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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Indiana Family Confronts Unknown Investigators

I received the following correspondence this morning (Tues. July 31st):

My son and I need answers. We live in separate houses near Shelbyville, Indiana. This past Saturday 7-28-12 approx. 10:45 pm I got a call from my son. He was really shook up and upset. He said that there were men searching the field behind his house and if I could come over there. We live fairly close so I jumped into the truck and headed down the road.

When I pulled up to his house there were 2 black Land Rovers blocking the driveway so I had to park in the front yard. As soon as I got out of my truck a tall guy dressed in black coveralls came over to me and asked who I was and what was I doing there. I told him it was none of his damn business and that my son lived here. This guy was also wearing weird looking sunglasses - it was night - that had a greenish glare in the lenses. He suddenly backed off and walked toward the back of the house.

I followed him to the backyard where my son and daughter-in-law were standing on the patio. He walked over me and asked if he should call the police since they wouldn't talk to him. I told him to go ahead because these guys were on his property nosing around and never obtained permission to do so. As soon as I said 'police' these men all took off towards their vehicles. There were the two Land Rovers in the front and at least 2 more parked in the alley behind the neighbor's house. They were gone in a matter of minutes. I did notice that the license plates on one of the Land Rovers were red in color with 5 numbers - that's all. I tried to call the police but my cell phone lost it's signal which was very unusual. My son's cell phone signal could not connect either.

My son walked over to the neighbor's house to use their telephone but no one was home. We decided to go back into the house. We sat at the dining room table trying to figure out why these men had been there. Then my daughter-in-law said that it may have had something to do with the UFO report the neighbor made the week before. No sooner had she said that when a car horn started blowing out in front of the house. We ran out the front door. It was my wife and she was running towards me and panicked. She tried to call me but my phone wasn't picking up. She said that there were men dressed in black searching around my barn at home!

I got in my truck and sped home - but when I got there no one was around. I sat in my truck wondering what was going on. Just then my cell phone rang - our services were again working. It was my son who explained that the neighbor had filed a UFO report after they were frightened by what they described as "2 three foot tall glowing boys" walking in the field behind the house. My son doesn't believe in UFOs and aliens so he just brushed it off.

So do you think the men in the Land Rovers were looking for evidence? I searched the internet and found your site. I read a few of the reports people have sent you. Please don't use my name and information. I feel the need to examine this further since these men were sneaking around my property. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Sincerely - TJ

NOTE: I contacted TJ as soon as I received the email. The post has been edited in order to keep TJ's identity private. This is not the first I have heard of men in black coveralls...it does fit the profile of at least one private aerospace group who, I believe, are still involved with investigating citizen sightings. Any information that can be provided would be appreciated...Lon

Oddball Indiana: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places (Oddball series)

Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Two-Disc 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition) [Blu-ray]

Just the Facts?: Pagan Human Sacrifice Panic -- Drugs and Alien Encounters -- The UFO That Wasn't

Leaflets Warning of Human Sacrifice Plans by Local Pagans Alarms Community

Pagans have dismissed ‘ridiculous’ claims they plan to kidnap a member of the public as part of festivities in Epping Forest next week.

An anonymous leaflet stuffed through letterboxes on Epping High Street on Monday (July 23) warns of a Pagan ‘plan to abduct a male member of the public for use as part of their rituals’.

Pagans traditionally celebrate Lammas Day, the wheat harvest festival, from July 31 to August 1 – the mid-point between summer solstice and autumn equinox.

Mani Navasothy is a Wiccan High Priest and representative of the Pagan Federation, which works with the Government to create guidelines on recognising Paganism.

The 42-year-old has led several Pagan camps at Debden campsite and staged his wedding on the edge of the forest.

He said: “That’s just ridiculous. Nobody is going to catch a man and abduct him. I have got a degree in physics, so I’m not an idiot. Practising Pagans just don’t do that sort of thing.

“I myself have led rituals in forests and I used to tell the police and council – we always do it very carefully and formerly. If anything we just go for walks in the wood.”

Contrary to the leaflet’s claim that next week’s celebrations will involve ‘public nudity, unauthorized fires, sacrifices and heightened risk of kidnapping’, Mr Navasothy said they were likely to entail a ‘drama’-like ritual, with worshippers in masks and costumes acting out the cutting of the first wheat.

“We don’t do animal sacrifices and definitely not people. That would be criminal.”

Simon Webb, the Loughton-based author of Unearthing London: The Ancient World Beneath the Metropolis , said Epping Forest had been used by worshippers of Pagan gods since the Neolithic period.

“The main road from the Neolithic flint mines in Norfolk to London passed straight through Epping Forest and straight through Waltham Abbey," said Mr Webb, 58.

"Travellers worshipped half-human, half-horned goats and took symbols of their religion with them.

“There are old roads leading through the forest made by Celts. They’re called ‘green lanes’, and they were used as old trackways.”

Mr Webb confirmed Epping Forest was still a draw for practising Pagans: “Not far from the Wake Arms roundabout, there’s a clearing with lots of symbols carved into the trees. You’ll also find traces of fires that have been burning there.

