Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Grey Alien 'Stare Down'

I recently received the following account:

A few years ago (2015/2016) I woke up for the morning and had a faint memory. It was different then remembering a dream when I wake up, but maybe it was a dream? It was short if it was a dream, I only remember just a bit, which that isn’t like my normal dreams too. My memory is as follows:

I was standing naked against a very slightly curved wall. I could see low yellow lights along the floor of the wall. Almost like the light was coming out from where the floor and wall connected. As I look to my left I see strangers who are naked, maybe 12 to 15 of them, all with their backs to the wall, and the same amount to my right. I can see we are forming a line along this wall, and it keeps going. I can’t see past the curve of the wall but I know there are more humans. We are all naked, and in a trance. Men, women, boys and girls, old and young, different races. No one is moving, just staring straight ahead with a blank expression on their face. In front of every human is a Grey alien. Those aliens are maybe 3 to 4 foot tall. They are staring into the eyes of each human, maybe standing a foot in front of us. I can’t move my body, but I could move my eyes. I felt a weird static in the air. I’m very afraid and don’t want to be here. I’m trying to will the others to wake up. A mildly obese white man in his late 50s is beside me, slightly balding. I’m trying to will him to wake up but he won’t look at me, even though his eyes are open. Everyone’s eyes are open but not responding. I focus on the alien in front of me. The big black almond eyes, two little slits for a nose, and a tiny mouth. Thin short neck, and it’s covered in its gray skin, and it has a weird oily sheen to its skin, and a smell too. The smell isn’t bad, just different.

So I focus on this alien in front of me. I am mentally telling it, that it cannot get in my mind. That it’s not welcome in my mind. I feel like I am mentally fighting to keep it out of my mind, it’s hard, but it’s working. Almost instantly, a larger Grey alien, maybe 6-7 foot tall, then approaches us from behind the smaller Grey. It pushes the smaller one out of the way and as it takes the smaller ones position in front of me, it makes this awful screeching noise. I was no match for keeping this one out of my mind, and it was in it immediately. And that is it. That’s all I remember.

I could tell the the smaller ones were just biological beings. They did the grunt work. The bigger ones controlled the little ones. I don’t know how I know this, but the bigger ones can control the minds and actions of the smaller ones. So when the smaller ones are subduing a human and connecting with its mind, it’s feeding all the information it gets to the bigger one.

I tried to write down as much detail as I can remember when I woke up. I keep trying to tell myself that this is a dream, but deep down I know it isn’t. While this was happening, from the time that I first 'awoke' and couldn’t move until the larger alien took its place in front of me, it was maybe 90-120 seconds. Not long at all. I don’t know if this can help anyone at all. Maybe it may help me to talk about it.

Thanks for you time and all you do. Jennifer B.

NOTE: It's very interesting to read the variations of protocol during these abductions. Do the Greys and their superiors vary how they treat abductees, or are there other groups of Greys conducting different procedures? Lon

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Daily 2 Cents: Vanishing Car -- Humanoid in Norwegian Woods -- Lawn Circle Appears After UFO Sighting

Vanishing Car

Kristin called in to tell of a weird experience she had:

“I want to share a weird experience my husband and I had... this happened about a year and a half ago. Out in San Bernardino County, there's a place that we go, in the mountains. We gather medicine, or we gather some things that we need for homeo purposes and on the road where we go to do this, the layout of the land is kind of significant so let me explain it to you briefly. It's a wide open road and it's a dead end at one side. You can see in either direction from the hill. You take a dirt road up to a T-shape. We walk up this dirt path, up the hill, to where we go to gather the stuff. We were up there picking the stuff and my husband and the dog were on one side and I'm on the other side and, so, my bag gets full. So I go on down the dirt road, down to where our van is parked on the main street. And just before I get there and, mind you, you can see in either direction. A car appears out of nowhere, right behind our van and it's a red car. There's no distinguishing logos or anything. I've never seen a car like it but it's rather sporty looking. So the car appears out of nowhere, spins around, goes around the van. I get a little nervous. I start walking up the hill to my husband. He comes back down to me and this man gets out of the car and he's honking, honking, honking, and he starts to walk up the hill. I got a very odd feeling. It was really odd. My husband and I go back down the hill towards the van and he just disappears. Gone! Both of us were right there. The car, the man, everything, just gone! There was nothing. In front our eyes. My husband was there too.”

