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Daily 2 Cents: Tall Thin Black-Eyed Female Humanoid -- UFO Shadowed Driver -- 2017 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure

Tall Thin Black-Eyed Female Humanoid

Manhattan, NYC - 11/1989: The witness was lying in bed unable to sleep when a very bright white light entered the room. Then three or four humanoids entered her bedroom apparently through the walls and stood by her bed. These beings were described as 5-foot tall, wide, and heavyset, with large heads, large pupil less eyes, no ears, or hair with dark bluish skin. Their hands were very large with thick fingers and nails. They wore white coats down to their ankles. She was asked to come with them and followed them down to the street. There she saw a group of about 30 women walking towards the river. All appeared to be in a trance. She felt drawn to the river and once there she observed three brightly lit hovering disc-shaped objects. A tall thin female humanoid with huge black eyes and wearing a flowing black robe appeared to be in charge. She was called by this being and asked to perform a “test type task.” Next she found herself standing by the foot of her bed with the short stocky beings struggling with her in an attempt to give her an injection. A long needle was inserted into her shoulder and a white substance was removed. - Long Island UFO Update, Winter 1991


UFO Shadowed Driver

The following is an account I received in-person from a witness near Daytona, Florida:

I had a trip every Tuesday night that left at midnight. The truck was a small and loaded with lots of sausage product, but carried a big payload (about the size of a standard pickup truck but a lot wider). I’d leave here around midnight and if making good time I’d stop at a truck stop for breakfast, unload my truck and then “back track” on my way back to deliver to any stores that was “short” on product.

That night was a very clear and warm night. I had the radio on but don’t recall the station. It was probably at least around 3:00 a.m. or later. Nothing remarkable but at some time the radio was acting strange. Would seem to have lots of static; then nothing; then clear as a bell. That probably happened for about 5 minutes or so and as I was looking around I noticed something out the right side window.

As I said, it was not something you could clearly see, but it was like a saucer with lights on the outside. I don’t want to dramatize this but I think the fact that the object didn’t streak across the sky brought its attention to me. It sort of hovered along side of me but some distance away. When you see a plane at night you see the port and starboard lights (one on the tail, one on bottom and one on top-normally red, and strobes on the wing tips). Back then I don’t know that there was any where near that kind of marking on aircraft so white lights would not have been a concern.

All I knew was that it did not look like a traditional plane nor did it act like a traditional aircraft. It was like a cigar (saucer) shaped based on the lights. Nothing on top or bottom to define height. It seemed to spin but not fast but that may just have been the motion because the movement of the lights was not fast. Hard to explain. I don’t recall that it made any noise, just seemed to hover while along side and then disappeared.

Obviously, I had to concentrate on the road so I don’t know what direction it went but it was quick. The lights just went off and it was gone. Since I didn’t stare at it, I can’t tell you how long between glances. At the time I figured we had some experimental stuff that we weren’t supposed to know about (and that may still be the truth) but it was strange. Not at all scary, but not something one expects to see. James P.


2017 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure
Fund Raising Event

The 2017 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure Charity Fund Raiser

The Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society and B.A.P.S. Bigfoot and Paranormal Society will host a Charity Fund Raiser “2017 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure” event at Benners Meadow Run Campground, Farmington Pennsylvania, May 5,6,7 2017.

On May 5, The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure charity fund raiser event will begin at Benners Meadow Run Campground. This three day event will feature lectures, workshop presentations, Bigfoot related films, A Cookout, Vendors, Live Music, Hikes and outings in which proceeds will benefit three Fayette County Charities Lucky Paws Animal Rescue, Fayette Friends of Animals and Unity A Journey of Hope.

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure brings together those interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon for a weekend of education, entertainment and information, while raising funds for local charities.

The reason for this letter is to inquire if there would be any interest or possibility of your organization’s participation in helping our cause by donating any items for our Charity Auction. All the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the charities as well. We are currently seeking items that participants can bid on during the auction. Items would include Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Paranormal, UFO related items to be placed in the auction.

Who: The public is invited, All ages welcome.

What: Three day, two night Fundraiser event featuring lectures, from authors, researchers and lecturers including Stan Gordon, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, David Weatherly, David Spinks, Steve Kulls, workshops, hikes and outings, a town hall meeting, camping, vendors, a charity fund raising auction and cookout.

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 5,6,7 2017 Beginning 3:00 p.m. Friday and ending
Sunday at 8 p.m.

Where: Benners Meadow Run Campground, 315 Nelson Road, Farmington PA 15437-1200 - Phone 724-329-4097

Contact: Eric Altman Co-Organizer and Director Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society, 724-516-6344, erichaltman@yahoo.com



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