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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Death Victim Cries For Help During Friend's Chilling Dream

The tragic death of a friend plays out in a dream while the incident occurs. When the full details are later disclosed, it turns out that the deceased was crying for help in the dream.

I recently received the following account:

"It is about me and an old buddy I'll call "Jim." I'd classify it as 'truth is stranger than fiction' and you can draw your own conclusions.

My story begins in the summer of 1975 when I struck up a friendship with a co-worker at a summer job. We were both going to be seniors in high school in the fall and we both had a lot in common. We became pretty close friends and did everything together that summer.

We did some double-dating and he met his future wife that summer. He was engaged before he was out of high school and was married shortly after graduation. Children came quickly and we lost touch as our lives took different paths.

It had been about seven years since I'd had any contact with Jim, but on an icy-cold January night I awoke in a hotel room from a disturbing dream in a sweat. In the dream I saw my friend Jim. His face was backlit by what appeared to be white light. Much like a full moon forming a halo of light around his face. His eyes were opened wide and the wind was rippling through his hair.

The dream image seemed even stranger because we weren't face-to-face in the conventional sense. It was like we were both adrift or "weightless." The image had the feel of both of us staring at each other with one of us being inverted. I was excited to see him and yelled "Jim, how you been!" His expression never changed and he seemed pale. He just kept calling me by name and repeating, "I'm cold, I'm so cold."

I awoke and couldn't shake the image. I finally drifted back off to sleep at about 3:00 AM, but the dream came back. I went into work the next morning and was unable to shake the dream. I told the story to my coworkers who found the story to be pretty eerie.

It was Friday and I traveled home from work that afternoon. That evening I was stunned by the evening news that reported my friend had slid off an ice-packed country road at a bridge on the way home and that he had tragically died in the accident. I couldn't believe my ears. It gave me chills - and the dream was forever etched in my mind.

Over the years I thought about that dream. It seemed pretty creepy, but time has the ability to put some of those things in perspective. I let it go as a crazy coincidence.

About eight years passed and I was called out on my job to investigate a car accident on a Saturday night. A drunken driver had driven onto a railroad track way out in the middle of the country and had gotten hung up there. I was dispatched to ensure there was no damage to the track.

While waiting for the car to be removed from the track, I sat with a local sheriffs deputy and chatted about my roots to that area as I grew up. It turned out the deputy had been a friend of my old buddy Jim and we were only about a mile from where he had lost his life in the accident. In fact, he had been the one who found my friend the cold January night.

I mentioned that I had heard he had slid off the road at a bridge and had died tragically in the accident. He corrected me and said, "That's not what happened."

He said that Jim had headed home in his truck and slid off the road at a small bridge. The truck overturned in the ditch, upside down, just after dark on a lightly traveled road and became obscured by the brush.

He told me he found my buddy around 3:00 AM. The accident had not injured him. He was belted into his seat. Unfortunately, the accident broke all of his windows out and crushed the cab just enough that he couldn't get out of his inverted position. He was suspended upside down in the cab with no coat on for about eight hours on a bitterly cold night.

He told me when he found him, he was barely conscious. All he could do was mumble, "I'm cold. I'm so cold." They extracted him alive out of the truck, but he died of hypothermia on the way to the hospital.

That's when my blood ran cold. I have chills to this day when I think of that dream." R

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