe that there was an oncoming aircraft.

Flight engineer Tsukuba, who sat behind the copilot, did not have as good a view of the lights. He first saw them "through the L1 window at the 11 o'clock position" and he saw "clusters of lights undulating". These clusters were "made of two parts...shaped like windows of an airplane". He emphasized that "the lights in front of us were different from town lights." He described the colors as white or amber.

Tamefuji decided to call Anchorage Air Traffic Control, and for the next thirty minutes the 747 and AARTCC were in constant contact regarding the UFO.

During this time, Captain Terauchi asked Tskububa to hand him a camera so that he could attempt to take a photograph of the lights. However, Terauchi was unfamiliar with the camera and could not get it to operate. Tsukuba also could not get his camera to operate due to problems with the auto-focus and finally gave up trying to take a photo.

At this point they began experiencing some radio interference and were asked by Anchorage to change frequencies. Terauchi later said that Anchorage kept asking him about clouds in the immediate area: They asked us several times if there were clouds near our altitude. We saw thin and spotty clouds near the mountain below us, no clouds in mid-to-upper air, and the air current was steady.

Soon after the exchanges about clouds, the objects flew off to the left. Terauchi said later: There was a pale white flat light in the direction where the ships flew away, moving in a line along with us, in the same direction and same speed and at the same altitude as we were.

Terauchi decided to see whether they could see anything on the 747's own radar:

I thought it would be impossible to find anything on an aircraft radar if a large ground radar did not show anything, but I judged the distance of the object visually and it was not very far. I set the digital weather radar distance to 20 (nautical) miles, radar angle to horizon (i.e., no depression angle). There it was on the screen. A large green and round object had appeared at 7 or 8 miles (13 km to 15 km) away, where the direction of the object was. We reported to Anchorage center that our radar caught the object within 7 or 8 miles in the 10 o'clock position. We asked them if they could catch it on ground radar but it did not seem they could catch it at all

At 5:25:45, after spending two minutes looking, the military radar at Elmendorf Regional Operational Control Center also picked up something. The ROCC radar controller reported back to the AARTCC that he was getting some "surge primary return." By this he meant an occasional radar echo unaccompanied by a transponder signal.

As the 747 neared Fairbanks:

The lights (of the city) were extremely bright to eyes that were used to the dark. (The cockpit lights had been turned off to eliminate window reflections of internal lights.) We were just above the bright city lights and we checked the pale white light behind us. Alas! There was a silhouette of a gigantic spaceship. We must run away quickly! "Anchorage Center. The JAL1628 is requesting a change of course to right 45 degrees." It felt like a long time before we received permission

Just after the plane turned to the right, the AARTCC controller called the Fairbanks Approach Radar controller to find out whether or not the short-range radar had a target near the JAL. The approach radar reported no target other than JAL1628.

The plane came out of the turn and flew toward Talkeetna at an altitude of 31,000 ft, with the object still following.

At about 5:40 a United Airlines passenger jet took off from Anchorage and headed north to Fairbanks. The AARTCC controller decided to ask the UA pilot to try to see the object that was following the JAL flight. The UA pilot said he would look when he got closer. The controller asked the JAL flight to stay at 31,000 ft and the UA flight to stay at 29,000 ft. He then directed the UA flight to turn some more so that the planes would pass within five miles of one another.

As the United Airlines jet got closer, the UFO apparently dropped behind, allowing the JAL plane to get far ahead. The United pilot asked the AARTCC to have the JAL pilot flash the headlights on the JAL aircraft so he could locate the plane. At 5:49:45 the JAL pilot did that. At this point the planes were about 25 miles apart.

When the planes were about 12 miles apart, the UA plane reported seeing the JAL plane and nothing else. But by this time the UFO had apparently disappeared, not being seen by JAL1628, either.

At about 5:51, the AARTCC requested that a military TOTEM flight in the area also fly toward the JAL plane for a look. During the next several minutes TOTEM viewed the JAL plane but couldn't see any other traffic. JAL1628 proceeded to Anchorage and landed at 6:20 PM.

The FAA conducted an investigation of the incident, and did not issue its final report until March 5. CSICOP's (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal)Phil Klass issued a premature statement on January 22 claiming that the UFOs were the planets Jupiter and Mars - an impossible solution because the UFO was seen in a part of the sky opposite the position of these planets and because the UFOs moved from positions one above the other to side by side. CSICOP later issued a second explanation that the UFO was light reflecting off of clouds of ice crystals - also unlikely because the sky was clear at the reported altitude of the UFO. The FAA attributed the radar images received by ground radar to a "split radar return from the JAL Boeing 747."




As the Division Manager for the FAA Washington headquarters Accidents, Evaluation and Investigations, I was responsible for the quality of air traffic service provided to the FAA users. When informed of the “UFO incident involving a Japanese B747 in the Alaskan region” I ordered the RADAR recorded data and voice tapes flown to the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey for evaluation and analysis by both FAA Hardware and Software experts. After reviewing the play back of the event on a controller’s scope, referred to as a “PVD” and receiving a detailed analysis of the incident, I briefed the FAA Administrator and members of
President Reagan’s scientific staff, CIA, etc. on the following:

During the play back of the event I observed a primary radar target in the position reported by the Japanese pilot. The intermittent primary target stayed in close proximately to the B747 for approximately 31 minutes. Both the FAA controller and military NORAD controller reported observing the RADAR return of the “UFO” target on their “scopes”. There was no noticeable weather” in the area. “You can see into next Tuesday” was reported by a United pilot.

