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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Lake Michigan Dive Boat Lifted Out of Water by Unknown Force

A group of divers, on Lake Michigan, experience an unexplained incident while on their boat. The boat suddenly and slowly lifts out of the water by some unknown force. What was it?

The following creepy account was forwarded to me:

"Back in the mid-1990s, my husband and I were avid shipwreck divers in Lake Michigan. Every weekend, we went diving on shipwrecks and made about 6 to 8 dives in two days. We had a 1956 Steel Hull inboard boat that was 26 feet long and a great dive boat for sure. You could put as much weight in this boat as you wanted to, so to carry dive gear of ten air tanks and all equipment was not a problem. When you stood on the side of the boat to get in or load gear, it never moved down into the water or even budged. This thing was built tough. Old and weird looking, but a tough boat.

So, one day, my husband, a dive friend of ours, and myself went out in Lake Michigan to dive a wreck called the 'Kate Kelly.' This ship broke up before sinking and there are pieces of it and cargo, etc. strewn all over the bottom. So, we parked the boat and dropped the anchor. There was not a wisp of wind. Nothing. The lake where we were, and we were about three miles out. was flat calm to the point of being like a glass of water sitting on a countertop. Not a ripple on the top. We were elated to have the flat calm water and not a soul out near us. No one and no boat could be seen at all, not even shore. The sun was brightly shining, and there was a slight haze to the air.

We made one dive and it was great. We all came on board and sat in the back of the boat eating lunch in our dive suits and resting for the next dive. It was so beautiful that day, no one was saying anything, we were just sitting there on the engine cover eating our sandwiches. I was to the back of the boat on the starboard side, and could see the anchor line running down into the water and it was limply hanging there with about 2 feet of loose rope in case a wind came along.

I had a white anchor line tied to the bow of the boat and I could see about 5 foot into the water of the white rope, and was watching the black flies land on the rope buzzing around. The boat was not moving.

All of a sudden, the boat and all of us in it, starts to raise very slowly. I am not kidding on this, and it is very true. I wasn't scared at all, I was mostly interested in like, 'what the heck is this?' I saw the anchor line go taught and tighten as we rose up. My husband and our friend and I all look at each other questioningly, and I could feel us and the boat just raising slowly upward. Then the boat stopped raising. As I leaned over the gunnel and looked down into the water, the boat and us in its entirety, was slowly going back down into the water and stopped when the boat was floating on the surface of the water. I saw ripples coming off the boat side, like if you dropped a stone into the water how the ripples would go outward. The ripples didn't go out too far because we were lowered into the water slowly, not dropped.

So, my husband and our friend stand up and look over the side into the water. We're looking for whatever made our boat lift off the water and didn't see anything.

That was one of the weirdest things that I have ever experienced. We all sat around looking at one another like, what was that? Did you feel that? We talked about it as we finished our lunch, then went and made another dive. No one was scared at all, just puzzled.

I have no idea what it was. But, looking back on the experience, I should have looked up above us, or looked out away from the boat to see if anything was there. I always thought, maybe a UFO or something was above us, or some meteor with a gravitational pull on steel went overhead. I don't know. And I have heard there are supposed Loch Ness monster things in the Great Lakes. Maybe one of them thought we were a possible mate and went under the boat and lifted it up, like sometimes the whales do out in the ocean. Kind of nudge boats to feel them or something.

I have no idea. And the water was 75 feet deep where we were diving.

So, that is one of my stories that is very true to me, because I was there. My husband and I talk about what happened all the time, and still wonder what it was that did that. We also kick ourselves for not looking up, or out towards the horizon and maybe seeing something swim off into the distance searching for a mate.

The only other thing that is possible is this. The guy who found the wreck told me that when he found the wreck, it was around midnight. He dropped an anchor, and being very dark underwater, carried his light with him. He was slowly going down the anchor line and when he first saw a portion of the wreck and artifacts, something grabbed him and spun him around on the anchor line he was holding on to. He said it scared the daylights out of him. He thought a ghost of one of the shipwreck victims did it, and was trying to tell him something.

Very strange indeed. We dove that wreck for many years, and no other weird things have happened to us." PD

NOTE: The 'Kate Kelly' was a 126-foot wood-hulled two-masted schooner that sank in 1895 off the coast of Wind Point, Wisconsin, United States. In 2007 the shipwreck site was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Lon

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