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Winged Humanoid Abducts Eyewitness in Rolling Prairie, Indiana

I recently received a telephone call describing a harrowing account from the eyewitness 'LH'. The incident occurred on the night of October 27, 1969 in Rolling Prairie, Indiana. LH was a young child at the time.

LH states that he and his family (mother, father, sister and grandmother) where living in a trailer situated on their family's land. The trailer had sustained damage on the roof, leaving a large hole. The hole was covered with a wide waterproof tarp until it was to be repaired.

LH and his baby sister shared a bedroom. He was awakened by a strange noise and a strong disagreeable odor. As he looked towards his sister's crib, he saw a tall winged humanoid staring down at her. The being slowing turned and looked at a horrified LH.

The description was a very tall being that was crouched a bit. LH estimates that it stood 7-8 foot in height. The body and face had black hair. The leather-like wings were huge, and shaped like that of a bat or gargoyle. It had muscular detached arms and legs. The body and face were thin and looked like a human skeleton with obvious sharp teeth. The eyes were dark. It also made a low garbled sound.

LH screamed in order to alert his parents in the adjoining room, but they never responded. His grandmother was alerted and came to his aid, though she was stunned at the sight and immediately fell to her knees.

The creature picked up LH in its arms and made its way into the living room, where it ascended through the hole in the ceiling. It's obvious it had moved the tarp in order to gain access inside the trailer. LH remembers being very cold and wet, and hearing his grandmother screaming as the winged humanoid took off into the sky. He has no idea how long he was gone, but only remembers waking in his bed among his panicked parents and grandmother.

LH states that his grandmother witnessed the entire event and documented it. His living relatives concur with the account, since his grandmother recalled what had happened to each of them. His grandmother passed away in 1985.

LH's parent woke after the abduction. It seems that they were somehow placed into an hypnotic state until the winged being left the premises with LH. After several minutes, they all heard scratching noises and a loud thud on the roof. LH's father immediately gained access to the roof where he saw LH lying unconscious. They were able to quickly bring LH into the trailer, dry him off and place him in his bed. They were reluctant to call the authorities or seek medical assistance because of the bizarre event.

LH recovered but has endured emotional problems his entire life which he attributes to the abduction. At the time of 'The Mothman Prophecies' film release, he had a mental breakdown after watching it in a theater. He literally had to leave during the scene where the Mothman caused the automobile crash and death. He has not attempted to watch the film since then.

I asked LH why he called me. He stated that he had received a call from his cousin who was aware of the winged humanoid sightings in Indiana. That's when he was given my contact information. Lon

NOTE: I am in the process of contacting LH's relatives in order to corroborate his account. LH seem very forthright, but quite nervous. He seemed relieved that there had been other eyewitnesses to a similar winged being. Lon

Have you had a sighting of a flying humanoid or huge bat-like creature? Please feel free to contact me at - your anonymity is guaranteed. We have received credible reports from the Chicago area / Illinois / Wisconsin / Indiana / Michigan / Pennsylvania / Ohio / Florida / Minnesota / Southern Ontario. Our investigative group is conducting a serious examination of his phenomenon. We are merely seeking the truth and wish to determine what eyewitnesses have been encountering. Your cooperation is truly appreciated. You can call me directly at 410-241-5974 as well. Thanks...Lon Strickler

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Shapeshifting 'Deer Women'

Location: Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, South Dakota
Date: 2010
Time: night
The witness was working as a tribal officer and one night was driving home after a long night shift north on Highway 63. He came to a steep hill and was driving through some thick fog when he came across about 6 women standing in the ditch. They were dressed in older fashion dresses, like older women used to wear. He found that odd that they were standing in the ditch. He turned around and drove back down to where they were at. Instead of women, there were 6 deer, all does, standing where he had seen the women only moments before. He parked and was checking them out, and it felt like they were just staring at him with big black eyes. He was kind of “creeped out” so he turned around and drove off.