“I don’t doubt for a moment that on Lammas Day there will be people lighting fires and dancing round naked in Epping Forest,” he added. - guardian-series


Smoking weed...then close encounter

Waukegan, Illinois -11/5/2011 - unedited: I was inside my apartment meditating with marujuana, then felt a need to be outside. As i step through the door-frame i noticed in my right-side peripheral vision of odd lights flickering, as if i took witness to a neighbors building going-up in flames; but to my relief i was wrong. What i began seeing was a UFO, a classic disc. This object had a lot of various colors moving about its exterior structure.

It was at or near the top-floor(third-level) window, 15 feet away. It beamed a light into it, or at it, within its beams was a silhouette of a child-size thing in a horizontal position going toward the building structure, level to the top-floor. This took only a 35 seconds.

At a second in time, it was in-front of me. between the "c" shaped structure of the residence. Its a two floor building.

It space-craft hovered there for less than a second and began beaming its light into me and possibly the apartment exterior wall into a transparency of that wall, because i was worried that maybe a creature might have beamed down behind me. Not sure what was going on, but i felt warmth from the light. The light had a purplish-green, and goldish-yellow colors swirling about me and the wall. There was no communication between the object and i. Nearly three minutes it hovered in front of me than it lit-brightly and in a flash took off in a northern curve like direction toward Lake Michigan, but to where, i dont know. There was nothing left as evidence on the ground or the building structures. No sound what so ever during the whole time. - MUFON CMS

The Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth of the Goddess, and the End of History

Liquid Conspiracy: LSD, JFK, the CIA, Area 51 and UFOs (Mind Control and Conspiracy Series)


First Pisa, now Rome's Colosseum - it's leaning

The ancient Colosseum of Rome, where gladiators fought for their lives, is slanting about 40 cm (16 inches) lower on the south side than on the north, and authorities are investigating whether it needs urgent repairs.

Experts first noticed the incline about a year ago and have been monitoring it for the past few months, Rossella Rea, director at the 2,000-year-old monument, said in an article published in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera on Sunday.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, another of Italy's most popular attractions, was reopened in 2001 after being shut for more than a decade as engineers worked to prevent it from falling over and to make it safe for visitors.

Rea has asked Rome's La Sapienza University and environmental geology institute IGAG to launch a study on the phenomenon, with investigations to be concluded in a year.

Tests have also started to observe the effects that traffic on nearby busy roads may have on the monument.

Professor Giorgio Monti, from La Sapienza's construction technology department, warned there may be a crack in the base below the amphitheatre.

"The slab of concrete on which the Colosseum rests, which is like a 13-metre (yard)-thick oval doughnut, may have a fracture inside it," he told the newspaper.

He said intervention could be necessary if the concerns are confirmed, along the lines of stabilization work carried out in Pisa, but he said it was too early to judge what kind of intervention would be most suitable.

The Colosseum - famous for hosting bloody gladiator fights in the days of the Roman Empire - attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists and is usually packed with visitors. - MSNBC

The Roman Colosseum: The story of the world's most famous stadium and its deadly games (Wonders of the World Book)

The Gladiators: History's Most Deadly Sport


Olympics UFO - Goodyear Blimp's “Spirit of Safety"

Friday night's spectacular pyrotechnics display of the most watched opening ceremony in summer Olympics history attracted more than the eyes of over 40 million people. A clearly seen unidentified flying object was videotaped making its way over London's Olympic stadium.

The disc-shaped object is first seen entering the upper left portion of the video as the fireworks erupt over the stadium. The UFO, which appears to have a dome or bulge rising from its center, moves slowly across the sky as if deliberately observing the light-show spectacle below it.

Bazinga! It turns out that the UFO was Goodyear Blimp’s “Spirit of Safety.”

Video - A Blimp or a glowing UFO above the opening ceremony of the London Olympics??

The UFO Files: The Inside Story of Real-Life Sightings

Shadows in the Sky: The Haunted Airways of Britain

Unearthly Disclosure


Calling All Covens!

I recently received an email from a Wiccan coven member in the state of New York who stated that their upcoming Mabon Sabbat will be emphasizing security and harmony thus, "...this is the time we honor the Spirit World and Deities as well as family, friends and the world community." They continued by stating "We celebrate Balance, a time when Light and Dark meet in order to equalize the energies and to contemplate our future. We ask others to take solace with the current leadership of our country and that we all move forward to a positive light."

I know that there are Wiccans who read the blog and newsletter...what are your thoughts to the email? Lon

Monday, July 30, 2012

Reader Submission: Jaguarundi Sighting In Southern Illinois

I received the following report today (Monday, July 30th) from Ben Peveler:

Yesterday, July 29th, 2012, myself and my friend Amanda were driving on the backroads between Du Quoin, Illinois and Pinckneyville, Illinois in Perry County. We were traveling north on Whitetail Road, about 200 yards before the intersection of Galum Church Road. When at, 12:56 p.m., this creature weighing between 30 to 40 pounds and standing about 3 foot tall crossed the road in front of us. I got a better look at the body, and Amanda got a better look at the head. The body was long and slender with a long curved cat like tail. The creature was higher in the rear and lower in the front. Amanda described the face as looking at lot like that of a weasel. It had a protruded snout, not a flat face like a feline would have. And it also seemed to hop across the road than running.

