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'Metal Man' Alien Humanoid Encounter / Photo in Falkville, Alabama

The year was 1973. I was getting ready to start my sophomore year in high school. It was a tumultuous and cynical time filled with news of Watergate, the Vietnam War and many other historical events. People were sick of reading about crooked politicians and continued war. UFO sightings were on the increase culminating in abductions and extraordinary sightings - and I was riding the wave. Unparalleled UFO encounters and alien visitation’s occurred worldwide during the most extraordinary "UFO Flap." The number of UFO reports was unprecedented during this banner year. 1973 brought us the Pascagoula Incident and the Charlie Hickson and Coyne cases. But the one event that grabbed my attention the most was the 'Falkville Metal Man' case.

On the Autumn evening of October 17, 1973, Jeff Greenhaw, then 26-year old Chief of Police of Falkville, Alabama, was settling in with his wife for a well deserved night of rest when he received an emergency call around 10 PM that would literally change his life forever.

The call was from an hysterical anonymous woman who claimed that a UFO had landed just outside of town in a field which was owned by Bobby Summerford.

Although he was off duty, Greenhaw...abiding by his sworn duty to serve and protect...jumped up, grabbed his keys, cuffs, revolver and his Polaroid camera, on the off chance that there might be something worth taking a shot of. He then hopped into his truck, radioed the call in and raced to the location of the alleged flying saucer landing.

When Greenhaw arrived on the scene he got out of his truck and patrolled the area, but claimed to find nothing out of the ordinary. The chief then returned to his vehicle and decided to take drive around the field before returning home. Greenhaw cruised around the perimeter of Summerford’s property, scanning the darkness for anything unusual, but saw nothing of interest in the murky blackness. He then turned down a narrow, gravel path for one final pass...that was when he came face to face with an unknown entity.

After traveling down the path for about a hundred yards, Greenhaw saw an being that he described as a humanoid figure standing next to the road, about 75-feet away. The chief got out of his truck and carefully approached what he still assumed to be a human being, thinking that it may be someone in need of assistance.

Police Chief Jeffrey Greenhaw shows the area of his encounter

Greenhaw shouted to his strange companion, but it did not respond. As he got to within 15-feet of the being that was illuminated in his truck’s high-beams, the chief realized that something was very wrong. The entity appeared to be wearing some kind of silvery, metallic suit that resembled thick aluminum foil.

Some reports also indicate that its stature was somewhat child-like or simian, like a monkey in a spacesuit. Greenhaw described what he saw:

“It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together… he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass-different angles give different lighting… when I saw him standing in the middle of the road I immediately stopped the car and asked if he was a foreigner, but no sound came out of his mouth.”

Greenhaw also noted that the thing had an antenna sticking out from the top of its head and that its movements were jerky and mechanical.

The shocked Greenhaw realized that he was dealing with something unknown and, pushing his panic aside with years of police training, had the presence of mind to pick up his instant camera and shoot four photographs.

The first Polaroid shows nothing but inky darkness and a flash of silver, but the next three images hit paydirt. In the photos one can clearly see a human-like figure wearing a wrinkly, metallic suit, which is reflecting the Polaroid’s flash.

Perhaps believing that it was being attacked by a human with some kind of “light-beam” weapon, the creature almost instantaneously turned and began sprinting across the field at speeds far in excess of those capable by human. Greenhaw noted that it seemed to be heading in the general direction of Lacon, which is about three miles away from Falkville. The chief reacted swiftly, ran back to his truck and took off in pursuit of the 'tin foil man.'

Greenhaw would state that he managed to accelerate his truck only to about 35 MPH due to the rough terrain of the field, but that he was still completely outrun by this unusual entity, which defied the laws of gravity with it’s speed and and spring-like jumps. According to Greenhaw:

“It ran in a bizarre way...seemed to have springs in the feet for propulsion, could cover about three meters in every way. He was running faster than any human I ever saw.”

