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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Video: Project ISIS - The Secret KGB Files

The Secret KGB UFO Abduction Files

David Eckhart forwarded this link to the full continuous video segment documentary. This was presented a few years ago and is based on the information from a book about the supposed KGB Project Isis. It's a very interesting video but, honestly, most is a bit hard to swallow though, 'The Followers' was a real organization in the old Soviet USSR from information I have seen. The main focus of the documentary is that the Egyptian God Osiris was actually an alien 'visitor' who had given the ancient Egyptians their advanced technology. When Osiris died, it was buried in a secret chamber under the royal burial chamber in the Great Pyramid. The KGB was said to have found Osiris' mummy as well as other information. Personally, some (and I do mean 'some') of this allegory may actually be factual but as far as the KGB finding this information, well, I find it difficult to buy into that part of the presentation. Anyway, give it a gander...it is entertaining. Lon

Click here for full video - presented in 9 continuous video segments

Video: Project ISIS - The Secret KGB Files

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cryptid Mystery, Man Missing - Salla, Lapland Region, Finland

I received the following report from a regular contributor, Igor, in reference to a strange missing person case in the Lapland Region, Finland:

Hey, Lon...I thought you might be interested in this:

Last Monday, a Thai man working in Salla, Lapland as a berry picker was waiting for a lift back to his apartment. He called his contact and during this conversation he stated "Something weird is following me, it's like a dog or something" after this despite being afraid of the weird creature he hung up and immediately his cell phone was switched off either because he ran out of battery or he turned it off. After this the man disappeared without a trace. Police stated they haven't found any tracks whatsoever from the area he disappeared from, human or animal like. Despite happening this week, police announced today that they are stopping all efforts to find the man except starting an "official investigation"? The man in charge of the operation first made a statement that this is a total mystery but later stated that it is an animal attack and nothing else, almost wanting everyone to lose their attention to the story and called back all the search parties from the area. The parties were mainly made of Finnish military and police personnel and just a few of co-workers were allowed to contribute in the search despite knowing the man and speaking his language. Later they were all called back to work and for the last few days it seems to have been strictly a military/police operation. They found a berry bucket and intact clothes identified as belonging to the man at the scene but the police quickly announced that they had been brought there by the man's co-workers which seems a bit odd...why not just hand them over to officials instead of taking them into the deep forest and just leaving them there? They found no trace of the man, no blood, no tracks, nothing. No one has any clue what could have happened to the man. The particular area has some bears and wolves but bears usually tend to avoid humans instead of following them and wolves hunt in packs. So what was this weird creature he saw and why did he hang up the phone call despite being afraid of this creature? Only specs of this creature so far is "a large, dog like dark animal". There is no information whether it was bipedal or not. The Finland national broadcast network YLE (owned by the Finnish state with a 99.98% share) has removed all stories related to case from their website. Finnish media have been very quiet about this except for tabloids which is rather strange because our country is so small that even small events make it to national news. For example, just a week ago every paper was reporting about a "hippie camp" with "hundreds of naked hippies" in southern part of Finland and they covered it for days.

Here are some articles related to the case (in our moon language X__x), my story above has been translated from these articles and the paper version of two of them (the words "something strange is following me and all descriptions of the creature were exclusively on the paper versions, I guess only because they cannot be erased after printing, like from the YLE site.)


P.S. Now this could be just an animal attack but it's really a strange one if it is. For example, ending the phone call to his Finnish contact person who is from the area and is familiar with the local fauna, the heavy military presence, removing the information from the news and ending the search in just a few days. Also, the description of the creature does not make any sense, or the lack of tracks. Only logical options for a large dark creature on that area are a bear and maybe a moose and as I stated before bears don't attack people often, I personally can't remember any cases. In all the cases involving bears the bear has stumbled upon someone and then left the scene very quickly.

If there are any more information or possible remains or tracks found, I will let you know.

Igor V.

NOTE: I hope to receive follow ups to this case. Many thanks to Igor! Lon

Cryptid Mystery, Man Missing - Salla, Lapland Region, Finland

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ghost Tale Continues to Haunt Kansas State Campus

kstatecollegian - A dead student’s ghost has haunted K-State’s Purple Masque Theatre for more than 30 years, spilling paint cans, stealing costumes and flickering lights.

Ask anyone familiar with Nick the ghost, and you’ll hear some story of misfortune or odd occurrence. Many believe he is still at large today.

But with plans to move the Masque, and build a new Welcome Center in its place, what will happen to Nick? Will his soul still linger beneath the stone seats of East Stadium, or will he follow the Purple Masque to its new location?

Alexis Warden, freshman in theater, said she thinks Nick will stay in East Stadium.

“His connection isn’t to the theater itself, it’s the connection to that area on campus,” Warden said. “I don’t know if he will stick around and ‘haunt’ the new Welcome Center or not, whether he sticks around or not just depends on him, I guess.”

Warden has been a part of multiple shows in the Purple Masque and said she believes that Nick’s ghost currently haunts the theater.

“There are times in which I have been alone in an area of the Masque and had the sudden feeling that someone was there with me,” Warden said. “That’s usually the feeling I get when a ghost is near me.”

Warden said ghosts haunted the last theater she worked in and she was really excited to hear about Nick when she came to K-State. Upper classmen who worked on set with her told Warden about the legend.

According to University Archives, Nick is the spirit of a football player who was injured during a game in the 1950s. He was carried into the cafeteria of the athletic dormitory where the Purple Masque is located today. After the game was over, a coach came back to check on Nick and found him dead.

Some say that Nick died from the injury while others say Nick died of an intuitive shock he felt when his parents, who were on their way to the game to watch Nick play, died in a car accident. According to the legend, Nick haunts the Masque because he is waiting for his parents to arrive.

While there is no record of a football player named Nick dying on the football field, there may be factual basis to Nick’s story. The legend of Nick could be based on one of two K-State students, John M. Holden or Bob Mayer, who died around the same time as the supposed ghost.

Whether Nick is real or not, the thought has intrigued theater and non-theater students for years, according to Charlotte MacFarland, associate professor in the department of communication studies, theater and dance.

“There were séances galore,” she said. “People would go in and take in candles and meditate and chant and call on Nick and make up stories about him to see if they could create his essence.”

MacFarland said strange things would never happen to the people who wanted to see Nick, but rather to the people who didn’t believe in any of the stories. She was one of those people.

MacFarland said her experience with Nick occurred in the 1970s, during an Ebony Theatre production of “Nobody Like Us.”

MacFarland said she saw an outline of a man appear in the stage doorway while watching rehearsal one rainy evening.

“The only way I can describe it is it looks like a man, it was the outline of a man,” she said. “He stepped right in front of the light and he was just standing there ... a silhouette.”

When MacFarland got up and walked toward the stage, the man disappeared.

MacFarland said she and her stage manager searched the entire building, looking under boxes and checking every corner, but no one was there. The doors were locked.

MacFarland said that it wasn’t until she was walking back to her car alone that she thought it might not have been an actual person standing in the doorway.

“I never bought into that kind of stuff, I just said it was theater people loving drama,” she said. “But on the way back I thought, ‘I think I’d rather it be a ghost than a person.’ I don’t like to think there was some creepy guy.”

The next day, MacFarland told the story to her Fundamentals of Acting students, a class held in the Purple Masque.

“I said, ‘Nick, you really scared me last night. It doesn’t matter because the truth is: I still don’t believe in you.’ And the work light just over my head burst. It exploded,” MacFarland said.

After that event, MacFarland wouldn’t go into the theater alone. She said if she was early for class, she would wait for a student to come along before she went in.

