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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Charles Fort Describes An Unknown Russian Beast

Those readers who are familiar with the anecdotes of Charles Fort, will probably recognize the following account from his book 'Lo!', published in 1931. General R. G. Burton, a British officer, adventurer and author visiting late 19th century Russia, was told a story of a place "haunted by a mysterious animal":

An unknown beast was terrorizing a small district in the Orel Government, south of Moscow. The first attack was upon the evening of July 6th. Three days later, another woman was grabbed by an undescribed animal, which she beat off, until help arrived. That day, a boy, aged 10, was killed and devoured.

July 11th—a woman killed, near Trosna. "At four o'clock, on the 14th, the beast severely wounded another woman and at five o'clock, made another attack upon a peasant girl, but was beaten off by a companion, who pulled the animal off by the tail. These details are taken from the official accounts of the events."

There was a panic, and the military authorities were appealed to. 3 officers and 40 men were sent from Moscow. They organized beats
that were composed of from 500 to 1,000 peasants, but all hunts were unsuccessful. On the 24th of July, four women were attacked, and one of them was killed.

Something was outwitting 3 officers and 40 men, and armies of 1,000 peasants. War was declared. Prince Sherincki, with 10 officers and 130 men, arrived from St. Petersburg. We notice that in uncanny occurrences, when there is wide publicity, or intense excitement, phenomena stop—or are stopped. War was declared upon something, but it disappeared. "According to general descriptions, the animal was long, with a blunt muzzle, and round, standing-up ears, with a long, smooth, hanging tail."

We know what to expect.

In the Field, Dec. 23, 1893, it is said that, after a study of sketches of the spoor of the animal, the naturalist Alferachi gave his opinion that the animal was a large dog. He so concluded because of the marks of protruding nails in the sketches.

But also it is said that plaster casts of the footprints showed no such marks. It is said that the nail marks had been added to the sketches, because of assertions by hunters that nail marks had been seen. Writing 30 years later (Chambers’ Journal, ser. 7, vol. 14, p. 308) General Burton tells of the animal as something that had never been identified.

This is fringing upon an enormous subject that leads away from the slaughtering of sheep to attacks, some of them mischievous, some
ordinarily deadly, and some of the Jack the Ripper kind, upon human beings. Though I have hundreds of notes upon mysterious attacks
upon human beings, I cannot develop an occult criminology now.

NOTE: Was this an upright beast...possibly canid? Or simply a large cunning Eurasion Wolf, thought to be something more than what it really was? If you are interested in cryptids and other anomalous phenomena, please access the accounts written by Charles Fort. After all these years, I still go back and read his assessments. Lon

The Complete Books of Charles Fort: The Book of the Damned / Lo! / Wild Talents / New Lands

Charles Fort: The Man Who Invented the Supernatural

Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers

Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic

Daily 2 Cents: Grandpa's Bigfoot -- 'There's gold in them thar hills' -- SpaceX Plans 2018 Manned Lunar Flight

Grandpa's Bigfoot

A man talks about his Bigfoot sighting in Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania:

“The time that I saw Bigfoot, I was driving down to Ringgold to an auction. I turned in at Miller Brothers Welding. It was going back, they had an old barn they had converted into an auction building. As I was driving down along there, there was a pasture field up on the left hand side and it seemed kind of strange because I had been down through there before and the cows were all over the pasture field. But this time they were right down by the fence, real close to the road and they were all looking right up on the hill. So I stopped and I wound down my window and it was very quiet, almost scary like. Usually you heard frogs and different things down through there but there wasn't a sound. I looked up where the cattle were looking and there was Bigfoot standing there. He was standing on his hind feet. He was very tall and he was grey and dirty-ugly looking with real curly like hair. I was running kind of late so I didn't have too much time to wait but when I got down to the auction barn, I said to the people down there I said, 'This may sound strange but I just saw Bigfoot.' Two people there said, 'Yeah, we saw him too.' And then about a week later it came out in the paper that Bigfoot had been spotted by several people in the area.”

