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'Humanoid Owl' Incidents in Pennsylvania & Washington

“About 23 years ago (around 1996), I saw an extremely tall white owl standing on the side of an old country road. It was about 5 feet tall, I've never seen anything like it before. This was in Pennsylvania. It was so scary! We were in a car and I wanted to go back but my ex was too afraid to turn the car around. He kept trying to convince me and himself that it was a person in a costume. It definitely wasn't. I just wanted him to drive by so I could get another look. I didn't want to stop or anything. It was in Western, PA, in Clinton which I believe is Beaver County. This owl-thing that I saw looked exactly like a white owl, just huge. I remember it's head was turned toward the road, so I had seen the face perfectly and it never gave me any vibe that it could be human in any way or have humanistic features other than it's height. If you know where Janoski"s farm is, we were a little further out than that, heading to the highway toward Pittsburgh. It was a dark, secluded road with no other traffic. It had just finished thunderstorming (a really bad storm) and was raining lightly. The windshield wipers had just swept the rain away and that's when I saw it. It was a really frightening sight.” J


“Was the tall owl-like white humanoid (shapeshifter?) stalking us? About four years ago (2015) on a "it's getting dark pretty early" fall evening around 7:00 PM, my girlfriend, roommate and I were walking along some decommissioned train tracks surrounded by woods on both sides. We loved exploring little in between areas so this wasn't an uncommon event. We were about five miles into the tracks and woods and were considering heading back since it was getting dark quick and none of us had a flashlight.

I suddenly got this sensation of almost nausea inducing dread and looked at both my friends who were with me, and saw that they too were feeling something, wide eyed and looking around. "Let's start heading back" I declare, and they all nod in silent agreement. Mind you, we were doing just fine a second ago, and do this sort of thing all the time, so this sudden onset of fear was unusual and not something that we were prepared for or used to. Just as we were turned around, we all heard a strange sound that almost sounded like quieted thunder/metal hitting metal that was coming from what sounded like off in the distance. As we whipped around to see what made the noise, a large white bird that I think was a white owl flew over our heads silently, flapping its wings and disappearing behind a tree that was a good 25 feet behind us. We all looked at each other trying to make sense of what the hell we just heard and started walking briskly back towards civilization. We heard what sounded like twigs snapping in the woods behind us, and my girlfriend and I turned around to see what made the noise. Peeking from behind the tree the owl just flew behind, was what looked like an impossibly tall ghost white humanoid shape, with one hand on the tree trunk as it peered out from behind it. Before we could get a good look at it's face, it quickly retreated back to behind the tree out of our sight again. My girlfriend and I looked at each other panicked. She opened her mouth to say something, and I told her, "Don't talk about it, we need to walk faster." My roommate looked at us confused and clearly scared by what I had just said, so I told her we need to probably run home at this point, which we did.

I've told a few people this story, and no one believes me. What I saw was NOT the owl I had seen earlier. This being had a clear ghost white hand on the tree trunk, a neck, and an upper body, and was TALL. I'd say like 7 feet at least (not tall enough to reach the branches of the tree though). I wish I could've made out the face, it was just so dark that the only reason I could see it was because of how white it was. This happened between Totem Lake and Woodinville, Washington. I believe if you follow the tracks long enough they'll go behind the wineries.” AN

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'Werewolf' Encounters Reported in Jefferson County, Washington

I recently received the following account:

I am so glad that there is a website like this, because it is so important for people to get their encounters out so others can be aware of what is really out there.

11 years ago my husband & I were outside working on our driveway. It was about 9:30 at night & it was dark out. I was raking at the end of our driveway. My husband was stacking wood. We both had our headlamps on so we could see what we were doing. So as I am finishing up with raking I hear something really big running up our hill towards our driveway. I can hear each step it is taking. I thought maybe it was a bear because of how the footsteps sounded. You know like it had some weight behind it. Well my husband had heard it too. He came running towards me and then past me onto the road chasing whatever it was. So I say to him, 'What in the hell are you doing?' He said, 'I'm chasing it away from our property. I don't want it coming around here again.' I said, 'Stop, are you crazy? Whatever it is, is bigger than you!' So he continues to chase it up the hill yelling and screaming at it to get out of here. He is yelling, 'Go on. Get!'

At the top of our hill is a cul de sac with a street light. I'm scared as hell so I'm staying back a little bit, but I'm curious what it might be too. So I continue up the hill behind my husband. When my husband chased it up to the cul de sac the creature stopped right in the light that was cast from the street light. I could not believe what I was seeing. It was like I was flipping through the pages in my memory banks trying to compare it to anything else I had ever seen before. It looked like a werewolf to me. It was taller than my husband who is 6' 3" tall. It had ashen gray skin with tufts of scraggly hair here and there. It looked sickly like it had mange or something. It had the body of a human, but its head looked like a dog. It had a long snout & pointed ears like a Doberman Pinscher. It had a slight hunch on the back of its neck like a hyena has. Its upper arms were slightly shorter in length than a humans. Its hips were much larger than ours are. Kind of like a kangaroo but not as big. But it was obvious from the hips & shorter arms that it could go from walking on 2 feet like us or it could run on all fours like a dog or bear would.

So when it gets into the light of the street light it stopped & turned to look at my husband who is still yelling at it to, 'Go on. Get!' And the creature was pissed. I think that because it didn't like being in the light. But when it turned and looked at him, it snarled and growled at him for a second or 2, and then with 2 long footsteps it shot into the woods above our house. My friend and neighbor asked me to come down to her house a couple of weeks ago because another one of our neighbors that lives above our house just past the woods that the werewolf disappeared into, was at her place and she said we needed to talk.

So I went down there. She introduced us and I come to find out that he has seen the werewolf in his yard bent down on one knee drinking water out of a puddle. But I had had my sighting 11 years ago and he had his sighting just 3 years ago. I have heard of one other sighting up the 2510 Forest Service Road just above our house about 7 years ago and then another sighting in Quilcene, WA which is the town just north of here. I live in Brinnon, Washington and my husband & I know the woods around here like the back of our hands. I have seen and heard a lot of things in those woods. But nothing even compares to seeing what I saw that night. DL

NOTE: Jefferson County is on the Olympic Peninsula and part of the Olympic National Park and Forest...well-known for Sasquatch. Lon


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