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Thursday, March 10, 2022

UPDATE: 'Kandahar Giant' Killed / Retrieved & 'Killer Bigfoot' Hunted Down

A US Army patrol encounters and kills a red-haired 12 foot+ 'giant' man in remote Kandahar Province. Also, Special Forces hunt down a rogue Bigfoot. I have received additional information.

I recently received the following information:

"My brother John, who retired as a US Army Lt. Colonel, told me that when he retired and was working for the VA, a retired service member at the VA confirmed the 15-foot-tall red-haired giant.  The army tried to conceal this incident, but could not as over 100 people had seen the giant both before it was killed and later brought back to the Bagram Air Base.

The creature's skin was so thick that the bullets seemed to have not been able to penetrate it.  They shot at its head and face. That is how they killed it. The first Army troops that encountered it were all killed by the creature, with their gear left untouched on the ground.  The bones were of some of the soldiers in the first detachment, as some had been devoured.  After they killed the giant, the army sent in a helicopter to pick it up and fly it back to base.  The pallet used to place the giant on was only about 12 feet long, so the had to put the body on the pallet in a fetal position in order to fit. The were also concerned about its weight, and if it was too heavy to lift and fly away with it. Many people and soldiers at the airfield saw it.

The Army also found a number of grave sites which had other giants buried in them from perhaps long ago. One of the skeletons was supposedly sent to the Smithsonian Museum in D.C. where its is stored. My bother also knows about Bigfoot encounters at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and Ft. Lewis, Washington. There was also a battle that occurred between a special Army unit from Ft. Belvoir, Virginia that hunted and killed 7 Bigfoot that were killing and devouring people.

I was an officer in the USAF and worked in the intelligence community. I am aware of some UFO incidents not exposed or made public, and about the Black Project program that recovers crash UFOs." MU

Below is my original post:

A US Army patrol encounters a red-haired 12 foot+ 'giant' man in remote Kandahar Province. A soldier opens fire, but is killed by the beast. The giant is eventually killed and transported away by helicopter.

In 2002 a US Army patrol had gone missing in a very remote area of Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. Another patrol was dispatched on a search and rescue mission. One soldier commented on what they found:

"As we bent around this corner you could see the opening of the cave. And then I see a lot of rocks which is another oddity. And then bone matter. I’m not close enough to identify what kind of bones, but I did see what I knew to be a piece of our communications equipment. So instantly we’re thinking ‘ambush,’ maybe animal, you know, could be anything. There was enough room in front of the cave, but it had a sheer drop-off; but there was enough room that we got into a decent dispersal in case of ambush"

Not long after they had gotten into that dispersal formation, they saw something emerge from the cave that caught them fully off guard:

"It was a man at least 12 to 15 feet in height. This is a MONSTER. Red beard, his hair was longish, past his shoulders, a scarlet red. Dan runs at him and starts shooting, which broke all of us into the reality, because it was surreal. While Dan is moving at him, another bro of mine is laying down fire and I start firing. He skewers Dan! He’s now got him on this ‘pike.’ It went through him. He’s got him and he’s coming after more."

"We all just clicked in. I don’t know what it was, but I remember we were all like, ‘Shoot him in the face, shoot him in the face!’ He’s taking multiple hits, and he’s still moving"

Eventually, the giant was killed. A helicopter soon arrives and dropped some cargo netting. A  larger helicopter came by, dropped a hook, and the giant was carried off.

The soldier confirmed that the red-haired, fair-skinned giant had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. After they had submitted their report, the soldier recounts that they were told by their top brass to 'edit' it in a particular fashion, presumably to remove any mention of a giant being.