“I just always felt like there was something there, I really did. A lot of it was just left over from my experience, but I really did feel like something was going on,” she said.

That feeling no longer lingers for MacFarland.

“There was a point where I’d go in and I thought, ‘Nah, it’s just a theater,’ which I feel right now,” she said. “It doesn’t make me nervous at all.”

Like Warden, MacFarland does not think that Nick will move with the Masque.

“Whatever that entity is has a special feel for that particular place, so I’m not sure that these things will happen,” MacFarland said. “I think that either they would not happen at all or suddenly people wouldn’t feel comfortable in the welcome center. Maybe chairs will move and faces will appear in the welcome center, which might not be such a good idea.”


Deceased Football Player Still Haunts Campus

Kansas State's East Stadium was used as the college's athletic center, throughout the 50's. After a new athletic center was built, The Purple Masque Theatre made its home on the first floor East Stadium rooms. This theatre presents plays which are produced, directed, designed and performed by K-State theatre students. Up until May of 2008, The Purple Masque Theatre was located in the East Stadium rooms 109 and 121, which now is the home of Telecommunications and Computing and Network Services, and the Technology Service Center, "to better serve the state university." The Purple Masque Theatre now uses much better stage areas set up for the other theater groups on campus.

Several ghostly manifestation have reported during the time that the Purple Masque Theater was located in the East Stadium.

The mischievous spirit of the deceased football player, known as Nick got his chuckles at the expense of the living. The ex-football player died in the building in the 1950's, when it was still used as an athletic center. He was injured one day during a practice and brought into the building, where he died soon after. His playful spirit has been here ever since, stomping up and down hallways, on staircases and on the theater stage. He also moves chairs and hides theater props at night but he is most famous for the levitation's! Wooden boxes that have been stacked in the dressing room have jumped to the floor and then re-stacked themselves... before the startled eyes of several witnesses. There is also a report of a fire extinguisher that was seen spinning around in mid-air, spraying white foam as it traveled. Nick's voice has also been caught on tape.

Recently, a female witness and her boyfriend while standing in the hall behind the East Stadium seating heard the sound of someone walking in football cleats behind them. When they turned around, they both saw the back of Nick's apparition, dressed in 1950's football gear walking down the hall towards the main floor of what was the activity center in the 1950's.

An apparition of a man dressed in a Confederate Civil War uniform, has long been seen, sitting in his own phantom chair in the theater and stage area.

Unless Nick was released from this world by a parapsychologist, he is still haunting the East Stadium, not willing to accept his death which wasn't supposed to happen, cutting short his plans for his life. He may follow the thespians over to the main theater, but he has been seen recently at the East Stadium by two eye witnesses.

The entity of the Confederate soldier seems to be haunting the land, and will probably be seen again as he doesn't care what department is using this space, which was probably originally the site of his home.


Ghost Tale Continues to Haunt Kansas State Campus

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Project Stargate Document: Remote Viewing ...'a real phenomenon'

AC - by Gary S. Bekkum - STARpod.org, the public website presence for STARstream Research, has posted a 72-page Defense Intelligence Agency SECRET briefing on-line.

The DIA STAR GATE briefing document reports that paranormal "psychic vision," referred to as "remote viewing" by the Department of Defense, is, to quote from the document, "a real phenomenon."

According to the DIA SECRET document, which was declassified by the CIA a few years ago, investigations of paranormal phenomena led researchers to conclude that "an unusual mechanism may have been observed" with "significant application implications." In addition, the detection of a mechanism behind psychic vision was thought to "shed light on some foreign activities," suggesting that the Intelligence Community was monitoring progress being made in paranormal research elsewhere in the world.

Other STAR GATE documents prove that paranormal activities had been conducted across a vast swath of the government, including CIA, DIA, the US Navy, the US Air Force, the US Army, and at least one agency that was redacted from the document.

Recently, confidential sources have come forward suggesting the redacted agency may have been the National Security Agency (NSA). According to the sources, following the attacks of 9/11, American intelligence sought the use of psychics to locate Saddam's hideout in Iraq and to locate hidden nuclear locations in Iran.

According to the historical record found in the STAR GATE files, the Former Soviet Union (FSU) was involved with their own paranormal activities: US intelligence monitored their work, and, in some cases, attempted to reproduce their experiments.

The Missile Intelligence Agency of the U.S. Army was concerned that psychokinesis might be used by an enemy to affect sensitive electronic systems.

INSCOM, the Army's Intelligence and Security Command, used psychics to "remote view" and collect intelligence against enemy targets.

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) conducted threat assessments about foreign paranormal operations, looked into counter-psychic methods, and trained psychics to collection intelligence.

The U.S. Army Surgeon General funded research at SRI International to "document that psychoenergetic [paranormal] phenomena are real and reproducible, to determine the underlying mechanisms, and to bring psychoenergetics research into the mainstream of human performance research."

Magnetoencephalograph (MEG) brain-wave measurement research was conducted by Los Alamos National Laboratory in support of the 1990's era STAR GATE paranormal research.

Psychic spy clients included Joint Interagency Forces against suspected drug smuggling operations.

Research was eventually moved to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a major defense contractor.

According to the report's technical analysis:

Noting that "approximately 1 percent of the general population appears to meet strict statistical criteria for exhibiting a robust AC [psychic] ability," the report then notes that SAIC "may have discovered the source of an AC [psychic] signal."

"Recent experimental data from the former Soviet Union and similar experiments conducted in this country suggest that the peripheral nervous system may be susceptible to AMP [psychic] influence."

"The evidence for a valid information transmission anomaly (anomalous mental phenomena (AC)) [psychic functioning] meets all recognized statistical and methodological criteria. This means the anomaly cannot be explained by poor experimental design, incorrect protocols, faulty analysis, or fraud. The magnitude of this anomaly is considered to be medium- to-large when compared to other known human behaviors."

The next paragraph has been blacked out....Gary S. Bekkum

NOTE: Well, I know from personal experience that 'remote viewing' is absolutely a real phenomenon. Why? Because it's being used with impressive effect in David Eckhart's case and that experienced and qualified personnel are onboard. Eventually an evaluation and overview will be presented but, for the time being, I'll only state that the psychic vision results have been significant...Lon

Project Stargate Document: Remote Viewing ...'a real phenomenon'

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/27/2010

The Bosnian Pyramid Scheme?

balkaninsight - In 2005 Semir Osmanagić, an expatriate Bosnian metalworker living in Texas, made a most startling announcement. The hills that surround the central Bosnian town of Visoko were not—as had always been thought—mere hills, but were in fact pyramids, man-made and ancient, built by a prehistoric civilisation that rivalled the ancient Egyptians in technological and cultural sophistication.

That Osmanagić's own consulted experts found his theories to be riddled with inaccuracies did not dissuade him. Nor did the fact that Bosnia was in an ice age 12,000 years ago, the time when the pyramids were supposedly built. Nor, either, did the fact that Bosnia's inhabitants at the time were itinerant hunter gatherers, who built no permanent structures—let alone huge monoliths. Five years on, the archaeological digs continue unabated, and the tourists arrive in droves.

The pyramids have taken over every aspect of the town; they have become its identity. Stepping out of the bus station when I arrived in Visoko, looked up at a cluster of roadsigns; all of the local Visoko ones bore on their left side a stylised pyramid, yellow on white. Crossing the bridge into town, I saw what used to be the Motel Hollywood; now, inevitably, it has become the Motel Piramida Sunca. Local restaurants serve "pyramid pizza". The town is gripped with pyramid fever.