During this frantic off road pursuit, Greenhaw claims he lost control of his truck and slid into a ditch. At which point he watched as the creature slipped into the darkness never to be seen again. Leaving Greenhaw with only his haunting memories of the event and a single controversial Polaroid.

Greenhaw’s experience was instantly met with skeptical derision, if not outright ridicule.

Within months of revealing his bizarre encounter, the Chief of Police was terminated by the town council, his marriage fell apart and, just when it must have seemed as if matters couldn’t get any worse, his home was burned to the ground. All of the above factors have thrown kerosene on the already brightly burning flames of the UFO conspiracy theories surrounding this event and gives a clear indication as to why most contactees and eyewitnesses remain silent regarding their unusual experiences.

Some ufologists believe that the tin foil man was a robotic scout for an extra-terrestrial landing craft, while skeptics maintain that it was all a hoax perpetrated by Greenhaw and an unknown accomplice who was clad in a tin foil costume.

Falkville, Alabama

The images that Greenhaw snapped were collected and sent for analysis by Walt Andrus, a director of MUFON.

The conclusion drawn by the analysts was that the encounter was most likely a fabrication...probably inspired by all the furor surrounding the recent Pascagoula case. If was presumed that aluminum foil or an asbestos fire suit was used to create the unusual look of the creature.

Interestingly the negatives of the Greenhaw pictures that were studied by MUFON seem to show images of a “flying saucer” amongst them, although no one ever claimed to have photographed the object initially reported.

Chief Greenhaw garnered no financial gain or positive notoriety due to his experience and, while he has managed to rebuild some semblance of a normal life, all reports indicate that he continues to regret his encounter with this unknown. To this day, however, Greenhaw and his supporters insist that he had an actual encounter with an alien being.



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Pale Crawler Humanoid Encountered on Several Occasions by Australian Witness

A Queensland, Australia woman relates her many sightings and encounters, since she was a child, with what she believes to be a crawler humanoid. Is it following her?

I recently came across the following account:

"I don’t sleep with curtains open because of Crawlers. I’m a grown woman and I still can’t sleep at night with the curtains open. In fact, when I moved into my current house, I installed dual curtain rods so that even if my light blocking curtains are open, there’s a layer of privacy sheers behind them to block any sight.

I have seen the Crawler 4 times. I now live in Brisbane, Queensland. I don’t truly know if it’s the same one, they were all seen at different locations. It’s been years since I last saw one, but I still feel like they were the same creature, or at least, they knew me.

The first time, I was a very small child. Perhaps 4...maybe 5. My house was an old style flood house, so it was technically two stories tall but under the house was where we kept the car and our laundry room. Upstairs was where the living areas were. We were one of the only houses there, it was in the early days of the town and there were only a few other houses on the cul de sac. The back of our property was maybe 500 meters from the ocean, but you couldn’t see or hear the coastline from the house. There were some light rainforests surrounding our fully fenced house. My bedroom faced the back of the property.

I woke up one night, which wasn’t unusual for me because I was a very light sleeper. This particular night, my parents hadn’t closed my curtains. When I looked towards my window, I could see it. Keep in mind, I was on the second floor.

It was looking through my window. I couldn’t see much, the only light was coming from outside, but I could see the silhouette of its body. It was pale and thin but still the frame of the creature was huge, easily 2 metres tall. It was hanging off my roof, holding on to the frame of my window, and even though I couldn’t see it’s face I just KNEW it was looking at me. I was terrified. It’s been almost two decades since I saw it but I can still remember the intense fear I felt. It took me so much courage to get out of bed and walk to my parents room, where I finally fell back asleep. My parents told me it was just a dream.

The next time I remember seeing it, I was probably about 7 or so. I had moved houses probably a few months before, and my new house (about a 16 hour drive from my old place, still in Queensland) was a single story home, but still on the coast of the country. It was a lot further from the ocean, about 5kms, but very much the same kind of area. We were one of the only houses in the area and I had no neighbours.