I have grown up my entire life in the woods, hills, and swamps of southern Illinois and western Kentucky. And I have never seen this creature before. I am also a cryptozoologist with several years of experience and research to my credit. Also I am the Director of the Illinois Chapter of the North American Fortean Society. So I am use to taking reports of many different kinds of cryptid creatures. But this one had me stumped!

When the initial shock of the sighting wore off, I made a phone call to my good friend Jc Johnson at 1:04 p.m. to see if he could help me identify what we had just saw. He was initially at a loss for what this could be, but assured me by the time I got home he would do some research and have a picture that resembled the creature we saw. Sure enough, when I arrived home, he had a picture of this creature called the Jaguarundi. That was what it was. Dale Drinnon also confirmed to me he had another report of one of these creatures being sighted in Illinois. I pulled up a YouTube video of the Jaguarundi, and sure enough, that was the exact creature we saw. No doubt in my mind at all. Ben Pelever

NOTE: Ben can be contacted about other strange and anomalous sightings in Illinois at bmgsharpshooter@yahoo.com



Common Name: Jaguarundi

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata (Vertebrata)

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Felidae

Genus: Felinae (Felis)

Species: yaguarondi

Sub Species: (herpailurus yaguarondi fossata) Guatemalan Jaguarundi
(H.y. cacomitli) gulf coast jaguarundi (H.y. panamensis) Panamanian jaguarundi (H.y. toleteca) Sinaloan jaguarundi

Misc.: While Jaguarundis are not native to the south-eastern United States, it is believed that a feral population exists in Florida, established from an introduced population of escaped pets in the 1940’s. They were reported to be quite easy to “tame” by early Central American natives, and were used to control rodent populations around villages. Today, it is not recommended to keep these or any other wild animal, as pets.

Size and Appearance: this cat is unique in its appearance among the felids in that it more closely resembles a weasel. They have slender, elongated bodies, short legs, a small flattened head, long “otter-like” tail, and a sleek, unmarked coat. Adults can weigh as little as 6 pounds or as much as 20. They stand 10-14 inches at the shoulder, and reach a length of 35-55 inches. Coats occur in 3 main color variations: black, brownish-grey, or red. Any or all colors can occur in a single litter, but generally the darker colors are usually found in the rain forest, while the paler color is found in the drier environments. The red color was once considered a separate species – F. eyra.

Habitat: A cat of the lowlands, not generally found above 6500 ft., Jaguarundis occupy a wide range of both open and closed habitats – from dry scrub, swamp and savannah woodland to primary forest. The factor used to determine habitat suitability is access to dense ground vegetation. Of all of the New World felines, Jaguarundis are the most adaptable in its ability to occupy diverse environments.

Distribution: Northern Mexico, Central and South America, Texas and possibly Florida.

Social System and Communication: Jaguarundis are known to be solitary or travel and forage in pairs. They have a wide variety of vocalizations, with 13 distinct calls having been documented.

Hunting and Diet: Their primary diet is quite varied and is comprised of small rodents, rabbits, armadillos, opossums, quail, wild turkey, reptiles, frogs, fish and domestic poultry. They have also been recorded eating fish stranded in puddles. - Wild Cats of the World

NOTE: I have no doubt that Ben observed a Jaguarundi. It is likely that it was an escaped pet...but I suppose it could have migrated north into southern Illinois. Since there had been a previous sighting in the area I wonder if a breeding population may have been established. I want to thank Ben for the report...Lon

Jaguarundi: Otter Cat (America's Hidden Animal Treasures)

Small Wild Cats: The Animal Answer Guide (The Animal Answer Guides: Q&A for the Curious Naturalist)

The Biology and Conservation of Wild Felids (Oxford Biology)

Just the Facts?: Pterosaur Sightings in Georgia -- HAARP...Time Travel -- Woman Keeps Mummified Boyfriend

Pterosaur Sightings in Georgia

On Wednesday, July 18, 2012, a lady was driving with her two sons on Highway 27, in Franklin, Georgia, around 8:15 a.m., when they saw what she called a “flying dinosaur.” In her email to me, she said, “I was so shocked at what I was seein I started yealing to my sons to look up look up. I ask my oldest ‘do you see what I’m seeing?’ and he goes ‘Wow!’”

The lady’s son told his mother that it looked like a “pterodactyl.”

I asked the lady some questions:

Q: Did it have a tail?

A: Yes it it had a tail, a long one.

Q: Was the creature flapping its wings or just gliding?

A: It was just gliding across [the] road . . .

Q: About how high off the ground was the creature?

A: I can’t really say how high but low enough that I knew it wasn’t a big bird.

More Sightings Near Winder, Georgia (recent post)

. . . about a year and a half ago, maybe a little more, I saw what I believe to be the same animal from directly below, traveling fast . . . The tail is what riveted me, you could see the shape on the end . . . it stuck straight out.

A Modern Pterosaur in Georgia (older post)

Those two flying creatures might be of a rare species, normally nocturnal but temporarily displaced by a storm, perhaps a pair flying in daylight out of necessity. If they are nocturnal, Georgia certainly has many places for creatures to hide while sleeping in daylight.