I headed towards the "Pyramid of the Sun", the most overtly pyramidal of the four claimed pyramids and the closest to the town. A large white sign welcomed me to the "world's largest complex of pyramids", and a perspex box filled with coins invited donations to help fund further research. Eventually, I came to the dig site. Inside trenches, Malaysian archaeologists carefully probed the ground, scraping the soil from what looked simply to be ordinary rocks. To the side, a large section of hillside was fenced off, its exposed stone on display to the world: made up mostly of breccia, it looked perfectly natural, and did not have even the illusion of design about it.

As I prepared to ascend again past the dig site and to the top of the pyramid, a guide approached me and asked what I was interested in. I mumbled something awkward about the pyramids, but also mentioned Visoki, the ruined medieval fortress town that sits atop the so-called pyramid. "Visoki? You don't want to go there," the guide snorted. "All it has is some old walls and views of the valley. You must go to the tunnels; to go to Visoko and not see the tunnels would be madness!" He insisted that he drive me the two kilometres in his car—for €10, of course—but I declined; I had wanted to see Visoki for far longer than I had the pyramids. Visibly frustrated, he left me and headed back to his tourist group, and I resumed my ascent.

The route was treacherous, and barely a path at all; the forest grew more dense the higher I went, and the loose, sandy loam beneath my feet offered little traction. In places, the hill became near vertical, and its ascent more a process of rock-climbing than ofhiking; I thought with bitter amusement of the idea that this colossus had been crafted by human hands.

Eventually, bursting through a thicket, I found myself on a loose stone wall, its cement crumbling. Was this Visoki, I thought? Surely it would have some notice, some fence surrounding it? But it was; I was standing on one of the outer walls. Climbing further up, I eventually summited the hill and saw the rest of the structure. The sandy rock blazed yellow-white under the early afternoon sun, and as I walked further I saw the remains of one of the fortress's towers, covered in a plastic wrapping but otherwise neglected. There was no fence, not even a notice warning of the site's importance; it was thoroughly exposed, to the elements and to human interference.

Looking around, I saw why its location had been chosen: the fortress offered its defenders an unimpeded view of the whole Bosna valley, and approach to it was restricted to the shallower side of the hill. I thought of the bustling groups of tourists I had seen at the mock archaeological sites, barely metres away from where I stood; none had thought to ascend the hill any further, to see Visoki.

This seems to me the great tragedy of the pyramid hoax. I can understand its motivation, of course. Bosnia is not a rich country, nor Visoko a rich town; in the wake of the "discovery" the increase in tourist visits to the otherwise-overlooked Visoko must have been welcome. But Visoko has real history, real wonder, that is being neglected and ignored in the hurry to capitalise on the fame of the Bosnian pyramids. Osmanagić has shown himself to be a canny operator, able to mobilise and orchestrate the press with ease; that he felt the need to do so in promoting a false history of his own making—rather than the rich history to which Visoko was already legitimately home—says much of his ego, and is far less than Visoko deserves.


Cow Gives Birth to Triplets of Different Breeds

telegraph - Holstein Friesian cow Coco delivered three healthy calves without any assistance, which is a one-in-105,000 chance.

Even more rarely, two of the calves are from the Belgian Blue Cross breed and the third is a Charolais Cross.

Owner Anthony Gothard, 37, who runs a dairy farm at Stoke St Gregory, Somerset, said this is because Coco was inseminated using a ''concoction'' of different bulls.

He said: ''We were really surprised because we'd never seen it.

''There's three generations on the farm now and my grandfather came out to see them because he's never experienced it before.

''But what's quite uncanny as well as they're two different breeds of calf.

''Because we artificially inseminate our cattle we sometimes use a concoction of different bulls in the insemination.

''On rare occasions you might get a pare of twins where one is one breed and one another.

''What we've got here is two Belgian Blue Cross calves, and one Charolais Cross, which makes it even more amazing.''

Anthony, who has worked on The Old Dairy farm for 20 years, was delighted after Coco gave birth to the first healthy calf – a male Belgian Blue Cross – last Saturday (17/07).

He left the new mum to relax with her baby and carried on with work on the farm, where he produces Granny Gothard Ice Cream with wife Natasha, 34.

But when he returned later the farmer was delighted to find she'd calved again with another Belgian Blue, this time a girl.

Thrilled that his cow had given birth to twins – itself a relative rarity in cattle – Anthony once more left the cow on her own with it's now pair of young to settle down.

But in another hour when he returned to check on the new family he discovered Coco had given birth yet again – entirely unaided – to healthy third calf that was a Charolais Cross.

The thrilled farmer added: ''She actually calved one to start with, and she calved by herself, so we thought that was great – one good calf, one good cow.

''And then literally an hour later another one popped out. And then again in another hour there was another one there – three babies all delivered by herself.

''In four generations on the farm we've never seen triplets. It's just incredible she calved all three by herself with no problems at all. No help at all.

''And to have all three fit and healthy and strong is incredible, so our cow's obviously done a very good job.''

Cows do not normally have litters of calves and the chances of having triplets are 105,000 to one, with the odds of having same sex triplets around 700,000 to one.

Experts from the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine have previously said a cow giving birth to triplets is a 'statistical miracle.'

The average gestation period is about nine months – like humans – and a newborn calf will weigh between 40 to 50kg, but within a year they are usually the same size as their parents.


Russian Satanists Jailed For 'Ritual Sacrifice' Teen Slayings

telegraph - Six members of a Satanic cult were jailed for up to 20 years in Russia on Monday for four murders in which they "ritually sacrificed", dismembered and then ate their teenage victims in a forest.

The six were found guilty of "murdering four people with the aim of carrying out an initiation ritual into a sect and of desecrating the bodies of the dead," a court in the city of Yaroslavl, north-east of Moscow, said in a statement.

The group, four of whom were minors at the time, killed the four teenagers in June 2008, prosecutors said. They then desecrated the bodies and stole their possessions.

The dismembered bodies of the teenagers were found buried in the forest in August that year.

All six were found guilty of murder, while four were found guilty of desecrating the victims' bodies. The longest sentence of 20 years went to the man named as the group's leader, Nikolai Ogolobnyak.

The members of the gang called themselves Satanists and earlier carried out animal sacrifices, Komsomolskaya Pravda, the Russian daily, reported, citing investigators.

They stabbed the victims and then dismembered their bodies and cooked and ate some body parts, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported.

The four minors received the maximum possible sentence for murder, 10 years, a prosecutor, Tatyana Rachinskaya, said after the sentencing, Interfax reported.

The crimes were "revolting" and "inhumane", Ms Rachinskaya said.

Another member was convicted of murder but pronounced insane and sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment.

The court hearings were held behind closed doors due to the horrific nature of the crimes and because of the involvement of minors.


#1 Dumbest Criminal Candidate

post-gazette - It didn't take a lot of great detective work for Swissvale police to find and arrest a North Braddock man charged with robbing a Citizens Bank branch Saturday morning.

Police Chief Greg Geppert said officers arrested Dennis Hawkins, 48, of North Braddock as he sat in a parked car at a service station at Washington Street and Monongahela Avenue wearing an outlandish disguise and covered in red dye that exploded all over him when he tried to open the money he took from the bank.

Chief Geppert gave these details of the incident:

Mr. Hawkins first drew attention at the Giant Eagle supermarket in Edgewood Towne Centre. He described him as a black man with facial hair who was wearing a female blonde wig, a sweater with fake breasts under it and clown pants.

He left the supermarket and went to the Kmart store at the shopping center, where surveillance cameras later showed him shoplifting a BB gun.

