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Friday, March 25, 2022

Stan Gordon: UFO Sightings In Pennsylvania Since the Fall of 2021 & Continuing Into 2022

UFO Sightings In Pennsylvania On The Rise Since the Fall of 2021 and Continuing into 2022

From:  Researcher Stan Gordon   www.stangordon.info

I have been taking UFO reports from the public since 1969. I receive such sighting reports year round via phone and email. Traditionally, reports of UFO sightings decrease during the Fall and Winter months. That however was not the case during 2021. This ongoing series of UFO reports is interesting, since several cases are of low level UFO incidents. UFO sightings have been continually reported since October of 2021 and are continuing through March of 2022.

The following are brief summaries of some of the cases reported.

10-06-21- Apollo- A huge wingless object with red lights along the bottom that were not flashing was observed during the evening. Only the sound of something moving through the air was noticed. There were six smaller object following the larger object and they began to circle it. They had one bright white light non flashing. They then moved ahead of larger object and could no longer be seen as they moved beyond the trees . The main object continued to move away in the distance.

On October 24, 2021- A man driving north of Route 119 near the Scottdale-Mount Pleasant exit in Westmoreland County noticed something unusual in the sky. It was cloudy and overcast at the time, but what he saw was easily discernible. What he noticed was a round gray cloud that was lighter in color than the surrounding clouds. It looked to be about the size of a school bus from the distance he was observing it from. But the cloud-like object was flying erratically right and left, and up and down in the sky.

The witness described its movements as similar to a school of fish following a lead fish. The object was only about 300-400 feet in the sky and well below the cloud layer. The man observed it for about 10-15 seconds and didn’t have time to get out his cell phone to take a picture. Just as the witness was about to go under the Route 819 overpass, the object began to fade away and just suddenly disappeared. Moments later after exiting from the overpass, the object was no longer in the sky. The witness is sure that other motorists also saw the object. When he first noticed the object, five to six cars ahead of him all jammed on their breaks at the same time.

10-26-21- Near Meridian in Butler County, a witness driving in the area noticed some movement in the bushes near the road around dusk. A hair covered creature at least seven feet tall walking upright and moving very fast, moved to the right. It looked hairy, muddy, and matted. Within the hour in the same general area, witnesses reported observing an exceptionally large triangular object that a witness estimated was the size of three buses hovering about 100 feet above the ground. The object had a light in each corner. The object made no sound. The witnesses reported feeling a static electric charge while it was observed. (Via Dan Hageman of BORU.)

11-03-21- The witness was traveling on the Norvelt-Hecla Road in Westmoreland County about 7:45 or 8 PM. The driver had just crossed over the turnpike and when he saw a large bright white round object with a red tinge about 2,000 feet off the ground. He watched it for total of 20-25 minutes as he followed it and watched it hover over Alverton. He said it was glowing very bright, that the object was huge, and the size of a house. It ended up hovering in a location remarkably close to where the object was observed near the Mount Pleasant-Scottdale exit on October 24th.  The picture the witness took shows a white oval shaped light in the sky.

Used with permission of the witness

11-11-21- A person driving on Route 119 just outside of Smithfield in Fayette County observed something unusual in the sky during the early evening. About fifty yards ahead, the driver saw an object barely moving that appeared quite low above the ground. There were three lights in a rounded triangular configuration that was described as similar to a “guitar pick in shape.”  The lights looked perfectly circular, were non- blinking and orange-yellow in color and were the size of a large dinner plate. As she got closer, the silent object was to her left about ten yards away off the road. She passed below a section of the object that was about thirty feet above the ground. The witness had a dog in the car at the time that was also looking at the object. The driver touched the animal to comfort it and felt a static electric charge at that time. The driver said the object was only about ten feet long and six feet wide.

Mid November 2021- A man was exiting out of the Squirrel Hill Tunnel in Pittsburgh heading toward Forest Hills and getting off of that exit when he saw low in the sky three round lights of medium brightness that were orange-yellow in color and in a triangular configuration. Then suddenly, the spheres all took off in different directions into the sky and went out of sight.

