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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Couple Experiences UNEXPLAINED GLITCHES While Walking Home

An Ohio couple is walking home from the grocery store when they suddenly start to experience unexplained oddities, including strange-acting people, sound changes & lost time.

I recently received the following account:

"My partner and I were walking home from the grocery store in October 2022. It’s about 6 blocks from the store to our house along a busy street in our small Ohio city. As we are walking and chatting we both observe two men smoking cigars on the side of the road. We pass by them and they both look at us. They started making weird comments that seemed aggressive. We both had the feeling it was somehow directed toward us. We don’t look back and keep walking.

At this point, we both realize everything has gone very quiet and no cars are passing us by. The cars up ahead aren’t moving. We can hear music coming from a cafe at the end of the block. Then someone on the other side of the road (that we can hear but not see) is completely freaking out, screaming, and just going crazy.

Everything felt so unsettling to both of us and we commented on the quiet and how it was so odd. We reach the end of the block where the cafe is and it’s like we have been thrown into a wall of noise. We suddenly hear cars and they all start moving past loudly. Bikes start going by, ringing bells, and basically all the “city sounds” come back in full force. It was so incredibly bizarre to go from this unnatural unsettling quiet to everything “back to normal” suddenly.

We spoke about it and both experienced this in the exact same way. I also had an inexplicable “feeling” that we had been at a different time at that moment. Not sure why it was just a feeling.

We walk home feeling a bit unsettled. We also pass two guys on the street who look exactly the same (with messed up freaky, inhuman faces) that gave off extremely aggressive vibes. We again had the same feeling of “this isn’t right.”

We got home and our son acted like we had been out for ages. I checked on my phone when we had checked out at the grocery store and the walk that usually takes 10 minutes took over 30 minutes.

I don’t know what happened but even a week later I felt shaken by it. I actively avoided walking down the same block for the past 2 months. It seems so small but we were totally freaked out by it. It all just felt so wrong and sinister.

Have you ever heard of similar experiences? I can’t get it out of my head and it's so weird that my partner and I experienced it all in exactly the same way." MP

NOTE: Because of the time differential I believe that the couple experienced a time slip or glitch. It's difficult to determine when it actually occurred or happened multiple times. Very odd account. Lon

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