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1919 BEK (Black Eyed Kids) Incident in Sandoval, Illinois Disclosed

A century old (1919) black eyed kids incident in Sandoval, Illinois is disclosed by the grand child of the experiencer. How many other similar incidents occurred so many years ago?

"The following story was told to me, back in the 60s, by my grandfather. It was an incident that took place sometime in early 1919 near Sandoval, Illinois.

He told me it had been hot the past summer and the heat lingered for months, so he had all the windows and both doors open on his house. He was sitting on the porch reading a book because it was too stuffy to be inside. He went in to make a snack, get a drink when he heard a knock. This struck him as odd because most people would just call out that knew him so he figured it was a vagrant looking for a meal or labor. He lived by the train tracks so hobos would come from time to time and I guess it was normal. So he goes to the hall and two kids are standing in the entranceway and call out “may we come in to rest. It’s a long way home.” So he says they were welcome to sit on the porch but it’s too hot inside to be comfortable. He asked if they came from the rails and they just said “we need to come in, may we?”

From what he said the kids made him feel peculiar because:

1) they wouldn’t look at him directly;

2) they were too clean.

My grandfather said that riding the trains was dirty. You'd get grease on you and coal dust and sometimes you get cuts on your hands or knees (he lost his leg doing the very thing which kept him out of the war). But these kids, from what he said, were pristine - like they were going to Sunday school. They weren’t sweating and their hair was neat and it struck him as odd. If they had walked in open fields in the middle of the heat they would be unkempt or disheveled. He asks again if they would like to sit on the porch and the girl (it was a boy and girl but the boy didn’t speak) just repeated “May we come in?” and then she just kept asking “May we, may we, may we…” over and over again until my grandfather slammed his hand down and says “Damn you both, no!” The girl stopped speaking and he said they both just stood quiet until the girl looked at him, ‘eyes black like coal’ and said once more “Mister, may we please come in?”

My grandfather just walked to the kitchen and sat down not knowing what to do. He said he felt like someone punched him in the stomach. He said he sat there until his dog came rushing in the house ‘shaking like a leaf.’

So at the end he never told anyone. He chalked it up to heat exhaustion, but he said it troubled him for years. I just wonder how far back of stories of BEK go?" SS



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9 Ft. Tall Bigfoot Startles Teen While Camping in Western Montana

A teen encounters a 9 foot tall Bigfoot while sleeping under the stars in the deep woods of western Montana during the summer of 1988.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"In the summer of 1988, I was 14 years old visiting my dad. After my parents had separated, my dad decided to live out in a small house in the woods, about a half hour away from Missoula, Montana. Kind of off the grid. This was his dream and he allowed me to experience it with him about every other weekend. We would go hiking, hunting, kayaking, bird watching, you name it. We would sometimes camp out outside in the woods, and that is where I saw it. It was one of those camping trips I went on with my dad, where I not only saw a Bigfoot, but it was terribly close to me.

My dad and I found a spot pretty deep in the brush to set up camp. When night fell, we decided to sleep in our sleeping bags outside to watch the stars. My dad fell asleep pretty quickly, but it was a bit harder for me. I remember trying extremely hard to fall asleep that night, but to be honest, even though by that time I had been in plenty of camping trips with my dad already, I was still pretty freaked out by the forest at night. This fear kept me awake all through the night.

I remember that at a certain point, when I was just starting to finally drift into sleep, I heard something come out of the trees and snapping twigs loudly as it walked on towards us. My dad still was fast asleep, and now I was basically pissing my pants. I thought some strange person was walking on towards our camp site, but as I squinted my eyes open a bit, I could see that only about 10 feet away from me was an enormous, hairy creature that stood and walked on two legs like a human would. Obviously I wanted to scream out in fear but I tried my best to pretend I was asleep in hopes that it would just eventually move along.

I think the creature which I now believe to be a Bigfoot, was attracted to the smell of of the meat my dad had been cooking before. And strangely, it didn’t seem the least bit interested in us. It seemed more interested in just slowly walking around out campsite, presumably looking for some of the food it must’ve thought we had. But I have to tell you, that not only was I scared at the sight of the giant hairy man, but I was also sickened by the pungent and overwhelming odor that the beast was emitting.

Eventually, the Bigfoot seemed to get bored and disappeared into the darkness. I remember trembling in my sleeping bag, and not being able to sleep the rest of the night. I didn’t tell my father about it until he woke up the next morning, because I was afraid if I tried to wake him up during the night, then the creature might see us awake, or even hear us. I was not willing to find out how it would react when it did.

When I told my dad about it, he just told me it was probably a large bear walking around on its hind legs. But when I described to him that the creature was extremely human-like and walked like a person would, he chalked it up to it me just either hallucinating from fear, or that I was not aware that I was dreaming.

To this day I know exactly what I saw. It was about 9 feet tall, with extremely long and matted brown hair all over its body, including the face, which to me, seemed to look very human-like in a primitive sort of way. I still remember the horrible stench that made me want to vomit. That was probably the longest and most terrifying night of my life. But afterwards I’ve come to honor the experience, because I would come to realize that the creature was undoubtedly a Bigfoot, and I was one of the few people who got the chance to see it extremely up close.