The UFO was painted as an extremely large primary target. As a result of the lacking run length identification the FAA computer system treated the UFO RADAR return as “weather” and transmitted it to the controller’s PVD via a non recorded line. ( All known aircraft are programed in the FAA computer systems “Run Length” table.) At the conclusion of the hand-off briefing the CIA advised they were “confiscating all the data, this event never happened, we were never here and you are all sworn to secrecy.” They also advised they would not notify the media as “it would scare the public.”


Alaska's 1986 UFO sighting still rouses curiosity

Washington, D.C., Nov. 8, 2002 - Although man has walked on the moon and orbited the earth, there is still no proof that intelligent beings exist on other planets. Yet scientists believe there could be.

There is even one account to suggest aliens have flown over Alaska.

For generations, man has fictionalized what it would be like to meet aliens or unidentified flying objects. But again, that's just fiction. This may be fact.

"Either there's something there or there isn't it," says former FAA division chief John Callahan. "Is it a spaceship or not? Why would they say it's a spaceship if it's not? The radar ain't lying."

Radar reports were part of what Callahan investigated while working for the Federal Aviation Administration in 1986. The investigation stemmed from a report by a Japan Airlines 747, as it flew about 50 miles from Anchorage. An inexplicable image appeared on air traffic control and military computers, and the three pilots flying the plane claimed they saw a UFO.

"The pilot has it on his radar, and then the pilot and the other two guys in the cockpit look out the window, and they see him over here, and they see him over there, and they see him over here, and for 31 minutes," Callahan says.

The FAA said the incident was due to a radar malfunction. The CIA believed the pilots, Callahan says, but it buried the story. "The CIA said it was a UFO. The CIA said we're not going to tell the public, because it would scare the public. They told me that."

Stories like Callahan's were the subject of a symposium Friday in Washington, D.C. Reputable scientists and even a former NASA official concluded such stories may be more than just the visions of those with active imaginations.

"Within our own backyard, the Milky Way Galaxy, there could be literally 50 billion planets, of which 10 percent may be earthlike in nature," says Dr. Michio Kaku of City University of New York. "So it's hard to believe that God would create a universe and waste it, making all these barren planets."

Scientists say more funding needs to be devoted to determining if there is life on other planets -- and they acknowledge there is also the challenge of getting people to accept the idea of alien life.

That's an idea Callahan accepted two decades ago. "What I'm hoping is, before I die, to be able to say I told you so," he says.

Callahan continued to work for the FAA after the Japan Airlines incident. He is now retired and does some aviation consulting.


FAA investigates JAL Flight 1628 UFO Sighting

ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The Federal Aviation Administration has stepped up efforts to determine the source of wavering lights that dogged a Japan Air Lines cargo jet across Alaska's night sky for nearly an hour in November. "We're looking at it to ensure that somebody didn't violate airspace we control," FAA spokesman Paul Steucke said Sunday. "We looked at it about six weeks ago, but since then we've gotten a lot of public interest, so we went back and re-interviewed the pilot. He provided us with additional information."

Veteran pilot Kenji Terauchi told investigators Friday through an interpreter that two of the lights were small, perhaps no larger than eight feet across. He said the third light was on an aircraft, a huge darkened globe with a diameter of perhaps two aircraft carriers placed end-to-end, Steucke said.

The pilot said the large UFO showed up on his cockpit weather radar. But images on military radar screens at the time were dismissed as "clutter," and a blip that showed up on FAA screens was analyzed as a coincidental "split image" of the aircraft, Steucke said.

Radar tapes, transcribed interviews and radio messages are to be sent to the FAA in Washington, D.C., later this week for review, Steucke said.

A JAL spokeswoman Sunday said Terauchi was on a flight to Europe and was unavailable.

Flight 1628, with a three-man crew, left Iceland on Nov. 17 with a load of wine bound for Tokyo from Paris. Terauchi and his crew picked up the Boeing 747 in Iceland for the Polar leg of the flight to Anchorage.

The evening sky was clear as the jet, cruising at 525 knots, crossed into Alaska from Canada, just northeast of Fort Yukon. At 6:19 p.m. (AST), as the plane flew at 35,000 feet, Terauchi said he saw three lights eight miles in front of his aircraft.

The pilot reported the lights were yellow, amber and green, Steucke said, but not red, the international color for aircraft beacons.

"The two smaller ones moved a little bit, changed their angle. The smaller ones did not show up on the weather radar onboard," Steucke said. "The larger one did.

"It appeared to him it might be possible that the lights might be exhaust pipes, they kind of wavered but did not blink. His main concern was trying to determine whether he was overtaking another aircraft."

Steucke said the pilot reported he dimmed cockpit lights to ensure he was not seeing a reflection.

"He flew for about six minutes before he decided to report anything," Steucke said. "I can't say I blame him for that." Terauchi radioed Anchorage FAA air controllers, who direct all aircraft traffic in the state, except for planes near airports, Steucke said. Fairbanks controllers checked their screens but saw only Flight 1628, Stuecke said.

The pilot reported the object was staying with him and controllers told him to take any evasive action needed. Terauchi decreased altitude to 31,000 feet, but the lights went down with him "in formation," Steucke said.

South of Fairbanks, Terauchi turned the plane in a complete circle to see if the lights would follow. "That was pretty clever," Steucke said. "It allowed him to eliminate any natural phenomenon which would have stayed stationary."

