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Wednesday, March 02, 2022

'Tall White' Aliens Frequented Las Vegas Casinos According to Report

The US military has been ‘working alongside’ aliens since the 1950s, claimed a former US Air Force serviceman. These extraterrestrial beings were said to frequent Las Vegas casinos.

People have argued, for multiple decades, over the possibility of existence of aliens. There have been incidents reported by humans claiming seeing extraterrestrial beings on Earth. An author, a former US Air Force serviceman, is claiming that he has seen human-like aliens frequenting Las Vegas casinos.

For several years, there have be reports that the American author claims that aliens "wearing "human outfits" frequently hit the bars of the Vegas strip." The reports note that Charles Hall revealed the account of his encounter with the aliens.

Hall claims that the U.S. military have managed to establish contact with species of aliens called 'Tall Whites.' He claims that the defense forces have also "worked alongside" these extraterrestrial beings "since the 1950s." He reported that the U.S. military merchandised technologies with these aliens. However, the big revelation to the general public was avoided because authorities believed that aliens were not "emotionally ready" for such an interaction.

Elaborating further, he said these creatures "disguised" in human clothing, wore sunglasses to visit the casinos and "unwind." They reportedly visited places like Stardust in Las Vegas. He also notes that casinos frequented by them were usually "surrounded by CIA handlers."

"In 1964, when I was a weather observer at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, I witnessed interactions between the military and a group of mysterious tall, white, human-like extra-terrestrials," said Hall. The report notes that these accounts were later "revealed" to be "true."

Also, author's brief bio states that Hall's "real life experiences" during his service as a weather observer in Nevada. Hall served as a military man in United States as well as Vietnam.

He claims that many of his colleagues at the former military base, close to Las Vegas had had an encounter with Tall Whites. This base is now not in use. He describes the encounter with these aliens as a "shocking" event because one is not certain whether they are "looking at ghost or an angel" or it's simply a dream.

NOTE: This is not the first time such accounts about these Tall White aliens' presence on the Earth have been reported. These are NOT the same non-terrestrial faction that I have encountered on 4 occasions since 2015. Lon


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: May, 1990
Time: 4:00 AM

The witness was on his way back home to California and stopped off at the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas and played black jack into the night. He went to the restroom and on his way back to the tables he stopped and watched a peculiar individual walking up the stairs. The person had a hat and sunglasses on, yet something wasn’t right with the way he was walking or climbing the stairs. It looked like he was stuck in mud, his knees sort of came out to the side as he tried raising his feet to take the next step.

The witness noticed also that there were about three more that looked just like him at the top of the stairs, some taller. They were all skinny, tall and had whitish hair that seemed to shimmer as if light was bouncing off it, the witness had never seen hair like that before. His immediate reaction was “what a freak” he thought to himself. Suddenly the one on the stairs stopped, turned, looking at the witness, the others at the top were looking down at him and at the witness who felt guilty for staring and decided to get back to his table.

Source: Brian Vike new reports

NOTE: After reading about Charles Hall, the witness made a connection between this bizarre group and the “tall whites” that Hall talked about. The witness went on to encounter several UFO’s around Cactus Springs, Nevada - Albert Rosales

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