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Bigfoot Scares Hikers in North Michigan Lower Peninsula

Bigfoot in North Michigan

A man and his younger cousin take a hike in the north part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan when they encounter what they believe was a Bigfoot.

I haven’t really talked about this much because when I do I get made fun of. People laugh and then they think of me differently. I work in tech now so I want my reputation to be more on the side of logic, decisiveness, and efficiency. I don’t want to be “the Bigfoot guy” or have whispers happen so I just don’t talk about it. But, whenever I see my cousin and I say “do you remember?” She knows what I’m talking about and says 'yes.'

I grew up in a northern part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan in a fishing village. Our family was from a state south of Michigan so it was a good day long drive to them and vice versa. The house that we lived in at the time was on the edge of a state forest and I loved to just hike around. I felt like I knew the area pretty well. I’m familiar with being in the woods. I’ve dealt with wild animals before. I’ve been to parts of northern Canada where there are no roads so you have to fly in. I’ve chased wild bears and gotten way too close to moose than I ever should have. I’m no Bear Grylls but I’m also no city slicker.

The day this happened was the same day that my older sister was graduating from high school. My cousin and I were about the same age. All the other kids in the extended family were at least 4 years older or younger than us so we were default friends during family gatherings.

We decided to go on a hike. I wanted to show her what real woods looked like since she was from a much more urban area. So we went off. I forget what time we left but we had to be back by like 5 pm or so to make it to the graduation. We were hiking around, up and down hills, noticing the half buried barbed wire fences from when it used to be grazing country. I’m telling her about that and that’s why not all of the trees are huge. They were all planted a few decades earlier so they aren’t fully mature yet. And then...

I forgot where I was.

I wasn’t sure how to get back. So we turn and head where I think I should be going to get back but that doesn’t take us there. It’s been a while. We need to get back to make the graduation. I know that we are in state forest territory so if we walk in the wrong direction we won’t see any civilization for dozens of miles. Can’t hear any cars since we are so far away from roads otherwise that would help.

After what seemed like forever we stumble into a clearing. Like, mowed grass. It’s on a hill that looks like it would be good for sledding in the winter. The hill has a drop off on either side that has plenty of trees. So there would be trees rooted in the drop off area that would have branches at ankle level on the hill depending on how high up the hill you were.

And that’s when it happened.

We heard this sound like when you are close to a horse that’s breathing heavily and it stopped us in our tracks. It seemed unnatural. It was not the kind of sound that you would expect to hear in that moment. It was creepy. We were not close to any animals that we knew of. We were in a clearing.

And then we saw it.

About a 1/4 way up the hill one of the tree branches from the drop off lifted up and I saw it. It saw us. It was just the head but it was plain as day. Large, hairy and snorting. And just like that it went away.

We were terrified so we ran. The mowed hill was a part of a farm and we found the driveway which lead to a road which lead to another road that I knew and we got back to my home in time for the graduation.

Nobody believed us. To this day, nobody believes me.

I know that old farmers and hairy old hippies are just a part of the tapestry of culture in that area. I know them. I’ve spent time sitting around their fires while drinking and telling stories to each other. This was not them. This was not a person. This was not a bear or any other animal that I know. This was something that I’ve never seen before and I hope to someday see again.

And that is why I believe in bigfoot." RM

Creepy Ghosts Experiences in Indiana & Texas


2 haunting encounters by experiencers in Indiana and Texas. Always learn the history of a house before you move in!

"In 2003 I bought and moved in to a new to me house in Floyd's Knob, Indiana. It was a neat little Cape Cod and perfect as a bachelor pad. Soon after moving in, I started to hear noises in the house. Most of them centered around the back door. The house was small and my bedroom was on the other side of a wall from the back door. Lying in bed I’d only be about 6 feet away from that door. The noises started as what sounded like someone trying the door knob to see if it was locked in the middle of the night. It would wake me up and the sound was unmistakable. Between my bed and the wall that separated the bedroom from the back door was a window that over looked the back porch. Several times when I heard the noise I’d look out the window, expecting to see a prowler, only to see nothing.