Dark Matter Radio with Art Bell - October 10, 2013

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Humanoid in Norwegian Woods

Hernes, Hedmark, Norway - 2018-08-14 01:07: I was standing in my window, and looking into the woods below my house, and there it was standing. A tall, humanoid creature, with long legs and arms, and a color of gray. The time of the incident was about 1:07 am.

The creature was making noise, and I immediately went to the window. It was walking, or stalking me. It stared at me, for some time, and after approximately 30 sec, I was feeling a weirdness in my head, almost as it was trying to get in my head. After 10 (ten) minutes, it went into the woods and disappeared.

I hope my description is good enough. My English is a bit bad, cause my language is originally Norwegian. - MUFON


Lawn Circle Appears After UFO Sighting

I recently received the following account:

This appeared 2-3 days after an incident, while we lived in Tecumseh Oklahoma. This would have had to been late fall of 2006. The wife saw some low hovering or slow moving lights through the tree tops when she had ran to the store, and when she came back, she told me about it. Moving slowing, lights were green blue and red and were flashing. We jumped in the car to see if we could chase it down, but we never could find it again. A few days later, this circle appeared in our yard. I'm not sure if the circle is related to the sighting, but its interesting to me and I wonder how it compares. Logan


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Monday, August 13, 2018

The Elliot Lake Ape-Men

My grandpa, a WWII veteran and born in Scotland, came to Canada with my great-grandparents and lived by Elliot Lake from about 2 years of age, until paranormal activity plagued him and his large family, when, at about 11 years of age, they moved to the golden-mile region of Ontario to Alliston. He, his 4 brothers and his father used to pan for gold in the various rivers and streams, near Elliot Lake and, that part of Northern Ontario, known to be rich in other precious metals and gems, especially Amethyst, took them to Elliot Lake, in search of many other minerals, stones, silver and gold, various other times, whilst his family lived there.

He recounted, to me, the 1st time, of many paranormal experiences, where he recalled an anomalous or paranormal experience, during a week long camping/gold panning excursion with his father and two of his brothers and one of his sisters, when he was about 9, where they'd been cooking fish, caught by his sister, over a campfire. He had little memory of any experiences that preceded this memory, although he'd overheard much discussion about them. Anyhow, as they waited to eat his sisters catches, creepy screeching, howling and then chattering sound(s) could be heard, almost as if close-by but emanating from somewhere within the forest that surrounded their campsite.

He told me that, they were sitting around on logs, as their father was quite strict and, although the three boys were talking loudly, the creepy unknown sounds, quickly reduced the talk to nothing and, his dad, who had picked up his shotgun had really instilled a deep sense of fear, to which they remained vigilantly silent and continued to listen, in earnest. Due to the pending sense of danger these queer sounds they'd heard, coupled by their father having picking up the shotgun, they continued to listen, in complete silence, the only other sound came from the popping and crackling of the burning wood on their campfire.

At first, what they heard was screeching and the boys thought nothing of it but, later, his older sister told him that she'd asked their father what it was. Once silence set in between the boys, it became obvious that this screeching sound did not sound like anything human, the growls and chatter, at first sounding like monkeys, was more gutteral and quite frightening. There had been some talk of "ape-men" in the area, during the 1930's but, not many would talk about it openly, for fear of being labelled as delusional or crazy yet, in whispers to one another, the boys speculated that these sounds were coming from an "ape-man". Then, after being hushed up again by their father, it sounded like the chatter was eminating from two or more unknown creatures and, within a short time, these sounds came closer towards them.

