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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Chicago Experiencer ABDUCTED FOR HYBRIDIZATION By Alien 'Greys'

1967 / Chicago, Illinois - Mary Edwards, then 6 years old, was in her room playing with her toys when suddenly in front of her appeared some strange-looking beings.

She was then taken onto a spacecraft and placed on a cold metal table (she does not indicate the process for how she was transported there). She recalled that there were stark white walls and bright lights in the room. She felt very cold. They then put a big machine on her head. “It was like electrodes in my brain,” she recalled. She remembered wondering if she did something wrong.

She now believes they were taking eggs from her for procreation for some type of hybridization program. She admits that it affected her life.

Source: Source: UFO Witness, Season 2, Episode 7, “Pleiadians and Alien Conspiracy” Episode aired Aug 9, 2022

Mary Edwards' Connecting With The Stars on YouTube

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