Thanks to Jonathan Whitcomb - Live Pterosaur

Live Pterosaurs in America: Not extinct, flying creatures of cryptozoology that some call pterodactyls or flying dinosaurs or prehistoric birds


HAARP True Intention: Time Travel

A brilliant physicist published a revolutionary paper citing 30 other scientific papers that reveal HAARP has incredible powers far beyond what most investigators of the high frequency energy technology suspect. Dr. Fran De Aquino asserts a fully functional HAARP network, activated globally, can not only affect weather and geophysical events, but influence space and gravity…even time itself! Now the network is almost complete with the activation of the newest HAARP facilities at the bottom of the world: the desolate and alien Antarctic. Will the masters of HAARP become the masters of time too? Continue reading pakalertpress

Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy (The Mind-Control Conspiracy Series)

Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace


Shock discovery: 248 human fetuses found trashed in Russian forest (Graphic photos)

A fishing trip in Russia's Urals ended with cries of horror as a man found canisters filled with human fetuses, some already shaped to baby bodies.

Lids on the bright blue containers apparently unlocked as the canisters hit the ground, and many fetuses spilled out. The little bodies, no longer than 15 centimeters, shrank, turning into mummies.

“A friend of mine called at night and said he went fishing and wanted to get some wood for his fire. He found some abandoned water canisters and wanted to take them for his house. And when he came up, he saw… little baby bodies,” a local told Russia’s Channel 4.

Arriving Monday morning, police found 248 fetuses aged 12-16 weeks in and around the four canisters. Labels attached to tiny hands and legs listed family names of assumed mothers and some digit codes, which may refer to the pregnancy period, date of abortion or the hospital where the body originated from.

The 50-liter canisters filled with formalin seem to have been thrown out of a vehicle not far from a road leading to Nevyansk, a town on the slopes of the Ural Mountains.

Nevyansk authorities immediately said the canisters could not have originated in their town.
“Our area is too small; we can't have so many stillborns, miscarriages or artificial abortions,” they said.

Later it was revealed that the horrifying content was “biological waste” from at least three hospitals in Ekaterinburg, the region's major city.

“It appears a waste disposal company has failed to carry out its duties properly,” remark local authorities as the investigation continues. The Ministry of Health has been requested to determine which companies provide biological waste disposal services to Ekaterinburg hospitals.

In Russia, embryos and fetuses are subject to immediate disposal as they are classified high hazard waste. Prior to disposal, they are to be kept in special packages, not in canisters with formalin. It is also out of practice to attach labels with any information, at least in Ekaterinburg hospitals.

But the bodies found near the Urals not only fall out of this description – the labels show they may have been stored for over ten years.

Some medical experts believe the fetuses might have been meant for studies or other purposes, as they contain stem cells. The cells are widely used for immune illnesses treatment and in cosmetic procedures.

Prosecutors are talking tentatively of criminal charges, but most probably the guilty party will bear an administrative punishment. - RT


Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail...for Collecting Rainwater on His Property

A rural Oregon man was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in jail and over $1,500 in fines because he had three reservoirs on his property to collect and use rainwater.

Gary Harrington of Eagle Point, Ore., says he plans to appeal his conviction in Jackson County (Ore.) Circuit Court on nine misdemeanor charges under a 1925 law for having what state water managers called “three illegal reservoirs” on his property – and for filling the reservoirs with rainwater and snow runoff.

“The government is bullying,” Harrington told CNSNews.com in an interview Thursday.

“They’ve just gotten to be big bullies and if you just lay over and die and give up, that just makes them bigger bullies. So, we as Americans, we need to stand on our constitutional rights, on our rights as citizens and hang tough. This is a good country, we’ll prevail,” he said.

The court has given Harrington two weeks to report to the Jackson County Jail to begin serving his sentence.

Harrington said the case first began in 2002, when state water managers told him there were complaints about the three “reservoirs” – ponds – on his more than 170 acres of land.

According to Oregon water laws, all water is publicly owned. Therefore, anyone who wants to store any type of water on their property must first obtain a permit from state water managers.

Harrington said he applied for three permits to legally house reservoirs for storm and snow water runoff on his property. One of the “reservoirs” had been on his property for 37 years, he said.

Though the state Water Resources Department initially approved his permits in 2003, the state – and a state court -- ultimately reversed the decision.

“They issued me my permits. I had my permits in hand and they retracted them just arbitrarily, basically. They took them back and said ‘No, you can’t have them,’ so I’ve been fighting it ever since,” Harrington told CNSNews.com.

The case, he said, is centered on a 1925 law which states that the city of Medford holds exclusive rights to “all core sources of water” in the Big Butte Creek watershed and its tributaries.

“Way back in 1925 the city of Medford got a unique withdrawal that withdrew all -- supposedly all -- the water out of a single basin and supposedly for the benefit of the city of Medford,” Harrington told CNSNews.com.

Harrington told CNSNews.com, however, that the 1925 law doesn’t mention anything about colleting rainwater or snow melt -- and he believes that he has been falsely accused.

“The withdrawal said the stream and its tributaries. It didn’t mention anything about rainwater and it didn’t mention anything about snow melt and it didn’t mention anything about diffused water, but yet now, they’re trying to expand that to include that rain water and they’re using me as the goat to do it,” Harrington

But Tom Paul, administrator of the Oregon Water Resources Department, claims that Harrington has been violating the state’s water use law by diverting water from streams running into the Big Butte River.

