Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research Team / Affiliates



Lon Strickler - Fortean researcher / Phantoms & Monsters / Arcane Radio - McSherrystown / Gettysburg, PA

Butch Witkowski - UFO, paranormal & cryptid investigator / UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania - Birdsboro, PA

Sean Forker - Bigfoot investigator / researcher - Williamsport, PA

Timothy Renner - paranormal & cryptid investigator / podcaster at Strange Familiars - Red Lion, PA

Tobias & Emily Wayland - paranormal & cryptid investigators / The Singular Fortean Society - Madison, WI

Troy Noll - paranormal & cryptid investigator / UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania - Reading, PA

Jack Cary - Fortean researcher & investigator - Colorado, Oklahoma & Four Corners / Paranormal Intelligence Agency / Crypto Four Corners

Manuel Navarette - UFO & anomalies investigator - Chicago, Illinois

Ryan Fusco - paranormal, cryptid & UFO investigator - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rob Shaw - Fortean investigator - Point Pleasant, WV

Marcus Ellis - Bigfoot & cryptid investigator - Central Mississippi

Luis Castillo - UFO, paranormal & cryptid investigator - Southern California

Amy Bue - Bigfoot & cryptid researcher / investigator - Northeast Ohio

Joe Biello - UFO & cryptid investigator - Metro New York & New Jersey / Northeast PA

Barbara Becker - UFO & paranormal investigator - Columbia, Missouri

Regan Lee - Bigfoot / UFO / paranormal investigator - Western Oregon

Brett Butler (psychic medium - Los Angeles, CA) and Deleece Cook (remote viewer - New South Wales, Australia) also assist the team in various investigations

In Memoriam

Danielle Auclair - Bigfoot, paranormal & cryptid investigator - Central Florida


Paranormal SEARCH of Pennsylvania - Harrisburg, PA

Silver Moon Paranormal Investigations - Maine

Rural Indiana Paranormal - Terre Haute, Indiana

Road to Innsmouth Paranormal - East Sussex, UK

Sharon Cornet - West Texas / Nova Scotia

WV Cryptids and Strange Encounters - West Virginia

Midnight in Kentucky - Kentucky

Taylos Group - Central / Gulf Coast Florida

Mindseye P.I. Paranormal Investigations - St.Louis, Missouri

Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research / Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations investigates all facets of the paranormal and the it terrestrial or non-terrestrial phenomena. We are a 'not for profit' organization. Our clients are never asked or pressured to compensate us for the services we provide. Our goal is to research the reported incident and to find the true nature of the account.

Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research / Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations is currently, involved and / or assisting in the following investigations:

- David Eckhart Alien Experiencer Ordeal ONGOING

- Flying 'Manta Ray Shaped' Anomalies Investigation ONGOING

- Todd J. Sees Death Investigation ONGOING

- Pennsylvania Bi-Pedal / Upright Canine Sightings Investigation - ONGOING

- 'Chicago Phantom' Investigation - ONGOING

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