Source: California Native Entities and Bigfoot Forum

NOTE: This report was provided bt humanoid researcher Albert S. Rosales

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Tuxedo Man

“My father's treasure hunting companion at an old abandoned silver mine shack in Mexico near the state of San Luis Potosi encountered a 'man' that matched this "tuxedo man" in the middle of the wilderness in the dead of night. He heard footsteps approaching his shack and knew that no one else was supposed to be there. Thinking it might be thieves, he armed himself and opened the door. The guy was beyond spooked when he saw a super tall unnaturally thin pale man dressed in a tuxedo type outfit standing a few yards away. The stranger wasn't moving and kept staring at him. As my father's friend threaten the stranger with his gun from the doorway of the shack, the stranger spoke saying, " You don't belong here." At which point, it started walking towards him. My dad's friend was almost petrified with fear that he didn't realized that he had instinctively moved back into the shack, leaving the door open. The gun was still in his hand yet he felt it wasn't gonna help him. The tuxedo man was at the doorway. It was way taller than the height of the opening and looked like it was about to lean down to enter the shack. My father's friend started praying out of desperation. It suddenly stopped just before it was about to step over the threshold of the doorway, however, it was bent over and in the dim light of the lantern my dad's friend saw it now had red glowing eyes. He kept praying recalling how frightened he was at the time, but focused as much as he could into praying out loud. This thing walked backwards and continued to do as it "melted" into the air. The whole encounter must have lasted less than a minute, but my dad's friend kept praying until sun up. My dad trusts his friend and isn't the kind of guy to be telling him ghosts stories. This all happened early 2017.” - playcub

Beyond Creepy


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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Bigfoot Attacks RV Near Mt. Rushmore

The following account was forwarded to me several years ago:

Hello Sir - I recently started reading your site after looking for information on Bigfoot in South Dakota. You asked for real-life encounters. I hope this fits the bill.

My family had a scary confrontation in 1992 while RVing. We camped near Wind Cave National Park several times while I was a boy, but stopped going in that part of South Dakota after our experience with something unknown.

We normally camped in the early Summer, but for whatever reason my Father decided we'd go a few weeks before I went back to school. We always enjoyed going into Wind Cave and would spend a full day there. We'd then spend the rest of the week around the RV campground. This particular year we camped further away from Wind Cave in the vicinity of Hill City, not far from Mt. Rushmore. The area was surrounded by thick pine forest and very rugged.

It was a Saturday night and very calm around our campsite. Many people had left during the day, so there were few kids running around. Around 10:30 PM I decided to go to bed. I was bored and my parents were entertaining another couple. I laid down and turned the radio on while I drifted to sleep.

The only thing I remember next is my Mother making lots of noise while inside the RV. I sat up and watched my Father looking for something in a storage bin. The next thing I noticed was him holding his pistol. I was wide awake now, wondering what was going on. I started to ask but was quickly told to be quiet by both of them. They were standing by the door when suddenly something slammed into the back of the RV. I thought someone had hit us with a vehicle. The window in the back was smashed and the curtain was on the floor. I moved towards my parents when again something slammed into the back of the RV, at the same time a deep rumbling sound came from the same direction. I never thought my Mother could scream so loud. My Father raised the pistol and fired through the window opening. We waited quietly for something to happen. Whatever it was must have run off.

By that time, someone was yelling from outside wanting to know what was going on. I think it was someone from the campground. My Father went outside to talk to whoever it was. My Mother was very scared and was visibly shaking. She just grabbed me and squeezed me tight. My Father came back into the RV and said that we were leaving. He grabbed whatever gear was outside, threw it in the RV and we were off. None of us talked much as we drove home, which was about a 4 hour drive.

A few days later my Mother told me what happened that night. My parents were just about ready to go to bed. She said it was about 11:45 PM and she was cleaning up outside when she noticed something large on 2 legs run from behind the RV into the forest. My Father told her that it was probably a bear. Then he saw it duck out and then back into the woods. There wasn't much light other than that from a lantern and the back window from inside the RV. He told her that it was no bear. By that time they were in the RV and heard deep guttural grunts coming from the creature. My Father then slowly opened the door. It was standing no more than 10 ft. away looking directly at him. He quickly slammed the door shut and went looking for the pistol.

My Father has never said much about whatever it was, but from his later descriptions I believe he confronted a Bigfoot.

He described it as covered head to toe with thick dark hair with a wide nose and piercing yellow eyes that glowed in the light. He estimated the height at over 6 ft. and that it weighed over 400 lbs with huge arms and legs. That's basically all he ever said. He refuses to talk to anyone else about it.

We continued camping over the years but we never went back to that area.

I was looking for Bigfoot reports from South Dakota and specially around the Mt. Rushmore area. David M.

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