Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Kokogi: 'Spirit Monster' Infests First Nation Reservation

I recently found the following account:

I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll just write it all in chronological order from when I heard other people's stories and then experienced whatever it was for myself. To preface this, I should mention that all of this took place back home on my reservation (I'm Algonquin First Nation from Canada).

Another thing I should mention is that, on the Rez, traditional beliefs and legends of the paranormal are still big part of our community. The attitude of most people towards the paranormal is one of assurance. To us, the paranormal is a regular part of life, we believe in a spirit world, and we believe that sometimes these "beings" can cross over into our world and maybe even live among us.

When I tell paranormal stories to my non-native friends, they're always in such disbelief that things like this have actually happened and how casually I talk about it, but it's only because it's been so normalized for me. Where they have absolutely no paranormal experiences, I have a bunch and most everyone I know on the Rez has even more than I do. I don't really care to explain it, maybe we're all crazy from drinking our toxic tap water lol (@JustinTrudeau). I don't know.

Anyways, here's the story.

This all happened in the Fall of 2011 when I was 16 years old. I was living in a nearby city with my mom so that I could get a better education than the one I could get back home, but we'd go back every single weekend to see my dad and little brother. One Friday, during the drive back home, I got a text from a friend of mine. She told me about a party that was happening that night and asked me when I'd be home so they could come pick me up. I gave her a time and that was that.

We get home and as soon as we stepped inside the house, we see my dad and my cousin sitting at the kitchen table drinking some beers. They're both cops on the Rez, so usually, beers with his partner on a Friday evening, means that they had a particularly tough week at work. Typically, the toughest cases to deal with are child abuse and molestation, so a part of me felt sad immediately that something that bad had happened. They both look tired and drained, but they're happy to see us. We say our greetings, catch up a little, and my dad asks me if I have any plans. I tell him about the party and where it'll be, and he and our cousin share a weird look.

"Why are you guys making that face? Did something happen?" I asked.

"I don't know, should we tell her?" My cousin said, looking at my dad. He laughed, and they decided that I should probably know what's been going on since I'd be going to a cottage pretty deep in the woods later that evening.

They start with the first strange call they got on Monday night. An older woman called saying that people were outside of her house knocking on all of her windows. She said she couldn't see anybody, but there must have been at least three people judging by all the different locations of the knocking. They arrive at the woman's home, inspected all around the house, even checked the woods, but nothing came up. They tell her that it's probably just some teenagers playing tricks on her and that there isn't much else they can do, besides patrol around the area in case they come back.

On Wednesday night, the same woman called again with the same problem. It had rained that day and there was mud all around this woman's home, so they figure that at the very least, they'd find footprints, but they couldn't find a thing. This is when they started feeling like something was off, because one of the windows where the woman was adamant about there being knocking was completely impossible to get to without stepping through this huge mud puddle. This is when they started to think that the woman was lying, but they just told her the same thing they told her a few nights prior.

By Thursday night, everyone on the Rez had been talking about these strange experiences. It turns out, this woman wasn't the only one experiencing the knocking, she was just the only one to call the police. I mean, all of this was taking place on a Rez, so it wasn't long before people were linking it to supernatural causes. My dad was still sure it was just a group of teens pranking people, but then they got another call from the same woman for the same reason. They rushed over and were met with the same situation, except this time, the neighbour walked over looking pale as a ghost.

He says, "Is this about the knocking?" They notice he's a little shaky.

