Monday, November 23, 2020

Investigation: 'Glimmer Man' / Canine-Like Humanoids in Comanche County, Oklahoma (Photos)

The following report was submitted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Ryan Fusco. Ryan subsequently travelled to Comanche County, Oklahoma:

This case started back August 10, 2020 after Lon strickler asked me if I would follow up on a case of a guy named Steve who lived in Oklahoma who gave me permission to use his name this case. Basically started with a gunshot. Steve was nervous the second time this thing landed in his yard and he fired a round at it from a .22 handgun from there the rest is history.

It started out with photos and then videos. Steve was a pretty down-to-earth guy. He did not know anything about the UFO field as most people don't. We would be on calls that would last hours because I would end up explaining several things to him about the field. I am also taking the time to let the reader know that I am going to leave a lot of stuff out in order to be able to tell the story in a professional manner.

At the end of the month it escalated into them knocking on his door. Steve would send me photos that were hard to decipher. He would have to tell me what I was looking at just like I'll be doing to the readers here. Finally we decided to go live on Messenger. That night I recorded a sound. After I heard it I tried to wake Steve up. He would not get up. I seemed to have startled whoever it was because they dropped a pane of glass. A week later Steve finally saw his first entity. It was a dog-like humanoid that he attempted to take a photo of (below). He described it as hopping over a fence about 20 yards from his house, as he startled it.

More photos and videos came in and live meets on Messenger, which started to decline because somehow all the sudden he wasn't able to do them. It was like someone put a force field over his home. I got more and more curious as the photos. Steve kept asking me if I would find him an affiliate to meet him in Oklahoma. I could not find one as the UFO investigator there hung up on him and the cops told him he was seeing things or drunk. Finally I made a decision to drive there at the beginning of November.

I arrived there on a midday afternoon. Steve was more than happy to see me. He couldn't believe I was in front of him. I started by taking a couple photos right off the bat. My phone images were reacting in the same manner as Steve's phone. It was making the photos look like they were painted. They would make faces in any images they could or they would place other images all over the photos. By 'they' I mean the entities.

In the above image, there was nothing in front of me except an empty field. There was one red light on the ground. Using night view on my phone this is what came out in the photo. To me it looked to be a UFO or a base that was hidden by a very clever form of deception, as I would learn later on.

The next day I was taking photos and videos. I saw this image in a tree (below). As I turned quickly around I felt I was being stared at. I can't say eyes because it was the 'glimmer man' effect. I couldn't believe it. If it was reading my mind it probably knew my heart was racing and I was also curious.

As I took the step it completely disappeared. Not knowing where whatever it was, I literally ran inside.

That night Steve and I were out on the back porch when all the sudden I saw a blue light disappear in a yard behind him. I told Steve to run and get his flashlight as we saw a red light flashing over the hill across the street. Steve came back and pointed the light across the road there it was for the first time. Aliens, entities, extraterrestrials, the unknown. Whatever you want to call it that was it. I could not believe what I was seeing. I was so happy / scared. I honestly was beside myself. Steve said that he never saw them come in like this before. Here are a series of photos I took. Though the camera phone is pixelated, it was much easier to see the beings with the naked eye.

I tried to take several photos, but my phone kept dying. Steve's dog was constantly chasing semi-visible beings. He would chase after them, but I would call him back as I did not want anything bad to happen to him. They would just appear out of nowhere.

The next day, I was getting ready to leave but I had car trouble, so I ended up staying that night. It good I did because it proved to be most active.

It started off the same way as the night before except there were less people at his residence that night. I was there by myself for about an hour. I did not go outside and stayed inside with the dog until someone got home. I took a photo of the front yard that night (above).

In the photo it seems like something is riding a mechanical device. I realize that it's difficult to make out. Then again, the naked eye was much more discernible. I don't know if these beings can cloak or manipulate the camera.

I later took a photo of the driveway. I could see an entity that has a long snout with a white tip and white eyes with reddish skin to the right of the photo. I zoomed in and circled him he said it looked like a a mosquito man. 

To make a long story short they were bringing a series of entities by the area every 10 to 15 minutes. As we begin to investigate further, hopefully we'll come up with more plausible images and theories.

I left the next morning, I had a 20-hour drive back to Pittsburgh thinking the whole way that I could not believe what I had witnessed. Although the photos are hard to look at sometimes and also hard to pick out these were the best photos I could take at the time. They always knew my phone was out and they always were trying to do something to distract it, as I can say that they were very intuitive.

I appreciate Steve's hospitality and plan to continue with the investigation. Much like David Eckhart's experiences, I believe Steve's encounters are another chapter of continued contact with these non-terrestrial entities.

NOTE: Phantoms & Monster's Fortean Research will continue to support Ryan in his work with the witness. There are other possible aspects and connections to this phenomenon, which need to be explored further. Any developments will be reported here or on the team website at

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Huge Canine Cryptid Encountered in Rural Sedgwick County, Kansas

2 woman were driving home at night near Wichita, Kansas when they encountered a huge canine cryptid standing on the side of a country road.

I recently received the following account:

"My daughter, who was still living at home in her first year of cosmetology school, and a friend had gone to Wichita, Kansas to a show. This was in the summer of 2008. On their way home, driving on a country road in Sedgwick County to cut over from a highway to our house, came around a bend in the road. Their headlights swept across the road in front of them and standing by the side of the road, near the guardrail of the concrete bridge, was a huge canine creature. The girls were so frightened when telling me that it took a bit to calm them down enough to get some sense out of them.

The road is a north south road, and the sighting was a quarter mile from town. The bridge is just a small one that goes over a runoff creek, and my guess is the dogman was too big to go under it but had to go over the road, and was coming up the draw from the creek bottom.

They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. My daughter's car was small, a little Chevy Cavalier, and she said the lights didn't reach this things face, so they didn't get an eyeshine, but it was huge. It was black, and the height and width of a cow, on all fours. All they could focus on was the muzzle and all the huge razor teeth when it peeled its lips back and snarled at them. She said it could have reached out and touched their car but it didn't. She screamed and she stomped on the gas, they were both looking behind once they got into town because they worried it was chasing them. She wiped her eyes and said "I think we saw a freakin' werewolf, Mom."

I seriously remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck.

After asking her if she was sure she hadn't seen a Sasquatch, and her saying, "Mom, you don't understand, it was the biggest wolf. Huge! And it showed its teeth at us! It wasn't a Bigfoot! It was, it was a werewolf!" I just had no idea what they saw, but they were very scared and I told her never drive that road at night. I felt kind of helpless.

Flash forward 10 years, and I hear a YouTube story about a "dogman," and the light bulb came on! OMG, this is what those two girls saw! Here in Kansas, of all places! I sent her the YouTube and she was pretty shook up, but relieved to know it was a real thing. When I showed her different pictures of the types, she said it was the 'Van Helsing' movie werewolf looking one, which scared ME!

If it helps to know, this area is about 2, maybe 3, miles from a river, which is east of the road they saw it on. They didn't get a good look at its feet as the backside of it was coming up an incline from the little creek, they saw the front, shoulders, chest, head and apparently teeth. Those were the details they gave me." GG

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