Later I’d hear noises in the basement. Several times I went to the basement with rounds chambered expecting to find an intruder only to find nothing. It was a daylight basement with no doors to the outside so if there was someone in the basement, they’d have to slide through small tilt in windows (hard to believe) or come past me through the house. One day there was a huge crash in the basement. Something big fell. At the time the basement was unfinished and all I had down there was a stack of storage totes neatly arranged. If something fell, it would be obvious. I went to check and nothing was out of place.

Over the years the trying the door handle sound at the back door turned into unmistakable knocks at the back door. The way the house was situated made the back door the one we primarily used. So hearing a knock at that door was not unusual. Many times I heard a knock and went to answer only to find no one there. One day I answered an empty door after a knock. As I turned away and was maybe 3-4 steps back toward the living room there was a knock again. Again, no one at the door. I considered neighborhood kids playing a prank but there really were none in the area and the rural nature of the property made that unlikely in my mind.

I found out, soon after moving in, that my elderly neighbor and her recently deceased husband had built the house I lived in. She was a lovely old lady and we’d visit on occasion. I jokingly, to myself, referred to my “ghost” as Mr Scott knowing he built the house and assuming he came home to rest.

In 2009 I got married and my wife moved in with me. She was aware of the stories but wasn’t a believer. Soon after moving in, she started hearing the noises in the night at the back door. At the time I was working night shift and she called me a couple times in the middle of the night quite spooked. On one occasion I encouraged her to call the sheriff, though she never did.

The climax for us came not too long after she moved in. She had a friend that was coming over to visit and the friend had called and said GPS was saying she’d be there at something like 630. At 630 there was a knock at the back door, the dog barked and got up and went to the back door, and my wife noted that it was the exact time her friend had said she’d be there. You guessed it, no one at the door. Just as my wife answered the empty back door, her phone rang. It was her friend and she was lost. GPS would occasionally send people to the wrong end of our road and this had happened to her friend.

We ended up kind of making peace with whatever was going on and not being bothered by it. We lived there until 2016 and over the last several years stopped experiencing anything until the last few weeks after we had sold the house but before we had moved out. The knocking came back, as if to say goodbye.

This is where it gets fun. Another single guy bought the house from us. At the closing, we’re sitting at the table with him, our respective realtors, and the lawyer. At some point the buyer says he has a list of questions about the house and do we mind answering them. Sure, no problem. It’s questions about the fuel oil furnace, who do we use for trash service, basic stuff. Then he asked, “Have you ever seen a ghost in the house?“ I’d love to have a picture of the face my wife and I made at that moment. We were saved by the 3 other ladies in the room laughing and poking fun at the buyer. It bought me time to collect myself and consider my answer. He defended himself saying he was an EMT and had been in several houses when people had passed and didn’t want to be a part of that. I looked him in the eye and honestly answered I had never seen a ghost in the house and he was satisfied with that.

Last year, my son’s Cub Scout pack toured the local fire station where the buyer of that house is now the chief. He gave the tour. We had known he had since also sold the house and we struck up a conversation. He told us how much he had enjoyed the house but he had also gotten married and his new wife had a bigger house that they had moved in to. I told him, I know you’d asked if we’d seen a ghost and I answered you honestly that I’d never seen anything, but did you ever hear anything? He laughed and said oh yeah. He’d had the same experiences with the back door and the basement. He also said he heard a huge crash in the attic. He said as a fireman he’d heard that same crash in house fires and it meant the roof is coming down. He investigated to find nothing out of place. He said his wife made fun of him when he told her the stories before she spent much time in the house but ended up being a believer as well before they sold the place.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading to my long story." CL


"I havent thought of this in a long time. In high school either in 2006 or 2007 myself and three of my friends were hanging out at our friend Jake's house which was in the country outside of Carthage, TX. We would stay up all night in those days. This particular night the four of us went walking in the woods at one point we all heard someone or something walking. We heard the crunching of leaves that sounded just like the crunching of leaves beneath our own feet. We all stopped and called out "Hello??" We got no reply and thinking our imagination had gotten the best of us we nervously laughed it off and continued walking. It could have been a deer or any sort of critter. As we continued on we walked 2 by 2. I was walking directly behind my friend Jake and all of a sudden I bumped into him because he had stopped abruptly. He said "Did y'all see that?!" We all looked around and we didnt see anything unusual. He said "I saw a woman wearing a white dress."