12-13-21- Near Baggaley- During the early morning a witness noticed a white light that turned green then red, began to move left to right, then right to left, made a sharp right turn then went straight down and hovered over the top of the trees around that area of the Chestnut Ridge.

12-28-21- Clarion County- The witness was doing a chore outside around midnight when she heard a loud crack from behind her, she turned around and observed what she described as a soft rounded triangular object that had a non-blinking red light on the back and a row of round non-blinking lights at the bottom of the object. The object had a silver appearance to it, but when it approached closer it looked darker towards the bottom section. The silent object continued to move slowly across the sky.

12-30-21-Observed about 8:30 PM  from around Scottdale looking toward Connellsville, A witness said the object was toward Melcroft in Fayette County. The object looked cigar shaped and skinny about 50-100 feet long possibly shiny. The object just disappeared in seconds.

01-05-22-4:40 AM-Latrobe-The witness was outside and noticed two white lights and a red light in the middle of an object. The shape could not be seen. Then multiple Lights came on the underside of the object. It looked like a circuit board with numerous lights and what looked like solid pipes connected to some of them. The object made a low humming sound and was very low estimated to be about 70 feet high (about 3 ranch homes high) and it was between her yard and the neighbor’s yard. At the closest point it was about 50-60 feet away.

When It was seen moving in the distance, it looked like a circuit board with numerous white lights and what looked like solid pipes connecting to some of them it was about 125 feet away.  There were about five rows of about 20 white round non-blinking lights. The pipes that seemed solid were on both sides of the panel and seemed to be connected to the top row. The object moved slow with lights on. The shape of the object was not determined but the panel section looked to be 7-8 feet long.

During January and February of 2022, I was receiving information from witnesses and UFO researchers that sightings of large triangular objects and other types of UFOs were being reported from around the Kittanning area and other sections of Armstrong county. The following case is quite interesting.

01-15-22-A man who lived in rural Armstrong county was concerned that his water line under the house was freezing up during a local deep freeze, so he went outside after 3 AM. He was partly inside a crawl space when he heard a strange humming-clicking sound from outside behind him. The next day his neighbor called him and told him about the strange object that he saw hovering over his barn across the road during the time that he was in the crawl space.

I was able to interview both of the witnesses involved. The neighbor told me that he awakened at about 3:45 AM by the sound of his horses being disturbed by something. “The horses were running around in a tizzy.” The man began to walk toward the barn. He approached to about 150 feet from the barn when some lights appeared over the barn. The lights were shining down and he could see the horses moving around. That’s when he saw an object hovering about 20 feet above the barn.

The object looked somewhat tear drop shaped about 65-70 feet long. The object had a smooth silver or metallic look that looked similar to stainless or galvanized steel. “It looked solid and smooth.” The object was emitting a humming and buzzing sound. There were numerous lights across the surface of the object that looked round. There were approximately 8 rows of 20-30 lights. The lights would change from red to blue than back to a red color.

The man watched the object hover for about 5 minutes. His camera phone was in the house. As he watched the lights suddenly went out, everything went dark and the object just disappeared. He did not see the object move away from the area. The horses seem to go back to their normal behavior just seconds after the object  vanished.

01-15-22-Sighting Report  of Unknown object over trees-Pennsylvania/West Virginia border

This sighting was investigated by researcher Jim Brown. www.jimsdestinations.com.

Time: Approx 7:00 AM

Weather:  Overcast, Temp 22 degrees F  No precip.  Clouds at 3,000 ft

Names withheld, Pseudonyms used.

Jane Doe was in her kitchen preparing breakfast.  She decided to take out her trash to a garbage container near her back porch.   She went out the door and saw what she described as a large dark hole in the sky.   She immediately went back inside to grab a camera to get a picture of it. When she turned around to open her aluminum storm door she received a shock like static electricity from the metal handle  She went on inside , got the camera and returned outside . She estimated this took no longer than 15 – 20 seconds.

But when she returned the dark object was gone.  She went on out into the yard and searched the sky but nothing was seen.   After about 2 minutes she gave up and went back inside.  Again, she received the shock on the aluminum door, only this time more severe. After going inside, she called a nearby neighbor we’ll refer to as Sally. She knew Sally had an interest in strange or paranormal events. Sally dressed and went to Jane’s house to see what was going on.