The lights stayed with the cargo jet, and moved to its left side, the pilot told the FAA.

Friday, he told investigators that there were no magnetic disturbances noted on the plane and no changes in its instruments or navigation systems, Stuecke said.

The FAA in Anchorage and the military in Alaska use the same long-range radar in Fairbanks, Steucke said. The FAA also uses sophisticated computer systems to screen clutter before it reaches radar screens, he said.

The military in Alaska does not use such computers, he said. "The military decided about a minute into this exercise that what it was seeing was clutter," he said. The Air Force did not send up an interceptor and is not investigating the matter, Steucke said. At the FAA center in Anchorage, controllers following the flight noted occasional second blips, or "split targets," on the screen near Flight 1628, Steucke said.

"That happens when the transponder aboard the aircraft is not electronically in sync with radar bouncing off the plane," he said. "We get an intermittent blip every three sweeps of the radar screen. It's not unusual. It has happened and it does happen.

"It was what I call coincidence that the split image happened to fall at the right distance and the same side of the aircraft that the object was reported by the pilot."

The lights vanished, heading east, when the JAL jet was about 80 miles north of Anchorage, Steucke said.

The FAA has ruled out alcohol or drugs as a factor in the sightings, Steucke said. "They were rational, professional pilots. I'd describe them as very sincere, very intense," Steucke said.

"I've been here 12 years, I've been with the FAA three, and I've talked to people who've been here seven or eight years and they don't recall anything like this," he said.

The FAA started investigating the report after the sighting, he said, but not as a top priority. "Basically, the public interest heightened the interest level. I wasn't hiding it, but I wasn't standing on a rooftop announcing it," he said.


MUFOR: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628

In the late afternoon of November 17, 1986, Japan Air Lines flight 1628, a Boeing 747 with a crew of three, was nearing the end of a trip from Iceland to Anchorage, Alaska. The jet, carrying a cargo of French wine, was flying at 35,000 feet through darkening skies, a red glow from the setting sun lighting one horizon and a full moon rising above the other.

A little after six p.m., pilot Kenju Terauchi noticed white and yellow lights ahead, below, and to the left of his airplane. He could see no details in the darkness and assumed the lights were those of military aircraft. But they continued to pace the 747, prompting first officer Takanori Tamefuji to radio Anchorage air traffic control and ask if there were other aircraft nearby. Both Anchorage and a nearby military radar station announced that they were picking up weak signals from the 747's vicinity. Terauchi switched on the digital color cockpit weather radar, which is designed to detect weather systems, not other aircraft. His radar screen displayed a green target, a color usually associated with light rain, not the red he would have expected from a reflective solid object.

Because he was sitting in the left-hand seat, Terauchi had the only unobstructed view when the lights, still in front of and below the airplane, began moving erratically, "like two bear cubs playing with each other," as the pilot later wrote in a statement for the Federal Aviation Administration. After several minutes, the lights suddenly darted in front of the 747, "shooting off lights" that lit the cockpit with a warm glow.

As the airplane passed over Eielson Air Force Base, near Fairbanks, the captain said he noticed, looming behind his airplane, the dark silhouette of a gigantic "mothership" larger than two aircraft carriers. He asked air traffic control for permission to take his airplane around in a complete circle and then descend to 31,000 feet. Terauchi said his shadower followed him through both maneuvers.

A United Airlines fight and a military C-130 were both in the area and Anchorage asked the airplanes to change course, intercept the Japanese 747, and confirm the sighting. Both airplanes flew close enough to see JAL 1628's navigation lights, alone in the night sky, before Terauchi reported that the unidentified fyling objects had disappeared. The encounter had lasted nearly 50 minutes.


Text of the written statement by Captain Terauchi:

We took a flight course southeast of Greenland direct to Chule, where a U.S. military base is, by crossing the great icy highland midwest of Greenland.The flight above Greenland, under a nearly full moon, which was raising on the right front side of our aircraft, helped visibility for the night flight. The flight was smooth despite the unstable air current that shook the plane for about two hours, but was still a rather stressless flight as compared to a passenger flight.We aimed towards Single Point, on the north coast of Canada, by passing through the Canadian north polar regions and down southwest along an Arctic flight course. It was 4:25 p.m., Alaska time, when we reported our location to Edmonton Center from above Single Point, Canada (68 degrees 55 minutes the North Latitude, 137 degrees 15 minutes West Longitude). It had become pitch dark, perhaps because the moon was directly behind us near the horizon.

We received an order from Edmonton Center that we should contact the Anchorage Center when we reach above Pottat where Alaska Territorial Air begins. Pottat locates approximately 480 miles, approximately 890 kilometers, North-northeast of Anchorage, 67 degrees 56 minutes North Latitude, 141 degrees West Longitude.We began the communication with the Anchorage Center about 5:05 p.m. The flight course we had acknowledged was Jet 529, direct to Ft. Yukon and Jet 125 via Nenana, Talkeetna, Chaiger and to Anchorage. The Anchorage Center ordered us to fly direct to Talkeetna, provided us transponder codes and placed us on a radar scope at the same time.

