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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Readers Respond: Time Anomalies

I received a lot of response to 'Craig, I'm home' post. Here are two of the accounts forwarded by readers:

It was either late 1966 or early 1967. I and a friend, John, were heading home at night in my VW Bug. This was in Long Beach, California. Being typical rectangular blocks, you could see a long way ahead. I remember seeing the stop light change a couple of times at the street, Willow Street, where I would be turning right to continue home. We continued talking until we got to Willow, then went completely silent. We both looked at each other and I said, "Where is the stop light". Looking to our left, we saw it was one block away. John asked, "How did we get over here"? I asked John if I had made any turns while driving toward Willow. He assured me I hadn't. I do believe I would have remembered. We were not high or anything. It was just a straight shot and I would have had to make a right turn, then a left turn to get where we were.

That was basically it. Was there any time lost? I have no idea. We didn't think to check. Periodically, over the years, we would bring this up. To this day it is completely perplexing and I have no explanation for it. SH



The "Craig I'm home" story jogged my memory of something in the same vein with our family. I have a twelve year old son and when he was seven or eight, my wife and he returned home from the store. Coming up the stairs, my son stopped and said, "What?" and my wife asked him about it. He said he heard someone calling his name in the house. It freaked my wife out and they searched all of the rooms, but there was no one there.

It happened another time shortly thereafter and then my son started getting freaked out about going downstairs from the living room to the family room because he told us he'd seen a man standing at the top of the stairs. We asked him to describe the man, and almost perfectly he described an older man with a goatee, bald head and glasses--my wife's father who had died back in the 1980's. We showed him a picture of my wife's father and he immediately said, "That's who I saw."

Periodically he will see my wife's father: he once saw him by the stairs and walk out the front door, and once in the garage when he and I were pulling out to run an errand.

For several months it was happening regularly and it was starting to bother our son, so one night, my wife went to our son's room, and out loud said something to the effect of, "Dad I know you're watching over him, but you're freaking him out and we need you to back off."

After that, the sightings did indeed back off.

Since then he has reported seeing his grandfather from time to time, but not with the same regularity. Also, we've had two dogs during the course of my son's life (now deceased), and he occasionally reports seeing them wandering around the house as well. We have explained to him that he was probably really seeing his grandfather's spirit and of the dogs, and now that he's older he's okay with it. He doesn't tell us every time he sees someone, but when we ask, he says yeah, every once in a while he will see people.

The "Craig I'm Home" story was different, but as I said, it made me think of these happenings and thought I'd report in.
Thanks! CC


I am also reminded of The Versailles Time-Slip: Ghosts of Petit Trianon.

The year was 1901, and a pair of friends, 55-year-old Anne Moberly and 38-year-old Eleanor Jourdain, were on holiday in France. They were both teachers at St. Hugh's College in Oxford. Moberly was in fact the principal there, and Jourdain would become her successor fourteen years later. The two set out to see the vast Palace of Versailles, the center of political power in France until the French Revolution in 1789. They turned to visit the Petit Trianon, a small chateau on the grounds given by Louis XVI to his 19-year-old wife, Marie Antoinette, as a private retreat for her personal use.

Moberly and Jourdain got a bit lost searching for the chateau, and it was during this interlude that they made history, even if only in some small way. They encountered several people in 1789 period attire, carrying out period activities, and passed a handful of structures that had not existed since 1789. Their unexpected visit to 112 years in the past culminated with an encounter with Marie Antoinette herself, sketching on the grounds of her chateau. Read more at The Versailles Time-Slip: Ghosts of Petit Trianon

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