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Saturday, March 19, 2022

'Alien Entity' Recorded in El Yunque, Puerto Rico Rainforest (PHOTOS)

Journalist / UFO Researcher Jorge Martin forwards an article he wrote concerning an unknown entity video recorded in El Yunque, Puerto Rico rainforest.

Weird Creature is Videotaped in El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico

By Jorge Martín, Journalist and UFO researcher

Many visitors to El Yunque Rain Forest, located in the eastern region of the island of Puerto Rico, have experienced encounters with UFOs and apparent alien creatures at the site. An interesting fact pertaining to the encounters is the fact that music, especially flute music, seem to attract the enigmatic creatures in the forest.

Precisely that, flute music, seems to have been what caused the encounter of a very strange looking creature with several young men in the area known there as ‘La Coca waterfall’ one night in December 1997.

The group of youngsters was composed by Mr. Benjamín Laureano, Mr. Danny Quiñones and two other companions, who had gone up to the sector where the aforementioned La Coca waterfall is located at, on Highway 191.

They parked their car on the side of the road, and Laureano took out a portable Panasonic Camcorder he had brought with him from the car.

Their intention was to experience a UFO sighting, as they were interested in the UFO matter and the forest was a place where many UFO related events had occurred. Also, if possible, to take a video of the UFO sighting. Also, they had the intention to to enjoy nature and meditate. They were far from knowing that that night they would become part of the large number of witnesses who experienced encounters with anomalous creatures in that area.

Late at night they decided to meditate, and Danny Quiñones began to play a flute. Moments later all of them heard something heavy fall to the ground from the high branches of a tree behind them.

Looking at a group of trees from the sound came from they all saw a strange looking creature that was trying to hide itself behind a tree and the undergrowth on the spot.

They immediately ran to where the creature was, Laureano turned on the Camcorder and began to film what was happening, helped by the light from the camera's lamp. He pointed the camera to where the creature was and took video for several seconds, after which the creature ran away and was lost in the brush in the dark of night.

Excited, they examined the recording and sure enough, the image of the mysterious figure appeared in the video. Then they contacted me by phone in a radio show I had in NotiUno radio station in San Juan, to let me know about the event and the video evidence they had obtained. 

I made arrangements and met with them that same night to watch the video. Examining it, I corroborated in it the image of an extremely thin weird creature some four feet tall (I say this because I went later to the site of their encounter next to La Coca waterfall and checked the size of the tree trunk the creature was hiding and at what height they saw the creature’s head.

Pertaining to the creature’s physical appearance in the video, I must say that it had a gray-green hue skin that looked oily, humid or shiny. Also, even though everything happened very quickly, it could be seen that the creature had long thin arms and that it walked on two legs. 

With a quick movement it jumped from behind the undergrowth to the left side of the image, where it hid behind the trunk of a tree, but at the same time it looked out from behind of it in a couple of occasions, to observe the youngsters.

We could see that the head of the creature was semi-triangular in shape, wide above and thin below, and that it had two very large, dark eyes that were slanted and elongated upwards.

At one point, perhaps due to the dim light from the camera's lamp disturbing its vision, the creature opened and closed its eyes, and it was then that I could see that it seemed to have two different sets of membrane looking eyelids, one that opened and closed sideways and another one that opened and closed up and down! Moments later the creature disappeared quickly running through the dense vegetation at the site.

We showed the video to several veterinarians and biologists in Puerto Rico and none of them could identify what type of 'animal' species the creature in the image could belong to. Only one of them, veterinary Dr. Carlos Soto, indicated that to some degree the detail of those membranes-eyelids in the creature’s eyes made him think that it could be something reptilian related, but that clearly, based on the creature’s physical appearance, it was something that had an apparent humanoid-like physical body.

As there only was available half of the creature’s face, I took a photo of the image of it's head as it came out from behind the tree trunk, and made an inverted duplicate of the image to the left. After that I joined both sections of it in the middle and voilá, I was able to see more or less what the entire face of the creature would look like (see the picture included here).

Mysterious Stone Heads

Some archaeological pieces found in the forest suggest that the presence of this type of creatures in the forest has been known for a long time, maybe hundreds of years, and that our indian forefathers (the Taíno – Arawak indians) possibly stablished contact with them.

In the southeast section of the forest, going up Highway 191 from Campo Florida neighborhood in the municipality of Naguabo towards the Cubuy sector, there was the cafeteria business of Mr. 'Junior' Luyando, who liked to explore the forest and together with some friends of his had explored remote areas, due to which he had made interesting archaeological findings.

Examples of such of findings are two heavy granite rock 'heads' he found together with other pieces of pre-Columbian indigenous pottery, according to what he told us, in a cave located in a very high area near the source of the Espíritu Santo River.

Both 'heads' show very interesting details. One of them shows two large empty eye sockets in an upright slanted position, a bulging head shape and a very thin 'jaw' (see photo), and it certainly bears a strong resemblance to the face of the creature in Mr. Benjamín Laureano’s video and the faces of some of the mysterious humanoid creatures that have been encountered in the forest many witnesses in different areas of the forest

Mr. Luyando revealed to us that he used to go to the aforementioned 'cave' and he had found “other very strange things”. He also stated that in several occasions he had been visited by individuals who worked with the US Federal Forestry Service, who insistently asked him where the alleged 'cave' was located.

"In fact," Luyando told us, "they even wanted to buy the stone heads from me. On a couple of occasions they showed me blank checks so that I could write down in them the amount of money I wanted for the heads, but I did not do the deal. I'm not going to sell them for anything they are willing to give me for them. They are important to me".

Are the stone heads representations of human skulls and of some other type of entities or creatures that our Taíno-Arawaks indian ancestors were in contact with in the forest?

Why such an unusual interest on the part of the US forestry authorities in El Yunque Rain Forest to seize the pieces?

Was it out mere archaeological interest, or perhaps their main interest was to prevent the general public from having access to them and noticing the similarity they had with the description that many current witnesses have offered of the strange humanoid creatures they had observed in many occasions in the forest?

The fact is that the existence of the stone heads indicate that the presence of this type of entities has been known for centuries in that area, and that our Taíno-Arawak ancestors left evidence of that in those enigmatic stone sculptures.

Needless to say, Mr. Luyando he did not reveal to us the place where the cave in which he found the rock heads was located at, although he did tell us that the place seemed to have been frequented by Indians in the past, as he had found other archaeological pieces, clearly of indian origin, in the same site.

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