The strange phenomenon happened immediately after we began left rotation, following the order of taking the direct flight course.There was an unidentifiable light ahead of the rotation. We set the course toward Talkeetna and began level flight. Then we saw lights that looked like aircraft lights, 30 degrees left front, 2000 feet (600 meters) below us, moving exactly in the same direction and with the same speed as we were. We were at the altitude of 35,000 feet (10,600 meters), flying speed was 900 kilometer per hour to 910 kilometer per hour.We ignored the lights, thinking probably they were special missioned aircraft or two fighters because we did not notice the lights while communication with the Anchorage Center or on prior visual inspection. However, the position of the lights had not changed ever after a few minutes and that called our attention.

The First Officer, Tameto(?), called the Anchorage Center and asked to report to us if there were any aircraft other than ours in the area. The Anchorage Center told us that there were no other aircraft in the North area. We immediately reported back that we were seeing aircraft lights. They again reported that there was no military aircraft and the ground radar did not show any aircraft but us. They also asked us several times if there were clouds near our altitudes. We saw thin and spotty clouds near the mountain below us, no clouds in mid-to-upper air, and the air current was steady and conditions were quite pleasant. Perhaps the controllers were concerned that an increased use of improved lazer beams using clouds was creating moving images.

We kept observing the lights below us in left front, thinking it was ridiculous to have lazer beam testing at the end of a tundra area. Then the two lights began to move in a manner different from ordinary aircraft maneuvers, like two bear cubs playing with each other. We continued the flight South along a straight course since the distance from the lights was far enough from us and their movement was not extreme and we felt no immediate danger.

I thought perhaps it is one of those things called UFO and taking a photo might help to identify the object later. I asked to bring forward my camera bag that was placed in the rear of the cockpit and began to take a picture. The area in which the plane was flying was unchanged, but the lights were still moving strangely. I had ASA 100 film in my camera, mainly to take scenery and had auto-focus on, aimed at the object but the lens kept adjusting and never could set a focus. I changed auto-focus to manual-focus and pressed the shutter but this time the shutter would not close.

Then our aircraft started to vibrate and I gave up taking a photo. I placed my camera back in the camera bag and concentrated on observing the lights.It was about seven or so minutes since we began paying attention to the lights. Most unexpectedly two spaceships stopped in front of our face, shooting off lights. The inside cockpit shined brightly and I felt warm in the face. Perhaps the firing of jets was the result to kill inertia of their quick high speed maneuver, but the ships appeared as if they were stopped in one place in front of us.

Then three to seven seconds later a fire like from jet engines stopped and became a small circle of lights as they began to fly in level flight at the same speed as we were, showing numerous numbers of exhaust pipes. However, the center area of the ship where below an engine might be was invisible. The middle of the body of the ship sparked an occasionally stream of lights, like a charcoal fire, from right to left and from left to right. Its shape was a square, flying 500 feet to 1000 feet in front of us, very slightly higher in altitude than us, its size was about the same size as the body of a DC-8 jet, and with numerous exhaust pipes. The firing of the exhaust jets varied, perhaps to maintain balance, some became stronger than others and some became weaker than others, but seemed controlled automatically.

We did not feel threatened or in danger because the spaceship moved so suddenly. We probably would have felt more in danger and would have been prepared to escape if the spaceships were shaking unsteadily or were unable to stop themselves. It is impossible for any manmade machine to make a sudden appearance in front of a jumbo jet that is flying 910 kilometers per hour and to move along in a formation paralleling our aircraft. The ships moved in formation for about three to five minutes, then two ships moved forward in a line, again slightly higher in altitude as we were, 40 degrees to our left. We did not report this action to the Anchorage Center. Honestly, we were simply breathtaken. The VHF communication, both in transmitting and receiving were extremely difficult for ten or fifteen minutes while the little ships came close to us and often interfered with communication from the Anchorage Center; however, communication conditions became just as good as soon as the ships left us. There were no abnormalities in the equipment or the aircraft. I have no idea why they came so close to us.

Then again, there was a pale white flat light on the direction where the ships flew away, moving in a line along with us, in the same direction and same speed and in the same altitude as we were. Again, we began communicating with the Anchorage Center. We said that we could see a light in the 10 o'clock position at the same altitude and wondered if they could see anything in their radar. The Anchorage Center replied that they saw nothing in their radar. I thought it would be impossible to find anything on an aircraft radar if a large ground radar did not show anything, but I judged the distance of the object visually, and it was not very far. I set the digital weather radar distance in 20 miles, radar angle to horizon. There it was, on the screen: a large, green and a round object had appeared in seven or eight miles (13 kilometers to 15 kilometers) away, where the direction of the object was. We reported to the Anchorage Center that our aircraft radar caught the object within seven or eight miles in 10 o'clock position. We asked if they could catch it on the ground radar but did not seem they could at all. Normally, it appears in red when an aircraft radar catches another aircraft. I wonder if the metal used in the spaceship is different from ours. While we were communicating with the Anchorage Center, the two pale white lights gradually moved to the left side and to left diagonally back 30 degrees as if they understood our conversation and then when they were beside our aircraft they totally disappeared from our radar.

When they were in front of us, the ships were positioned slightly higher in altitude than we were, but now they placed themselves slightly below the horizon where it was most difficult for us to see. The distance between us was still about seven miles to eight miles visually. When we started to see Ft. Yukon diagonally below us at the right, the sun was setting down in the Southwest, painting the sky in a slightly red stripe, approximately two to three millimeters and gave a bit of light but the east side was still pitch dark. Far in front of us there were lights increasing from the U.S. Military Eielson Air Force Base and Fairbanks. The lights were still following us at exactly the same distance; however, it was too dark to identify by only the lights whether or not they were the same two spaceships that appeared in front of us a few minutes ago. It seemed that we were flying in the lighter side and gave them the advantage of being on the dark side.