He then went to the bank a couple of blocks away on McCague Street, entered and sat down in the waiting area. He initially turned down a teller who offered to help him, saying he was waiting for someone else to arrive, then later approached her and robbed her at gunpoint.

Bank cameras showed he went to a tree behind the bank, opened the money envelope and dropped it and some of the money when the dye pack exploded.

He ran a couple of blocks to the service station, where he approached several customers and asked for a ride. When they refused, he got into the car of another woman, who got out, took her keys with her and went inside to call police.

Officers on their way to the bank robbery call went to the station and arrested him while he waited in the car. He had dye on him, the wig stuffed in the waist of his pants and was still wearing the fake breasts.

Chief Geppert said Mr. Hawkins told police he had found the money and took them back to the tree where the dye exploded.

Mr. Hawkins is being held at the Allegheny County Jail on bank robbery and other charges.

"He'd be my candidate for America's dumbest criminal," Chief Geppert said.



NOTE: It seems this lovely specimen freaked out most of the boat's guests, so much so that there was an overall sentiment that they had enough fishing, and drinking, for the day...Lon

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/27/2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Former KGB Agent Claims Dr. David Kelly Was 'Exterminated'

dailymail - A former Russian spy's dossier which suggests that Government scientist David Kelly was 'exterminated' in a planned assassination is being studied by the Attorney General.

Boris Karpichkov, who fled to Britain after 15 years as a KGB agent, claims a London intelligence contractor linked to MI5 told him Dr Kelly's death was not suicide.

Mr Karpichkov has emailed his evidence to Attorney General Dominic Grieve - who has already said he is 'concerned' by questions raised by doctors who dispute the official suicide ruling over the Iraq expert's death.

Last night a spokesman for Mr Grieve confirmed that the dossier had been received, and that it was being 'considered'.

Dr Kelly's body was discovered in woods close to his Oxfordshire home in July 2003.

Tony Blair's Labour Government had controversially unmasked him as the source of a hotly-disputed BBC news story that claimed a dossier used to justify the war on Iraq had been 'sexed up'.

Lord Hutton's public inquiry ruled that Dr Kelly killed himself, but since the ousting of Labour in May there has been growing pressure from within the coalition Government for a new independent inquiry.

A group of doctors have claimed Dr Kelly could not have died as a result of cutting his left wrist with a blunt garden pruning knife, and it has emerged that his death certificate was left incomplete.

There is also outrage at the fact that full details of his postmortem examination are to be kept secret for 70 years, and that no inquest took place.

Campaigners also note that on the morning of his death Dr Kelly sent an email warning of 'many dark actors playing games'.

The new allegations from Mr Karpichkov suggest directly that the 'dark actors' could have been British secret agents determined to silence Dr Kelly before he could embarrass the Government.

Agent: According to Boris Karpichkov Peter Everett told him that David Kelly was 'exterminated' for his 'restless behaviour'

The former Russian spy, who defected from Latvia to Britain in 1998, says the source of his dossier is 'agent' Peter Everett, who lives in Dulwich, South-East London, and until 2006 ran a shadowy firm, Group Global Intelligence Services.

The firm is understood to have employed former MI5 operatives to carry out detective work for corporations.

Mr Karpichkov, who now holds a British passport, claims in his dossier that he worked for Mr Everett too, and that one of their dozens of meetings took place two days after Dr Kelly's body was found.

Mr Everett told him, the former KGB man claims, that Dr Kelly had been ' exterminated' for his ' reckless behaviour'.

Mr Karpichkov says Mr Everett suggested he was himself an 'active field operative' for MI5, and continues: 'He told me that it was extremely uncomfortable, inconsistent and unusual for Dr Kelly to slash his arm in the way he did. He would have lost some blood, but it would not have been fatal.

'He also claimed that it was not a coincidence that Special Branch officers were the ones who first appeared on the scene. They moved Dr Kelly's body to another location, changed the original position of his corpse and took away incriminating evidence.

'He added that the scene where Dr Kelly's body was found was carefully arranged and completely "washed out", including the destruction of all fingerprints.

'When I asked who was behind his death, he [ Mr Everett] answered indirectly, saying the "competing firm", which I took to mean MI6.'

At the weekend, Mr Everett confirmed that he had met Mr Karpichkov, and that he had discussed Dr Kelly's death. But he denied being party to any secret s about the incident.

He refused to comment on whether he had ever worked for MI5, but agreed he had 'spent a number of years working in the world of intelligence'.

Mr Karpichkov's dossier comes on top of a claim by Dr Kelly's colleague Mai Pedersen that the chemical warfare expert had been too weak to slash his own wrist.

Originally posted 1/24/2010

Dr. David Kelly Post-Mortem Ordered Buried For 70 Years

dailymail - Vital evidence which could solve the mystery of the death of Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly will be kept under wraps for up to 70 years.

In a draconian – and highly unusual – order, Lord Hutton, the peer who chaired the controversial inquiry into the Dr Kelly scandal, has secretly barred the release of all medical records, including the results of the post mortem, and unpublished evidence.

The move, which will stoke fresh speculation about the true circumstances of Dr Kelly’s death, comes just days before Tony Blair appears before the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War.

It is also bound to revive claims of an establishment cover-up and fresh questions about the verdict that Dr Kelly killed himself.

Tonight, Dr Michael Powers QC, a doctor campaigning to overturn the Hutton findings, said: ‘What is it about David Kelly’s death which is so secret as to justify these reports being kept out of the public domain for 70 years?’

Campaigning Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, who has also questioned the verdict that Dr Kelly committed suicide, said: ‘It is astonishing this is the first we’ve known about this decision by Lord Hutton and even more astonishing he should have seen fit to hide this material away.’

The body of former United Nations weapons inspector Dr Kelly was found in July 2003 in woods close to his Oxfordshire home, shortly after he was exposed as the source of a BBC news report questioning the Government’s claims that

Saddam Hussein had an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, which could be deployed within 45 minutes.

Lord Hutton’s 2004 report, commissioned by Mr Blair, concluded that Dr Kelly killed himself by cutting his wrist with a blunt gardening knife.

It was dismissed by many experts as a whitewash for clearing the Government of any culpability, despite evidence that it had leaked Dr Kelly’s name in an attempt to smear him.

Only now has it emerged that a year after his inquiry was completed, Lord Hutton took unprecedented action to ensure that the vital evidence remains a state secret for so long.

A letter, leaked to The Mail on Sunday, revealed that a 30-year ban was placed on ‘records provided [which were] not produced in evidence’. This is thought to refer to witness statements given to the inquiry which were not disclosed at the time.

In addition, it has now been established that Lord Hutton ordered all medical reports – including the post-mortem findings by pathologist Dr Nicholas Hunt and photographs of Dr Kelly’s body – to remain classified information for 70 years.

The normal rules on post-mortems allow close relatives and ‘properly interested persons’ to apply to see a copy of the report and to ‘inspect’ other documents.

Lord Hutton’s measure has overridden these rules, so the files will not be opened until all such people are likely to be dead.

Last night, the Ministry of Justice was unable to explain the legal basis for Lord Hutton’s order.

The restrictions came to light in a letter from the legal team of Oxfordshire County Council to a group of doctors who are challenging the Hutton verdict.

Last year, a group of doctors, including Dr Powers, compiled a medical dossier as part of their legal challenge to the Hutton verdict.

They argue that Hutton’s conclusion that Dr Kelly killed himself by severing the ulnar artery in his left wrist after taking an overdose of prescription painkillers is untenable because the artery is small and difficult to access, and severing it could not have caused death.

