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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Various 'Winged Entity' Incident Reports

Winged entity accounts, each described differently. The locations are the New York/ Canada border, Norfolk, UK, Montreal, & southern Michigan. What were these flying beings?

I camee across the following accounts:

"I am at NY/Canada border and witnessed something. Almost full moon,10:30 PM, tree line to the right and open field to the left. I just dropped my cousin and family at their home and headed home. It was a beautiful summer night. I had all the windows down, smelling fresh flowers and sweetgrass. That's when a huge shadow flew from the right to left. It was about a quarter mile from my location to the corner and something went by under the moon to make this huge shadow. As it crossed the road, its shadow also covered the field with a clear outline.

Of course, no one believed me.

Then a year later, in a town near Montreal, another relative and I were outdoors at this secluded place. We were standing outside the car when we heard a big flap sound. Looking around, we both spotted this large, winged whatever hovering above a tree. For size, this tree is 20' tall and canopy about 25' wide and the wing size was almost that wide.

We freaked, jumped back in the car and my cousin said it flapped its wings twice and it was gone. Clear out of sight gone!

We told the others when we arrived back to our party and a guy not with our party said 'I believe you' and walked away." LL


"I live in Norfolk England, I used to live very close to Thetford Forest. I used to love sitting in the garden at night, it was so peaceful. Most nights, one or two of my neighbours would come and join me for a cuppa and chat.

One night, me and one of my neighbours were sat there chatting away. There was a fair on the other side of town, and every so often light beams would go across the sky, a bit like the search lights you see in war films looking for aircraft. I'd just got up to put the kettle on when both me and my neighbour saw 4 humanoid shapes with wings caught in the light beam. It only lasted a few seconds.

I don't drink or take drugs of any description. No one believed us. I've read about Mothman, but the stories and sightings have all been in America. But there's only been sightings of one at a time. As far as cryptids are concerned. I've only read about Black Shuck, and a rabbit in the area I lived, There's also been UFO sightings, but nothing so far about what we saw that night." HT


"I live in Southern Michigan. A couple of years ago, I was on my way home from a friend's house. It was about 11 PM. I was alone in my F150 truck. I was sitting at a red light about a mile from home. I was completely sober. No drinking/no drugs. No other cars at the intersection, just me.

As I waited for the light to turn green, something fluttering caught my eye in my rear view mirror. At first I thought a big bird, but as I continued to stare, I saw this was no bird. It was huge. Flying about 6-8 feet above the road behind me, heading directly at me. Probably a good city block behind. I saw it’s wings flapping. As it got closer, I could see each wing was about a 6 foot span. It had a human-type body. It was all black.

I was frozen in fear. I may have even stopped breathing. My mind raced to try and justify what I was seeing. My eyes quickly darted around looking for flags, banners, some something that possibly created this image I was seeing on the road. There was nothing. It just about reached the bed of my truck when the light turned green, I broke my stare, and I floored it out of there. Funny how your mind races and your body freezes while trying to justify what your seeing. 

That was the most awful fear I ever experienced. When I got home, I was trembling. Reality set in. To this day I still don’t know what it was that I saw." LJ

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