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Monday, December 19, 2022

Family's Frightening GREY ALIEN CLOSE ENCOUNTER at Home

A young mother, alone with her two small children, experiences a frightening encounter with a Grey alien while in her bedroom one early morning. Now she fears it will happen again.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"During the summer of 1994, my husband and I purchased a newly-built home in a Sacramento Valley, California subdivision. We moved in with our four-year-old son and our soon-to-arrive baby daughter. The house was located at the end of the street with a lot of undeveloped land behind us.

Our son adjusted quickly, and he made many new friends. The neighborhood kids played on the street since there was no traffic during the day while most people were at work. Unfortunately, my husband was not able to find a job in Sacramento right away. He would stay with his mom back in the Bay Area during the work week and then he would drive back to the valley to check in on us. That's when we would do our grocery shopping and other errands at that time. We only had one car and I was left stranded until he was back for the weekend.

On a particular Monday, after he left early for his commute to work, I felt uneasy and scared, but I didn't know why. I decided to go back to our bedroom and lay down. I soon fell asleep, but I had a horrible nightmare. I dreamt that our son was missing and that we were running to different streets looking for him and calling out his name. I woke up suddenly and was relieved that it was just a horrible dream and my boy was fast asleep next to me. The baby was still in her bassinet next to the bed.

I turned over on my side facing the bassinet and noticed a bright light coming in between the window blinds. I thought out loud, "Is it morning already?" The light was coming in between the blinds and it was so bright, but the rest of the room was dark. There was also a bright light on the wall next to the window and I looked up to see where the light was coming from. To my horror, just above the bassinet, was an alien Grey's face. It was just the head, no upper body, legs, or arms. The head was dark in color, very round, ending in a pointed chin and there was a small slit for a mouth. The nostrils were small, but the eyes were large and almond-shaped and very shiny black. It had some sort of glass lamp on the top of its head. The light on the wall was projected from the lamp.

Then I noticed that the being was looking down at my baby daughter. Oh my God! I couldn't speak! My heart started pounding so hard that I started trembling uncontrollably. It saw me and realized I was looking at it. The being moved toward me and I started screaming and swinging my arms. I remember that I screamed out loud for it to leave! It floated from its original position above the bassinet to just above my face. I remember seeing this light blue fog build up in front of my face and then, in a dream-like manner, I heard a cooing sound, similar to Mourning Doves. I had the feeling that whoever was talking to me was stern and was telling me that it was for our own good.

Then I woke up. It was still dark out but it was around 6 AM and the blankets were perfectly made around the bed like nothing had happened. Everything was still. My son was asleep next to me and the baby was in her bassinet. I got out of bed and turned all the lights on in the bedroom. Then I walked through the house and turned on every light I could in order to check each room and closet. I checked the locks on all the doors, the lock on the backyard sliding glass door, and all of the windows were latched.  Nothing had been tampered with.

I decided to go to the bathroom and shower. When I was washing my hair I felt a sore spot on the top of my head. There was no blood or swelling bump, but it was very sore. I got dressed and walked to the kitchen. I made some coffee, then sat at the counter while trying to make sense of all those events I perceived. I thought about the nightmare that I had woken up from and how relieved I had felt that it had just been a bad dream. But then that being was there and I couldn't decide if it had been another bad dream or if that second part was actually real. It didn't make sense.

My son was up at 9 00 AM and I kept checking in on the baby. She continued sleeping, which I thought was strange. She should have been up to nurse hours earlier. I called my sister and told her about my dream. I started crying because it seemed like it had been real. But I kept thinking that it couldn't be real.

I checked on the baby. She seemed fine. There was no fever or anything other problem. She did not wake up to nurse until 2 PM that afternoon. By then I was sore and engorged with milk. As the day progressed I became anxious and before it was evening I again called my sister asking if she could come over and pick us up. I didn't want to be there alone with the kids at night. She drove over and took us to her apartment. My sister wasn't sure what to make of this whole situation.

I called my husband and told him about my bad dream but he thought it was just stress from being left alone so many nights and taking care of the kids. He picked us up from my sister's place and drove us back to our house that evening. I tried to go about my normal routine of making dinner, bathing the kids before bed, and watching a movie. It was soon time for me and my husband to go to bed,  so I put both kids in the bed between us. I was terrified that it would come back, that I would wake up and that face would be there looking back at me. 

My husband continued to commute for another six months, so I was still alone in the evening. That was the worst part for weeks. Every night I would stay up just until I could see daylight before I felt safe enough to fall asleep. I would leave the TV and the bedroom lights on and fight sleep until I would see the early sunlight peek through the windows.

I went on like this for three years. My husband would just tell me that it had been a bad dream. But after a few months, he didn't like for me to talk about it. My daughter was only three months old when this happened she doesn't have any strange scars or ill effects from the experience. But, I know that it was not a dream in regard to the encounter with the alien being.

I just pray that it never happens again. But, for some unexplained reason, I believe that it will. I feel that my children and I are destined to have more encounters during our lives. The fear of the unknown is more frightening than the actual experience." M

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