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Friday, December 30, 2022

UNEXPLAINED HUMANOID Recorded in Thailand Mountains Near Hua Hin (VIDEO)

Two young men were bike riding in the mountains near Hua Hin, Thailand. When they stopped to explore their camera picked up an unexplained humanoid creature among the trees.

In early 2015, Damien Mink and his friend went on a bike ride in the mountains of Thailand, near the city of Hua Hin. Damien, a Belgium native, had been living and working in Thailand since late 2014 and spent much of his free time taking in the sights. When they reached a cliff, they stopped to take a break and enjoy the view.

“Once we arrived at the top of the mountain, we had a GoPro on the helmet, so we stopped at a viewpoint. We admired the view, took off the helmet, and put the helmet on the rock.”

Damien then noticed a strange sound. “It was a very strident sound, almost like a woman screaming for help.”Swinging his camera around in the direction of the sound, Damien managed to capture something out of this world. “I was not sure what it was. I saw something moving. At first, I thought it was someone, but then I saw, like... It didn't seem like a person. I mean, it had the form a little bit like a person, but it was, like, green-colored. Also, you couldn't see it well because it was, like, matching the color of nature. I didn't even notice it until it was moving... Meant that its camouflage reflex was very good. And as it sank down, I still had a hard time separating it from the background. The motion was the only reason I was able to track it. It's amazing this thing was caught on video for just those few seconds. That thing looked bizarre. It looked like something out of this world. I couldn't explain what it was. Like, even the hands look like... It was like frog hands or something. It was... what was it? This thing was definitely not human, but it was alive.”

Damien and his friend immediately rushed to the spot but found nothing there. There was no trace of it at tall. “We ran to see what it was, but when we arrived there, there was nothing. It was gone... You know, it happened so quickly, and we didn't really have a confrontation, so I didn't feel danger. I think it was scared and ran away, so I think it felt more in danger than we did... We were, like, very excited to come back and play the image back and slow it down, and when we slow it down, and we saw that it was like, "Oh, my god. What is that?

Author and researcher Brian J. Cano, one of the hosts of 'Paranormal Caught on Camera', noted of the creature captured by Mink: “It's weird. It has a reptilian face. It seems to have scales. It has this large hand, long fingers.”Another thing not mentioned by Cano is that the creature actually seems to fade out as it moves down out of frame as if turning on some kind of invisibility technology.

Over the years, there have been some very interesting reptilian humanoid creatures documented, as well as other hard-to-define cryptids, like the Ewok beings that were captured on camera by tourists several years ago. Damien eventually moved to Hua Hin and has gone on numerous trips back into the mountains looking for what he saw on that day. To date, he has come up empty-handed. “I try tried to look for some clues or o look for some clues or for some leftovers or some skin or anything, but I couldn't find anything.

”While the case is undated, Damien noted in his 2020 Skype interview with 'Paranormal Caught on Camera', that the video was recorded “five years ago”, and the first known upload of the video was January 8, 2015.

Some skeptics have attempted to explain it away as merely a lizard and/or pareidolia. Even more ironic, those who demand proof are quick to, without any proof, claim that Mink and his friends were running around in lizard costumes, completely ignoring that the creature in the video appears to fade out on camera something that a person in a costume could not do. The  lazier skeptics just claimed that the video was “fake” without a hint of evidence to back up this claim. At least one pointed out that the creature seemed to have antlers.

Source: Paranormal Caught on Camera, Season 2, Episode 7 “Reptillian Creature inThailand and More” Episode aired Jun 24, 2020

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