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Monday, March 28, 2022

'Invisible' Creature Encountered in Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

Two women were at a gathering in the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania in 2009. They noticed the movements of an invisible being, and indications that it was 'walking' through the forest.

I came across the following account:

“Something happened to me and a buddy at a rainbow gathering in 2009 in Pennsylvania's Allegheny National Forest. It was right before the loads of people showed up and we were camped away from everyone else. We were alongside the main trail that goes from the parking area and leads down a large hill into the main clearing.

It was dusk, so light was fading fast and we had a fire going. We were both sitting there having a deep conversation about life and spirituality when we decided to head down the trail to the clearing to find some food. At that moment we were standing up and some people who had been walking up the trail stopped to take a break about 30 yards below us. Anna says, "Hey, do you hear that?" I could clearly hear someone walking in the woods to our left. The thing is there was nothing out that way as we were quite a ways from the main clearing and facing the direction of all the lights and people.

The footsteps could be heard coming from our left and below us, heading straight for those people who were taking a break on the trail. I looked and saw nothing where my eyes said I should be seeing what was making those steps. There was nothing to be seen and I could actually see where the steps were landing, leaves being kicked up. Whatever it was walked up to those people on the trail, whom were talking to each other. None of them noticed anything, but the steps definitely slowed down as it made a turn going passed them, like it was checking them out. Then it came straight at me and Anna.

Anna was fumbling with her key chain trying to find a little flashlight she had. Whatever was making those steps came right up to the other side of the fire pit without stopping. It approached slowly and Anna pointed her light at it and said, "Hey!" As if in response, it took off up the hill right past me incredibly fast, kicking up leaves and dirt. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. The entire time it sounded like an invisible child power-walking, taking short quick steps, and when it took off passed me it was still "powerwalking" with small machine gun-like steps, if that makes any sense.

There would have been no way for me to chase it. This thing was so fast and we both took off running down the hill. This really happened. I don't think it was a ghost, because it didn't seem human. I always leaned toward fairies or leprechauns for some reason. I had the distinct impression that the little invisible dude didn't realize it was being noticed.” TJ

NOTE: The Allegheny National Forest covers 513,175 acres of Appalachian foothills that is situated within 4 different counties in northwestern Pennsylvania. It is well-known for anomalous activity, including Bigfoot, upright canines, and winged cryptids sightings and encounters. Whatever this being or entity was, it fits with the reputation of the location. Lon

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