In their 12-page opinion, they concluded: ‘The bleeding from Dr Kelly’s ulnar artery is highly unlikely to have been so voluminous and rapid that it was the cause of death. We advise the instructing solicitors to obtain the autopsy reports so that the concerns of a group of properly interested medical specialists can be answered.’

Tonight, Dr Powers, a former assistant coroner, added: ‘Supposedly all evidence relevant to the cause of death has been heard in public at the time of Lord Hutton’s inquiry. If these secret reports support the suicide finding, what could they contain that could be so sensitive?’

The letter disclosing the 70-year restriction was written by Nick Graham, assistant head of legal and democratic services at Oxfordshire Council.

It states: ‘Lord Hutton made a request for the records provided to the inquiry, not produced in evidence, to be closed for 30 years, and that medical (including post-mortem) reports and photographs be closed for 70 years.’

Nicholas Gardiner, the Chief Coroner for Oxfordshire, confirmed that he had seen the letter.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday today, he said: ‘I know that Lord Hutton made that recommendation. Someone told me at the time. Anybody concerned will be dead by then, and that is quite clearly Lord Hutton’s intention.’

Asked what was in the records that made it necessary for them to be embargoed, Mr Gardiner said: ‘They’re Lord Hutton’s records not mine. You’d have to ask him.’

He added that in his opinion Lord Hutton had embargoed the records to protect Dr Kelly’s children.

The inquest into Dr Kelly’s death was suspended before it could begin by the then Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer. He used the Coroners Act to designate the Hutton Inquiry as ‘fulfilling the function of an inquest’.

News that the records will be kept secret comes just days before Mr Blair gives evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry on Friday.

To date, Dr Kelly’s name has scarcely been mentioned at the inquiry. One source who held a private meeting with Sir John Chilcot before the proceedings began said that Sir John had admitted he ‘did not want to touch the Kelly issue’ .

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: ‘Any decision made by Lord Hutton at the time of his inquiry was entirely a matter for him.’

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said yesterday that it would not be possible to search their records during the weekend.

The Mail on Sunday was unable to contact Lord Hutton.

David Christopher Kelly, CMG (14 May 1944–17 July 2003) was an employee of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD), an expert in biological warfare and a former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq. Kelly's discussion with BBC Radio4 Today programme journalist Andrew Gilligan about the British government's dossier on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq inadvertently caused a major political scandal. He was found dead days after appearing before the Parliamentary committee charged with investigating the scandal.

The Hutton Inquiry, a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his death, ruled that he had committed suicide, and that Kelly had not in fact said some of the things attributed to him by Gilligan. The following day, 28 January 2004, the Independent ran a special issue, the front cover being largely blank and containing in the centre, "WHITEWASH? THE HUTTON REPORT. A SPECIAL ISSUE."
- Wikipedia


Click image for link to report

Former KGB Agent Claims Dr. David Kelly Was 'Exterminated'

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Legendary Humanoids: Genderuwo, Evil Seductor

Some mythical creatures have their origin in tradition and tales from the distant past. However, each culture is associated with a multitude of interesting and odd creatures, many of these beings are humanoids. One of these legendary humanoids is the Genderuwo.

Genderuwa (from the Java language: 'Genderuwo') is a Javanese myth about a type of the jinn or spirit that can manifest into human-like apes, big and stout with reddish black color, his body covered with thick hair. Genderuwa are most widely known in Java, Indonesia. Sundanese people call it "Gandaruwo" and the Javanese people generally call it "Gendruwo".

They are said to dwell in large trees that are shaded or damp corners of deserted buildings. According to myth, this creature resides in forest areas such as Teak Forest Nature Reserve Danalaya, Slogohimo district and in the White Weak, Purwosari, Girimulyo in Kulon Progo.

This entity is believed to communicate and make direct contact with humans. Various legends say that Genderuwo can change the appearance of its physical form to follow someone or to entice people. The Genderuwo creature is believed to be idle and dissolute, has the tendency to tease people, especially women and children. Genderuwo is sometimes happy slapping a women's rump, caressing her body while she slept, or even to switch women’s undergarments to others. Genderuwo occasionally appear in the form of furry little creatures that can grow in an instant. Genderuwo also like to throw stones at people’s houses at night. The Genderuwo is known to tempt lonely wifes when husbands leave or those that become widowed. Sometimes, Genderuwo have sexual relationships with these women in order impregnate them and produce more Genderuwo.

According to legend, The Genderuwo has a very strong ability to attract women. Genderuwo's sexual game is said to be unusual and that women feel often satisfied and extend extraordinary favors. Genderuwos have very strong libidos and possess seduction skills far superior to men.

There is a legend that states Genderuwo can enter and remain happy in the womb of a woman if an intimate relationship forms between the woman and the Genderuwo and that the desire never wains until one dies...which is usually the woman. At that point, the Genderuwo moves on to his next sexual conquest. There is little a woman can do to deter the advances of this creature.

The Genderuwa myth has been widely used in many modern entertainment media forms, mainly in horror films from Indonesia and Malaysia where Javanese communities still practice the beliefs and culture of Java. An Indonesian man who seems to possess an unusual knack for seducing women of all ages is seen as a Genderuwa and considered to be touched by evil and capable of committing horrible acts.

Legendary Humanoids: Genderuwo, Evil Seductor

Sighting of Large UFO Causes Stir at Malaysian Beach Resort

thebournepost - An unidentified flying object (UFO) was reported sighted at a beach resort in Tuaran recently.

The round blue object, which was said to be hovering in the sky near the Tuaran Beach Resort, was sighted by resort guests and employees.

Tuaran Beach Resort restaurant manager, James Dungil, 27, who were among the eyewitnesses said the object was sighted on Saturday around 4pm.

“I was in the restaurant with some friends and saw some guests pointing up to the sky.

“We were curious so we went out to see what the commotion was all about and I saw a round transparent object in the sky,” he said when contacted yesterday.

James said he and some others then ran up to the resort’s family living room, located on the second floor, to have a better view.

“I managed to take one photo before it disappeared out of sight,” he said, adding that there was no sound or shining light when the object vanished.

Several other guests and employees, who claimed to have also spotted the object, said it hovered in the air for a few minutes before disappearing.

Some even claimed that their handphones “went dead” when they tried to record the object with the devices.

Another witness, Donny Benedict, 29, said he did not believe in the existence of UFOs, but changed his mind upon watching the unusual sight.

“I saw the object for about 20 seconds before it disappeared.

“It’s strange that it did not make any noise like a normal aircraft,” he said, adding that he regretted not being able to take a picture of the object with his handphone as it was out of battery.

Claims of UFO sighting were also made in Hangzhou, China on July 7, forcing an airport to cease operations for one hour.

A flight crew preparing for descend first detected the object around 8.40pm and notified the air traffic control department.

Aviation authorities responded within minutes, grounding outbound flights and diverting inbound ones to airports in Ningbo and Wuxi.

Eighteen flights were affected. Though normal operations resumed an hour later, the incident captured the attention of the Chinese media and sparked a firestorm of speculation on the UFO’s identity.

Internet users claimed that the object was a US bomber flying towards China but it was neither a US missile nor a Russian satellite.

Some even suggested that the Chinese military was responsible for the UFO; a new missile or aircraft being tested out.


thestar - Sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) have been reported by guests and employees at a beach resort near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Harian Metro reported.

The tabloid even published a front-page blurb of the object, which had apparently caused much excitement and uneasiness among those staying at the Tuaran Beach Resort.

One of the guests, Jemas Dungil, 27, told the tabloid that a woman shouted when she saw a round blue flying object in the sky.

“We came out of a hall to see what the commotion was all about and I saw a round blue disc in the sky.