Source: “My Grandpa's Bigfoot Sighting” Youtube video, published on February 8, 2013 by Drew Bundy

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Reptilian in the Photos

Romulus, Michigan - 2016-06-15: Witness had bluish light around her house since July 16, 2016. In taking family photos, she noticed an alien entity which she described as Reptilian. They were on one and half acre of land back to the woods where digging of a pipeline was. This took place at 6:00 pm for 45 minutes.

This was less than 100 ft away. She could not tell size or anything else due to the shade from the trees. Witness said something was trying to get her attention through the drapes. She always destroys photos as not to scare grandchildren. Could not find results on weather that day for that area. - MUFON


'There's gold in them thar hills'

JAMESTOWN, Tuolumne County (KPIX 5) — Weeks of rainy weather across Northern California and the storm runoff through the hills of gold country have triggered a new gold rush.

“Miner Gary” Thomas said he always finds at least a little gold here on his property near Jamestown in Tuolumne County, but this year, there’s so much more runoff than normal and it’s shaking the gold from these hills.

Thomas said it could provide a “Eureka” moment for those inclined to come up here and look for it. “(The runoff) kind of ‘etch-a-sketches’ everything,” said Thomas. “Eveything I had dug up and now my dig spots are all gone.”

The known gold digs were washed out, trees uprooted, and landscape eroded. The runoffs have also removed gold out of the old abandoned mines and sent it down the river.

“It’s going to bring down more gold,” said Thomas. “It’s going to bring up new areas that I never got to.”

Thomas runs tour groups through his property and said now is the optimum time for gold hunting because the storms have just finished churning the landscape.

Officials from the Bureau of Land Management say the erosion “concentrates” the gold by removing the lighter rock and soil.

You may be wondering if this reporter found any during our time here. We did find some fine flakes of what they call “flour gold” and it was found more quickly than normal in just a couple of panning sessions.

“Eureka!” said Thomas.”That’s hard to do.”

But not as hard this year, now that Mother Nature has shaken up the motherlode.

Thomas said one hot spot this year will be below the Oroville Dam, because the huge water releases from the spillway could reveal some new pockets of gold. - Storm Runoff In California Gold Country Exposing New Motherlode?


SpaceX Plans 2018 Manned Lunar Flight

The SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, revealed on Monday that two people have paid for a private mission around the moon, tentatively set for launch in 2018 with the private company’s yet untested Falcon Heavy rocket.

In a conference call with reporters, Musk declined to name the people or what they had paid, though he said the individuals know each other and are “very serious” about the flight. The “private citizens” approached the company late last year and will receive training and take health and fitness tests as early as this year.

Musk said the circumlunar journey would take about a week, nearing the moon’s surface without landing on it before its return to Earth. The total flight would go about 300,000 to 400,000 miles into space, he said, meaning the flight could take humans farther from Earth than ever before.

If SpaceX accomplishes the trip before Nasa or another space agency can send astronauts to the moon, it would be the first lunar mission with humans in 45 years, on a course that would extend past the record 249,000 miles traveled by the Apollo 13 astronauts in 1970. Read more at SpaceX to send two people around the moon who paid for a 2018 private mission



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Phantoms & Monsters: 'Encounters Series' - Paperback

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Monday, February 27, 2017

White Masked Beings

A user named 'Hi Hello' wrote in to tell of his weird sighting of white masked figures:

“When I heard you say beings in white masks my heart stopped. I saw them outside of my house. I lived in the piney woods of East Texas. As soon as I saw them, I just intuitively knew that I wasn't supposed to have been able to see them, it's like I heard their thoughts. The weirdest thing is how they tried to, I guess, trick me into thinking I hadn't seen them at all, like the way they moved away from me...not of this world. Like, I could see them getting further away from me, but I never saw the actual movements. I know that doesn't even make sense to our understanding but that's the best way I can describe it. Also, the faces of them contorted into crazy looking smiles and grimaces so I don't know if that's really a mask but that's what I thought I saw at first, too. I saw them a few different occasions; once I looked out my bedroom window and there were three sitting in a triangle formation peering up at me. I was shocked but calm at the same time, threw them a peace sign, and never looked out the window again. I really believe what she says, they are real. I think they're demons."