"Yeah, did you see something?" They asked him. The man nodded and said,

"You guys are gonna think I'm crazy, but yeah," and he goes on to explain what he saw. He said that he'd stepped outside for a cigarette on his front porch when he heard knocking. He looked around to see where it was coming from and when he looked to his neighbour's house, he saw it. There was a black figure standing outside the woman's window (the same one with the mud puddle I mentioned) looking into her home. He said it looked humanoid in stature, but completely made out of shadow. You could tell it was something solid-ish, but you couldn't make out any features on it. He stared at it, completely in shock, and watched the thing as it knocked a couple of times and then darted around the house knocking on every single window. He said it moved too fast to be human, it was practically a blur. It went around the house a few times, then ran across the road into the treeline, behind one tree in particular. The man was frozen, but he couldn't look away. It then leaned out from behind the tree, staring directly at him with yellow eyes that reflected the light similarly to a cat's, and then it smiled, showing its small, but numerous pointed and sharp teeth. "I almost sh*t my pants," he had attempted to joke, but his voice was still shaking.

Fast-forward to Friday, stories are being exchanged all over the Rez about other sightings and experiences people were having. On top of multiple people experiencing the knocking, there were also quite a few sightings with everyone describing the creature in the same way.

One woman was bringing her trash bin to the road, when she thought she saw someone in her peripheral vision standing near the trees. She walked back up the driveway and into her home, feeling like she was being watched. Right before she was about to open her door to go back inside her home, she looked back and saw two reflective yellow eyes watching her from the trees. She said it was about 5 feet above the ground.

Another couple was driving at night and they saw a humanoid figure standing in the middle of the road. As they got closer, they slowed down, and it turned around to face them. That's when they saw the reflective yellow eyes and the sharp, pointed teeth as it smiled at them. They stopped the car, too afraid to go closer to it, until they decided to just drive past it. Being on a narrow road, they drove past it with the figure being only a few feet from the window, staring at them the whole time.

"You sure you still want to go to that party?" My dad asks, but my friends were already pulling into the driveway. I gave my family hugs and kisses goodbye, and they told me to be careful, but I felt fine. A common belief among Native people is that negative energy attracts negative energy, therefore an evil spirit will be drawn to people with unresolved issues, traumas, and "sinners" I suppose. If you're someone who is spiritual, self-aware, and basically a good person, that, in and of itself, will be protective.

I get to the party and within 20 minutes, the conversation shifts towards all the paranormal experiences people have been having. I'm really curious about what everyone has to say, because they have stories that I hadn't heard yet, but my friend (us being 16 and all) couldn't hold her alcohol very well and was crying about how she wishes she was closer with her brother. I was trying to make her feel better while listening to everyone's stories.

One of the people at the party, was related to the neighbour of the woman who was calling the police. The experience really shook him up and my friend was just explaining everything that he was doing later on. For one, he smudged his entire home, which is something our people do when we're looking for extra protection against paranormal entities. He also went to visit multiple elders around the community asking for advice and any information they had on similar "happenings". What we do know about paranormal experiences on the Rez, is that they don't happen as often as they used to. If you talk to one of our elders, they have endless stories and even more advice to give about how to protect yourself compared to now. One of the explanations that was given to this guy about the "shadow thing" was that it was evidence that someone was doing an unauthorized 'shaking tent' ceremony. If you don't know what that is, you can look it up, but it's basically (and I'm generalizing) like a Ouija board session that takes place inside a tent of some sort. People stand around the tent, while the shaman-type dude goes inside and asks questions. The tent begins to shake and you can hear the voices of spirits coming through. I've never personally been to one, because we haven't had a good enough reason to make one, but typically our ancestors used shaking tent ceremonies when they were starving in the dead of winter and needed some direction on where the nearest food source was. My mom's been to one, and her story is absolutely crazy. She described multiple voices of men and women, only speaking the native tongue, and they were upset that the people were doing a shaking tent ceremony when they weren't on the verge of death. The people there had to explain that were only doing the ceremony to prove that it was real as we had been losing our culture as a result of residential schools, but the spirits were angry about this, saying that the bridge between the two worlds should never be opened unless absolutely necessary, because you don't know who you're communicating with. It could be evil spirits and it could be good ones, it could be ancestors, but you never know.