“It turned green a few seconds later,” she said.

Several other guests and employees, who claimed to have also spotted the object, said it hovered in the air for a few minutes before disappearing.

Some even claimed that their handphones “went dead” when they tried to record the object with the devices.

Jemas said although she managed to capture a picture of the object, she did not believe that it was a UFO.

“What I saw was really extraordinary because it happened right in front of me,” she said.

Another witness, Donny Benedict, 29, said he did not believe in the existence of UFOs, but changed his mind upon watching the unusual sight.

“I saw the object for about 20 seconds before it disappeared.

“It’s strange that it did not make any noise like a normal aircraft,” he said, adding that he regretted not being able to take a picture of the object with his handphone as it was out of battery.

NOTE: well, it seems there were multiple witnesses and it's hard to think that something this size was either a balloon or military craft...especially in Malaysia. Anyway, I'm interested in your thoughts...Lon

Sighting of Large UFO Causes Stir at Malaysian Beach Resort

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cryptid Sightings: Jefferson / Orange Counties - Texas Gulf Coast

I received the following email from Vidor, Texas in reference a cryptid sighting in or near Rose City, Texas approximately 10 years ago. After reading this email, it reminded me of sightings I had read about in the same general area. I decided to see what I could find:

"I do not know about all the things you talk about, but my recently deceased Uncle Albert once told me of his grandfather having seen a big foot in Arkansas. A local man shot what he thought was a bear. They hung it in the town square until it started to stink up the place. The county is to the east of the county they made the big foot movie about. I do not have any verification."

"About 10 years ago in Rose City, Texas, I drove around the curve on highway 90 just before the railroad crossing to IH-10. Standing in the grass next to the ditch/slew between the two railroads I saw a creature I have never seen in any book or anywhere else. It was upright like a man. It was as tall as a buck dear, but had a shape & stance more like a rooster. It's eyes were very expressive. It's expression was like 'oh no, you aren't suppose to see me', but not afraid. It had a ridge that was variegated and reminded me of a child's hoola-hoop in shape/design. That ridge went up it's chest, face, over the head and down it's back like a horses mane. It's skin was light tan like deer fur, but had a soft scaled appearance. It moved very fast. I assume it went into the stagnant water behind him because it was gone before I got to the curve where it had been standing. I did not get out or stop since I was by myself."

Vidor, TX resident

NOTE: That's an excellent description and one that I have never heard before. Any ideas? Sounds like a creature that would definitely be from the 'other side'...Lon


The following is a BFRO Class A report from a sighting just east of Rose City, TX in Orange, TX:

Report # 21438 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, September 02, 2007. Late Night Sighting by Motorist near I-10

YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 13

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Orange County



OBSERVED: my mom and I where driving home from a friends house and we noticed a very large man crouched on the side of the road so we turned the car around to see if he needed help by the time we had returned he was gone so we continued on are way and about a quarter of a mile down the road we saw a very large thing cross the road in two steps it walked upright had very dark brown red shaggy fur and it had to have been 7.5-8 foot in height after we witnessed this we where pretty spooked so we didn't stick around

ALSO NOTICED: I noticed that it had pulled up some wild onions

OTHER WITNESSES: one other witness

OTHER STORIES: yes a close family friend said that he had seen it at the same location about 20 years ago

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 9:01pm fairly light hot and dry

ENVIRONMENT: farmland with swampy woods about a mile east of sighting location

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator D.A. Brake:

The witness was interviewed in detail by phone. The witness was a passenger in the car driven by her mother and was traveling approximately 40 mph when it passed the crouched animal with its back to the road approximately 10-20 ft off the passenger side of the road. They continued approximately ¼ mile down the road, turned around and started back to the area of the sighting moving at a slower speed of 25-30 mph. Their car continued past the point of the first sighting at which point another car was noticed approaching from the other direction.

In the headlights of both cars, the witness described seeing a bi-pedal animal cross the road approximately 150 feet in front of their car, moving from left to right. She described the creature as moving at a fast walk, slightly hunched forward and having a pointed head, unusually long arms with hair on its back, chest and upper thighs. She also described the animal as having an athletic build and weighing at least 400 lbs. The animal did not turn its head toward either car while crossing and appeared to be carrying root-like objects in its left hand. When the creature reached the other side of the road, it briefly stopped and looked left and right and then disappeared into the tall bushes. The animal was not observed by the time the car passed the point where the animal had entered the bushes. They continued up the road and then turned around and started back in the original direction they were headed and do not see anything further.

The next morning the witness and mother returned to the point of the sighting where the creature was first spotted crouching by the road. The witness looked around the area and noticed that the ground had been dug up and described it as looking similar to what a wild pig may do when feeding on plants and roots. She also noticed several broken branches about 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter about 4-5’ off the ground. No footprints were observed and the witness commented that it had rained late the previous night and into that morning.

The witness lives approximately 10 miles from the area of the sighting and travels this same road 3-4 times a week. A Union Pacific railroad line runs parallel to the road. The area of the sighting is fairly rural with forested hardwoods and pines with sporadic swamps and farmland on both sides of the road. The witness spends a lot of time outdoors hunting and fishing and is familiar with the indigenous animals of the area.

BFRO Investigator D.A. Brake


The following account is from a sighting in an area by the Neches River near Beaumont, TX...not far from the sightings posted above:

"Two friends and I were fishing in South Texas on the bank of the Neches River about three in the afternoon. We had been there about four hours when my friend said something about hearing something in the woods behind us. We all had been hearing it but were not concerned and did not think it was important."

"Anyway, my friend Tim turned around and almost had a heart attack. He just kind of whimpered because he was too scared to talk. It is funny now but was rather serious then. Anyway, we all turned around to see a very large animal standing just outside of the treeline looking at us as if he wanted something. Well needless to say we did not stick around to see what it wanted. We all backed into the water about ten or fifteen feet and then walked down the river until we were at least fifty feet downriver from it."

"The thing we saw was a good six and a half to seven feet tall with hair all over it. It did not appear mean and I think if it was I would not be telling you about it. Anyway, we left. Only thing was we left all our gear so we went back the next day to get our stuff and found the darnedest thing. All our stuff was there except the stink bait. The can was there but the bait had been scooped out and I guess eaten. I don’t know if it had eaten it or what but I think that is what it was there for in the first place. It smelled our bait and thought maybe it could get an easy meal."

"When I think back on it now I can’t help but think that if we had not left when we saw it then it would probably just have left. It did not seem mean or aggravated at all. We were just scared anyhow. That is my story. I swear its true. My name is Thomas Vick. I won’t tell the names of my friends but can tell you they, like me, will never forget that day. But you know I feel very fortunate to be able to say that I have seen what I’ve seen and I think that it is really cool. By the way, we were fishing on the bank of the Neches River near Beaumont, Texas."


