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'Man-Like' Flying Humanoid - Gorki, USSR 1978

I recently received the following intriguing account from my friend and humanoid researcher Albert S. Rosales:

Location: Gorki, Puhovitskiy area, Ryazan region, Russia
Date: April 15-29 1978
Time: 2200-2300

14-year old Valentine Valentinovich Gubsky was vacationing in this settlement and had gone for a walk along with some friends around the countryside. The weather was rainy, and it was foggy. Getting late the boys decided to walk back home and stopped to smoke some cigarettes. Unexpectedly bright flashes of light began to appear around them. At first there were 2 red flashes just in front of the boys. Then one more blue flash behind them and then one more white flash in front of them again. The flashes occurred at an altitude of a man of average height. Not having given special value to the event thinking that they were reflections of distant thunderstorms the boys continued to walk. Right after the last flash the boys heard a monotonous quite sound similar to the sound of a moped motor coming from behind a nearby hill. The boys had the impression that the sound was approaching their location. One of the boys lagged behind and was smoking a cigarette when the others turned around to urge him on when they suddenly saw a shadow, with outlines similar to a human figure at a height of about 20 meters within the fog. Frightened and surprised the boys observed how the humanoid shaped shadow began to approach their location; it then changed slightly its direction of flight and passed to their right. As it approached the witnesses its outlines became sharper and the boys could now see that it was a person with its arms stretched out on its sides, they could not see a motor or flame. The sound seemed to originate from a point somewhere above the figure.

The figure was moving at about 35 mph. The appearance of the flying figure was clearly seen by the witnesses for about 15 seconds. The humanoid was proportionally built and seemed to have been wearing tight-fitting metallic overalls. Matte metal rings with something connecting them were positioned on the humanoid’s elbows where the shoulder incorporates to the forearm and also on the humanoid’s legs around the calves. The figure had approximately 5 rings on the arms and more than five on the legs. The humanoid wore dark colored boots without heels. More things, though smaller, were visible also on the humanoid’s wrists. On its waist hung a large belt filled with numerous devices. One device was shaped like a triangle with its top cut off, color of the belt was the same, but more metallic. On the back of the humanoid the boys noticed something resembling a knapsack, shaped like diver’s oxygen cylinders. On the side of the “knapsack” there was something similar to upside down “air inlets”. The boy’s impression was that the knapsack was somehow mounted on the figure, but they didn’t notice any straps. On each side of the belt the humanoid had something resembling lacing and between the fingers the witness saw what appeared to be membranes. On each side of the belt there appeared to be metal plates the same width as the belt. On the head the humanoid wore a silver-gray helmet and on its face the humanoid had something resembling a “respirator” which appeared to be connected with the helmet, however it did not cover the nose. The humanoid’s face was gray in color with a nose that appeared to be metallic in nature.

Source: Mikhail Gershtein, Saint Petersburg, Russia


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Stan Gordon: Small Sphere On the Ground Blocks Motorist - November 8, 2019 - Fayette County, PA

The following account was forwarded to me by my friend and colleague PA UFO / anomalies researcher Stan Gordon:

Small Sphere On the Ground Blocks Motorist - November 8, 2019 - Fayette County, PA

By Stan Gordon

When people talk about UFO descriptions, they commonly refer to the classic discs, as well as triangular, cigar, and in more recent years, the rectangular shaped objects that continue to be reported. What I also find fascinating are the ongoing encounters with what I have been calling mini-UFOs for many years. I began to investigate these encounters in the late 1960s and these incidents have continued to be reported even recently.

These objects are generally spherical in shape, however there have been elongated and other configurations reported. They are commonly only a few inches to about a foot or two in size. Some are only light sources while others appeared to be transparent or solid or metallic in appearance. Another strange association with these reports that is not commonly known is that there have been cases where a Bigfoot was observed in association with similar small luminous spheres. An incident of this nature occurred near Pittsburgh in May of 2019.

Most interestingly, these objects quite often have approached close to human observers as well near homes and moving vehicles. There have been reports of these smaller objects hovering in front of the windows of these dwellings and even bumping into the windows at times. There have been cases where these objects have entered homes and vehicles through opened windows then moved around the inside before exiting out an open window or other area and were then gone from sight.

More recently, one of my research associates, Jim Brown from Fayette County, PA ( received an interesting account of a small sphere that was on the ground and blocking a roadway during the mid-afternoon that day. Here is Jim’s report:

Nov 8, 2019 – Object In the Road

About 4:30 PM I received a call from a nearby witness who is aware I investigate unusual events. A transcript of his narrative follows:

“I was coming home from Masontown on the Bowood Road. As I went over the top of a rise, I saw this ball in the road just sitting there. It was about 2 feet across and was blocking the road. I couldn’t get around it so I stopped

I sat there for a minute then decided to get out and move it so I could continue home. I even thought about taking it home as a oddity. But when I opened the car door it started to just fade away. Not quick. It took a few seconds to vanish. But then it disappeared. It never moved, just faded away. I closed the door and wondered, what the hell was that? After that I just went on home, nothing else to say.”

I asked a few questions and got some additional information. He said the object was silvery gray in color. No details, just a sphere about 2 feet in diameter. He could not recall if there was a shadow under it. (Weather was mostly cloudy but still should have caused a darkening under the object.) He stopped about 50 feet away from the object. Beyond that he had no other details to report. No physical evidence was seen or obtained. A few leading questions provided no additional reliable information. Limited data, no other witnesses present.


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