“The law that he is actually violating is not the 1925 provision, but it’s Oregon law that says all of the water in the state of Oregon is public water and if you want to use that water, either to divert it or to store it, you have to acquire a water right from the state of Oregon before doing that activity,” Paul told CNSNews.com.

Yet Paul admitted the 1925 law does apply because, he said, Harrington constructed dams to block a tributary to the Big Butte, which Medford uses for its water supply.

“There are dams across channels, water channels where the water would normally flow if it were not for the dam and so those dams are stopping the water from flowing in the channel and storing it- holding it so it cannot flow downstream,” Paul told CNSNews.com.

Harrington, however, argued in court that that he is not diverting water from Big Butte Creek, but the dams capturing the rainwater and snow runoff – or “diffused water” – are on his own property and that therefore the runoff does not fall under the jurisdiction of the state water managers, nor does it not violate the 1925 act.

In 2007, a Jackson County Circuit Court judge denied Harrington’s permits and found that he had illegally “withdrawn the water at issue from appropriation other than for the City of Medford.”

According to Paul, Harrington entered a guilty plea at the time, received three years probation and was ordered to open up the water gates.

“A very short period of time following the expiration of his probation, he once again closed the gates and re-filled the reservoirs,” Paul told CNSNews.com. “So, this has been going on for some time and I think frankly the court felt that Mr. Harrington was not getting the message and decided that they’d already given him probation once and required him to open the gates and he refilled his reservoirs and it was business as usual for him, so I think the court wanted -- it felt it needed -- to give a stiffer penalty to get Mr. Harrington’s attention.”

In two weeks, if unsuccessful in his appeals, Harrington told CNSNews.com that he will report to the Jackson County Jail to serve his sentence.

“I follow the rules. If I’m mandated to report, I’m going to report. Of course, I’m going to do what it takes in the meantime to prevent that, but if I’m not successful, I’ll be there,” Harrington said.

But Harrington also said that he will never stop fighting the government on this issue.

“When something is wrong, you just, as an American citizen, you have to put your foot down and say, ‘This is wrong; you just can’t take away anymore of my rights and from here on in, I’m going to fight it.” - cnsnews

NOTE: if he's damming the stream then he's wrong. Here's another link Jackson County man sentenced for illegal water diversion, ordered to breach dams...Lon


Michigan Woman Faces Forgery Charge After Keeping Mummified Boyfriend

One woman's mummy dearest has her in some legal trouble.

Police charged Linda Chase, 72, with forgery after they found her mummified boyfriend, Charles Zigler, inside her Jackson, Mich. home.

Chase previously admitted to cashing Zigler's benefits checks, but she said the only reason she allegedly kept the man's lifeless body for 18 months was that she was lonely.

"It's not that I'm heartless. It's just that after so many bad things happen to you, I don't know," Chase told MI Live earlier this month. "I didn't want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me."

Prosecutors charged Chase with cashing $28,000 worth of fraudulent checks in Zigler's name, MI Live reports.

Chase could face up to 14 years in prison, but likely won't see any jail time if convicted because she has no previous criminal record.

That doesn't sit well with Zigler's nephew, Aaron Dryer.

"We're just stunned," he said. "I want her in jail. Our family wants her in jail."

Prosecutor Hank Zavislak said he plans to take Chase's mental state into account, according to a press release obtained by WLNS.

"This is a very unusual case," Zavislak said in the release. "Given the circumstances it is clear a comprehensive mental examination is in order. I would expect that to be ordered as the case progresses."

Jackson Police spokesperson Chris Simpson previously told The Huffington Post that Zigler was discovered by authorities after they received a call from one of his family members, who were concerned that they hadn't spoken to or seen him "for a long period of time."

Zigler is believed to have died of natural causes. - THP

Saturday, July 28, 2012

1-7-2000 St.Charles Co. MO Sighting / 1-5-2000 Illinois Triangle UFO...Is There A Connection?

The following report was made almost 6 years after the actual sighting...and near the location of the infamous Illinois Triangle UFO Sighting in St. Clair County and Illinois Triangle UFO Sighting (by multiple police officers) which occurred 2 days previous. Is there a connection?

Date: January 7, 2000
Location: Busch Wildlife Area, Missouri, United States

Summary: Saw craft appear out of darkness when clouds of ionized gas, or corona effect, appeared at back end of craft. The blue corona lasted for about 3 or 4 seconds. Craft was moving slowly westward, at altitude of 500 to 1000 feet.

Date Reported: 12/11/2005

Sighting Time: Approx 9:00 pm
Day/Night: Nighttime
No. of Witnesses: 2
Duration: 3 to 4 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s):

Flat oval back end, flat bottom, sides curved away from the rear ( as if the craft were oval shaped toward the front, not triangular shape ). I could not discern the color of the craft, only the blueish corona cloud, or ionized gas looking cloud that covered the back end.

Size of Object(s):

Back end approx 60 to 100 feet across, 15 to 30 feet high. Did not see the entire length of the sides, but it appeared longer than the width.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude:

Approx one half mile away or less. Estimated 500 to 1000 feet altitude.

