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Real-Life 'Pale Crawler Humanoid' Encounters & Sightings

4 different pale crawler humanoid encounters from New York, Texas, California and Spain. What are people encountering? What do these strange entities want?

I recently received the following accounts:

"So a few years ago, my husband was driving home and it was around probably 10PM. He saw something on the side of the road crouched down over a deer, presumably eating it. This happened in rural upstate New York. He stopped the car to shine his headlights at it and see what it was. It bolted towards the car, hit it, and my husband took off. He said it was gray, skinny, and had long claw-like fingers. He said it looked exactly like some of crawler images recently posted.

Recently, he heard a weird screeching noise followed by a bubbling/gurgling outside that kept repeating at night and immediately went to investigate. He decided it was really freaky and decided to come inside.

Weird things keep happening. Things go missing here. Stray cats have gone missing (we live on a cul de sac beside a huge empty field with woods). We've had endless bad luck lately, like beyond what could be deemed coincidental. I'm wondering if this could all be related. If so, we'd like to know what we can do." KK


"My son saw crawler humanoid earlier this year, Easter Sunday 2021. I was worried about something bad happening (it following him home) so I purchased inexpensive video trail cameras. I set them up and captured nothing but deer and raccoons, much to my relief.

I sincerely believe the things are afraid of cameras because they have figured out it brings more human attention, which they do not want.

Stray cats missing might be Bobcat related, especially this time of year, but that does not rule out a different predator. We deal with Bobcats eating the domestic cats who are out overnight in our country neighborhood in Texas. This is how our neighbors lost their outside cat a couple years ago. It is very sad." CW


"This was in July. I can’t remember what day, but it was in July 2019. I used to live in California. I was outside skating and heard noises coming from the back of my shed. I checked to see what it is. The first thing that came to mind was the neighbor cats but it wasn’t that. It was a tall skinny pale looking thing. It looked human but it was pale. It had no private parts and was completely naked, pale with no hair. It looked at me and I just kept looking at it. It was either eating something or looking down at something. None of my pets were outside. They’re all indoor animals and my backyard is pretty big.

It looked at me with grey eyes and its arms looked like a T. Rex. I was super freaked out and didn’t yell at all, just quickly sprinted back to my house and looked the door. I told my older brother what I saw and he said I was just tired. I wasn’t at all. It was 11 PM and I’m never tired. I also have good health and don’t think I was just hallucinating. I also don’t think it was just a tree since there was pretty good light to see what the creature was." J


"I'm from Spain, and in the summer I normally go to my grandparent's place, located in the southeast of Andalusia. They live in the countryside, with the closest town being a solid 20 minute drive away. I usually spend my nights out with friends and return back home at around 1AM, which in itself takes a solid 7 minutes.

While returning one night, as I was basically 2 minutes away from my grandparent's, something compelled me to look at my right. As I turn my head I see a white creature, smaller then a cow but bigger than a runt, running on all fours like a human would but more effectively, if that makes any sense. It then disappeared behind a bush.

I was absolutely shocked, but didn't really run. I turned on my flashlight and proceeded to walk home and go to sleep.

I would have just given this one to my imagination if it weren't that a few days later, while asking someone in that same town, matched the exact description of what I saw. They claimed to have seen it during daylight years before I did." AC


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'Glimmer Man' Being Observed Walking Out Of Grenada Lake, Mississippi

A Mississippi woman and her boyfriend are fishing on Grenada Lake, when then notice a developing void in the water. Then a 'Glimmer Man' being walks out of the water.

The following account was forwarded to me by Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"I recently heard your shows about the Glimmer Man and I was dumbfounded. Because I had an experience very similar in description to some of those encounters. This took place a couple of years ago.

My boyfriend at the time and I were out fishing on Grenada Lake in Mississippi. We were in his Ranger Bass Boat just floating along one bank when we saw a disturbance in the water. I said, "Hey, what is that over there?" I pointed to where I saw the water moving and swirling around. My boyfriend said he didn’t know, thinking it must be a catfish or carp or something.

While this was happening, it looked like a void opened up in the water. It moved funny, something like the 'Predator' when it’s camouflaged and walked out of the water confronting Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and walked onto the bank. My boyfriend screamed at me, "DID YOU SEE THAT? WHAT IS THAT THING?" I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know what I was looking at. It just walked up and out of the lake and into the woods. That was it, it was gone. I turned to my boyfriend and said, "What did we just see?" He said he didn’t know, but he told me to put my stuff up, we were done fishing for the day. He pulled up the trolling motor, secured our gear and we headed to the boat ramp.

As we were slowly pulling into the marina, it's a no-wake zone. He looked at me and said, "Jennifer, whatever you do, don’t tell anyone about this." I kept my word for a while, but then he broke up with me and I told a few people. I’ve since moved on, got married, and had a daughter.

I still think about what we saw that day. I told my husband, but he thinks we had a slight heat stroke or something and that we both imagined something that wasn’t there. But I know different. I even made him listen to some of your shows regarding the Glimmer Man, so that he would understand what we saw.

Recently my ex-boyfriend found me on Instagram and sent me a private message. All it said was, "Do you remember that translucent being we both saw walk out of the lake?" I never replied, because why waste my time. But, I do think it’s interesting that he must think about it to this day too." J

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