Another special operations soldier in Afghanistan provides the following testimony to the incident, even though he was not a direct witness to the incident:

"We would come back to the base and started hearing this rumor about a unit that killed this, what they started calling this really tall person. At first I didn’t think anything of it, then come to find out that the person they killed was actually three times the size of a man, had extra digits on their hands, and extra digits on their feet, and had red hair, and a special unit had come in and wanted this target.  Well, we’d heard that they killed this thing inside a cave, or the mouth of a cave, and there was common knowledge among the military to hear this. When you first hear, you’re thinking like, this has got to be a joke. This has got to be a hoax. Then after things go down a certain way, and you keep hearing it, you start to realize it’s not a joke"

This pilot had landed at a base in Afghanistan and was told that they had to pick up special cargo and that there were absolutely no cameras allowed. The pilot describes the ‘cargo’:

"It was basically a dead ‘guy,’ and this guy was extremely large, and when I say large, our pallets are basically, if I remember correctly, about 9 by 12 feet, or so, and this guy was laying in a fetal position, on the pallet, and he filled the pallet. He was around an 1100 pound guy.  The pilot corroborated much more of the details given by the other two witnesses, including the fact that this giant was fair-skinned, red-haired, and had extra digits on his hands and feet"

NOTE: There have been several versions of this account, but I believe that an incident may have occurred. I have heard several other incident reports of bizarre cryptids encountered or observed in the mountains of Afghanistan. Lon

As far as Special Forces possibly hunting down and killing Bigfoot, I have the following information:

Dave Schrader received a letter from an anonymous man, claiming to be a former U.S. Special Forces operative, regarding a mission he was apart of back in the early 1990s:

“In the early 90s, I was with the 'Teams' in the Navy. We were sanctioned by an alphabet government agency to put a stop to several aggressive Sasquatch in the high country in western North Carolina. We all thought it was a joke at the mission briefing but it was no joke. My partner (in our team of twelve) was my swim buddy. He was Native American. This man wasn't scared of anything. Before we were ordered to go out, during the briefing, all of these agents were showing us slides of what these creatures did to people; adults and children alike, as well as the damage done to vehicles and homes. Anyway, my buddy turned white with sheer fear. He told me, 'This is bad. Really bad.'

When we arrived in the little mountain village town, the sheriff met us. He told us that he'd never been so happy to see the cavalry since he'd been in Korea. He showed us the actual places where, as he put it, 'this is where those f**kers, those big hairy demons, destroyed this', or killed him, her or them, there. My buddy was taking everything in like I never saw him before. After talking with the sheriff, our lieutenant told us to fire up because we're going hunting. As we were getting our gear ready, my buddy said to me, 'You know, I always thought my grandfather was just telling me scary stories about he and his brothers when they fought the wild men.'

We started in around 1400. By 1600, we found lots and lots of tracks. We started tracking them. We made out at least seven different individuals. We made first contact at around 1930 and it was almost dark. The point man stopped dead in his tracks and spoke into his headset, 'I see one, it's f**king huge!' The lieutenant said, 'If you have the shot, take it.' He shot this massive hairy beast with a 7.62 millimetre round and it acted like a mosquito bit him. This creature turned around and let out with a God-awful roar. Our point man quickly switched to full auto. This time the creature dropped like a rock after ten 7.62 millimeter rounds cut up his chest.

After first contact, the agents radioed in and said they wanted one alive. Our lieutenant told them to go screw themselves. It took three days and nights with almost no sleep but we dropped seven hairy bastards. We found the missing people, or rather what was left of them. We had one casualty when a team member was snatched straight up into a tree. There was nothing anyone could have done for him. To this day, thinking of those three days sends chills down my spine. You wont find those three days in any military record or mission log.

Going into our mission debriefing where normally we are asked a thousand and one questions about every shot fired, every angle we fired from, every angle we fired on etc., we were simply told that the past three days we were doing rigorous mountain training and during that training period we lost a man. And, with that, the debriefing team stood up and walked out. Now normally we have individual debriefing for the whole team but this was the one and only time it was just team.

So to answer your next question, after three days government agents came in and removed all seven corpses and flew them out.”
Source: Beyond The Darkness – April 10, 2017

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