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Thursday, March 24, 2022

'Upright Dogman' Stalked & Chased Witness Through West Virginia Woods

A West Virginia man is fishing at his favorite spot, when he noticed something disturbing him. It turns out that he was being watched by an upright canine, that later chased the witness out of the area.

(West Virginia - 2015) "The 23-year-old witness (anonymous) had decided to partake in some early morning fishing. He got up in the middle of the night and made his way through the woods to his spot. It was a very secluded area. He managed to catch three fish. The sun was beginning to rise.

He then received a phone call from his mother, asking him to pick-up her medication after he was done fishing. He hung up and was preparing to throw his line back into the water when he noticed that everything around him seemed to get unnaturally quiet (the Oz effect?). He thought it odd, but brushed it off. He threw the line out and before long, he began to hear water splashing. He asked if anyone was out there, yet there was no reply.

He sat listening and tossed his line again. He heard the splashing sound again. He surmised that somebody was throwing rocks into the water. He asked whomever it was to stop playing games. He caught another fish. He took the fish and placed it aside. He then heard the sound of snapping twigs and sticks. Somebody was walking in the woods. It then stopped. He again asked if somebody was out walking and asked them to stop. Again, he received no reply. This continued for several minutes. Then, he heard it walking at a more brisker pace, much closer to him.

Suddenly, whatever it was, became visible to the witness for the first time. He could see one bright yellow eye peaking through the opening in the foliage. The creature then parted the leaves and the witness observed that it was a gigantic wolf head looking at him. The witness noted that it looked like a “werewolf” and was like “something in a horror movie.” It proceeded to step out from behind the foliage and walked (on two legs) to the water's edge. The witness was in shock. He dropped his fishing rod and just watched the creature as it, in turn, looked over at him. He described that it had a huge head, bright yellow eyes, massive shoulders, long arms that hung down in front, huge hands with claws on the end of each finger and dog type canine legs.

Terrified, the witness began backing away, leaving his gear and fishing rod. He quickly made his way back to the trail and he could hear the thing following him. When he stopped, it stopped. After walking some more, he looked back and observed the creature behind him. It growled at him. In absolute fear, the witness pulled his gun out (he was a licensed gun owner) and began walking backwards. At this point, the creature ran off through the grass. He watched as it entered the tree line and began circling back onto the trail from the other side. The witness could now see creature ahead of him, coming in his direction.

Sensing he was in great danger, that the creature was definitely intending on attacking him, the witness fired his gun three times. These were warning shots intended to scare off the beast. It did not seem to deter the creature. It continued to walk towards him and so he pointed it at the creature and fired twice. The witness could hear the impact as the bullets connected. The creature stumbled back. To the witness, it seemed more angry than hurt. Eventually the beast got down on all fours and ran off into the woods. The witness made it out of the area. It took him nearly seven years before he was finally able to discuss what happened." Transcribed from Marvin Allen Dogman Encounters Podcast - Episode 120

NOTE: Interesting account, though I wish that there was more specific location information. I have heard of other instances where weapons, namely a firearm, had little to no effect on the cryptid. Taking in account that the witness actually struck the cryptid, one can assume that there are supernatural aspects to these cryptids. Lon

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