Description of Area / Surroundings:

Rural area, west end of the Busch Wildlife Area. Scattered houses along the state highway that it was crossing as it headed west.

Full Description & Details:

I was driving south on Hwy DD approaching stop sign at Hwy D, on the west end of the Busch Wildlife Area. Just past the intersection ( estimated one half mile from me ) the craft appeared in the darkness when a blueish corona or ionized gas cloud appeared at the back end of the craft. The blue corona effect lasted for 3 to 4 seconds. During this time, the light from the corona illuminated the side of the craft forward from the rear, until the sides curved out of the line of the light source, soI was able to see the craft for some distance forward of the back end.

The back end was a flat oval shape, and the bottom appeared flat. I estimate that it was 60 to 100 feet across at the back. The craft was moving very slowly to the west, or to my right.

Two nights after my sighting ( the following Sunday ), there were TV news reports of the sightings in Illinois on the east side of St Louis the previous Wednesday. Proir to those tv reports, I was not aware of the Illinois sightings which occured two days before my sighting west of St Louis.

There were obvious differences between my sighting and the Illinois sightings. In Illinois they reported lights shining to the ground, like searchlights or running lights, which were not evident in my sighting. They reported a craft that was triangular in shape, whereas in my sighting the craft appeared to have sides that curved from the back to the front, as if the craft was shaped like a long oval with a flat back end. Although I could not see all the way to the front fo the craft.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

It appeared to be a man made craft, but unlike any I have ever witnessed. It appeared to travel much too slow to be a winged craft. The blue corona effect at the back end is unsual for any plane I know about. I have worked in the aircraft industry, and I can't explain how the craft was getting lift.

Witness Background:

Electrical Engineering Degree, Private Pilot's License, worked in military aircraft company. Well read on 'UFO' sightings, and have had two previous sightings of unidentified flying objects which I do not have an explanation for, and for that reason I do not form conclusions about what they were.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting:

I am as open minded about the possibility of UFO's as anyone, but I honestly don't believe interstellar travel is as likely to explain these types of sightings as military advanced craft can be. I have no doubt that there are other civilizations out there in the cosmos, but the distances are in my mind far too enormous to travel in metal ships. However, we know from the past 60 years that the military produces advanced craft that are seen by people long before they are publically acknowledged by the military, for reasonable security reasons.

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: MUFON
Location: New Melle, MO, USA
Age: 56

Source: ufoevidence.org

NOTE: There is at least one huge underground facility at this location - Video - Underground as well as 90+ bunkers spread throughout the Busch Wildlife Area. There are other underground facilities in the Ozarks and throughout Missouri. Taking this in account...is it possible that these facilities are related to the higher than average UFO sightings in Missouri? Lon

UFOs in Missouri: True Tales of Extraterrestrial and Related Phenomena

Chasing Shadows: Investigating the Paranormal in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa

The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000

The Everything UFO Book: An investigation of sightings, cover-ups, and the quest for extraterrestial life (Everything Series)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just the Facts?: FOIA Request to CIA...Re: Roswell -- 'Magic' Lottery Log -- 'Chasing UFOs' Stars Blast Their Own Show!

FOIA Request to CIA re: Its Knowledge of the Roswell Incident

TO: Ms. Michele Meeks
FOIA Coordinator
U. S. Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, DC 20505

FROM: Larry W. Bryant
8415 Orcutt Avenue
Newport News, VA 23605-1415

DATE: July 26, 2012

1. Reference: My classified advertisement posted at http://www.classifiedads.com/community-ad17365818.htm, the text of which is printed below.

2. This freedom-of-information request seeks a photocopy of all your agency's records comprising the content of the CIA files box, labeled "Roswell," as witnessed by former CIA executive Charles "Chase" Brandon during one of his official visits to a vaulted area of the Agency -- an area that, he says, houses the Agency's "historical intelligence collection." If the sought-for records have been destroyed or transferred to another agency's custody, please send me a photocopy of all CIA records documenting that disposition.

3. Please note that this FOIA request serves not as a generic UFO-info request but as an investigatory probe into the extraterrestrial nature of the retrieved Roswell materiel and into the aftermath of the incident's official analysis, exploitation, and subsequent cover-up.

4. I submit this request as a representative of the news media (principally as a columnist for the newsstand periodical UFO Magazine) -- a requester status that affords me preferential waiver of all records-search/review fees incident to your fulfillment of this request.

5. By USPS mail, I'm sending to you a signed printout of this e-formatted letter.

Columnist for UFO Magazine

Copies furnished to:

Editor, UFO Magazine
Chair, U. S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition)

The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site

Roswell: Operation UFO (60th Anniversary Edition)


Mystery big cat has been spotted in West Cumbria

The cat - described as the size of a Labrador dog - was spotted on Steel Brow, Arlecdon, near Whitehaven, at 7.30am last Monday.

The witness - who has asked that his name is withheld - has an interest in wildlife but said: "It was very unusual. I have not seen anything like it wild in the British Isles."

He said: "I was driving to work from Arlecdon to Whitehaven and got to the bottom of the hill, over the bridge and was about a quarter of the way up. The animal came out of the hedge and onto the road.

