Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Bigfoot Aggressively Confronts Wallowa County, Oregon Resident

A Wallowa County, Oregon resident tells a harrowing account of an aggressive Bigfoot that has roamed the area around his trailer home for the past 15 years

I recently received a very interesting telephone call from the witness 'DB' who lives in Oregon.

Back in the summer of 2005, DB and his wife were spending time at their property in Wallowa County, Oregon. They are full-time residents of Portland, but do spend time in their trailer home.

DB had to travel 150 miles for work one day and didn't arrive back to the trailer home until early evening. When he pulled up to the trailer, he noticed that the outdoor furniture was broken and strewn all over the place. As he walked around the trailer he also noticed deep scratch marks on the bottom corner of the trailer home. At first he thought that a cougar may have caused the damage.

He entered the door into the trailer and called out to his wife. There was no answer. He was concerned because she would usually greet him as he arrived home. He slowly walked through the hallway towards the bedroom, continuing to call out her name. As he entered the bedroom, his wife was sitting up on the bed, shaking frantically while pointing a .357 magnum directly at DB. She was also crying and possibly in shock. DB slowly walked around the bed and removed the gun from her hands.

She explained that earlier during the afternoon, she heard loud crashing sounds coming from outside the trailer. As she looked out the window she saw a 8 ft. Bigfoot tossing outdoor furniture about. Apparently, she screamed and ran back to the bedroom and grabbed the handgun. As she stood there hoping that the beast would not break into the trailer, she felt a violent shaking. The Bigfoot had attempted to lift the trailer, which caused the scratch marks. She then cowered onto the bed and sat there waiting for the unknown to occur. She may have been there for several hours.

A few nights later, DB and his wife were in bed when he was suddenly awaken by a rancid odor that he described as smelling like 'raw liver.' There was no sound, so DB got out of bed and looked out the screen window, which was elevated about 6 1/2 ft from the ground outside. As he looked into the darkness, a large round face appeared in front of him, as it moved forward just inches away from the screen. DB immediately yelled out to the beast, when it replied back with a tremendous roar! DB's wife was now awake as DB quickly backed away from the screen. The Bigfoot continued to look at DB with it large brown eyes. DB was so close that he noticed that the beast's irises were a brilliant green. The head and face were round as opposed to conical and covered in draping dark hair. When the Bigfoot roared, the large canine teeth were clearly visible.

After 45 seconds or so, the Bigfoot backed away. DB grabbed his .357 and ran out the door in order to confront the Bigfoot. As he turned the corner, the Bigfoot took off towards the river. DB shot off 3 rounds, but failed to hit the beast. (He said that he wasn't really trying to hurt it. He was afraid that injuring it would cause more trouble).

The next day, DB was telling his neighbor about the incident. The man was well-aware of the Bigfoot's presence as it made itself known to him on a few occasions. As the two men were talking, they heard the neighbor's mule braying from the corral below. They looked in the direction of the ruckus and witnessed the Bigfoot apparently taunting the mule. The neighbor grabbed his shotgun, fired it into the air while the Bigfoot ran off.

This has type of activity has been occurring occasionally since that summer. There is an area where DB is sure that a family group exist. There is also a boneyard from killed deer and sheep nearby, as well as other physical evidence secured by the witness. I am in the process of securing an investigator to go onsite at the location. Lon



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Encounters: Glowing White Woman, Red-Eyed Shadow Dogs and Chased by a UFO

An eyewitness recalls several strange experiences that he had encountered when he was younger and living in Quebec, Canada

"When I was younger, and during the winter, I saw some things at my mother's place. I was always a believer in the paranormal. But I never had really seen anything bizarre or out of place. At least before the day that I finally did.

It was about 6:00 am and I was getting ready to go to school. I lived in the country so I didn't have any neighbours close and so waiting for the bus was long and boring to me because I had no friends to pass the time with. It was still dark. The lights from the house were bright enough to let me see the yard and driveway so I decided to play in the snow. I was making snowmen, snow angels and I also was beginning to build a fort when suddenly I felt as if I was being watched. It was as if time stopped and got eerie. I slowly turned around and froze! I saw a woman walking on the edge of the house. That woman, she was all white, like paper-white and glowing. She was wearing a long white dress. She had long white hair and she was very attractive. But why would a woman be in a dress when it was that cold? She stopped at her 5th step and looked at me. Beautiful blueish-white eyes, small nose and full lips. She smiled and I felt reassured. Protected. I had the courage to blink and in an instant she was gone. I never saw her again. At least not in real life. That was the first encounter I had.

The second encounter was not so fun but still not very eventful. I was watching TV with my mom when I was in high school. I had the urge to go to the bathroom so I did. But when I got in front of the door, a black cloud was blocking my way. I stared at it for at least a minute before it was gone. But nothing really happened. I just got spooked. But then in 2016 I had some friends over and they were big time believers. We were outside talking and watching the sky when I started hearing some native American music and chanting. I asked my friends if they were hearing the same thing as me and they were! So we decided to check it out. We found absolutely nothing. Except some quick moving shadows out of the corner of our eyes. We were freaked out about it so we decided to go inside.

A couple of week later, we decided to look around the house again. That's when we saw shadow dogs. Red eyes piercing in the dark of their bodies. Those dogs were almost smoke like. They seemed very aggressive but we didn't stick around to find out. They were in a pack. Like wolves or coyotes. But like I said, the most striking thing were those eyes. Little flames in their faces. That's not even the worst of my encounters, the worst was when me and my mother saw the same thing at the same time – UFOs. We have been chased by them for 5 km! Of course we were in a car but that was the worse thing I've experienced so far and that was the thing that made me move from my mother's place.

