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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Transparent 'Bright Green Humanoid' Observed by Eastern Tennessee Family

While setting up a tent on the family's property, the dogs were going crazy. That night, a bright green humanoid ventured into the yard and was seen by the family. Weird night!

The following account was recent forwarded to me:

"This happened back in the mid 60's in west Tennessee on our small family farm. My brother, one of his teen buddies, and our Mother were the witnesses. Dad wasn't home and the rest of us kids weren't home. The boys were 12-13 years old.

We had a lot of dogs. A lot of these dogs were huge dogs too. Many hound and Sheppard mixes. There were at least 8-10, maybe more. Those of you who remember back then, know that 'country farm dogs' were real dogs. Fearless, naturally aggressive to strangers, as well as extremely protective of their lands and owners, especially the kids on the farm. Mutts they may have been, but they meant business.

My Brother and his buddy decided to camp out in the back, in the woods, behind the barn. They used one of those heavy duty, green canvass military pup tents. This is summer time, hot, muggy. The whole time they're setting up, the dogs that had followed them, kept looking off through the trees to the northeast and growling with their hackles up. The boys didn't think much about it, but definitely noticed it, and it was still light after all. They just figured other dogs or coyotes, or maybe a bobcat back in the woods. There was a dirt road that bordered that side of our property, then miles of dense, hardwood, old-growth forest. There were no houses anywhere near ours in that direction.

As they got the camp set up and the fire going, and by this time it was dark, and they kept noticing the dogs were growing more attentive and restless. There was also a storm blowing in from the southwest. They could hear the low rumble of thunder way off in the distance. But this is still natural for that area of the country and common in the summers, and really no cause for concern.

They'd got the fire going and were making their grub when the dogs all became instantly alert and begin to growl and move out to investigate still in that NE direction into those thick woods. Some of the dogs actually ran into woods and the boys could hear that the dogs were getting really excited. Some of the dogs actually held back, and stayed close to the boys. These dogs were actually trembling and whimpering, something they'd never seen our dogs do. They were just under their feet. They could tell they were scared.

My brother whistled the dogs back and they came a running with their tails tucked and looking over their shoulders. It was obvious they were scared. When the dogs got back to my brother and his buddy, they were right under their feet, and acting skittish. Whimpering and whining and shaking. Hackles up. And they surrounded the boys and that really spooked them, because they could tell the dogs were wanting to protect them. The boys knew something or somebody was out there, watching them. They could even sense it.

The thunderstorm was getting closer and the wind was picking up. Plus, the night sounds had stopped. Back then, in Tennessee in summer, you could just about determine where anyone or thing is in the woods or around you just by the sounds of the night insects and frogs and all. When something is there, they all go quiet. And it's really eerie. And with the cloud cover and all, it was just a southern, pitch black night.

Well, my brother and his buddy decided they'd move the camp up closer to the house. So they break camp and the whole time the dogs are just freaking out and even growling and the boys could tell whatever was out there, couldn't be good.

They finally get the tent set up in the backyard. Dogs underfoot the whole time. The dirt road was closer to the house too. About the time they got the tent up, Mama comes out on the back porch and asks what's wrong and why are the dogs carrying on so. She could tell the dogs were upset and the thunderstorm was getting closer.

The boys told her how the dogs had been acting, and she could see the dogs were alerting on something up across the road in the woods, so she told them to just come into the house. So they came on in.

Well, the dogs kept barking and just going crazy. The storm was moving in and the wind had really picked up, but it wasn't raining, just lighting and thundering and wind gusts. Mama would go out on the back porch and look but could never see anything.

After a couple of hours the dogs went ballistic. I mean, like they were going to kill something. Mama said they were almost screaming and she'd never heard a dog make those kinds of sounds. They were so frightened and so viscous.

So Mama and my Brother get up and look out the windows into the backyard where the tent was set up. It was about 60 feet from the corner of the house under a white oak tree. Mama is looking out the bathroom window, and my Brother is looking out my bedroom window.

Across the dirt road, moving through the trees, was a glowing, transparent, man-shaped green light, moving just like a person would move if they were taking their sweet own time walking on a sunny day. The dogs are just screaming and surrounding this thing. Some of them are lunging at it and others are just howling like it's judgment day. The thing just ignored them.

That man-shaped, green glowing thing, just kept moving right towards the tent, and the house. It never hesitated, or paused or anything, even with all the dogs going crazy. It was like those dogs were not even there.

This thing walked right up to the tent, stopped and turned and looked directly at my mom through the bathroom window. Then, it squatted down just like a man would and opened the flap of the tent, and leaned partly inside. The dogs are still lunging, growling, snarling, barking, screaming, jumping, running, surrounding this thing, and it's not even noticing them. The whole tent lit up just like you'd turned a green lantern on inside it. It stayed in there a few moments. The whole tent just lit up and glowed real bright.

Then it just leaned back out, and stood up, and looked at mom again through the bathroom window. It just stood there for a few minutes looking at the house and her. Then it just turned around and walked back in the exact same path, up the hill, back across the road, back into the trees, with the dogs still going after it. They followed it up to the road and kept raising Cain until it disappeared way back into the woods out of sight. Same place it had came out of. Still acting like those dogs weren't even there.

The next morning, Mama and the boys all went outside and walked around the tent. Checked the tent. Nothing looked out of place. The dogs would not go near it. They would come close and their hackles would rise and they'd whine and a couple raised a leg and marked a perimeter. But they sniffed around that spot for days.

They all described what they saw as a green, glowing, see-through man. The one thing that did stick out, was that they could not see his feet. They could make out all the rest of the features, but not its feet. Mama always thought that was even weirder.

Our family was, and is, Christian. Mama said she just said a prayer, but for some reason she said she wasn't afraid that bad. She was mighty concerned, and she said if it had kept coming towards the house, she would've been really scared. But she said when she said that little prayer, she felt ok.

This is a true story. Mama kept all us kids close to the house for a while after that one. And it's been discussed many a time between us all." A

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