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Daily 2 Cents: Alien Abduction at Area 51 -- Bizarre Floating Black Mass at Brazilian Prison -- Huge UFO Reported Over Minneapolis

Alien Abduction at Area 51

A man has made the astonishing claim he he was abducted by aliens after breaking into the mysterious Area 51 US Airforce (USAF) base - and living to tell the tale

Chris Augustin tours UFO conferences across the globe giving the shocking story amid claims he has experienced missing time due to abductions by extraterrestrials - and it all started after his misadventure at the USAF base in the Nevada desert.

Area 51 is a top-secret US military base, where UFO conspiracy theorists claim the authorities conceal evidence of aliens visiting Earth from the public, and even create new secret spacecrafts based on recovered ET technology.

The US Government only admitted it existed in 2013, and it is heavily guarded by armed private contractors known as "cammo dudes" who have been filmed pulling their weapons on people who venture near the base.

In a video just uploaded to YouTube, Mr Augustin is filmed telling a UFO conference in the US that he decided to venture into Area 51 after becoming obsessed with UFOs after seeing a mysterious black triangular craft sighting on July 17 1999 in Washington Township, New Jersey, when he was studying to go to a USAF academy. Read more at 'I was abducted by aliens after breaking into Area 51' Former airforce cadet's shock claim


Bizarre Floating Black Mass at Brazilian Prison

Creepy video footage seems to show a mysterious black spectre floating through the walls of a maximum-security prison.

CCTV captures the spooky apparition drift up from the ground and into the jail where convicts have been hanged in the past.

Stunned staff at Campo Grande prison in Brazil mistakenly thought a prisoner was trying to escape so raised the security alarm.

The eerie footage was shared on social media this week and spooked viewers are sure the spectre is a ghost.

“This is very much the soul of a prisoner, or its ghost,” wrote one person on Facebook.

Another posted: “Uhhhhhhhh it’s a ghost.”

Others dismissed the black figure as a “garbage bag”.

State Penitentiary Administration Agency denied the video captured a ghost.

It instead claimed the black figure was the shadow of someone moving in the slammer. Video can be found at Mysterious Black 'Ghost' Floats Through Walls Of Prison


Back to the Moon

BERLIN—The European Space Agency says it will contribute key components for a future NASA mission to take humans around the moon within the next few years.

Astronauts haven’t gone beyond a low orbit around Earth since 1972, when NASA ended its Apollo program.

The European Space Agency and aerospace company Airbus have already delivered a propulsion and supply module for an unmanned flight of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft next year.

The agency said Wednesday that it and Airbus have now agreed with NASA to build a module for a second, manned mission that will fly around the moon as early as 2021.

Orion is eventually intended to expand human exploration to deep-space destinations such as Mars or asteroids. - European Space Agency to help NASA in around-the-moon mission


Huge UFO Reported Over Minneapolis

While you and your frivolous friends were getting ready to drink beer, overeat, and offer your hottest takes on Lady Gaga, one Twin Cities resident was trying to get the word out about something that really matters.

Either this is the most important, most under-covered story in the history of Minneapolis -- and, indeed, Planet Earth -- or someone is making some shit up on the internet. Without President Trump here to help us decide, we're going to have to take this person at his word.

And that word is: A "HUGE UFO" was flying around Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon, and "dozens" of people saw it.

Or perhaps they did, but the people "in on" "it" have scrubbed those images.

Instead we'll have to rely on this textual account posted to Reddit, which is pretty damn exciting.

The writer/UFO spotter was driving on I-94 around 3:30 p.m. yesterday when he or she noticed "a bunch cheaper of cars" had pulled over to the side of the road, drivers and passengers alike standing outside their vehicles. What does the phrase "a bunch cheaper of cars" even mean?

"a HUMONGOUS ufo is flying overhead at a moderate speed!! This is going to be on the local news for sure! There was even a highway patrol sheriff witnessing this."

As it turned out, this UFO thing was not "on the local news for sure," and, in fact, the only place this information appears to exist is right here in this very Reddit post. Some other commenters in the same thread are ... let's say, skeptical about the whole thing, especially because not one of these "dozens" of witnesses managed to get a photo. People take six pictures at a single brunch, but picked the very moment the aliens visited to forget their phone is also a camera?

The original poster is convinced, and borderline convincing, writing, "I'm so shaken up I'm trembling typing this. I don't know if it was a real aircraft or if it was some for a movie maybe but it was not an airplane!"

Maybe it's both: A real alien spaceship that's being used in a big budget movie made by aliens. Is Earth offering subsidies to entice intelligent beings from nearby planets to film here? It's a question people are asking.

"It was shaped like a diamond," the writer continues, "kind of a dark dull gray and made a noise that I can't even think of what to compare it to to describe it. Please anyone else in Minnesota near midway off 94 can tell me if you saw this?!"


So far no one else has reported seeing a UFO, or even the sight of these owners of "cheaper cars" gawking at it. - 'HUGE UFO' flew over I-94 in Minneapolis on Sunday, says internet person



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