We had no fears so far but began to worry since we had no idea for their purpose. When the lights from the Eielson Air Force Base and Fairbanks became clear and bright, two very bright lights appeared suddenly from the North from a belt of lights, perhaps four or five mountains away. The extremely bright lights reflected on the snow on the side of the mountains and seemed even brighter. We wondered if they were searching something on the ground surface or to (attract?) lead something. The flight above Alaska territory is generally in the daytime, and it is confusing to identify the kind of lights. It cannot be a base for the spaceship. Is it a move? There was something. Oh, yes, it is the Alaska pipeline. The lights must be a pump station for the pipeline. I got it.

We arrived at the sky above the Eielson Air Force Base and Fairbanks. It was a clear night. The lights were extremely bright to eyes that were used to the dark. How bright it was! We were just above the bright city lights and we checked the pale white light behind us. Alas! There was a silhouette of a gigantic spaceship. We must run away quickly! "Anchorage Center. This is JL 1628, requesting a change of course to right 45 degrees." It felt like a long time before we received permission. When we checked our rear there was still the ship following us. "This is JL 1628. Again requesting for change the course 45 degrees to the right." We had to get away from that object. "JL 1628. This is Anchorage Center. We advise you, continue and take 360 degree turn." "JL 1628, thank you. We will continue 360 degree turn."It was too slow to circle in the auto-pilot mode; therefore, we switched to the manual mode and set to turn right on a 30 degrees bank. We looked to our right forward, but did not see any light. We were relieved, thinking the object may have left us and returned to the level flight but when we checked to our rear the object was still there in exactly the same place. "Anchorage Center, this is JL 1628. The object follows us in formation. We request a change in altitude, 31,000 feet, yes, 31,000 feet." "This is Anchorage Center, JL 1628, ascend to 31,000 feet."

The consumption of fuel during this flight was almost as expected but there was only 3,800 pounds left and as such was not enough for extra flying, for running around. We have got to arrive at Anchorage. "Anchorage Center, this is JL 1628. We request permission for the direct flight to Talkeetna." "JL 1628, this is the Anchorage Center, we authorize the direct flight to Talkeetna." We checked behind us again. The ship was in formation and ascending with us. We wondered and feared as to their purpose. "JL 1628, this is the Anchorage Center. Would you like to request scramble for confirmation?" "The Anchorage Center, this is JL 1628. We would not request scramble." We turned the offer down quickly.

I knew that in the past there was a U.S. military fighter called the mustang that had flown up high for a confirmation and a tragedy had happened to it. Even the F-15 with the newest technology had no guarantee of safety against the creature with an unknown degree of scientific technology. We flew toward Talkeetna at an altitude of 31,000 feet. The spaceship was still following us, not leaving us at all.

About the same time, a United Airline passenger aircraft which had left Anchorage to Fairbanks flew into the same air zone and began communicating with the Anchorage Center. We heard them transmitting that there was an object near JL 1628 and requesting for confirmation. We heard that the Anchorage Center was saying to the United Airline aircraft that JL 1628 was at an altitude of 31,000 feet, therefore, United Airline should maintain an altitude of 33,000 feet. It sounded as if Anchorage Center had the United Airline aircraft fly above the spaceship. We were flying the east side of Mt. McKinley. The United Airline aircraft came close to us. The United Airline aircraft requested us to flash landing lights for visual confirmation and we both confirmed our positions visually. The United Airline aircraft was coming close to us. We knew that they were watching us. When the United plane came by our side, the spaceship disappeared suddenly and there was nothing but the light of the moon.The strange encounter ended at 75 miles North of Talkeetna, 150 miles (Approximately 276 kilometers) away from Anchorage. It comprised approximately 50 minutes of flight time. - U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Associated Press
United Press International
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Click for video - JAL Flight 1628 UFO Incident Over Alaska New Re-creation 2010

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Fortean / Alternative News: Glowing UFO, Wales Big Cat and DIY Plastic Surgery

Argentina: Strange Activity in Carlos Tejedor

Inexplicata - A well-known couple that operates a mechanic shop in the city described the strange manifestation of a glowing object over a country home in the Colonia del Toro area. The object was also seen on a photograph. From that point onward, upon inspecting previous photos, they noticed that the object appears to be patrolling the area for some time now. At night, it is possible to see very bright lights – red, green, blue and something like a fireball. The wife suffered experienced strong bodily tremors and a fever that faded away over a few hours. Some time ago, the woman and her two children even passed out, without any medical explanation being found. They now suspect that the phenomenon could be the cause, although she does not know how to go about researching it at the time. Other locals have also seen strange lights and fireballs.

Pedro Parera and María Rosa Velázquez and their children constitute a family of workers in [the town of] Carlos Tejedor. Both work day-to-day in their mechanic shop and spend weekends in a country property they own some 25 km from the city at Colonia del Toro. Their work is hardly over: there is painting to be done, grass to be mowed, repairs to be made – all of which delights the family. But something happened last weekend that changed everything for them.

María Rosa, a photography buff, does not waste any time in taking pictures, and she snaps away at her little digital camera, capturing every moment. It was in one of these photos of a growing soybean field, with the house visible in the distance, that she noticed something odd over the structure. Zooming in on her PC screen, she ascertained the presence of a shining object. Golden, resembling a bell, and of considerable size.

