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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Humanoid Photo, Cyclops Alien, & Animal Mutilations Reported in Argentina Province

The province of Corrientes, Argentina has a history of unusual sightings and encounters, including a humanoid photograph, an unknown cyclops being, and animal mutilation incidents.

A photograph of an alien creature taken with a mobile phone camera in Corrientes, Argentina, caused a heated debate. Many locals in Corrientes, Argentina called the police to report strange things happening in the forest.

When the police went to the forest to check the information, they photographed an alien creature. Then it fled to a nearby river, and the police lost it.

Many people in Argentina argue that this is a proof that aliens live on Earth.

One resident said: “The photo is shocking. This may be the best evidence that aliens live among us. When the police arrived, they very slowly approaching this strange creature and took a picture.”

Report of a previous sighting in the area:

Location/Date: Torrent, Corrientes, Argentina - February 11, 1965 - night

A group of citizens in that neighborhood saw the landing of a strange transparent craft near their homes. 5 creatures a little larger than human beings stepped out, and the terrified witnesses saw that the visitors had, like Cyclops,a single eye in the middle of their foreheads. The witnesses ran back to the road. Then it was stated that one of the figures entered a house to look it over. A few moments later, with his companions, he went away in the UFO.

Another reports states that in a field belonging to Mr. Souriou, 2 of his sons and several peasants met gigantic creatures whose stature was more than 8 ft. One of the peasants had his right arm paralyzed when he tried to attack the creatures, and the automatic rifle of one of the sons of the owner of the field inexplicably failed to work. Frightened, the men ran to the house and shut themselves in. From outside, a light came in through the walls, illuminating the interior. At no time did they see any type of flying craft.

Source: Dr Robert Banchs & Antonio Ribera

Another later report in the area:

Cattle Mutilation: New mutilation event, this time in Misiones
Submitted by A. Simondini on 9/15/2011
Dr. Julio Frette, Vision Ovni’s consulting veterinarian, is currently researching this case.

Technical Information
Place: Paraje Solitario, Apóstoles, Misiones Province
Date of Discovery: N.A.
Number of Animals: N.A.
Missing Organs: Missing eye organ, incisions to the jaw, tongue completely excised, even hyoid bones, partial genital excision.

Apóstoles: The owner of a chacra (small farm) in Paraje Solitario, exactly on the border with the province of Corrientes, reported new attacks by “a large creature” of unknown origin which locals are already dubbing “The Chupacabras”, but which has been described in other accounts as “a large dog.”

The complainant, who lives on Lot 348, went out to do his farm chores and inspect the animals, as was his custom, as he owns livestock, and was faced with a terrifying tableau: several animals were dead, relieved of their eyes and tongues, and with their jaws torn off, according to police sources.

The rise of the full moon, from Monday to Tuesday the 13th, added macabre and mystical overtones to the situation, when added to the discovery of the dead animals. Stories immediately circulated about what is taking place at Paraje Solitario. As local residents remarked to the authorities, events such as this had occurred before in adjacent farms, and even in the one at which the alleged “beast” caught its prey.

Legend or Reality?

First to emerge were remarks from those who in any way or at any time had a “sighting” of what they term “Chupacabras” or the “lobizón”. Either of the two possibilities fills local residents with fear. “One of the farmers claims seeing a dog – not a common breed, but a very large one – in the area where other animal slayings had occurred years ago,” an anonymous source related to Primera Edición (newspaper).

The manner in which these bovines were slain is incomprehensible to farmers. For that reason alone, they tremble when thinking back on the legends told to them by their forebears, in which a man, cursed by being the seventh son of a seventh son, changes shape from human to wolf along with his dietary habits, as he hunts animals for their meat. Doubts also arise about that part of the story, as the only thing missing in these animals is the interior of their jaws, their eyes and tongue. This leads them to suspect “a larger dog than usual” while not dismissing the possibility of the “Chupacabras”, as one of the latter’s traits is to extract all of an animal’s blood through a puncture, without destroying their flesh or leaving traces.

Residents are now on the lookout, as the material losses from their animals’ deaths, and the uncertain nature of the assailant, is keeping them on tenterhooks.

Police Report

As evidenced in the police reports, experts from the Criminalistics and Bromatology Services department of the municipality reached the site and noticed that the bovine was missing part of its jaw, its eyes and tongue.

The police report reads verbatim: “Yesterday morning (last Monday) a citizen living near Paraje “El Solitario” requested the presence of police after having found one of his animals lifeless and missing parts of its body. Immediately, personnel from Sectional 2 police station in the Lomas del Mirador district headed to the scene of the events. Upon arriving and interviewing the aggrieved party, citizen Bilinski told police that days ago he had already found another animal slain with similar characteristics to the one he had found on the date in question...”

From what farmer Bilinski told police, this isn’t the first time that his cows have been mutilated, with no trace whatsoever of the deed to be found.

“...upon observing the bovine, it is evident that the underside of its jaw is missing along with its eyes and tongue, along with the secretary organs, with no traces of blood found on the soil,” explained the official document issued by the Apóstoles police station.

It was on account of this that the police decided to call in members of the Office of Bromatology of the Municipality of Apóstoles, who after examining the animal were unable to determine the cause of death, classifying it as “strange.”

According to citizen Bilinski, “such episodes with bovines took place approximately two years ago...”

The earliest stories collected in the area speak of the return of the “Chupacabras”, the cryptid name for an animal that eludes the scientific scrutiny) and the contemporary legend that describes “beings” that attack animals of various species in livestock farming or rural areas. With regard to the “Chupacabras”, according to the popular descriptions, it is said to be a small creature (1 meter tall or less) with greenish or scaly skin, large bulging eyes and an oval head. This vague description matches that of another being of contemporary mythology: the small alien creatures known as “Greys”.

It is also ascribed a canine face with large eyes and fangs, long ankles like those of a kangaroo and is believed to be pose a danger to the human race. Initial sighting reports emerged from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, matching the initial descriptions (a biped resembling the “Greys”) It was subsequently seen in such places as Chile, Mexico and Texas, a state where it was described with the second description offered (a canid).

The slain animals, allegedly victims of Chupacabras attacks, had no blood in their bodies and a single puncture wound, unlike other predators, which largely shred the carcass.

Animals do not show any sign of alarm and offer no resistance; owners customarily report no strange noises, and not even guard dogs are heard to bark. What is more: during subsequent observations, dogs react very strangely after the event, and display acute fear in some cases. The absence of prints from the attacking animal is often mentioned, or when present, tend to be few. They resemble those of a large canid, some displaying an extension shaped like a talon.

Source: Misiones Cuatro. Com and Daniel Orloff

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