Anyways, the elders told him that this spirit crossed over into our world because of a shaking tent ceremony. Someone on the reserve has been doing them without consultation of the elders. So, we started thinking about who would do that, without proper guidance and without good enough reason to do so.

Then two of the drunkest dudes at this point start saying sh*t like "Ah, I'm not scared, that thing could show up now and it couldn't do sh*t" basically egging it on. All of us were looking at each other like, why the f*ck would you disrespect an evil spirit? That's exactly how you attract it to you, and that's when I decided to leave the sunroom where everyone was hanging out. I went to the living room to console my drunk, crying friend, when I noticed that the rocking chair outside on the porch was going back and forth. I looked away immediately, refusing to make direct eye contact, but I did look at it from my peripheral vision.

Anyways, I'm inside the cottage and I keep seeing this rocking chair going back and forth and back and forth, but another thing we're raised to do in our culture, is to ignore paranormal experiences. Spirits feed on the energy that people put towards them, so if you freak out, if you get angry, if you yell at it, or start crying, that's exactly what it wants and it will stick around once it gets a reaction. It thrives on energy of any kind, so while I knew something fucked up was happening on the rocking chair, I wasn't about to pay it any attention. 5 minutes or so goes by and I'm still seeing it move in the corner of my eye.

That's when my friend screams and she runs to the other side of the sunroom. My other friend sprints to where girl was sitting and busts through the French doors onto the balcony. All of this happens in a split second, but I immediately go to the patio and ask what's going on. The girl is crying on the couch with friends all around her, she claims to have seen the spirit (which we later nickname Kokogi, Algonquin word for 'monster'). She said she was listening to the boys talk about the spirit, when she saw boy's face as he was looking out onto the balcony behind her. She turned around to see was he was looking at, and directly on the other side of the window, was the shadow spirit sitting on the rocking chair, smiling at her, literally three feet from her. That's when the boy sprints towards it and busts through the French doors.

I walk outside to find the boy and he's on the lawn, staring into the woods. I call his name and he looks up at me. All he says is "get everyone inside" and the tone of his voice just makes me automatically obey. I get all the drunk teenagers inside the cottage. This is when the phrase "come at me, bro" was just gaining popularity, so you could imagine the drunk kids yelling that into the woods, it was terrible. I eventually get everyone inside and girl is now in a trance, freaking everyone out. She doesn't speak to anyone, she doesn't say anything but "I want to go home."

The boy comes back inside and tells everyone to clean up, and that we should leave as soon as possible. Everyone has trash bags and are cleaning away all the beer bottles and cans away. Everyone goes into the cottage and it's only me and the other boy in the sunroom now. I look to him for answers and all he says is, "it's outside." I nod and start cleaning faster. The sooner we're out of here, the sooner we're away from that thing. As we're cleaning in the sunroom, we hear knocking on the windows in multiple places. The entire sunroom is made of glass, but its dark out, so you can't even see outside. I immediately look to the boy and he just says "ignore it."

Within two seconds, someone comes running out the bathroom and says "I'll f*cking kill whoever's outside knocking on the bathroom window" but everyone's inside and accounted for. Someone else comes running out of the bedroom saying that there was knocking on the window in there as well. Now, everyone's freaking out, and me and the boy, and our one other friend are the only sober ones to calm everyone down. We get the place clean and get outside to the cars immediately. Everyone's getting into the trucks and I'm standing with the boy, he's relaxed, but then all of a sudden looks behind me and shoves me inside his truck. We peel out of the driveway and drop everyone off.