The strangeness quotient increased upon inspecting other photos. The object was visible in nearly all images taken in the same direction.

Not satisfied by this, María Rosa decided to look at pictures taken six months ago and even one year ago, and her astonishment was boundless: the object was always there.

At Night

Intrigue won out in the end, and after a conversation with a local engineer who told her that he’d seen something like a fireball – a story similar to one told by a fumigator, and other locals, who were unsure about the truthfulness of her story – she decided to return to field with her husband Pedro at night.

Her astonishment could not be measured, according to the report made to NOTICIAS at our newsroom last Tuesday, when they wanted the entire region to know what was going on. “There were very bright lights, green, red and blue. I took pictures of them, even though I was afraid. There was even one that turned into a true fireball and went away...”

María Rosa states that they were about to have dinner, but upon returning to the table, after taking as many pics of the lights as she could, until the fireball erupted, she felt a sensation of intense cold. “A very strange sensation, I don’t know how to explain it. I shivered. We went back and I had to cover myself with several blankets. I had a fever. But I was fine the next day,” she says, looking for an answer.

Everyone’s Sick

Today she connects this event with another that she and her children experienced last year, when she felt very ill one night and the boys woke up screaming, frightened, before fainting one after the other. This prompted the couple to return urgently to the city, with Pedro driving his family to the hospital. No abnormal health conditions were detected.

“Now, after what happened to me that night, I wonder if it was the same thing that made us feel so sick. I would like to go back to see if this is the case,” she says, her feelings an admixture of wonderment and astonishment, and fear about something she cannot explain.

Calls for an Investigation

Meanwhile, Pedro looks and listens, offering control and calm. Maria Rosa states that she “would like to have a large photo camera, to take higher-definition photos of all this, and to have someone tell us what it is, what it does, and why it’s there.”

Half-humorously, she adds: “The evidently “live” there, because they’re always there, they appear in nearly all photos. It’s a shame they won’t volunteer with the chores. Last week we mowed the grass, painted, made repairs, worked all day, but they didn’t offer much help...at least none we could see.”

Date: January 28, 2011
Source: Diario Noticias Pehuajo (Argentina)

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)


Ex-policeman in Wales 'big cat' sighting

yahoo - A former policeman based in west Wales spotted a "puma or panther-like animal" as recently as Wednesday.

Michael Disney now works for Pembrokeshire County Council's Public Protection Division and his sighting is being treated as authentic. While he gathered no photographic or other evidence, his sighting appears to give greater credence to the so-called big cat myth.

Stories of feline beasts living in remote corners of the UK are so common there is barely a region of the country without one - from the Beast of Bodmin in Cornwall to sightings in Kent and all over the north of England, such stories are common rural legends.

The latest sighting comes days after the government environment watchdog for England dismissed the existence of big cats. Experts with Natural England said in a report that they were confident no breeding populations of big cats exist in Britain.

Pembrokeshire Council begs to differ and is so convinced by Mr Disney that it is urging the public to report any sightings. It published extracts of the statement made by their man, which has been passed to the police.

Mr Disney's encounter happened in broad daylight in countryside six miles north of Haverfordwest, near Treffgarne village. He was driving his council car on a single track road at 15mph when a large black "puma or panther" crossed five metres in front of him.

He said: "I immediately stopped my vehicle and stared at this animal. It had a large cat-like head, muscular build and was approximately three feet tall.

"It was bigger and more muscular than a German shepherd dog. The coat was smooth and looked like it had brown spots on it. I had a clear, unobstructed view of the animal and the visibility was excellent."

He added: "I am 100% certain that this was a puma or panther-like animal and was definitely not a dog, cat or any other domestic animal. It was not something I had seen before other than in a zoo."


Cult of the mask grips Japan

theaustralian - They have blue sailor-suit uniforms, spangly mobile phones and several designer shopping bags. But one thing stands out: the cotton medical masks that cover their mouths and noses every waking hour.

These teenagers don't have colds. Instead, they are members of a growing tribe of Japanese teenagers who wear masks to take refuge from the world at large.

Rika puts her mask on when she leaves home and takes it off only when she goes to bed. She removes it reluctantly to eat, drink and occasionally allow her boyfriend to kiss her. She feels "comfortable" and "at ease" when she wears it. Rika, and others like her, are the cause of growing disquiet.

Last week's Asahi newspaper ran a long piece on these date or show masks. The phenomenon is one more example of a troubled youth culture turning in on itself, echoing Japan's lack of economic and political self-confidence.

The eccentricities of Rika and Kimiko are not as extreme as those of the million hikikomori, socially withdrawn Japanese who live with their parents and rarely leave their bedrooms. They are less sensational than the "girly men", heterosexual boys who forgo high-status pursuits and girlfriends in favour of humble jobs and clothes shopping.

But, like them, they seem to speak of a culture in which economic stagnation and the loss of guaranteed lifetime employment have left many young people uncertain of their place in society.


Tatsuya Ichihashi - before (left) and after DIY plastic surgery

Accused killer: 'I performed plastic surgery on myself'

msnbc - While on the lam for 2½ years, a Japanese man wanted for the murder of a British woman says he scissored off his lower lip, dug two moles out of his cheek with a box cutter and gave himself a nose job in an attempt to obscure his identity.

The disclosures come in a book released Wednesday and written from jail by Tatsuya Ichihashi, who will stand trial later this year in the murder and rape of his English teacher, Lindsay Ann Hawker.