This report was filed in reference to a sighting in Jefferson County, TX (near the area of the previous report) on October 1984 to the TBRC:

Report #01060011
Occurred October 15, 1984 -(Submitted April 7, 2006)

Witness Observation:

I was squirrel hunting out around Pine Island Bayou in the early afternoon. I was walking down a make shift trail running beside the bayou. The area was pretty open and you could see everything clearly. No high brush or dense wooded areas either. I was sitting on an old tree that had fallen and was snacking on something and petting my dog that was with me, half lab/half pit bull. We were sitting there when all of a sudden we heard this splashing noise coming from the bayou which was probably 50 feet to the side of me. The splashing was probably 200 feet away from me down the trail. My dog snapped to attention and I had my shotgun pulled and ready for whatever we saw. Up the bank came this large creature walking on 2 legs. It looked right at me and took a step toward me when my dog started growling and barking at it. It was probably 6'5" - 7'0", covered in dark brown, somewhat wet hair from head to toe. It looked right at me and it looked like the face of a man who had not shaved in many years but it was very intimidating. Well, my dog started to run toward it and it picked up an old log and threw it at him, then turned around and ran back across the bayou and back into the woods on the other side. It had made a kind of growling/yelling noise when it threw the log at him. I did shoot at it when it threw the log but I only had a single shot .410 and I do not know if any of the buckshot hit him. It scared me so bad that instead of running back up the trail I had came down, I just ran straight into the woods behind me until I came to the first house in the back part of the sub-division and never looked back until I hit the road that was there and waited for my dog to catch up to me. From that day forth I have never went back into those woods or any woods around me. I have not told anyone until recently we saw the report on the Travel Channel and I told my wife what I saw. I did not stay around or go back and look for anything. I will say this, I still have dreams/nightmares of that moment.

Physical Evidence: I did not go back and look nor did I tell anyone about it.

Sounds: It growled/yelled

Additional Observations: Large creature walking on 2 legs. It was probably 6' 5" - 7' 0", covered in dark brown, somewhat wet hair from head to toe. It looked right at me and it looked like the face of a man who had not shaved in many years but it was very intimidating. No. Too far away to notice.

This was at Pine Island Bayou, back of Bevil Oaks Subdivision, (now part of a Big Thicket National Preserve corridor)

Time and Conditions: 2:00pm - Clear and Cool. Swampy & wooded.

Investigator's Comments:

Bob Hilliard

I spoke with the witness on 25 May 2006. He gave me no reasons to dismiss his report, was very cordial and seemed very sincere about what he allegedly saw.

As stated in his report, the witness told me that he was hunting for squirrels with his dog behind the Bevil Oaks subdivision and was sitting about 50 feet from Pine Island Bayou. He reportedly heard a loud splashing sound and then sounds like something large coming through the water to his side of the bayou. Thinking maybe it was a deer, the witness stated that he crouched down so that it would not see him. The witness went on to tell me that to his surprise, "a large creature with dark brown, almost black hair, walking on two legs, came up the bank."

The witness said that it looked straight at him and its face looked very human. The witness reported that when his dog started barking, the strange subject made sort of a growling yelp, threw a small log their way, then turned and went back across the bayou and into the woods. He said the bayou is at least five feet deep but the subject had no problem at all crossing it.

The witness stated that the wind was behind him and the subject was about 50 to 75 yards away so there was no smell. He also stated that he had seen some tracks earlier but thought the reason they were so big was because the person making them was sliding in the slick mud.

After thinking about it later on, the witness said:
1. No one would be walking around out there barefoot and;
2. He didn't remember seeing any slide marks.

When asked if he had had any other experiences in the area or heard of any more sightings, the witness replied that two of his friends had supposedly heard some strange whooping and howling in the same area and that there was another alleged sighting a couple of years later further on down the bayou. The witness had not heard of anything recently.

It is my assessment that the witness seemed credible, was very forthcoming and answered all my questions as best he could. The witness told me that he just recently told his wife about his sighting because he had seen the TBRC on the Travel Channel; according to his own testimony, he has never told anyone else.

The area in which the sighting occurred is now quite developed, although much less so at the time of the alleged event. About three miles from this area to the west, the Big Thicket National Preserve Bayou corridor continues into Little Pine Island Bayou, which eventually runs through the Lance Rosier Unit, and on northward toward the Turkey Creek and Big Sandy Creek units; none of the units mentioned here are without reported "wild man" sightings, both aged and recent.

Phantoms and Monsters archives

Cryptid Sightings: Jefferson / Orange Counties - Texas Gulf Coast

Photos: 'Ghost' Appears In Two Photos From Different Tours

The shadowy woman has now shown up in the photographs of two tourists following visits to Mary King's Close

STV - Staff at one of Edinburgh’s spookiest tourist attractions have been left mystified after a ghostly figure showed up in the photographs of two separate tourists.

Bosses at Mary King’s Close say the blond haired woman who appeared in images from two different tours was definitely not a customer.

Both photos appear to show one person more than expected and staff believe that on close inspection, the ghostly figure appears to be the same woman.

Staff were first alerted to their unexpected visitor last October, when a member of the public queried their souvenir photograph. A few weeks later, the same thing happened with a different tourist, and staff say they have been trying to figure out what is going on ever since.

They have now introduced later night tours for the month of August in a bid to get to the bottom of the mystery. And they have asked anyone who sees a strange apparition in their pictures to allow them to be examined.

Lisa Robshaw, spokesperson for The Real Mary King’s Close, said: “We hope that by extending the hours of opening we can get to the bottom of this mystery.

“We’ve long been associated with supernatural and unexplained stories. We’ve had sightings of dark shadowy figures who lurk in the myriad of passageways, rooms and corners of the Closes, and reports of lots of strange noises – these images seem to give us even more evidence.

“By running tours late in to the night with the last one finishing at midnight, we hope that this might make the ghostly image reappear. “

Ms Robshaw insisted the images had not been doctored by staff, adding: “We have spent a long time studying these photographs and cannot come to a satisfactory conclusion. In both these images there appears to be a blurry ghostly image of a blond haired lady which we cannot explain, and we hope that by making the images public that someone might be able to help.

“If there are people in the images who can explain who the lady is we would love to hear from them. We’ve tested the static camera that we use and it appears to be working normally so we really do not have an explanation. We just want to try and understand what has happened.”



Mary King's Close is said to be one of Scotland's most haunted areas. Situated just off Edinburgh's Royal Mile, Mary King's Close is a real step back in time. The close, or street, has a dark history, and since it reopened, it has become a major tourist attraction. It is a draw not only for ghost hunters, but also for anyone wishing to view a real 17th century street.

Edinburgh itself is a city full of small, winding streets and dark alleyways. It is a historic city, and many of the original buildings date back centuries. Mary King's Close is one of the oldest streets now available for the public to view. It is a dark, winding street full of original shops and houses from the 17th century.

Like many Edinburgh streets in the 17th century, conditions were less than sanitary in Mary King's Close. Human waste was simply thrown out of windows onto the street. The inhabitants of the houses were poor, and illness was rife.

During the time when the plague raged in Britain, Scotland lost over a quarter of its population to the disease. Mary King's Close was rife with plague. City leaders decided to take the inhumane action of sealing off Mary King's Close in order to contain the plague that ravaged the inhabitants. Many experts claim that religion also played a role in this decision, as the street was inhabited mainly by Catholics.

Mary King's Close is mainly situated underground, and both ends were sealed with bricks in 1644, leaving the inhabitants to die inside. It was estimated that almost 600 people were found dead when the street was reopened within a year. Butchers sliced up the bodies, and they were taken through the streets of Edinburgh and buried in huge, mass graves.

Life once again resumed in Mary King's Close, mainly due to the cheap rents offered to new tenants. In the 19th century, the close was emptied and again permanently sealed up. It has been reported that the close was rediscovered by workmen digging above the street.

Since Mary King's Close has reopened, thousands of visitors have flocked to the street. Many have been attracted by stories of ghosts, and it has become a regular site for paranormal investigators. The dark, claustrophobic atmosphere of the streets, houses, and shops has also led many visitors to leave the close minutes after entering.

The most famous spectral inhabitant is said to be the ghost of 10-year-old Annie, who died of the plague. Many people have reported feeling her presence, including psychics who have noted temperature changes when entering her room. Visitors to the close now leave dolls and sweets in the room Annie is supposed to haunt. Ghosts aside, Mary King's Close is an excellent historical tour of a forgotten age.