About 8:00 AM she arrived and went to Jane’s kitchen door and knocked.  As she reached for the aluminum door she also received an electric shock when she touched it. Neither of them could account for anything abnormal except for the repeated shocks. 

Sally had met me at a conference and had my card so she called me about 8:30 and explained what was happening. I made arrangements to take some equipment out to see if I could detect the cause of the electrical activity as well as conduct an investigation into the earlier sighting.

The two women opened the door several times as they endured the shock to go outside and check for any activity. Nothing was found.  They noticed the intensity of the shock was decreasing over time and by about 9:00 AM it was no longer felt.

I arrived at 9:20 and began my investigation.  I did an EMF sweep and found nothing unusual. A slight 60 Hz EM Field was present near the refrigerator, which was near the door, but this was in the microvolt range and not abnormal.  A couple other EMF hits were found but those were associated with power lines in the house.  Both women were wearing rubber soul running shoes and the kitchen floor was tile which would preclude the possibility of a static electric charge being built up from their activity. 

The outside porch / patio was concrete which also would not create such a static build up.  I measured the resistance between the aluminum door and Earth ground and found that while the door frame was not actually grounded, continuity was less than 100 Ohms.  This would bleed off any static charge which might build up on the door.  My conclusion related to the shock is that in order for such condition to be present the source would need to be continuously replaced.  Static electricity would be discounted.  No source for such electricity was found, no power lines in the house were in close proximity to the door or door frame. At this time the cause of the electrical shock is unknown.

The investigation turned to the sighting itself.  At 7:00 AM the sky was relatively dark; only the first light of dawn was seen.  Jane described what she saw as a hole in the sky.  There was a light in the center but not as a light bulb. It was more like a glow coming from inside. No sound was heard. No movement was observed, the dark object was just there when she went out and was gone by the time she returned.  I asked her if she thought the object was solid. She said no; it was like looking into the object as you would look down a hall.  It was darker near the opening and lighter further inside.\

I made a couple sketches and what she described seems to match what you would expect if you observed such an opening from an angle.  This matches the conditions I observed of her vantage point and the location of the tree line.  Since it disappeared she could make no attempt to actually get under it and look up into it. At this point no conclusions have been determined,  investigation will

Follow up to report:

Date:  1 – 18 – 22

I did a follow up interview and spoke with the witness.   Using a computer generated image based on her description I positioned the image on a photograph of the location where the object was seen.   The size and coloration was adjusted as needed to match as closely as possible the conditions at the time of the sighting.   The image attached here is the result of that interview.

A search of the area around the tree line revealed no physical evidence. I also contacted the neighbor.  While the neighbor could not add anything regarding the photograph I did question her regarding any subsequent events.   Neither the witness nor the neighbor reported anything subsequent to the initial events.

As a part of the investigation, I also contacted the power company and checked regarding any power interruptions at the time of the sighting. None were filed    Also no reports were received of any other sightings by area 911 services.

I received no additional reports related to this from anyone in the area.

I contacted both the witness and neighbor by phone.   There have been no subsequent events in either person’s life related to this case.   I will carry this case as an unknown unless additional information is reported.

J. W Brown


02-19-22-Observed from the Crabtree area looking east-southeast-high in sky, witnesses see two bright star-like objects suddenly appear. Objects are positioned one above the other and they are slowly drifting downward. About a minute later the lower light begins to fade out and soon after the higher object also fades out and neither one is emitting light. They did not appear to reach the ground. The objects were in the direction of Latrobe and witnesses believe they were past the airport area and not that far from the Chestnut Ridge area.

02-19-22-Upper Yoder-Cambria County-7:45 PM-Observed for 3-4 minutes witness saw a red and white light blinking in sky thought at first to be an airplane. The object then began to make erratic movements. It went up and down, then would make small circles, and continued to do those maneuvers, until it just suddenly just disappeared.

UFO Sighting reports are continuing to be reported during March. If you have seen anything unusual, please get in touch with me via phone: 724-838-7768 or email: paufo@comcast.net.

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