I woke up one night because I heard something banging against the metal fence. In Australia we have a brand that makes fences and roofs out of corrugated metal that’s been painted. They’re quite common, 6ft high cream coloured metal fences. And they make an unmistakable noise when something hits them. I have no idea how anything could climb one of these fences. They’re completely smooth with nothing to grab onto. Even in my teens I tried sneaking out by jumping the fence and I just slid right down again.

At first when I woke up I thought some birds must have landed on the fence, but the noise continued for longer than it would take a bird to land. My next thought was that someone was trying to break into the house. I turned over in bed to face the window and saw it. Well, I actually didn’t see it at first. It was very dark out and I don’t remember much of a moon. As my eyes adjusted I could only just make out the figure hunched down in front of my window. Even in the hunched down pose it was still huge. This time I didn’t run to my parents. Their bedroom was no longer across the hall, it was all the way on the opposite side of the house, and I’d have to pass so many uncovered windows to get there. I don’t remember when I fell asleep, but I eventually woke up in the morning, and once again my parents told me I must have been dreaming. However from then on, they always came into my bedroom and closed my blinds before bed.

The next time I saw it, I was 9. I know I was 9 because I had just moved schools and made friends with a girl who we’ll call Casey. She invited me to stay at her house one night, and I was so excited. She was the first friend I’d made since moving schools and it had been ages since I’d gotten to have a sleepover. Everything went great, the night was perfectly normal, and I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Casey crying. I sat up in bed and asked her what was wrong. She pointed towards the window, where I saw the thing again. Unfortunately for me, Casey had a night light, and I could see much more of the creature than I ever had before. It looked so crusty and dry. It was almost totally white, devoid of any real identifying features, except it stared at us with black eyes and mouth agape. Casey’s window was small and it had to hunch down to see us.

We both got up and ran crying to her mum. She turned on the outside light and brought us back inside the bedroom, and pointed out a large gumtree outside the window that she tried to explain just have been what we saw. We argued with her, the thing we saw was right against the window, not several meters away, and it wasn’t to the left, it was to the right. Casey’s mom eventually let us sleep on the couch.

A couple months later, Casey stayed over at my house. When I woke up in the morning Casey was gone. I asked my parents, and they told me that Casey had gotten up in the night and started crying, begging to go home. When I saw her again on Monday at school, she told me she got up at night to go to the bathroom, and when she walked past the loungeroom, she could see the “tall skin monster” crawling through the trees at the bottom of my backyard. She never came to my house again, and I lost touch when I moved schools a year later.

I don’t know what it was I saw. It can’t have been sleep paralysis, I was able to move and speak and everything. And it wasn’t a dream because someone else saw it.

I don’t know if this relates in any way, but when my partner moved in to my house a few months ago, he opened the curtains one night before bed. This time it was a full moon. I had already fallen asleep. I’m now living in a two story house with my bedroom on the second floor again.

I woke up in the middle of the night to my partner getting up and closing the curtains. When I asked him why, he told me he had a nightmare that there was a tall, skinny, white man clinging onto my roof, almost like a spider, and it was peering into my bedroom. He said it must have been a hallucination (he had been up all night playing video games) and when he got up from bed it jumped back onto the roof. I still haven’t told him, but his description of what he saw is exactly what I saw the first time I saw the crawler. Only, now I’m living in a busy neighbourhood with plenty of houses, unlike past experiences where I’ve been one of the only houses on the block and surrounded by forests.

I have heard “mimicking” many times, but have always drawn it up to imagination, sometimes I will hear my partner walk into the room and say hello at night but when I roll over I see the light coming down the hallway and I realise that he’s still in the loungeroom on the computer. I’ve heard my mother's voice a few times too. Throughout my childhood in all the homes I’ve lived in, we’ve had issues with dogs barking at nothing, and security motion detector lights randomly coming on at night when nobody is there. I don’t know if those two things are related or not but I’ve heard similar happenings in crawler related stories before and thought I’d mention it.

So those are my stories. I don’t know if I’ve seen a crawler, or something else, or if I’ve seen anything at all." PM


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