"At first I thought it was a small roe deer as I have seen these several times on the same journey.

"I became suspicious as it was too low to the ground to be a deer and had cat-like features."

He said it was light brown in colour, had a long and thick tail and, after making its way across the road, went through an open gate on the right hand side.

Ian Topham, of the Mysterious Britain and Ireland website, said he had received no other reports. The last big cat stories were in January this year when large prints were spotted in the snow at Borough Park, Workington.

Bit cat sightings have been reported all over the UK and there are many photos and film clips. But they remain elusive and unidentified. There are, however, wild cats in Scotland. - timesandstar


Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained


Snakes originated on land...not in the sea

One of the most primitive snake fossils ever found hints that the slithery reptiles might have originated on land, not in the sea as has been proposed.

The animal, which lived at the same time as the dinosaurs, probably emerged from a line of burrowing reptiles that lost their legs.

Where and how snakes diverged from their legged cousins the lizards has been a mystery.

Details of the find appear in the journal Nature.

The debate over snake origins has been complicated by the scarcity of transitional fossils (those with features in between two groups of creatures).

But new fossils from eastern Wyoming, US, belonging to the ancient snake Coniophis precedens - which lived some 65-70 million years ago - could help clear up the mystery.

According to the analysis by Nicholas Longrich from Yale University and colleagues, Coniophis lived in a floodplain environment and "lacks adaptations for aquatic locomotion".

They describe it as a "transitional snake, combining a snake-like body and a lizard-like head".

"This thing quite probably would have had small legs," Dr Longrich told the AFP news agency.

The ancient reptile's small size, along with physical features of its spine, suggest that it burrowed. And analysis of its jaws show that it fed on relatively large, soft-bodied prey.

But it did not have the flexible jaws that allow modern-day snakes to swallow prey many times their own body size.

"The genesis of the Serpentes (the biological name that defines what we understand as snakes) that began with the evolution of a novel means of locomotion, followed by adaptations facilitating the ingestion of ever larger prey, thereby enabling snakes to exploit a wider range of ecological niches," the researchers write in Nature journal. - BBC

The New Encyclopedia of Snakes

U.S. Guide to Venomous Snakes and Their Mimics


Cambodians flock to 'magic' lottery log

A large log dug up in Cambodia has drawn thousands of visitors who believe it has healing powers and can predict winning lottery numbers.

Some 4,000 to 5,000 people have already been to see the 13-metre-long log (42 feet) that was discovered earlier this month when a family excavated a pond in western Pursat province, Prey Yeang village chief Hun Nov said. "They believe the log has magical powers," he said, adding that visitors were coming loaded with offerings such as pig heads and boiled whole chickens after some locals who touched the wood won money in the lottery.

"At least one hundred people a day visit the log to ask for lottery numbers and to cure their illnesses," he said. "They believe in superstition." Cambodians are highly superstitious, particularly in the countryside where people continue to merge animist practices with Buddhism.

Hun Nov said some believers rubbed talcum powder onto the wood, hoping to see lucky lottery numbers, and others drank water from the pond and smeared nearby mud onto their bodies in a bid to cure their ailments. While the village chief himself is not convinced of the log's powers, "We, the authorities, have no right to stop them," he said. - telegraph

Cambodia - Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture

Record of Cambodia's Land & Customs


'Chasing UFOs' Stars Blast Their Own Show

It's been said there's no such thing as bad publicity, but when the stars of your own show give it a thumbs-down, that might be the exception.

The National Geographic Channel premiered "Chasing UFOs," an eight-episode reality TV show last month, focusing on a trio of investigators traversing America in search of the truth of unexplained UFO reports, alleged alien abductions and reported military cover-ups.

On the heels of less-than-positive reviews and viewer comments, two of the show's stars -- James Fox and Ben McGee -- revealed their own dissatisfaction with "Chasing UFOs," complaining that the show had placed more emphasis on entertainment value than a serious look at the UFO subject.

Fox: "I know how disappointed all of you are. I am too. It's not the show that was sold to both myself and scientist Ben. Two months into it, we were off to a great start; good locations, solid witnesses and some opportunities for Ben to apply his field research as a geologist at some crash sites. Very exciting stuff. Unfortunately, when we actually got out in the field, we began to realize that they were more interested in poking around at night than allocating the time necessary during the day as, apparently (so we were told), Americans love watching others sneak around at night from the comfort of their couches. For the most part, it was gratuitous nighttime baloney. ... I promise I'll either quit or change my position within the show because at least I can make it all make some sense. The show does get a bit better further down the road, but not a lot. ... My credibility and reputation has, deservedly, taken a serious hit."

McGee: "When we were brought onboard, the project certainly had a much harder inclination than its final realization, and as a career scientist, I was excited that NatGeo was at the helm (unaware of their desire for a major shift in programming flavor). Our intentions were very sincere. ... James and I both had expectations and (for our own reasons) hopes of an ultimately serious product. We both saw the project heading in a different direction as time went on and were powerless to influence it. Injecting science into mainstream media is also problematic, and I am suffering heat in my own circles for the lack thereof on the show." - Continue reading at THP

History Classics: UFOs & Aliens

UFOs: The Secret History

I Know What I Saw

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Real 'Snake Island'

Off the shore of Brazil, almost 93 miles away from São Paulo downtown, is Ilha de Queimada Grande...better known as 'Snake Island.' A deserted island where the forest floor writhes with the world's most venomous vipers. There are the stories...a fisherman found dead on his boat, its deck awash with his blood and a lighthouse keeper and his family massacred in a nocturnal snake invasion of their isolated cottage home.

