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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Camper's BIGFOOT ENCOUNTER at White Rock in Michaux State Forest, PA (VIDEO)

The following account was shared by 'The Wandering Woodsman' on YouTube. This gentleman is a school teacher from Berks County, PA who travels throughout the Mid-Atlantic exploring and researching locations of interest.

In this episode, he is at White Rock, PA which is located in Michaux State Forest in south-central Pennsylvania:

"So this is dated June 2017 at White Rocks, Pennsylvania, where we're at. Night camping near the edge of a rock face called Brown Rock. During the night, while I had my small campfire, I keep feeling like I'm being watched. We could never see anything. About 30 yards from where my hammock was set up there was a nice flat spot.

Half an hour after putting out my fire leaves were brushed about and there were branch snaps for about 15 minutes. It ended with a loud grunt/roar and it took off at full speed through the woods. Then it let out the sound two more times, like a small grunt and a roar. It was fast. It was a little after midnight and the footfalls were very heavy. So not like a little raccoon or something.

It left for about 10 minutes only to return and repeat the same actions as before for about 10-15 minutes. Then it was gone, I never heard it come back or leave."

NOTE: This location is in the southern part of Michaux State Forest, just east of Pond Bank, PA. It is also near the Mont Alto State Park. It can be reached off of US-30 at Rocky Mountain Rd. south (The Totem Pole Playhouse turnoff).

This is an area I am familiar with because of the numerous Bigfoot and cryptid canine reports I have received in the past from this general locale. If you are familiar with the discovery of the Waynesboro Reservoir 'Bigfoot Tracks', this location is approximately 5 miles northwest of the dam.

For those interested, the Raven Rock Mountain Military Facility ( "The Underground Pentagon") is only 10 miles southeast of White Rocks near the Mason-Dixon line. Lon

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