A few days later, I end up hanging out with the same boy and he tells me the story from his perspective. He said, that when the boys started talking sh*t about the spirit, it appeared on the rocking chair behind girl. He said he made eye contact with it, and couldn't look away. They were staring each other down, and that's when the girl saw his expression. He said it was instinct to defend the people he was with, and ran towards it. He said that the feeling he was getting from the Kokogi was almost like he was daring him to do something. He said the second he got up, the Kokogi stood and ran into the woods, disappearing from the patio in a blur. He ran off the porch, and was looking around the lawn, when he saw it standing at the tree line, looking right at him with a smile on its face. He said the whole time it felt like it was mocking him. I called the boy's name and it disappeared. He didn't see it again until everyone was getting into the trucks, which explains why he suddenly pushed me inside. He said that it was standing on the far end of the truck, super close to us. Later than night, when he'd dropped everyone off, they realized that they never locked the door, so he went back to the cottage, but his friend (whose cottage it was) was too scared to go in. He goes in by himself, but the second he opens the door, he sees the thing standing inside the living room. He locks the door as quick as he can, and they peel out of the driveway.

So yeah, sightings continued for a few days after that. We definitely weren't the only people on the Rez to have experiences like this, and then it stopped all of a sudden. It was the talk of the Rez, everyone was curious about what happened to it. Would it come back? What was it? Etc. But word ended up getting around that there were sightings north of our community. White people in the town just north of us were having sightings, then other reservations were having sightings as well. It was like it was traveling north, the way the stories were going.

Anyways, it's 2018 now and no one else on my Rez has had any sighting of this particular thing.

But yeah, that's my story. - HIK

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Monday, December 10, 2018

MILABs, Reptilians and Weaponized Stem Cells

I recently received another report from experiencer Matt R.:

Recently, I was asked to be a guest on the "Unbelievers Podcast" - Episode 4. This was a good opportunity for me to discuss some of my latest reptilian abduction experiences. And, an extremely disturbing MILAB. https://www.spreaker.com/user/theunbelieverspodcast/unbelievers-podcast-episode-4-complete-m

Although it happened a year ago, this is the first time I've publicly discussed it. I was worried there would be some negative repercussions or retaliation from the black operations involved with this. Especially, because this project I was a part of was in critical and vulnerable early innings. I do believe it has reached a point of no return, now.

So, here is an excerpt of a private email I sent Lon about it, many months ago. I am purposely leaving out intel I have privately shared with Lon, regarding strategy and deployment of these modified special forces. Revealing that would likely earn me some kind of violent retaliation. Not death, because I am first and foremost an asset on the Reptilian's books. But, something unpleasant.

I am only including details about the procedure done on me. Specifically, because it had some very disruptive side effects. I don't feel they're doing a good enough job using discretion in using this procedure on subjects, without really informing them of how bad this can get. Or, at least, giving them an option to avoid it. As we've seen this in the ridiculous health supplement industry circus, and with things like HGH, stem cells, and artificial testosterone. There's always some kind of drawback to performance enhancements.

Here are the email excerpts, slightly annotated:

"I had an extremely jarring MILAB type abduction experience, in late January of 2018. I awoke in what appeared to be a hospital examination room. The architecture of the floor, walls, ceiling etc. all appeared to be like a normal earth hospital examination room. The lighting was very excessive, and was focused on myself. I strongly got the impression this was in an underground base, but not very deep. I was strapped to a table at roughly a 45 degree incline. There were at least 4 other people in the room, 3 of them were human. One appeared to be a small Grey alien. A large brown Reptilian stood almost just out of view in the hallway, before stepping in, and then back out. There was an adjustable light, which was focused directly on me, and made it very hard to make out anyone's features.

I immediately looked down at my right arm, and noticed the bicep was cut open, down the middle. I felt no pain, and suddenly found myself suppressing an urge to laugh. Whatever type of anesthesia they were using on me was making me extremely giddy. There was a tray nearby, with what looked like thin rectangular sheets of greenish-yellow gel. Try to imagine if those dissolvable breath strips, if they were about the size of a 3x5 inch standard mail envelope.

The purpose of these, as I was given telepathically, was to be slid over some of my major muscle groups. They would act like transdermal patches, to deliver a payload, and then dissolve. Except, directly on top of muscle, instead of the skin. Their payload is stem cells. Muscle cells cloned from a Reptilian donor.

