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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Messages From the Gods: Human History on Earth is Not What We Were Taught

I recently watched Graham Hancock's 'Ancient Apocalypse' on Netflix. I had been aware of Graham's theories in the past and have read his books. For the most part, and admittingly, I thought that most of what he stated was conjecture.

But over the years, I have come to believe that the actual history of our planet and its civilizations is much different than the academic interpretations.

Below, is a passage that I wrote several years ago. I have been fortunate to have experienced a few extraordinary events during my life. But one particular incident in December 2015 left an indelible impression that I can not ignore.

After I watched 'Ancient Apocalypse' and then went back to read Graham's writings, I recognized a parallel in the timelines in his research and the information that was given to me by, who I refer to as, the 'Tall Greys.'

I wrote the following passage in 'Alien Disclosure: Experiencer Expose Reality':

"All of us have either stated or have heard the same questions concerning the actuality of alien beings. Who are they? What do they want? Where did they come from?

There are more theories than any person can shake a stick at. I suppose some hypotheses are more plausible than others, though most researchers tend to take a particular favorite position, and then discount other arguments. In the past, I have attempted to be flexible when it comes to the subject of alien beings; also referred to as non-terrestrials, extraterrestrial biological entities, ETs, etc. But my rationale began to solidify when I started to document the continuing incidents of otherworldly activity experienced by a family living in the panhandle of Florida, and subsequent experiencer encounters.

Around the same period that I had begun working with this particular family, I had also initiated a daily regime of training in order to become a capable remote viewer. Combined with my natural intuitive abilities, I would then soon realize a series of strange existences beyond our dimensional reality.

Since 2008, it had become increasingly apparent to me that we are not alone as a single intelligent species in the cosmic ocean. But it has also become apparent that our Earth and overall humanity have attracted the attention of non-terrestrial beings over many millennia.

Why are these alien beings so concerned with Earth and its dominant human species? The most straightforward answer to that question is that we retain a connection to them.

After decades of research, investigation, and personal experience, I believe that early interaction between Earth’s inhabitants and otherworldly beings occurred between the 13th and 12th millennia BCE. I don’t sense that this was the first or only interchange, but I do consider it to be the most influential.

As the result of several remote viewing sessions and three personal non-terrestrial encounters (which includes a lost time event), an historical scenario was displayed to me. I witnessed a colossal disc-shaped craft descend and land in the area of the present-day Nile River delta. At that time, this location was completely encircled by the Mediterranean Sea, and this craft was later transformed into a massive and magnificent island. This was the genesis of a great empire that encompassed the surrounding indigenous people and land. The rulers of this empire were the occupants of the craft that landed there. Their knowledge was disseminated throughout the region, and their bloodline was merged with the native people.

The aliens communicated to me that this empire was the nexus of several dominant and lesser civilizations. I asked them; “Was this Atlantis?” There was no response to my question. I witnessed representations of various cultures that developed over millennia. Some were brief glimpses of time while others were mighty empires. But all had a direct connection to the occupants of the craft.

There was particular emphasis made on the development of the ancient Egyptians. I observed order created out of chaos; a civilization that was deeply influenced by the beliefs of the extraterrestrials. For thousands of years, there were continued interventions by the alien Gods.

I was presented with a particular series of events that occurred during Egypt’s 18th Dynasty. This has been classified as the first dynasty of the New Kingdom of Egypt, an era in which ancient Egypt achieved the peak of its power. A profound encounter occurred during the reign of Amenhotep III, which greatly affected the royal family and the Priesthood. This encounter was interpreted by Amenhotep III as a divine message that the Pharaoh was a God that rivaled Amun-Ra and the Priesthood. Amenhotep III’s display of power and disdain for the Priesthood was watched closely by his son Amenhotep IV (who later changed his name to Akhenaten). When Akhenaten became Pharaoh, he established a quasi-monotheistic belief in the solar deity Aten, which I believe was a representation of an alien being or craft.

What I observed over the years eventually altered my perception of human history; that our past is intertwined with extraterrestrial beings. Modern humans are a genetic extension of otherworldly species. I also believe that most of the alien entities that people encounter are biologically enhanced and evolved humans from our past and future.

But we must always keep in mind; they do have an agenda. I believe that agenda is an eventual technological and biological singularity.

My premise may become more apparent as you read this book. The experiences described in the accounts are brutally forthright. Some readers may be shocked by the details. But then again, I don’t believe that you would want me to present the information in any manner that isn’t consistent with the experiencers’ actual encounters." Lon Strickler

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