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Friday, March 25, 2022

Unknown Tall Creature Slams Into Small Trailer

Two teens are inside a small trailer, when one of them hears a deep, guttural growl outside the window. Then, something slams into the top of the trailer and literally moves it. They are other strange inconsistencies.

I recently received the following account:

"This incident took place in a small trailer at a campground. Not exactly wilderness, but still heavily wooded. I was 13-years-old at the time. Being only 21 now and having written this down not long after it happened, the memory is still fresh. It makes me uncomfortable to write about to this day.

This campground just had a strange feeling. It felt like it belonged in a dark holler in West Virginia or something, not in New England. It was run by a couple who were around at odd hours. There was a pool and little general store within sight of the trailer. Down the lane, out of sight and just barely in hearing range when they were loud, was larger trailer and tent sites. All of these were backed up to the edge of fairly dense woods. Around us there were a few smaller trailers, but no one in any of the. It just felt odd and deserted, but I wasn't uncomfortable at this point.

One night, my best friend and I were in the trailer and my mother and her friend were on the picnic table 30-40 feet away. We had watched a movie, 'Aladdin,' and at some point during or after I got up to shut the light in the far window over the "kitchen table." This was a a very small trailer. Maybe ten steps across and barely room to pass each other if you went sideways. The kitchen table was the second bed. We were on the living room bed, so I made the ten steps. The far window and table were kind of recessed. The bathroom and living room bed were up a step and narrower. My friend could not see the window from the bed.

When I reached for the light, something growled outside the window. It was DEEP, but not necessarily loud. But the depth to it, it sounded guttural and BIG. And high, probably near the top of the window. I froze. It took a good 5 seconds before I could turn to my friend to see if they did it. I got a genuinely blank "what" stare? I bolted those ten steps and literally rolled/collapsed into the bed. My knees were too weak to jump. That wasn't the part that really bothers me though.

A few beats after I hit the bed, something slammed into the trailer. Near the top, and HIT it HARD. The trailer's side/back where the window was and where it hit was against the woods. Trees touched it. Now there was a step outside to get into the trailer and room enough for my 5'8" mom to stand up with some room. It hit the top edge of that trailer above the bed my friend and I were in. It was hard enough to reverberate through the bed. The trailer moved...literally.

What freaks me out more is my mom and her friend, again 30-40 feet away, heard nothing but us yelling. They assumed we were playing around. My friend did not hear the growl, but we were on the beach last night and I brought it up and they still remember that bang on the trailer. It wasn't on the roof, nothing jumped ONTO us. It was the side, near the top. and one concentrated spot, not like a body slam. This was western Massachusetts. Doubtful it was a bear or mountain lion. This was about 8+ feet above the ground. Besides which, I feel like either of those would've gone for the two vulnerable adults on the picnic table. Or at least been noticed by them; the side it hit was the side nearest the table.

And yeah, I've been given the Bigfoot suggestion. For me the jury is out on that one but I don't find it impossible. My problem with it is the same with a bear or mountain lion; why it took more interest in us than the adults out in the open. I'm still genuinely uncomfortable walking into a room with a window open at night." AH

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