Source: Youtube comments from The Weird Ones

JLB - Beyond Creepy

The script from the video is below:

Rae from RST Reservation, SD - MASKED APPARITIONS: This one is from my mother's experience. We lived in the apartment complex just off by a big field. She had explained that a bad car accident had happened across the field as there is a dirt road for a cut across into town. Both vehicles hit head on, one had 4 passengers and the other had 3. Nobody survived the accident. Well my mom goes on about how she was up late keeping an eye out as she was part of the neighborhood watch. She said she remembers seeing 3 people walk in from the field, all wearing black, but looked as if they had white masks on. She called her friend who was security, he had gone out, but reported he didn't see anyone. My mom explained how they kept appearing but before security could arrive, they would be no where around. Finally one night, my mom had seen 4 people walk up, security was already around the corner, my mom sitting by the window watching in terror as to the fact that she was hollering at security that they were right there. Security guy was shining his flashlight but couldn't see no one. My mom said she hollered in fear because he was shining the light right on them and they were right in front of him. He swore he couldn't see no one and that my mom was probably seeing things. My grandma vouched that the apartment complex had been built on half an old cemetery and that half the residents had reported seeing or hearing things.

Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters

Phantoms & Monsters: Bizarre Encounters

Humanoid Encounters 1995-1999: The Others amongst Us

Weird Texas: Your Travel Guide to Texas's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

Daily 2 Cents: Lizard Man Falls From Tree...Then Disappears -- 'Goblin' Scares Kids in Argentina -- The Wolf at the Door

Lizard Man Falls From Tree...Then Disappears

Clacton on Sea, UK - 2017-02-23: I was putting bin bags in the garden and herd a noise sounded like someone falling from a tree. I looked over and it just looked at me like I was dreaming or something out of a movie. Was about 7ft tall like a human with lizard skin. It moved 1 step closer and I moved back it then changed colour and went invisible and jumped up into the tree but the branches were moving but I could not see it anymore. It sounds messed up but I know what I saw. - MUFON


Lost 2 Hours While Driving to Work

Dawn from Utah called in to tell of her missing time experience:

“I was on my way to work one time when I was in California about ten years ago and I know I was on time when I left because I was living at home at the time. I spoke with my mother. When I clocked into work, I was two hours late. Now I know at some point, I lost two hours of time but I don't know what occurred. (Art Bell asks what her boss said about her being late) They thought I was an idiot. I called home to make sure I was not losing my mind. To this point, I don't know what went on in that two hours that I lost.”

Source: Coast to Coast - April 25, 2001

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Arcane Radio this Wednesday - 10PM ET / 7PM PT - the Lancaster Co investigation will be part of the discussion. Brett has been involved with the case as well, so you'll be getting a different insight. We will also discuss anomalous activity that she has recently been experiencing. Tune in at Listen to Arcane Radio. The Facebook event page.


'Goblin' Scares Kids in Argentina

Bizarre footage posted online recently shows a mysterious assailant crawling towards some youths.

The peculiar incident is alleged to have taken place in the city of Santiago del Estero where the group of boys had been kicking a ball around a football pitch at their local park.

Suddenly, one of the boys (who had been filming the game) caught sight of something strange crawling towards them across the grass in the distance. After zooming in to get a closer look he screamed out in terror and the whole group bolted from the park as fast as they could go.

According to reports, the mother of one of the boys has described the encounter as "paranormal" and maintains that her son is now too scared to return to the football pitch.

