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Bigfoot / Cryptids: The Flesh & Blood vs. Supernatural Paradox

An encounter by a man in Oklahoma causes him to question if Bigfoot is a flesh & blood being or a supernatural entity

"Maud, Oklahoma - 4/15/2010 - I was rabbit hunting between the hours of 2130 CDT to about 2315 CDT on a farm outside of Maud, Oklahoma. It was a clear and cold night with a quarter moon out. I was armed with an a pump-action tactical shotgun and a Kimber 5in. 45. cal. pistol along with about 100 rounds of 45 and 45 shotgun rounds. Both weapons are equipped with high end wight lights.

Upon returning to my home, about 2315 CDT, I walked up on my patio which is about 5 feet off the ground. I saw a large human like figure that was bigger than any man I ever saw. I used the Surefire white light on my shotgun to see better. Due to light fog, I could only see about 25 feet with the light. The creature was out in the open enough to see an outline of the figure. I had seen all my animals act unusual prior, a feeling of being watched at hours of darkness on more then once. The figure was watching me and made eye contact. It was very large and close to 7 to 8 feet tall, was very stocky build, would guess over 400 lbs.

The figure seemed annoyed that I pointed my shotgun at it. It seemed to have no fear of me or my animals. My dog (military trained) cowered down and would not respond to commands. I did contact a "Bigfoot team" that showed up within 72 hours of this. No evidence was found. No footprints, hair, nothing.

I did experience some lapse in memory there after. I am a retired special forces sniper with 10 yrs. experience and 3 tours in Iraq, including the Iraq Invasion with the 3rd Inf. Div. on the frontlines. I have no knowledge after all I seen and done to describe this figure. I do need to be kept out of any public report because of my background and security clearance with the military. I just want answers and will provide full cooperation in person. The biggest thing that bothers me is the lack of fear from the figure and my fear back. I fear very little in life. Just want to get to the bottom of this."

NOTE: Could this have been (what I refer to) an interdimensional Sasquatch? Here are links for those who have not read it - Interdimensional Sasquatch and The Bigfoot Paradox. I've maintained, for over a decade, that Sasquatch and other cryptids may be something other than just a flesh and blood terrestrial beings. There have been countless sightings (including myself) of these creatures as compared to the amount of physical evidence retrieved. This fact has forced me to question the true nature of these beasts. Is Sasquatch a multidimensional entity? Is it possible that Sasquatch has the ability to move in and out of this plane of existence into an alternative universe? Perhaps this creature and other cryptids are simply not an earthbound entity because it is actually extraterrestrial or of alien origin. Or maybe it has traveled back from the future earth and is a creature that will one day inhabit our planet. Then again, is it possible that those alien beings and strange entities that are witnessed everyday in our present world are simply our descendants from the earth's future who are just paying us a visit? Lon



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Invisible Cloaking Entity in Juarez, Mexico Park (Video / Photo Captures)

A Juarez, Mexico resident video records an invisible / cloaked entity at his son's baseball game

UFO investigator Tercer Milenio investigated a case after a videotape was sent to him. It involved an apparent invisible entity which was filmed at Burundi park in the city of Juarez.

It was the evening of November 10, 2014. Armando Martinez was at his son's baseball game. His friend, Ismael Cardido, also in the stands, was filming with his cellphone. It was a fairly standard evening with nothing out of the ordinary occurring. Later, after arriving home, while looking at the video his friend recorded, Martinez and Cardido were shocked to see a strange figure standing on the field. It was actually Martinez's wife that was the first to spot it. Strangely, none of them had recalled seeing this odd figure during the game but he was clearly visible in the recording. Given that he was giving off flashes of light, he would have definitely been noticeable. The whole thing was very strange. This was when Martinez decided to send his video to Mexican UFO investigator Milenio.

Milenio attempted to figure out what was going on in the video. He discovered that the children that night had sensed the presence but could not see it. It was invisible to the human eye. Upon examining the video, the figure appears to be wearing a cloak. It seems to be flashing and giving off blips of light. It moves around the field unnoticed, for the most part. “A boy on third base seems to realize that something is there and turns around on two occasions towards the being and it is standing and then it walks and you can clearly see it... and the boy definitely realizes something was there. It appears to shine or flash and was about the same height of the kids,” noted Milenio." Source: 2019 documentary “Beyond the Spectrum - Humanoids

Beyond the Spectrum - Humanoids - skip to 28:49

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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Bigfoot Aggressively Confronts Wallowa County, Oregon Resident

A Wallowa County, Oregon resident tells a harrowing account of an aggressive Bigfoot that has roamed the area around his trailer home for the past 15 years

I recently received a very interesting telephone call from the witness 'DB' who lives in Oregon.

Back in the summer of 2005, DB and his wife were spending time at their property in Wallowa County, Oregon. They are full-time residents of Portland, but do spend time in their trailer home.

DB had to travel 150 miles for work one day and didn't arrive back to the trailer home until early evening. When he pulled up to the trailer, he noticed that the outdoor furniture was broken and strewn all over the place. As he walked around the trailer he also noticed deep scratch marks on the bottom corner of the trailer home. At first he thought that a cougar may have caused the damage.

He entered the door into the trailer and called out to his wife. There was no answer. He was concerned because she would usually greet him as he arrived home. He slowly walked through the hallway towards the bedroom, continuing to call out her name. As he entered the bedroom, his wife was sitting up on the bed, shaking frantically while pointing a .357 magnum directly at DB. She was also crying and possibly in shock. DB slowly walked around the bed and removed the gun from her hands.

She explained that earlier during the afternoon, she heard loud crashing sounds coming from outside the trailer. As she looked out the window she saw a 8 ft. Bigfoot tossing outdoor furniture about. Apparently, she screamed and ran back to the bedroom and grabbed the handgun. As she stood there hoping that the beast would not break into the trailer, she felt a violent shaking. The Bigfoot had attempted to lift the trailer, which caused the scratch marks. She then cowered onto the bed and sat there waiting for the unknown to occur. She may have been there for several hours.

A few nights later, DB and his wife were in bed when he was suddenly awaken by a rancid odor that he described as smelling like 'raw liver.' There was no sound, so DB got out of bed and looked out the screen window, which was elevated about 6 1/2 ft from the ground outside. As he looked into the darkness, a large round face appeared in front of him, as it moved forward just inches away from the screen. DB immediately yelled out to the beast, when it replied back with a tremendous roar! DB's wife was now awake as DB quickly backed away from the screen. The Bigfoot continued to look at DB with it large brown eyes. DB was so close that he noticed that the beast's irises were a brilliant green. The head and face were round as opposed to conical and covered in draping dark hair. When the Bigfoot roared, the large canine teeth were clearly visible.

After 45 seconds or so, the Bigfoot backed away. DB grabbed his .357 and ran out the door in order to confront the Bigfoot. As he turned the corner, the Bigfoot took off towards the river. DB shot off 3 rounds, but failed to hit the beast. (He said that he wasn't really trying to hurt it. He was afraid that injuring it would cause more trouble).

The next day, DB was telling his neighbor about the incident. The man was well-aware of the Bigfoot's presence as it made itself known to him on a few occasions. As the two men were talking, they heard the neighbor's mule braying from the corral below. They looked in the direction of the ruckus and witnessed the Bigfoot apparently taunting the mule. The neighbor grabbed his shotgun, fired it into the air while the Bigfoot ran off.

This has type of activity has been occurring occasionally since that summer. There is an area where DB is sure that a family group exist. There is also a boneyard from killed deer and sheep nearby, as well as other physical evidence secured by the witness. I am in the process of securing an investigator to go onsite at the location. Lon



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