Hawker, 22, was found dead in a sand-filled bathtub on the balcony of Ichihashi's apartment in Chiba, east of Tokyo, in March 2007.

Ichihashi, arrested in 2009 after a lengthy nationwide manhunt, admits to taking Hawker's life in the book, "Until the Arrest." But he doesn't describe the crime or his motives, instead detailing his life at large, during which he traveled up and down the country, in constant fear of arrest and obsessed with cosmetic surgery.

While police say Ichihashi has confessed to assaulting Hawker and that she died from her injuries, he won't enter a plea until the trial begins. The details in the book do not take responsibility for anything beyond what Ichihashi has already told investigators. If convicted of murder, he could face the death penalty.

After escaping the police who came to his apartment to question him, he bound up his nose with a thread and needle — like a cook trussing a piece of meat — to make it narrower.

At first, Ichihashi, 32, wandered around Tokyo and then drifted north to Aomori prefecture, where he twice tried to cut off part of his lower lip to make it thinner. The first time, he couldn't follow through because of the excruciating pain, he wrote. He finished it up a few days later in a public bathroom.

He wore several layers of surgical masks to hide the scars, but apparently didn't stand out in the spring when many Japanese do the same to escape pollen.

Moving by train and bus, Ichihashi headed south and embarked on a pilgrimage of temples in the southwestern island of Shikoku, wishing Hawker could "come back to life" — an idea he got from a novel, in which the dead are resurrected after someone who is thinking of them tours the same temples.

"I took Lindsay's life, that fact does not change," he wrote in the 238-page book released by publishing house Gentosha, its cover depicting Ichihashi's drawing of himself: a man wearing a baseball cap and a surgical mask.

While at large, Ichihashi carefully avoided monitoring cameras at shops and eye contact with anyone. He changed his location quickly and often when he thought he might have been spotted. He never contacted his family or friends.

Police offered a reward of 10 million yen ($121,000) for tips leading to his arrest.

Once he walked past a police station and saw a wanted poster with his face on it. It was then that he sliced off the moles on his left cheek — prominent in the wanted picture.

Having saved nearly 1 million yen ($12,100) from a string of construction jobs, he spent most of it on two plastic surgery operations, once to acquire a longer and narrower nose, and the second to raise the bridge of his nose.

In the end, his attempts to obscure his identity led to his arrest.

Staff at the second clinic took many photos of his left cheek with traces of moles he had removed, which seemed "strange."

The clinic reported his visit and sent the photos to police — news that was splashed in Japanese newspapers.

Ichihashi said he froze when he saw the news on TV about his cosmetic surgery.

"My heart raced," he wrote. "I gazed at it trembling."

He immediately checked out of his hotel, got a haircut and even bought a party disguise set containing a beard, sideburns and a mustache.

He was eventually stopped on Nov. 10, 2009, by police at the ferry terminal in Osaka as he tried to flee again. One of the officers asked his name.

Ichihashi gave his real name for the first time in 2½ years and was arrested.

In his book, Ichihashi apologizes to Hawker and her family, saying the book was intended as "a gesture of contrition for the crime I committed."

Friday, January 28, 2011

Strangeness In the Desert - Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport

The following narrative was posted on the MUFON CMS on 1/27/2011. The incident started on 1/10/2011. This is quite an odd report...I'm posting here only because of the 'strangeness' associated with it. I'd be interested in commentary related to this report.


I live across the street from the Laughlin/Bullhead, Arizona Airport. It is a small airport limited to small craft and a daily single line jumbo jets service which normally has about three landings and departures daily. Listening, I noticed that the jets had stopped landing that morning and only silence filled the normally noisy morning air. I turned on my police scanner to see if there had been a red alert or some other government action that might cease air traffic and listened to the airport frequency. The frequency had an issued alert that normal traffic would be suspended but did not specify why, it gave wind direction and other pertinent information for craft to land however. Mid morning, jets, I believed to be stealth bombers arrived. I did not see how many until the last day they were here, others, former military men who live here as well, claimed that while they had not see that particular jet, it resembled F-16. They began a series of sorties over the surrounding desert regions.

Mid morning, just shortly after they arrived, two men, one elder (early fifties to early sixties), and one younger man (mid 20's) arrived. They took up residence in the room beside my own which has an unobstructed view of the airport. But for all appearances sake, they rested from their trip for the rest of the daylight hours. Since the motel I live in is gay friendly, in all honesty I thought they were lovers and didn't question their true intent. That night, at around 9: p.m. I went to walk my dog, they were unloading their small blue truck of their personal belongings and I happened, (because I am a nosy person) to glace back over my shoulder and noticed what looked like a pup tent erected over one of the double beds in their room. I thought this was weird and noticed a bunch of wires and what-nots but basically reminded myself to mind my own business and walked the dog.

That night, I heard many different electronic sounds coming from their room. The next morning the entire airport was dominated by the fighter jets and their sorties. The noise was unbelievable and they took off and landed on a regular basis. Out of curiosity I asked the motel management, (whom I am friends with), if they knew what was going on over there and they said they didn't have a clue. I also asked about the two men whom were next to me and again, the management drew blanks, just that their truck bore Wyoming plates and they were probably gay. Again, that night I heard electronic noises and noticed they had obstructed the nosy view of any onlooking eye by placing a sleeping bag over their window but since I was at a dead end and their affairs were their own, I tried to ignore them.