Exactly what was crawling towards them in the video however continues to remain a mystery. - http://travel.aol.co.uk/2017/02/25/goblin-spotted-argentina-children-frightened/

Click for video - Children say they're too scared to play football after they spot 'goblin' at side of the pitch


The Wolf at the Door

'Phantoms & Monsters' reader Judy Lee suggested I post the following encounter from Haunted Ohio II: More Ghostly Tales from the Buckeye State (Buckeye Haunts):

Lon, this story has always intrigued me. This house was in the north end of Xenia and we live in the west end. I never knew which house this was. I thought ghosts (or whatever this was), could not physically hurt someone. But then recently, someone on a TV show said that Shadow Figures could literally kill you. Seeing Shadow Figures was what started my paranormal experiences. So that really scared me.


When the Browns* moved to a house built among the Indian mounds in the north end of Xenia, three of their children, Richard*, Joe*, and Gwen* encountered a creature.

The house was a one-year old bi-level, built in 1958. It was nothing special, said Richard, except, "This house definitely had a Presence You always felt like someone was there".

"I used to feel something standing next to me and I'd get the shivers" added Joe. Gwen agreed, "In that house I never felt alone. We always heard lots of noises. I always thought it was because of the Indian mounds."

A night of horror began when Richard thought he heard something in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

"I snuck out in the hall and looked down into the kitchen. There was a translucent, white wolf in a bib apron, standing on its hind legs at the stove cooking something that smelled like eggs."

Richard raced back upstairs into his room and dove into bed but the wolf followed him. He could see the shadow in the hall. "It came to the door and looked at me."

At breakfast the next morning he and his brother and sister sat in a daze. He didn't say anything until he caught Joe's eye.

"I saw something in the kitchen last night" said Joe finally. He described a "wolf in blue bib overalls cooking supper."

"So did I", said Richard.

"So did I," said Gwen, telling of the same weird hairy figure standing on its hind legs in the kitchen. "I ran into Mom and Dad's room and got in bed between them. The wolf walked down the hall and stood in Mom and Dad's doorway, staring at me. I just froze. I stayed there until morning. I've never forgotten it - I can see it still. It was standing up like a person, but it was definitely a wolf, with the long nose and big ears".

After hearing their story, I wondered about the Indian mounds. The wolf sounded like a totem animal. But bib overalls? a bib apron? and a violent temper?

Said Richard, "When Joe and I were ten or eleven years old, our parents left us alone for the first time without a babysitter. He and I were downstairs watching TV in the family room when we heard two very loud bangs above our heads."

"Richard and I just looked at each other," Joe said. "I wasn't going to go up there and Richard wasn't going to go up there. It scared the hell out of us!"

"When Mom and Dad came home they yelled at us to come upstairs. "What have you boys been doing?" they demanded. "Who's been jumping on the bed?

There were hammer marks on the ceiling and plaster dust and pieces of the ceiling on the bed."

The boys had a tough time explaining it.

"But it wasn't us! There wasn't anyone else in the house," said Joe.

The wolf especially disliked Richard. The door to Richard's bedroom was always open a crack so he could see the light in the hall. Something came up to the door, blotting out the light. As Richard sat on the edge of the bed, watching tensely, something smashed him in the face,knocking him out.

"It whacked me good across the eyebrows," he recalled. "My father hears a noise and found me with blood running down my face."

Joe also remembered the night, although he slept through it. "When I woke up, Richard had a cut on his forehead. "What have you been doing?" I asked him. He told me that he was sitting in bed when wham! something hit him. Whatever it was, it didn't like him much.

Joe also recalled, "We used to invite our friends over to spend the night in the large bedroom under our parents' room. You'd hear knocking on the doors - tap, tap tap. Even the closet door would tap. A couple of our friends wouldn't ever come back. I kept my headphones or the radio on so I wouldn't have to hear it".