Now at this point I think he's pulling our leg. And I'm like "come on man, are you messing with us." He said "NO!" Feel my arm. Well it was a warm night and every hair on his arm and on the back of his neck was standing up. I think he was telling the truth as we have been friends for many years and if he was joking he would eventually have said so. The rest of us never did see anything. But I believe HE SAW what he said he saw." LR

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bigfoot Stalks Forest Ranger After Being Shot Near Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

zuni mountain bigfoot

A native forest ranger in the Zuni Mountains, New Mexico shoots at a Bigfoot while with his family. The Bigfoot stalked him continuously afterwards.

I recently found the following account:

"This happened to my dad’s family when he was a kid. I’m not too sure how old he was or the exact date this happened. But what I know is that it was a night in the fall, sometime in the early 80’s.

My dad and his parents were on their way to Gallup, New Mexico to see a movie. They’re located in Zuni, New Mexico and the drive to Gallup is 32 miles heading north. My grandpa was a forest ranger at the time, and worked in the Zuni Mountains. He was using his ranger truck to get to town. (Now I will tell this instance mainly from my dad's perspective. He’s the only person that’s ever explained this to me. My grandma is eerily bothered so much she doesn’t like talking about it. My grandpa is dissociative with the family, so I’ve never had the chance to ask.)

Anyways, they’re about half way to town, it’s dark out, large ponderosa trees cover both sides of the road. In the midst of driving my grandpa stomped on his breaks. My grandma is sitting passenger and my dad in the back seat. At this moment my dad is confused, he’s facing towards the back window, passenger side. He sees my grandpa quickly reach over the back seat to grab his rifle off a gun rack. Heard him open his door and fire one shot. My grandpa hit it and it screamed. My dad now looks over the seat to see it running to the right of the road (east) and it takes one large step over a cattle guard and disappears into the woods. They drove away and proceeded to watch the movie, without discussing anything about what happened.

Now my dad says (according to grandma and grandpa) that the Bigfoot was hairy, but not like you’d expect. Its hair was fringed and balding. They said it had pale blue skin and looked fatigued. When my grandpa shot it, it dropped its jaw for a couple of seconds. It’s 'jaw dropping' looked grotesque, like it couldn’t have possibly made its mouth any wider. Then came the scream. The scream is the eeriest part. They all said they’ll never forget it. It was loud, gross and had meaning. After screaming it lunged to its left (east), took a step over the cattle guard and ran into the forest. The jaw dropping is what makes my grandma not talk about it. She says it’s the scariest, most ugliest thing to have witnessed.

Now after they got back home, it started haunting/following my grandpa. That night my grandpa got no sleep, my grandma didn’t either and that’s how she knows. She pretended to be asleep but the both of them heard things around their house that night. Movement, noise against the walls and a overwhelming feeling like something is out there in the dark.

My grandpa continued his work as a ranger but soon quit due to constant run ins with this thing. When he was out in the forest, he knew it was watching. He could smell it, hear screams, hear knocking. It made disturbances in the road just for him. It would toss branches in the road to and from destinations, like it knew his schedule or where he had to be. It scared my grandpa so much he hasn’t gone back since, and since then it hasn’t bothered him. All while this was happening my grandpa experienced one wild ride as a ranger.

I believe he’s seen UFO’s, strange murders, and very odd occurrences all in that forest (I.E. people acting too jolly, rituals, lost people). He’s written down all everything that’s happened. It’s in a binder at his house but I really want to read it. My dad has and says it’s nuts, but my gramps now has cancer and is a shut in from it. Hopefully I get to see him soon or I get my hands on that book. Zuni is truly a place of mysteries. WEIRD sh*t goes down there all the time." GB