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Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Cryptid Reports: Kangaroo-Like Humanoid, the 'Gunnyman,' & Dog-Killing 'Winged Man'

3 separate cryptid accounts, including a Kangaroo-like humanoid, a supposed legend called the 'Gunnyman,' and a 'winged man' with long arms that may have been snatching and killing dogs.

"Back on Dec. 6th, 2016, I was on my way to work on a Saturday to work a half a day. It was 4:30 Am and a full moon, 62 degrees out ,which is very warm for Oklahoma. I was on a country road going about 35 miles an hour. I was not in any big hurry and just enjoying the quiet night with the light from the full moon.

I was looking ahead when suddenly this creature jumped up out of a ditch that ran under the road. It perched itself on the edge of the curb. It was looking straight at my car determining if it had time to cross in front of me. This creature walked on two legs. It was cream-colored and had iridescent skin, like a lizard. It has massive thighs with a long tail that was thick around at the base, but became thin towards the tip. It moved its tail like a pissed-off cat, until it ran, then it held it out behind it as to balance it. It has large orange eyes. It stood about 3 foot high. Its legs looked human and its hands.

I drew a picture of this thing. It had a mouth like a cat and ears like a bat. It only had 3 toes. It is something I will never forget about seeing. I was in awe of this thing because it seemed highly intelligent. Has anyone else seen anything like it?" BW


"Can anyone tell me more about the Gunnyman on Maryland’s Eastern Shore? I was driving home one evening in late November (2021) on a secluded road. It was sleeting. I saw a man dressed in all white work clothing (short sleeves) & wore a white hard hat. I slowed down. He turned around hissing at me. His eyes were glowing red. There was an mist around him. I pushed in the gas pedal quickly. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him still glaring at me. I told a teacher friend raised in that area about my experience. He laughed and said I saw the Gunnyman

It was indeed creepy. The “man” was very muscular and dark with red raging eyes. I could feel the anger. Nothing like I’ve ever experienced! He snarled loudly, but oddly didn’t hear. He was looking in a flooded ditch on the side of the road. There’s a lot of pirate, witchcraft, old brothel lore up and down the Chesapeake Bay. I just never experienced anything so surreal." SS

NOTE: I can't say that I have ever heard of the 'Gunnyman.' Interesting. Lon


"In Southern California at Desert Hot Springs my buddy across the street had 2 dogs that were very quiet. One night, me and my dad were up watching TV and noticed the birds going crazy. We went outside to see what might have spooked them and didn't find anything.

Five minutes go by and the dogs across the street started barking and howling. We go outside again to see the dogs barking up towards the top of his garage. My dad grabs a flashlight and shines it across the street and I see what looked like a man with long arms, hunched back and demonic looking wings on top of the garage. I had never gone inside and locked the door any faster.

Over the next couple of nights, there were reports of dogs being taken and found a couple of blocks away dead. There were also clicking noises were reported. I've been trying to find others with a similar story since then. This was maybe 2011 or 2012. I can't remember specific dates." PG

NOTE: These reports were posted and discussed at the Mysterious Creatures (Cryptozoology) Facebook group page. Lon

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