The island is untouched by human developers, and for very good reason. Researchers estimate that on the island live between one and five snakes per square meter. That figure might not be so terrible if the snakes were, say, 2 inches long and nonvenomous. The snakes on Queimada Grande, however, are a unique species of pit viper, the Golden Lancehead Viper (Bothrops insularis). The Lancehead genus of snakes is responsible for 90% of Brazilian snakebite-related fatalities. The Golden Lanceheads that occupy Snake Island grow to well over half a meter long, and they possess a powerful fast-acting poison that melts the flesh around their bites. Golden Lanceheads are so dangerous that, with the exception of some scientific outfits, the Brazilian Navy has expressly forbidden anyone from landing on the island.

The venom these snakes inject is so powerful that it can kill two men at once. This venom is fast-acting too, since it simply melts the flesh surrounding the bite. The scaly creatures breed all year round, producing 50 babies each time. With no enemies, the snakes have been able to take over the island and populate it quite freely. They survive mainly on migratory birds that use the island as a resting point.

Locals in the coastal towns near Queimada Grande love to recount two grisly tales of death on the island. In one, a fisherman unwittingly wanders onto the island to pick bananas. Naturally, he is bitten. He manages to return to his boat, where he promptly succumbs to the snake's venom. He is found some time later on the boat deck in a great pool of blood.

The other story is of the final lighthouse operator and his family. One night, a handful of snakes enter through a window and attack the man, his wife, and their three children. In a desperate gambit to escape, they flee towards their boat, but they are bitten by snakes on branches overhead.

Marcelo Duarte, a biologist who has visited Snake Island over twenty times, says that the locals' claim of one to five snakes per square meter is an exaggeration, though perhaps not by much. One snake per square meter is more like it. Not that that should ease one's mind: At one snake per meter, you're never more than three feet away from death. - atlasobscura.com / odditycentral.com

National Geographic Film Crew Meets 'The Golden Killer!'

We were on the uninhabited mysterious Brazilian island of Queimada Grande to make a film about some incredibly venomous snakes. With our crew were scientists from Instituto Butantan, a huge venom-research facility in Sao Paulo.

I’d long wished for a trip to a deserted island—a place where I could look for miles around and see just about nothing. No humanity, no cities, only the Atlantic Ocean forever.

I got my wish, mostly. (There were a few fishing boats around, and if the day was clear I could see another island in the distance.) But we really had come to one of the most rugged places I’ve ever been.

Our boat could only come within about 150 meters (164 yards) of the island. We had to take an inflatable dinghy the rest of the way, then scramble up a sheer, rocky slope which I heard described as“slippery as snot” and which was coated with potentially hand-slicing barnacles. No beach at all on Queimada Grande.

And when we hiked up steep and bushy trails populated by nesting seabirds, we know that if we tripped, it could have been the last mistake we’d make. Thousands of deadly snakes, called golden lanceheads, were lying in wait for their next victims. I could only hope they preferred birds over people.

I’d been looking forward to camping on the island for four days, but it was hard to constantly remember that I could never let down my guard—no leaning on trees when I’m tired, no sitting on stumps after a grueling hike, no anything without examining the area first.

“There’s one right next to you—MOVE!” yelled herpetologist Brady Barr on our first long day. So what did I do? I froze. Bad idea.

Right next to me was one of the most venomous snakes in the world. It was a golden lancehead, a species that lives on Queimada Grande and nowhere else in the world.

The biggest reason the island is so deserted is that these snakes cover the island. Experts say there’s one golden lancehead here per square meter (1.2 square yards). Each golden lancehead’s venom is five times more potent that of its closest relative, the fer-de-lance, responsible for most snakebite deaths in South America.

“Which side is he on, which side, which side?” I shrieked, while I stood there, feet frozen with fear. “Just move!” Brady bellowed.

In a split second Beto, a crewmember, pulled me backward. I finally saw my would-be assassin. It was a small snake, no more than a foot (0.3 meter) long. But as I watch its lancelike head pulling back after its thwarted attempt to bite me in the waist, I realized I’d never come so close to death.

I had actually aided the camouflaged snake in its assault, just by standing there. The Golden Lancehead is a pit viper, so it hunts by sensing heat through little pits in the side of its face. By standing still I had made myself like a little burner, and a better target.

The whole crew faced the same danger I faced each minute we were there. We’re grateful that the remarkable images and information we gathered were worth the risk.
- National Geographic - 'Snake Island'

NOTE: I have been told that the Brazilian government is attempting to remove any information that would encourage people to visit the island. I did notice that many of the videos about the location have been pulled...especially those promoting fishing off shore. I suppose curiosity would get the better of some people leading to certain death and liability. Lon

Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature

Smithsonian Handbooks: Reptiles and Amphibians (Smithsonian Handbooks)

Venomous Snakes of the World