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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Invisible Beings & UFO Encounter in Summit Point, West Virginia

A West Virginia man and his family began experiencing strange events after they moved to Summit Point, WV. It culminated as invisible beings in the apple orchard and a UFO encounter.

1980 - Summit Point, West Virginia: Craig and his brother, Red, had returned home to find their mother sitting in the chair motionless. They thought that she was having a medical emergency, but slowly she came out of it, explaining that something bizarre had just happened.

After about 15 minutes she starts to babble. Another 15 minutes and she can talk coherently. She tells us, I was sitting here watching the TV and the front door opened. Something walked in - invisible - he came up to her and asked where the oil was. She could not move or fight and that the thing probed every orifice of her body including her personal regions.

Now about an hour's gone by. She says, "Craig, it sounded like they ransacked your bedroom, you should go check it out.” Craig discovered that about 100 dollars was missing from his bankbook which was sitting by his window. My mother said, "Look, boys, whatever it is, it did not harm me." She gave it a name. I forgot the name, but my brother said, "I don't care, if it happens with me, I will kill it!"

Right then, the entire trailer started to shake and the most evil sounding roar / scream you've ever heard enveloped the entire house. My mother begged my brother to shut up and he did. 

Later, Craig felt as though he was being called to the apple orchard across the street. Craig and a friend had gone out hunting and passed through the orchard. "As we were walking, I noticed a big opening in the tree to my left. It looked like the lowest branch four feet off the ground was under a lot of pressure. I told my friend to stop, showed it to him. He said it was just the weight of the apples. I said, No, my sixth sense was on point. No fear but I knew something was wrong. I pointed my gun at the opening and all of a sudden the branch flew up as something leaped off of it and hit the ground running. You could see the footsteps and the fallen leaves.

This does not adequately account for everything that happened that fall. I had apples flying up the trees at me like they were thrown from a baseball pitcher - that fast, but not ever did one hit me. Then, one night all the dogs were barking and growling with that fear growl. I went out to the spot and shined the light on the dog pens (we raised beagles and trained them for sale) and all the dogs were up on the fence wire and looking up into the sky. I looked up and saw a round craft with dimly lit windows, only four, I think. I shined my light on it. The dim light behind the windows went out and it slowly moved away over the woods. The dogs calmed down and I went back inside."

Things came to a head in 1980 while bull-hunting. Craig was sitting on a large dead log. “I had my bow on the tops my thighs. It sat down on my right side. I had a 10-inch buck knife on my left hip and I thought I'd grab it with my right hand and just cross stab it to my right, stabbing the belly or whatever. As soon as I had the thought, it said to me in English, 'Don't even think about it. I could have killed you anytime I wanted. You're no challenge.' And it left."

Transcribed from 'The Facts By Howtohunt.com Podcast' from a video titled, “*NEW** Updates, Emails From A Remote Location” Uploaded on 19 Feb 2022

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