NOTE: If they have the head counts right then a phantom may be taking in the tour. I've had several anecdotes and photos of apparitions popping up during tours of Scottish sites. BTW, Mary King's Close is definitely a place you want to see if you find yourself in Edinburgh...several friends and associates have had some strange encounters there...Lon

Photos: 'Ghost' Appears In Two Photos From Different Tours

Fortean / Oddball News - 7/23/2010

Saudi Man Chained For Six Years...Father Believes He Is Possessed By Evil Female Genie

A Saudi man has been chained in a basement apartment for more than six years because his father believes he is possessed by an evil female genie.

'When he has fits he has convulsions and his entire body twists and his eyes become completely white,' said the father of the 29-year-old man who has been identified only as Turki.

'Then the voice of a woman can be heard coming from him.'

When Turki first began behaving bizarrely, his father took him to local Muslim clerics to recite the Koran over him.

'But most of them became scared when they heard the female voice telling them that she was a royal jinn (genie) and that no-one can exorcise her unless Turki dies,' his father said.

One cleric advised him to shackle his son’s arms and legs in chains and read the Koran to him.

But genies, or jinn, in Islamic theology can be much more sinister. Some are good, others bad.

They are believed to be normally invisible but have the ability to assume human or animal form and are often said to be motivated by jealousy or revenge.

'We did this. My son became quiet but is totally unaware of what is happening around him. He does not talk and is now unable to harm anyone,' Turki’s father told Arab News, an English language Saudi daily.

A Saudi family last year took a 'genie' to court, accusing it of theft and harassment.

The jinn was said to have terrified the children by throwing stones, stealing mobile phones and speaking in male and female voices.

Turki lives in a tiny, two-room basement apartment with his impoverished mother and her three other children in the holy city of Mecca. They survive on £150 a month from social security.

His parents divorced before he was 'possessed'.

Turki’s father claimed he himself was afflicted by a jinn at the age of nine and suffered for more than four decades until it was exorcised by a cleric.

'I used to see a woman who would at times appear very beautiful and at times extremely ugly,' he said.

On some occasions she was 'surrounded by fire' and on others appeared 'with animal limbs'.

A Saudi human rights activist and professor in Sharia (Islamic law) who visited Turki found him to be in a 'semi-coma'.

Muhammad Al-Suhali said Turki 'did not know what was going on around him. He could not eat, drink or use the toilet without the help of others'.

The professor added that when started to read some Koranic verses, Turki became furious and shook until he nearly fell out of his bed.

'When I stopped reciting, he became quiet again but was distant and unaware of what was happening,' Suhali told Arab News.

He praised Turki’s young wife for staying with him despite his frightening condition.

Suhali called on Saudi Ministry of Social Affairs to provide the family with better accommodation and to include Turki in its social security programme.

NOTE: Another fine example of Saudi barbarism...I just wonder how much stuff we never hear about...Lon


Big Cat Reported in Central Ohio

newarkadvocate - The latest unusual animal sighting in Granville was even more inconclusive than the last

The resident of the east side of the village who saw it said she thinks it was in the cat family. A state wildlife expert said it is more likely to be in the dog family.

Rose Wingert, of Victoria Drive, reported seeing the animal in front of her home the morning of July 13. The animal ran away quickly, but Wingert said she was able to get a good look at it.

She said her first impression had been that it might be a coyote. But after checking photos of coyotes on the Internet, she decided the animal she saw wasn't one.

"At first, I didn't think too much of it, but then I started wondering, 'What was it?'" she said. "It was a lean and long animal," she added in an e-mail. "It was not a mountain lion, but a rare type of cat."

Contacted about identifying the animal, Andrew J. Montoney, state director for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services in Reynoldsburg, said based on the description from Wingert, the animal is more likely to be in the dog family than the cat family.

Montoney said there are no native "cat" species matching this description in Ohio. However, he said the description -- a body about 3 feet long, a long tail and short fur of mottled (browns, blacks and grays) color -- could match any of three common "dog-like" species native to Ohio: the coyote, red fox and gray fox.

It also could have been a non-native, exotic animal, Montoney said.

"There are periodic reports of people seeing non-native (exotic) animals all throughout Ohio," he wrote in an e-mail. "When verified, these exotic animals usually turn out to be someone's pet that escaped or was intentionally turned loose due to difficulty of raising a wild animal. But these verified incidents are rare and uncommon."

Granville police received a report on the sighting the evening of July 13 but did not send out an officer. Granville Police Chief Jim Mason, who wasn't on duty at the time, said an officer mostly likely would have been sent if the report were timely.

In April 2008, another east-side resident, Char Donelan, reported seeing an unusual animal in her backyard on Longford Drive. The animal she described resembled the one Wingert reported. After viewing a video a neighbor took of the animal, Donelan said she thought it to be a coyote.


The Oklahoma 'Panty' Bandit

news9 - A middle-aged woman wearing what appeared to be underwear over her face is wanted in connection to an overnight drive-thru burglary.

On Tuesday morning around 3 a.m., an employee of the 24 hour McDonald's, at 7025 S.E. 15th Street, noticed that money was missing from the cash register in the drive-through.

When the manager reviewed the surveillance video, it showed a white female dressed in a black shirt, black pants, most likely a blonde wig, gloves and underwear over her face held in place with yellow paperclips, walking toward the drive-thru window. A car then pulls around the business and the female walks off.

A short time later, the same suspect walked up to the drive through window, slid it open, reached into the business with a cash drawer key and opened up the register. The woman stole money from the cash drawer and walk off. The employee who was working the drive-through was somewhere else in the business at the time of the theft.

"I've seen a wide variety of crime over the last 30 years but this particular case is one of the strangest based on her method of operation and weird disguise," said Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes in a press release.

NOTE: You know times are tough when Grandma covers her face with a pair of old panties and grabs a couple of bucks out of a McDonald's drive-thru at 3:00am...Lon

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Cornucopia, the Food Printer...Now YOU Can Cook Like Jane Jetson

physorg - The food printer is at the concept design stage, and would work by storing and refrigerating ingredients and then mixing them, cooking layers of the mixture and printing them onto a serving tray. The concept design was introduced by two graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Fluid Interfaces Group Media Lab: designer/engineer in algorithmic image process development Amit Zoran, and designer and research assistant Marcelo Coelho.

The food printing process begins with selecting the required food canisters in which ingredients are stored and kept refrigerated. Ingredients are then fed into a mixing chamber and the mixture is extruded and deposited in layers of various and complex combinations of ingredients. During deposition of the layers onto the serving tray the ingredients are either cooked or cooled in the chamber or by heating/cooling tubes attached to the printing head.

The researchers say the printing process brings cooking technologies into the digital age and allows entirely novel textures and flavors to be created that would otherwise be unimaginable and which are unobtainable through traditional cooking techniques. They say users would be able to control the nutritional value, quality and flavors in each meal through a touch-screen interface and Internet connectivity, which would allow them to manipulate parameters such as carbohydrate or fat content and calories. The design also allows for the food printer to be able to automatically order new ingredients and suggest an alternative ingredient if one runs out.

3D printers already exist (see, for example, PhysOrg’s article on 3D printers for moon bases and the affordable desk top 3D printer). The printers are becoming more common and are already being used in applications such as creating three-dimensional prototypes or models.

The researchers hope their concept will "provide a glimpse at the new aesthetic and cultural possibilities, which can be brought forth by a new, digital gastronomy."


'Well, Robin...I suppose we'll have to use the Bat Cave instead"

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