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Friday, March 11, 2022

Creepy 'Grunts' & 'Woman's Voice' Unnerve Northwest Tennessee Witness

A northwest Tennessee man starts to hear a woman's voice and grunting sounds while on the back patio. Later, while walking to his car, he again experiences the same sounds.

I recently came across the following account:

"My pregnant wife and I were staying at my parent's house in northwest Tennessee on September 19, 2021. It is about 50 yards from our new house. I went out on their back patio to smoke a cigarette around 12 AM. Over the fence, I heard something that sounds like it was choking on something, but at the same time sounded like a distorted pig squealing. It would make sounds in about 2-3 second spurts. I honestly thought it was a hawk or owl, anything that could be explained. I thought it was definitely weird but probably natural.

About 3 hours later, I couldn’t sleep and decided I would go to the gym. As I’m walking to my car, across the yard and towards the road I hear this same weird sound coming from about 50 yards away at my 10 o' clock direction.

I looked around and I couldn’t see anything or hear anything. Then I hear “Hey!” “Hey!” in a woman’s voice coming from the same direction. So, I looked back up and there was nothing there. As I’m scanning the yard I hear that loud squealing noise again! I got in my car and dipped as fast as possible!

I thought it was weird but didn’t give it a second thought until a month later I was on Tik Tok and saw a video of a man riding a horse in Arizona I believe. And in the video, I heard a woman say “Hey! “Hey!” - this makes him and the horse both freak out and run away. It was believed to be a skinwalker in the video - but I’ve also heard this could be a crawler.

When I heard that same voice and those same words (almost like a recording) my heart sank to my stomach. I really don’t believe in any of this and I’ve tried every way I can to disprove it and I truly can’t. It doesn’t scare me as much anymore as it intrigues me.

I am so so curious to know what that was and why me." Z

This is an article talking about the Tik Tok I was referencing. Scroll down to see the original video:


This is what the initial growls/squeals sounded exactly like:


NOTE: Many of these crawler humanoids seem to have the ability to sound human, even able to mock the experiencer's voice. Creepy encounter. Lon 

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