The next morning the older man began what would become a daily habit, he would leave early in the morning and appear to be going to Laughlin to gamble or what-not leaving the younger man alone in the room, he'd honk twice as he was leaving but the younger man never left with him.

The jets continued to fly sorties all day and at night, a host of helicopters would begin to take flight as the jets appeared to settle down for the night and the helicopters which appeared as Search and Rescue craft being red and white in color, would fly in circular patterns all night long over the airport. I continued to hear the electronic sounds coming from the room next door and as I was passing the room, noticed the younger man had left to retrieve something from their truck. When he noticed that I observed him from the balcony he kind of acted like he was overcome with himself, not knowing what to do and almost froze suspended half way inside the truck until my dog and I passed him on our way to the field behind the motel.

As the days passed, not frequently but now and then, we'd see the younger man just standing, gazing from the end of the balcony into the barren desert. He never smiled, never spoke and I assumed was mentally challenged and began to believe maybe the elder guy was his father rather than his lover and maybe the elder guy went gambling every day, since he left in that direction but then one morning as the jets took flight, I noticed the elder man drove towards the right hand lane, which would have taken him to the Bullhead Parkway and hence to the airport. My son, who has a room two doors down from mine began to make it his business to find out what was wrong with the younger man, (mostly out of concern for his welfare since the older man left him alone everyday and if he was incapacitated in any way, we or at least he might offer to be there for him if needed), and my son attempted several times to speak with him but it appeared, either I was correct, and he was mentally challenged or something else was wrong with him as he had no normal human responses. Again, I mentioned to the management that I continued to hear electronic noises come from their room all night long and asked if they knew anything more about those two, but the office appeared to believe my original thought, that they were gay lovers and maybe they were playing video games all throughout the night on the T.V.

Now, I would have stopped here and as everyone else just thought that it was normal for air traffic to be interrupted in a tourist town that depends heavily upon all tourist and that maybe these two mysterious men who arrived the same day as the jets, in fact had nothing to do with the jets, with one exception. Everyone had a different theory who these jets were and why they had come to this remote town, essentially seized the local air port and were flying sorties above the desert but the night before they all left, a larger craft arrived under the cloak of darkness. We saw it quite by accident since it arrived about the same time we were walking the dog. From the balcony we could see the entire runway even though it was in pitch dark except for the tower as you could see apartment and house lights on either side of the airport. The craft was huge, (huge meaning it blocked completely view of the Southeastern horizon line which would have been dotted with lights from homes and streets),it was triangular and it was black, (assumed color), or as dark as the night, it had three lights around it and as this huge thing descended onto the airport it made absolutely no sound as it apparently landed. No jet engine noises, nothing.

I was obviously delighted to see this triangular black craft as I had never seen one before and was squealing and didn't realize we were right in front of the mens room. The younger one came out of the room and we both turned around to apologize for making so much noise and again, he froze, staring at the craft and back to us. So I said "hi" hoping we didn't disturb him too much and he quickly shut the door on the both of us. By the time we looked back, the craft had apparently landed as we just didn't see it anymore. My son was trying to convince me that this craft was something identifiable as I was trying to convince him it was the same triangular black craft many Arizonians have sighted over the years for it made no sound and appeared to glide to the earth or use some gravitational field to land.

The next morning as I took the dog outdoors there were three jets which took off side by side and flew north. By the time I arrived back at the motel the two men were packing up and leaving also. While I went to my room, I did secret watching them from behind my curtain to see what they brought out of that room and was amazed to watch them openly bring electronic scopes, wires and bags of stuff out and down the steps but the last thing I watched the younger of the two bring out and begin to drop down to the older man below, was silver insulated wall panels, (silver covering in a quilted pattern over a foam center, about 4' x 6' rectangular shaped), which I have heard some people use to block out signals from entering their homes. He dropped them down to the old man, who now appeared energetically charged, and I counted eight panels which they folded up, packed into the small camper shelled pick up truck and then as mysteriously as they appeared, they too, with the jets left Bullhead and by mid day, the tourist jets were landing at our airport as though nothing had happened.

Normal air traffic resumed and honestly no one I have spoken to appears to know exactly what happened here except some story that was going around that these jets came from Canada and the Canadians had permission to use the airport for their task, what ever that was, I was also told that the helicopters must have been Canadian as well since they were red and white but I haven't spoken to anyone who knows for certain about any of this stuff. All in all, they were here about one full week. I haven't spoken to anyone who also saw the black craft, it could be few people actually saw it as it was very cold that night and you'd have to have a reason to be outdoors, but we never saw it leave, I just doubt it was on the runway when normal traffic resumed as tourist would have wondered what it was. It must have left during the early morning hours.

Honestly there is no reason to contact me over the sighting since I really don't have any conclusions or answers and I understand only too well that in most of these cases there are cover stories which the public is expected to accept without question, I am certain that everything that went on here with the exception of the triangular black craft, will have a cover story but it makes no sense for Canadians to fly all the way down to a tiny little town to begin maneuvers that equate to test flying jets which I am certain Nellis AFB or any other northern military air field could accommodate with a lot less attention and then end by a legendary black craft landing on the field and disappearing overnight, along with two very strange men whom said less than a few sentences the entire time they were here. I did take phone camera photographs of the jets and from the land below, it is verifiable that they are flying over Laughlin/Bullhead Airport but I have not been able to identify the jets. Sorry I don't have more.