It was about 10 pm. We were about to go get some snacks and a movie at a gas station. I had to pee so I went behind a tree before we got in the car. When I was done, I looked up in the sky to see the moon. Only it wasn't a moon. It was bright, yes, but it had a very faint beam of light coming down from it. I thought that maybe it was a spotlight so I asked my mother, 'Hey, Mom! Come look a this!' She thought I wanted her to look at the moon but she quickly realized that it had a faint beam of light under it. We were mesmerized by it. Trying to figure out what that thing was. A minute of quiet observing later, that beam shot up to the ball of light and the it separated into 4 other balls of light. They were spinning around each other like flies around a dead animal. My mother held my arm as soon as they did. I was friggin' scared as hell! Then we noticed they were getting closer and closer to us. I didn't mess around and I said to my mom, 'Get in the car NOW!' We got in the car, didn't even bother to pick a seat as I always do, didn't even buckle up and we booked it. I was looking out the back window to see where they were. My mother kept asking me where they were. She was driving at 70 km/h on a dirt road. I kept looking at the time to make sure we didn't get abducted. It got to a point where those lights were almost right above the car. I was crying out of panic, thinking of my loved ones. When we got to the village where my old school, pharmacy and gas station were, they were gone. I was still shaken up. So was my mother. We went in the gas station, trying not to think about what had happened, got our things and went back home. This is what happened and if you would ask my mother, she would say the same thing. I'm in Quebec, Canada near the border of Vermont and Maine in the USA” WC

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Upright Canine Encounter (Dwayyo / Hexenwolf) in Frederick County, Maryland

In 1963, a boy has a frightening encounter with an upright canine (Dwayyo) after using his Grandmother's outhouse in Frederick County, Maryland

The following personal account was offered by a very credible witness (who wishes to remain anonymous):

"I am not making an official report because it was so long ago, and I have always brushed this incident off. At the time I was about 11 years old, and I can't recall what year exactly (1963 or so) since this was many years ago and nobody believed me since I was a kid. I was spending the summer at my Grandma's house on Shank Rd. in Middletown, MD (Frederick Co.) as I had for a couple of years in a row. I welcomed the summers I spent with grandma, except for the darn outhouse. If I had to go at night, it was a nuisance having to take Grandma with me which meant waking her up. It was an awful part of being there.

One late night I had to get up to use the outhouse, and it was stark black outside. No lamp posts or outdoor lighting lined the main lane. Grandma had electricity, but it was only for the house inside, oven, and appliances. She had a TV, a very old floor model and nobody watched it anyway, since there was not much TV on the Maryland airwaves back in the early 1960s. It had to be like 3 am when I ventured outside. I didn't take a flashlight and I didn't want to wake Grandma up for finding the flashlight or for her to walk me to the outhouse.

The outhouse was located far from the main grouping of structures on the property and the main house, for obvious reasons. It was not a full moon, but enough night time illumination in the sky that my eyes adjusted quickly to see the grounds. I could easily navigate my way using Grandma's long and narrow flower garden as a guiding trail. My biggest fear was of black snakes & copperheads because I was warned constantly to look out for them.

I made it down to the outhouse and don't even remember hearing the usual night noises like crickets or owls. It seemed almost too quiet. I was a sharp and smart kid with a great imagination, but not enough to make this story up. I felt an uncanny sensation of being watched and I started to get scared. I left the outhouse, peeked outside first, and for some reason I wanted to run back to the house, getting to safety as quickly as possible. It was a rough and long run and I tired quickly and began walking the last few hundred feet to the porch of the house. Something told me to look back where I had been. To this day I wished I hadn't.

What I saw was an impossible sight. This animal stepping through the backyard of Grandma's property, just past the garden about ten feet past the outhouse. It was this upright furry creature with a dog-wolf head! I have owned German Shepherds from the age of 7 so the head was almost similar to the ears and snoot of a German Shepherd dog. I stopped dead in my tracks, not believing my eyes because it was impossible! It had arms that had claw-like hands that hung out in front of it. As it turned its head and looked right at me, the eyes looked yellow and super reflective. Chills shot up my spine as it quickly walked on two legs (that looked like real dog legs bending backwards) traveling from left to right, past her garden, into the old, gravel lane, then across into the thicket of the woods where it disappeared. I heard the rustling through the weeds. It may have initially traveled from the usually full cow pasture that was up an incline, past the spring, and up to the cow pasture that was behind Grandma's house. I shudder to think it was hiding behind the outhouse I was in, but that is a distinct possibility as well!

Ever since that night, after being teased of the cliche of seeing the 'big bad wolf at Grandma's house,' nobody believed me and thought I made up the story for attention, like the imaginary friend syndrome of kids. From those teasing me, I just put it all behind me, buried the story forever, and never told another human being this tale until now. I just turned 66 years old this year, and it am sharing this tale with you now. Like I said, it's too late now to submit an official report, but I will never forget that creature until the day I die!"

NOTE: This account is quite credible because of the number of upright canine sightings and encounters in Frederick County, Maryland during the 1960's. The Maryland 'Dwayyo' or 'Hexenwolf' has been reported since the late 18th century when the Pennsylvania Dutch started to settle on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line in Carroll, Frederick & Washington Counties. Not long after setting down their new roots, tales of the Hexenwolf started to circulate. The description of this beast was similar to the Dwayyo ('a mammalian biped with features similar to a wolf, but the stance and stature of a human.') These farmers raised livestock for food and revenue, so it was important that their domestic animals be protected from the beast. Decorative five-pointed 'barn stars' may mean numerous things, such as a builder's mark or bringing luck. But the real reason for these stars was the belief it was a talisman against baneful spirits or other dark entities. Lon

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