So, to all of you skeptics out there, I understand your incredulity, but believe me, I’ve experienced it firsthand. There is no doubt that these creatures exist. I’m not sure about how abundant they are, but they truly exist, and they are not only scary looking and smelly, but they are a fascinating sight to see. And even though I only remember hearing the Bigfoot grunt, and growl a bit, I feel that they are more human-like than ape, due to the appearance of the face. That was actually the scariest part. Seeing that not only was there a strange, giant creature creeping around my campsite, but it was a very human-like, albeit extremely hairy creature. And when I say hairy, I really mean it. I’ve never seen so much hair on the body of any creature.

My words here can never do justice to what I saw that night as a teen. I can never describe to you, just how otherworldly and surreal the whole situation felt. But it was real, and I know I wasn’t dreaming because I could not get to sleep the whole night. In fact, I was very wide awake, even though I pretended to sleep while every now and then opening my eyes slightly to catch glimpses of the Bigfoot.

To this day, I am greatly affected by the experience, because it changed my whole perception of the world. After that I would never doubt the possibility of anything existing, not even things like vampires, aliens or the chupacabra. I learned from that night to always keep an open mind when hearing about the seemingly impossible, because I myself encountered a creature long thought, and still thought to be purely a myth by most people." ED

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Tall Pale White Humanoid Encounters by 3 Eyewitnesses

3 different eyewitnesses detail they're experiences with unknown pale humanoids. What are people encountering?

"We live in northern Illinois, near Rockford. Our backyard is pretty long and connects to an alleyway, and all the way at the back we have two poles that used to be used for hanging clothes out to dry. They're probably about 6 and a half feet tall. Connected to my house in the yard is a porch. It's basically a room with two of the walls taken out and replaced with wire mesh.

We live in a two bedroom house with my cousin, her son, my mom, and my grandfather. My mom and I used to share a room until my cousin got pregnant, so she gave up our room so she wouldn't be sleeping on an uncomfortable couch. For a while my mom and I slept in the living room, her on the couch and me on an air mattress. Up until two years ago, my mom reverted a room in our basement into a bedroom for me so I could get some privacy for myself. My mom still sleeps in the living room on the couch, so she doesn't have any privacy, except for back porch. So she pretty much just sits out there all day.

It was last year in late summer/early fall. My mom was sitting on the porch, as she usually does, and she looks out into the backyard and sees something standing in the alley, right behind our fence. It was pretty dark out so she couldn't make out exactly what it looked like, but she said it had a human figure, was completely white, about the size of the poles we have in the yard.

She told me that it hopped the fence with no problem and started sprinting at her, like if it were running a marathon or something. It then got a couple feet away from the porch window and then just disappeared. She said she was so scared that she was completely frozen that entire time. She didn't move her body for a good twenty seconds because she was scared that if it saw her move it was going to come back. She just kept moving her eyes to get them to adjust to the dark so she could see if there was anything still outside.

To come outside to the porch, you need to walk through the kitchen, and that's where I was. I was sitting at the kitchen table when she bursts through the door, and runs to the sink to get a knife. So now I'm panicking because I thought there was a murderer outside or something, and then she tells me what happened. We both stayed there for a good hour just looking out the kitchen window to see if that thing was still there.

I haven't talked to her about that at all since then, until now." MP


"I’ll be honest, I almost never believe anyone’s story about seeing mythical creatures or monsters and wouldn’t believe this story if I told myself it from another perspective. However the only reason I think I actually did see something was because my friend saw the same thing and verified my eyes weren’t just playing tricks on me.

We were driving home from a friends (she was the driver I was passenger) around 1:30 am. Going around 35 mph I see a figure standing completely still on the side of the road just looking across the road not moving.

What it looked like:

-Thin and relatively tall (maybe 6 to 6.5 feet tall) - Pale skin - Hunched over slightly - Dark black pits for eyes - No mouth (or if there was one very small and not noticeable) - Stringy long hair like Gollum - Wearing clothes like a tattered coat or hoodie thing - And here’s a really strange feature, it’s legs were jointed backwards (like a cricket) but it was standing straight up. Imagine your own legs slightly bent but the bend is reversed.

Anyone seen anything like this or have an idea of what it is?

This really freaked me out because I saw it and immediately turned to my friend the driver and she had a look of pure shock and fear also and at that moment we both realized we saw it. We were so scared we sped up and didn’t look back. Now I wish we looked back to see what it was." RB


"I had an experience as a child and I'll never forget every detail of that day.

Little backstory, at the time we lived with my grandmother in the high desert of California. She had a dance studio built on her property, so the house was in the center of the land, with a large building off to the right.

I was about 7 and was sitting on the front porch with my dogs. Puppy was blind but definitely took guard dog seriously, he was always the first to signal danger. Suddenly his hackles went up and he started growling towards the dance studio. There was this hole that had appeared that went under the studio. All attempts to fill it in had been met with it reappearing the next morning.

So as the puppy is growling, Raja, a bullmastiff, stood up and put her body between me and the stairs/path to the studio. Suddenly this pale creature with limbs way to long comes crawling out of the hole. I just stood there and stared. At first it didn't see me, and I was too scared to try to make it to the door. Then it spotted me, and stood up and it just kept standing up. It was unnaturally tall. We stared at each other for what felt like forever. I then screamed, ran for the door and flew it open. I looked one last time and it had thrown itself on all fours and was running off the property to the fields across the street.

This was near sunset, and that was the only time I ever saw it. I stopped going outside alone after that. Also this was all the way back 1997." DB



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