What truly frightened them was the screeches or screams, as if an unknown creature was injured or in pain or trouble and the theory, later on, was that this creature was calling for the help of one of it's kin.

These sounds came nearer and nearer, the screeching began to subside and the chatter between these 2 or more creatures grew. Quietly but quickly, my grandfather's dad, after instructions to my great aunt to hide, he and the boys snuffed out the fire, buried the fish and, grabbing only necessary items, to carry on their backs, abandoned camp, grabbing grandpa's sister and hastily scrambled away from the approaching sounds. One of his brother's strings of his pack broke and important tools were in this bag so, two of the brothers stopped to save what they could and place in the other brothers bag.

My grandpa and his sisters were in front of their father, who was in the middle and guarding the boys as they saved this gear. The two boys were, of course, behind him and somewhat still exposed to the opening of the trees and most near the lakefront where their now abandoned camp stood. Suddenly, my great-grandfather hollered out "leave the gear and run, run", amongst other things that grandpa said he'd not repeat. My great-aunt screamed which distracted the two boys, in turn, a fear inducing howl, unlike anything any of them had ever heard before, came very loudly and very close by too.

My great-grandfather hollered "there's 4 or 5 of them" and "God help us". My grandfather said that the two brothers left everything and the group ran, whilst their father fired shots at one of them, because, two "ape-men" retreated, one was carrying a smaller one but, one was running towards them, growling and shrieking aggressively. Fortunately, all 5 family members were unharmed and able to get away. To where, I don't think grandpa said.

They only ever discussed this encounter, amongst themselves but a couple of times, until many years had passed. By the time my great-uncle George had brought it up with my grandpa and my great-uncle Gord, they'd all been married and started families, scattering about different areas of Ontario. Grandpa believes it was in 1949, before my mom and two of her older sisters were born. He and grandma had only 2 of 5 of their children, at the time but, what prompted the discussion was a Bigfoot/Sasquatch story in Dawson's Creek BC, where my grandparents were about to move.

From the time this Bigfoot sighting, of 3-5 of them, happened in the 1930's to the late 1940's, many stories had been appearing in many newspapers, especially post WWII. My grandfather was a closet Sasquatch researcher, amongst other areas of paranormal research and collected any article he'd come across, over those nearly 2 decades.

Afterwards, this open discussion about the experience the brothers had, grandpa shared the research with George and Gord and Sasquatch had a name, here in Canada. Throughout grandpa's lifetime, proceeding his childhood experiences on Elliot Lake, after this discussion in 1949, grandpa began to write stories for newspapers in, both, Ontario and British Columbia publications, most notably The Toronto Star.

This was not his only paranormal experience but, it was one in which there were other witnesses. Grandpa had numerous paranormal experiences throughout his life and Elliott Lake was the place where some of the more frightening but, accepted experiences took place.

He and his brother Gord saw UFO's there but, other anomalous creatures/entities were seen by him and others he knew, as a child. I believe that everything grandpa ever shared with the people who read his newspaper stories were true. He did not always mention that these stories were based on, if not 100% real-life, true accounts but, he was well read. Unfortunately, back in the 50's and 60's, a published story only paid an average of $200. His highest paid story published was in 1973, for which he was paid $1,000 but it was not a paranormal story. It was a comedy called "Mother Drives", a non-fiction account of him trying to teach grandma, a 4' 11" Scotswoman how to drive a huge Cadillac "boat", as she called it.

In short, I have no idea where these Bigfoot cryptids come from, be it underground, in caves or possibly inter-dimensional but, I too think they're real. Also, there is some kind of tie-in with UFO's and Elliot Lake is a popular destination for Bigfoot/Sasquatch hunters to date. His other paranormal experiences/publications are fascinating too. I have kept every original manuscript or writing he's ever written, whether published or not and, one day, in honour of him and his unpublished work especially, plan to put together a book full of his stories. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend ahead! God bless you and your family and friends too! Kimberly Mills Parker

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