"My Mom thought we were all crazy", said Gwen. "She felt safe there. One day we were all outside planting flowers. I went inside to use the bathroom and on the way down the hallway, there was definitely something behind me. I ran out of the house, in fact I broke through the glass in the door. It haunts me still".

"It was NOT a fun place to live, " Joe said firmly.

*not their real names


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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: Multiple Alien Encounters / MIB -- Max Spiers' Death Investigation -- Arcane Radio...Brett Butler - Psychic, UFO Enthusiast, Actress & Comedian

Multiple Alien Encounters / MIB

Ely, Minnesota - 7/14/1978: My family was camping on an island in Lake Kabetogama, in northern Minnesota. There was a severe thunder storm with lightning strikes very close and frequent. I called for help using a walkie talkie. Reached a human service person (forest service?) who could provide no assistance due to the storm severity, remoteness of the site, and late night hour. I think lightening hit our tent. I had burned hair near the base of my neck. Sometime during the night 4-5 small bluish somewhat apparition-like beings with large black eyes entered the tent. They did "rectal probes" on me and my family (4 people total). They explained this was a medical exam. I'm not sure where the dog was at this time.

Four trees were cut down and placed around the perimeter of the tent. A 6 foot approximately-burn/bake circle was left on the ground with a fresh, crisp looking edge. (different than a fire ring). The tree cuts were very smooth, no saw dust.

Sometime that morning I saw a large (8-10 feet tall) pink colored apparition-like man, no clothes but no body details visible. I recall this presence was reassuring and comforting.

Some other encounters followed for a year or so. Beings visited and talked to me in our family home. I once was pulled into the air from our deck. My parents grabbed me and I grabbed a tree. It felt like something was "sucking" me into the air. I heard someone say I would be dropped from a great height and crushed on a tree. Previous to this I had communicated to hostile-feeling beings that they could land on a cloud, they may have died attempting to do this. It seemed like a revenge type of threat was happening. My impression was that these were different entities, reptile-like people, large, male. 3-4 appeared in the house where I gave them a tour and they ate some food and beer. They disappeared suddenly. One appeared sick, with scales peeling or "fluffed" out. He seemed to recover a bit from eating 'Tang' drink mix. I kept one skin "scale" from these beings but this was removed from the house by men in black suits. I seemed to have further "telepathic" type communication with some beings for a time. They could appear and leave instantly. - MUFON


Max Spiers' Death Investigation

A science fiction writer will be quizzed by police on suspicion of killing a British conspiracy theorist who died suddenly on her sofa.

Max Spiers, 39, sought to expose government cover-ups and investigated UFO sightings — after, his mum says, he saw "the darker side" as a child.

The dad-of-two, from Canterbury, Kent, visited Poland to speak at a conference before he died at partner Monika Duval's home 24 hours later in July 2016.

He vomited two litres of a black fluid before he died, his inquest heard in December.

Now prosecutors have opened an investigation into involuntary manslaughter and want to speak to his girlfriend, who was present at the time of Mr Spiers's death. Read more at Police to quiz girlfriend over British UFO conspiracy theorist's mystery death after he vomited two litres of black fluid


This week we welcome our friend...actress, comedian and psychic Brett Butler to Arcane Radio. Brett has been entertaining the world for years with her hilarious stand-up comedy and acting on her hit sit-com 'Grace Under Fire' More recently, she had a recurring role on FX Network's 'Anger Management,' as well as multiple appearances on HBO's 'The Leftovers' and ABC's 'How To Get Away With Murder.' Brett is also an accomplish psychic medium and currently conducts spiritual readings through her website at www.RealBrettButler.com ...where she assists in touching her client's lives with those from the other side. Don't miss this show! Join us on Wednesday March 1st - 10PM ET / 7PM PT - go to www.arcaneradio.com and click 'Listen Live' to listen & chat.

Got to the Facebook event page - Brett Butler - Psychic, UFO Enthusiast, Actress & Comedian


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