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Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Sasquatch 'Wood Knocks' & Antics Trigger Witness Emotions

A weekend at snowy Oxtongue Lake, Ontario results in unfamiliar sounds & antics that cause physical & mental reactions by the witness. Could these be responses to the presence of a Sasquatch?

I recently received the following account:

"This occurred over the weekend of February 11, 2022 at the south end of Oxtongue Lake in Dwight, Ontario, Canada.

My close friend and his family purchased a boat-in access cottage property several years ago near Algonquin Park on Oxtongue Lake.  Most times of the year, it’s a quick 15-minute boat ride to his place.  On this trip, we braved the cold and snowshoed across the frozen lake on a Friday around noon, carrying our provisions on our back for the weekend.  This would be a good time for me to mention that my friend is not a believer in the supernatural.

The cottage is very private as it’s on the quiet end in an area of the lake with only 3 cottages in total.  The property is surrounded by Crown Land, and other than some snowmobilers botting down the lake, we saw no one else.  During this weekend, we were the only ones up there.  When we arrived, it was quiet, not much wind, with some snow coming down.  The temperature was hovering near 0C, so we were able to heat up the cottage with the woodstove and electric heaters.

Later that afternoon, we went outside to cut up some firewood.  It was at that point that we first heard what I can only describe as a ‘wood knock’ that seemed to emanate from within a couple hundred metres of our cottage.  At that moment, it barely had registered with me and I didn’t think much of it. Nothing else happened that day, and we went to sleep around 11pm.  That night the temperature plummeted to -16C.

Saturday morning, we got up and after a round of coffee and egg sandwiches, went out for a snowshoe on the lake.  It was -18C when we went snowshoeing. Before we were able to get more than 50 metres, we heard another ‘wood knock’ from  the same general direction that the first one came from.  It was this time that I mentioned that this was the 2nd ‘wood knock’ I’d heard since getting up to his place.  After coming back from our snowshoe, we decided to walk up into the forest behind the cottage, along the hiking trail that my friend and his family have made.  There was over a foot of snow on the trail, and we slowly made our way around a 1km loop back to the cottage.  I was quietly scouring the fresh snow looking for foot prints.  There was nothing other than the prints from squirrels and other varmints.  No deer, wolf, coyote, or any other tracks were visible.

Fast forward to after sundown that Saturday evening.  We had stepped outside again to get firewood, and as we were about to head back inside, another wood knock!  This time, something changed inside me.  I started trembling/shivering, quite violently, and rushed back inside to stand in front of a heater.  I need to mention that I was not cold in anyway, even though the temperature was dropping even further.  It felt more visceral than physical.  Within a few minutes, the shaking had stopped, and I started feeling like myself.

At that point, my friend was a bit concerned with my physical reaction, so we sat down in the living area to watch a movie on my laptop.  A few minutes later, there was a bang on the cottage, which we felt through the floorboards.  It sounded as if it came from the front of the cottage, which overlooks the lake, and has a deck extending from the floorboards.  That deck flooring is about 8-9 feet off the ground as it slopes towards the lake.  It sounded like someone knocked really loudly against the deck and the sound and vibration travelled through the floorboards of the cottage.  I glanced at my friend, who also had a strange look on his face and was looking at me.  I mentioned that it was ‘strange’ but we both forgot about it.

Around 9pm, we went out to get a bit more firewood.  It was cold.  Saturday night the temp plummeted to -32C.  We were standing in front of the cottage, after bringing in a few loads of wood.  Suddenly in the pitch blackness, there was a strange sound from the far side of the cottage that sounded like loud rustling and movement.  Both my friend and I made a beeline back indoors.  As soon as I walked in I ended up having another bout of shivering, so I stood in front of the big electric heater until my body relaxed again.  We watched a bit more of a movie, then retired.  I crawled into my sleeping bag, and was lying there when another big knock happened against the cottage, what sounded like right in front of my bedroom.  I decided that whatever it was, it could wait until morning.

Morning came, and we started getting ready to leave.  Before we did, I had a few minutes to myself, so I wandered around a bit on his property.  This is where things got...weird.

I want to explain that while I’m a believer in Sasquatch, I’ve never had any experiences prior to this, even though I have a lifetime of canoeing/camping experience behind me.  As I was walking around, a conversation was playing in my head.  It went something like this:

Me to myself: “If this is a bigfoot around the cottage, I wonder what he’s doing here and why he’s making himself known?

A: “This is a adolescent bigfoot and he’s been tasked by his ‘elders’ to experience contact with humans’.

This was like a clear thought that somehow radiated into me, and was fully formed in my head.  I’d never thought about ‘adolescent’ bigfoot before.  It was strange enough, that I mentioned it to my friend (again, he’s a non-believer) and ended up dwelling on it for the remainder of our exit from the cottage and the drive home.

I know this isn’t a typical Bigfoot experience, as it doesn’t have any visual cues.  But after thinking on the experience for the past week or two I decided to share this with you.  It certainly has several of the hallmarks of a Bigfoot encounter, and I felt it was important enough to bring up.

Feel free to contact the undersigned if you wish to ask any questions.  I read your website/articles regularly and with great interest." JS

NOTE: I believe that it is entirely possible that there may have been an intuitive or psychic connection between the witness and a Sasquatch. His physical reactions, along with the 'sense' of the situation, is plausible in my opinion. Your thoughts? Lon

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