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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Unknown 'Humanoid & Deer' Encountered on Road in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

An eastern Pennsylvania experiencer recalls an encounter that he had one late night while driving home. He witnessed a deer walk towards an unknown humanoid standing in the road.

The witness was driving home alone at 1AM in June 2012. This was near Riegelsville, Pennsylvania in Bucks County. As he was coming up to a curve, he noticed what he thought to be a deer moving through the brush to his right about to cross the road in front of the car. He braked hard to avoid a collision. As the ‘deer’ crossed the road in front of the car, he was just clearing the bend and could see the road ahead. He immediately saw the glowing blue light emanating from the “mask” of a tall “man” standing on the left side of the road. The man must have stood seven feet tall or more. The ‘deer’ walked up to the ‘man’ and stopped directly in front of him. The driver's headlights fell directly on the pair.

He had slowed down to a speed of about 15-20 mph to avoid the collision, he had a clear direct view. The next second seemed like an hour in his mind. The ‘man’ was tall, with a human build. He was wearing a black suit that had several “tools” and pockets. It reminded him of something a Navy Seal would wear during night-time operation. He was covered from head to toe. The man wore gloves, boots and a mask that appeared to be all connected. There was no skin exposed, like an astronaut’s suit. He had a visor over his eyes that glowed a soft velvety blue light. The visor was rectangular with rounded edges and was positioned to be consistent with human form. The light obscured the shape of the head somewhat, but again, it seemed to have a head consistent with human form from a straightforward perspective.

The tall man was watching the witness as closely as he was watching him, as he passed slowly within a few feet away. They made ‘eye’ contact and the blue glow followed him in his rearview mirror until he made the next bend and the man was out of sight.

At this point a very unsettling thing occurred. The witness “felt” the man call to him. It was more like a feeling more than words. It wanted him to come back. It was a strong ‘urge’ to turn around mixed with feelings of peace and tranquility. Suddenly he realized that he had unconsciously brought his car to a stop. This frightened the witness to the core. He immediately floored the car and drove through the stop sign at the end of the road as he raced to his home and safety.

Apparently, the witness and his girlfriend would experience additional encounters later, including the sighting of a huge black triangular-shaped craft overhead. Also, for several nights a week he would suddenly wake up at precisely 3:33 AM for no apparent reason. - Transcribed MUFON reported account

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