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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Dark Female Entity Terrorizes Girls Bible Camp

Several girls at a summer bible camp encounter a dark female figure in their cabin. The figure then travels to the next door room and lifts up one of the bunks. Frightening experience!

I recently received the following account:

"In the year 2000 when I was 12-years-old my parents sent me to a 5-day summer camp in Huntsville, Ontario. This camp was definitely a bible camp, and being raised without religion I felt quite uncomfortable there, but I got along well with my peers.

Me and 7 other girls were staying in the room on the far right, and there were 3 other rooms on the main floor, and upstairs is where the camp counselors bunked. The main floor had a very high ceiling and near the top was a small square door which attached to where the camp counselors were staying. I was staying along the right wall on the bottom bunk. On the third night me and my bunk mates were having a blast just talking and telling jokes, but our camp counselor opened the little door at the top of the room and told us to be quiet, so we all went to bed.

Out of nowhere I hear Brianna yelling "Cat, wake up right now! Cat, wake up!" And being the light sleeper I was I immediately woke up. I didn't know how long I had slept for. I then hear Angel saying "Cat, look over to the bunk in front of you!" I was facing the wall so I turn around and see a black figure with long, curly hair sitting on the ladder leading up to the top bunk on the bed in front of mine. The moonlight illuminated the entire room, and this figure was completely opaque, shaking (her, I think?) long curly hair. I looked around the room and noticed all of the girls were all accounted for and definitely awake. I stared at this thing for what seemed like an eternity. Every one of the girls were were being completely hysterical and crying, but I was dead silent, I couldn't make a peep. I was completely terrified to the point I couldn't blink or even move. I mean what could I have done? The thing was sitting there right before my eyes.

Then this figure stands up and jumps off of the ladder and just stood at the edge of the bed for a moment. All of the girls screaming "Cat, get out of there now! To which the figure moved around in almost a robotic way and started walking towards me. I finally find the nerve to book it out of the bottom bunk and run to the other side of the room. I run up to Brianna and Angel's bunk and climb the ladder as quickly as I could. At this point I started becoming hysterical and crying like the rest of them. The figure was still standing near my bed. Angel and I started hugging, and I was too afraid to even open my eyes after what I had seen.

Angel decides to jump down off of the bunk and turn the light on and the figure was gone. I guess we've made a lot of noise and the camp counselor opened the little door and told us to keep it down. We had told her what we'd seen and she came downstairs to investigate. She came into the room and told us "There's nothing here, your mind was probably playing tricks on you. Back to bed now." All of the girls including myself in the room were still pretty upset and scared, and just sat up in our bunks talking about what we had seen.

About 5 minutes after we hear screams coming from the room directly across the hall from us. We all started crying again, and the camp counselor opened the little door and told us "See what you've started, you have everyone in the cabin scared!" the camp counselor went to investigate and we turned on the lights in our room and opened the door. We hear one of the girls in the room across from ours say while crying "Something lifted our bunk. Please, please don't make us stay in here! It's going to kill us!" To which the counselor sternly responded with "That's impossible, now quiet down and go to bed. This is the last time I am going to say this."

After about 20 minutes of quietly talking, we all went to bed. Nothing else strange happened for the duration of the camp trip. I had exchanged phone numbers with the girls.

About a week after the camp trip had ended I contacted both Angel and Brianna and asked them if they remembered that night and they both said yes, and they said they'd never forget it." C

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