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Monday, March 07, 2022

Shadowy Cryptid Stalks Couple Camping at Lake Phoenix, Virginia

A couple are at a Virginia lake snorkeling and camping for the night. They later notice an unknown being stalking them wherever they go in the area around their campsite.

I recently camp across the following account:

"This is the most terrifying thing that I have ever experienced. This happened 4 years ago, when my boyfriend and I were still fresh into the relationship. My sister had recommended to me a snorkeling trip for a fun thing to do with him. We went to Lake Phoenix located in Brunswick County, Virginia. It is quarry surrounded by a campground, that is best known for its crystal clear water and diving. There’s apparently a helicopter and school bus that people dive down to see.

My boyfriend and I decided to go camping for the night. While we were checking in we separately both got a bad feeling about the place, but had kept it to ourselves until after we left.

So, at first it was a really good time. We snorkeled in the shallow area of the quarry and, although the depth of the water was a bit uncanny, I still was enjoying myself. The water is 65 feet deep, so once you swim out of the shallow area it immediately dropped off and it was pitch black. This is actually where I realized I am terrified of water. Besides the dark deep water while you were swimming, there is something very scary about a lake that is perfectly still. I assume because it is a quarry, the water doesn’t have a current.

My boyfriend and I are winding down our night and we’re back at our campsite. We are camping in a grassy patch down a hill from the road. Our tent is pitched in a wooded area that our campsite is extended to and just across the green is a campsite that looks well-lived in, but our neighbors were out.

We’re making hotdogs over the fire when are neighbors get back. It’s nighttime now and they immediately go to sleep. I’d say 20-30 minutes after they get back is when things started to become spooky. My boyfriend and I were chatting, when we noticed a dark figure watching us from up the hill. Because of the shadow of the fire we could not actually make out the characteristics of the figure. We knew it was staring directly at us, almost hiding behind our neighbors truck.

It had watched us for what felt like forever until it started walking down the road again. We both watched it in dead silence, watching it walk behind trees. the same ones connected to our campsite but that also went in between us and it. I anticipated each time I’d see it walk forward, out from behind a tree.  Then it suddenly stopped appearing.

I was totally freaked out. Where did It go? I watched my boyfriend looking at what happened and thinking the same thing, but he had shrugged it off and I naively did too. We actually ended up forgetting about it and went to the quarry late that night. It was beautiful seeing the stars reflected against the water, but the deep, now all black water, was terrifying to say the least.

We walked back to our campsite, laid in our tent and smoked a joint. I soon began to get an uneasy feeling, which I was trying to ignore; telling myself it’s because I was high. After some silence between us, my boyfriend says to me, “Do you feel like we’re being watched?” I said, “Why would you say that?” I was half joking, but serious because I was scared. My boyfriend wanted to get out from the tent, so we’re standing by my car and I got this stupid idea that being in the middle of the field is the safest place for us. My logic being if someone was going to come up at us, at least we’d be able to see them.

So we’re in the middle of this field when we see a similar looking shadow figure from earlier staring at us. It must’ve been about 20 yards away. We both notice it while walking, and it’s walking in the same direction as us. We change directions and so does it. We tell one another if we change again and it does too that we’re booking it to my car. When we change, it follows and we book it to the car. I watched it from my seat as it slowly walked back into the darkness while still staring in our direction.

My boyfriend, at this point, says to me, “Let’s get out of here.” I agree, but all our camping gear is outside. We quietly get our things together, not trying to freak the other one out.

The weirdest part of this story, in my opinion, is the next part. My headlights weren’t working, and there was a weird fog over my windshield that didn’t go away no matter what we did. We had to drive out of woods with only low beams and a strange fog over the window. We barely could see but got out of there. Weirdly enough, the fog went away right as soon as we go to the gas station.

We got home around 1 AM. I told my father the story the next day and he said he’s glad we got out of there or else we could’ve been attacked.

Two people have died at this campground while snorkeling, which I found out after I got back. My boyfriend and I think it was either a person trying to kill us or an upright creature. We’ve kind of settled on the creature because what happened was an unexplained incident." A

NOTE: The Brunswick County, Virginia area is known for Bigfoot activity. I'm not sure what this couple encountered. Lon

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