I was one of the very first guinea pigs for this, although the eventual aim is to make this procedure mandatory for special forces. They first wanted to see if Reptilian abductees can handle the graft process, before they move onto humans who do not have a greater than average amount of Reptilian DNA. Reptilian abductees tend to be from bloodlines with a higher than average amount of Reptilian DNA, which is also further activated in abductions. So, I do expect there are several other Eeptilian abductees who've had this done, around the same time as myself. The human military component of this MILAB alien collaboration did not want to even risk trying regular humans, if high Reptilian DNA humans like me have a bad reaction.

I have had two notable effects, since. One is a general numbness in my major muscle groups. It feels like having a thin t-shirt under your skin. That was the main goal -to enable muscles to have a greater pain threshold, which is something reps bred and engineered into themselves a long time ago. My ability to recover from workouts is very enhanced. That is, I am almost completely without soreness. Beyond this, we transplant recipients also feel less pain if these muscles are wounded. Which of course, means soldiers who are more difficult to incapacitate, through pain.

What's really shocking is, I found out the military has been doing muscle transplant experiments in public, which are extremely similar to what I experienced.

"Quilt" of sheets of the cells from connective tissue of a pig's bladder. The process causes the body to regenerate stem cells at the injury site “ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/patients-regrow-muscles-with-pig-bladder-tissue/

They're grafting rectangular sheets of pig bladder directly to damaged muscles, in injured military vets. The sheets they're using are almost the exact same physical dimensions of the ones in my experience. Within days, most are stronger and more flexible, in the grafted areas. Even more recently, scientists have admitted these engineered "cellular matrix" sheets can enhance uninjured muscles, with non human cells: "Daily Mail: Could implanting pig tissue in people create SUPERHUMANS? Trial shows muscles are nearly 40% stronger after animal transplant" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3706684/amp/Could-implanting-pig-tissue-people-create-SUPERHUMANS-Trial-shows-muscles-nearly-40-stronger-animal-transplant.html

When I had my abduction, I had NO idea muscle tissue transplants were possible. I had never heard of such a thing. I only found this after weeks of Googling "muscle transplants", after seeing it done in my abduction. Its possibility did not exist anywhere in my subconscious, to be a source of a vivid dream.

And, I can tell you, the 3 minutes or so I was awake during the procedure felt extremely vivid. It's the clearest abduction experience I've had, since that mass abduction in 2005 (where we helped Reptilians train in crowd control, in a mall, in the middle of the night). Whatever anesthesia they used on me was different than anything I've ever felt. I was giddy, but too lucid and alert to be under any kind of barbiturate. I've never taken ecstasy, but the experience matched what I've read of it.

I was shocked to see there were no incision marks, in the morning. Although, I then recalled that was a major stipulation of the procedure, and one of the reasons a skilled grey alien was present. They did not want to have abductees just covered in surgical incisions, all reporting this immediately after. They took great care to heal them, using a laser surgery procedure that was described to me as sealing up the cells in the incision "like a zipper". That is, a very fresh incision wound can have the broken cells on its edges appear to be healed perfectly. This would not work on a wide wound, or old scar. It's why abductees often have "scoop marks", but not long surgical incisions. The scoop marks are from biopsy points, where too many cells have been removed to "zipper" up the remaining cells around the injury. It only works on very sharply cut incisions.

I did strongly get the impression that they wanted to start doing this procedure to high level Special Forces (Delta) . Then, ALL Special Forces units, such as SEALS. That would be the plan, if it didn't have some horrifying side effects with test subjects like myself. And, there has not been. With one exception.

