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Experiencer Touched / Probed During 2 Separate Alien Incidents at Home

A woman in North Carolina has 2 encounters in her bedroom. One with a group of 'Greys.' During the 2nd encounter she experienced a probe inserted in her without observing any entities.

I received this account several years ago. This is the first time I have posted:

"This is an event that happened many years ago. For a long time, I couldn't even think about it, much less discuss it with anyone. As the years have gone by, its gotten easier to do so, and I've decided to share it with you. Make of it what you will.

I had moved back home in Pfafftown, North Carolina to take care of my mother after my father died in 1991. My mother died in Dec of 1999, so this incident happened during this time frame. I can narrow it down a little more. A specific job I had until 1996, I know it happened during this time because of the guy I was dating while I worked there. I'm afraid I cant be any more specific than this.

He had been over to the house that evening to hang out. I lived in the basement of my parent's house. We watched TV and little else.

He left around midnight and I worked on going to bed. The next thing I remember, I was laying in bed, on my right side. I had my right arm under my head, stretched out. My left arm was kind of slung behind my back. The room was dark. I was just trying to drift off to sleep, but was still fully conscious of my surroundings.

The next thing I remember was hearing a very soft shuffling of lots of little footsteps (carpet) coming into the room and surrounding my bed. I opened my eyes to see a typical Grey alien standing right in front of my bed, about 3 feet away from me. Behind him, in the shadows, I could make out several smaller ones, kind of like children, surrounding my bed.

The bigger one was a rubbery gray, but unlike pics that I've seen. It was wearing this gray puffy (quilted?) vest that crossed over his shoulders, like an X over his chest. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's the best I can describe it.

I tried to move, but realized I was unable to do so. I kept trying to pull my left arm from behind my back, but it was completely frozen in place. The only thing I could move was my eyes. I realized this was really happening. The time on my bedside clock was six minutes after 1. I'll never forget that.

I finally managed to talk a little and for some reason, it seemed important at the time to make sure the alien knew that I could see him, that (it?) had been caught. I kept croaking out the words, "no, not tonight" over and over. It's the only thing I could say.

After a minute, it reached out and touched my arm with either a long thin wand, or its finger. I don't know which, but there was a small light on the end of it. When it touched my arm, they were all gone, and I could move again. It was over. I remember just laying there, trying to remember to breathe, looking at the clock by my bed.

I did tell my mom about it the next morning. She didn't remember anything strange from the night before.

I had a second encounter some several months later. This one is extremely difficult to write about, but I figure if I'm going to share, I might as well share all.

Again, I was laying in my bed, this time more on my stomach, when I felt something climb up on the bed with me. Again, when I tried to move, I found I was paralyzed. I then felt something being inserted into my rear end and then into my vagina. It generated a pulse, which after a couple minutes, brought me to an orgasm. After that, I felt it being removed, something slowly climb off my bed, and then I could move again and it was over. I was never able to see anything. What's even more crazy is I again looked at the time. It was six minutes after 1, same as before.

The next morning, my mother asked me if Id had "another visit from my little friends?"  She had gotten up around 1am to use the bathroom and saw some strange lights outside the bathroom window, down in the woods behind the house.

In my heart I know these events were very real. I have no idea what was going on, or what they were doing. I've never had any other encounters that I'm aware of. I've thought over the years about possibly going through hypnosis to find out. But I think I don't really want to know." NC

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Bizarre Humanoid Encountered in Berkeley, California Flea Market

Berkeley, California resident encounters a bizarre humanoid while tending a booth at a local flea market. Interesting account.

The following account was recently referred to me:

"When I first saw this 'being' in a public place, I was amazed that nobody else seemed to notice. This event occurred at the Berkeley (California) Flea Market back in 1996. It was a beautiful summer day. I had set up my display featuring a large photo of a flying saucer right up front. The market was busy but not too crowded.

Someone caught my eye. It was a tall figure moving among the crowd looking at the sky, ground, other people as if very curious. But no one seemed to notice, even my friend standing next to me didn't see this seven foot tall figure walking toward us until I said,

I asked my friend, "Do you see that person coming this way?"

"Yes, why?

"Look at his face. That's an alien!"

"Wow, he is very unusual looking."

The face was human-like but the bone structure was radically different. There were deep ridges on the sides of his forehead and the skull seem oddly shaped. His clothes were very ordinary and dull, with no buttons, patterns, shoe strings, zippers or anything that stood out. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at the saucer photo, then he looked at me, then back at the saucer, then at me again. He began to move erratically, turning away like he was about to walk away, then turning his torso back toward me, then away with his arms moving up and down like a confused robot. Finally he started to walk away quickly. I told my friend to watch my stall so I can follow him.

I followed about 25 feet behind him with several people between us. When he got to the BART station he suddenly stopped, and stood with his back to me until he spun around and stared directly at my face. I was completely shocked. He knew I was following him. Again he made the weird movements, like he wanted to communicate but couldn't, then he walked into the station. I panicked and ran away back to the stall." (originally reported to MUFON - witness' sketch below)

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