The primary negative side effect was maintenance insomnia. Waking up nearly every 30 minutes, for a few seconds, for many months. Not fun. After doing some research, I found that reptiles have faster and more frequent sleep cycles than humans.
Likely, because they need to briefly wake throughout a night, and make sure they're not in danger. They can't risk being in a deep unaware sleep for too long. Most mammals often nest together, or in a safer position, where they can stay asleep for hours. Basically, the Reptilian cells were waking the rest of my nervous system up. And, it took many months for my brain to condition them to try and stay dormant. It's still not completely fixed. This is yet another detail that was nowhere in my subconscious or memory, to influence my imagination. As described in this article, Humans go through 4 or 5 sleep cycles in one night. Bearded Dragons cycle through 350 in a night! https://www.aaas.org/news/science-reptiles-share-sleep-patterns-mammals-and-birds. These transplanted muscle cells are accustomed to a completely different nervous system cycle sleep pattern . Its like jamming the latest apple macbook processor into your 5-year-old HP windows laptop, and expecting it to just blend together smoothly.

I do know that implantation procedure boosted my psychic abilities. That was absolutely not a goal of the human military participants in this experiment.

They only seek to boost muscle quality in Special Forces. I was only a lab rat, to see if I wouldnt have some awful side effect, before they risk using it on actual Special Forces.

The psychic boost effect is the sole reason the Reptilians agreed to let me be worked on. I did express interest to the Reptilians in boosting my psychic abilities (As discussed, in my last article, here: https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2018/06/two-reptilian-abductions-in-48-hours.html).

That opened me up, in terms of permission, for this to happen. I distinctly recall a Reptilian telling me I could use these implanted cells "not as intended" (To boost my psychic ability), even though this black operations human military group considers the cells to be their property. The military does NOT want to boost abductee psychic ability, because its already dangerously high. Especially, on someone like me, who is not on their payroll. That makes grabbing me in any future MILABS much more difficult, because I can feel when one is close. This was a situation where the military thought they were taking advantage of shared alien technology, without realizing they were not fully in control. You can't just get the superior pain resistance of Reptilian muscle cells, without bringing in other Reptilian aspects with that transplant. Especially, at an energetic level.

Of course, we keep hearing about mechanical exoskeletons, as the next development for enhanced soldiers. The problem is, anything mechanical and electronic can be hacked. Or, malfunction. And, anything electronic, even if shielded, is vulnerable to a strong enough directed EMP weapon. I've never seen a warrior class Reptilian wearing anything like one. And, I'm not aware of anyone else who has, either. If it was such a good idea for an advanced army, they'd all be using them.

They definitely have uses for the disabled. But, too many drawbacks. Much like the old scifi pipe dream of jetpacks. If you really want to enhance soldiers, you're going to need to go the same biological routes they once used to breed certain dogs and horses for war. Or, alter existing ones. Our military has quite a history of trying random ideas until something works. https://www.npr.org/2015/09/05/437555125/veterans-used-in-secret-experiments-sue-military-for-answers

Finally, I cannot personally vouch for testimony of Corey Goode or David Wilcock. However, I can corroborate much of what Emery Smith has testified to, in interviews with them. He did say he once saw a very large Reptilian being led around the labs, for a tour. I strongly believe that was a donor, looking at some of the tissues cloned from him, for eventual stem cell type transplant into super soldier test subjects. He may have even been the exact same one who ducked in to say hello, during the procedure I woke up in. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/698574/Emery-Smith-aliens-ET-UFOs-space-US-military

As always, I can be contacted on Twitter, at the name “panamaorange”. Or by email, through circlepanama@gmail.com. I do tend to respond faster, via Twitter. That's a backup email, checked once or twice a month. - Matt R.

NOTE: I do not endorse or impugn any of the narrative posted by the author. It has been presented solely as the opinion of the author, without any input by myself (unless I was quoted). The narrative has been published, as received, without any edits. I will state that I believe that there are other humanoid beings living among us, either alien species or entities bio-engineered from terrestrial lifeforms. Beyond my statement you are left to your own conclusions...Lon

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