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Monday, November 21, 2022

Anomalous UFO Captured on Home Security Camera in Peoria, Arizona (VIDEO)

In a video uploaded to TikTok by theuapstruth, footage from a security camera positioned in front of a house in Peoria, Arizona shows a strange anomaly.

Popular Youtuber Slapped Ham included the footage in his compilation “REAL Mysterious Footage That Will Give You Chills” uploaded November 7, 2022. He wrote:

“At first all seems calm. That is until a mysterious object flies into view from the right side of the screen. It makes its way in a relatively straight line toward the street light. Then it abruptly changes direction, flying out of view towards the top of the frame. It's been noted that the object looks as though it's being propelled through the air, leaving behind some kind of exhaust trail. The footage cuts to 10 minutes later, and the object reappears in front of the camera. This time, it enters from the top of the screen, then seems to fade off into the distance. While it's been suggested that the object might simply be a bird and that the camera's slow frame rate could be making it look as though it's emitting a trail, several of viewers noted that they too had seen it. Several viewers noted that they too had seen similar things near where this footage was captured. So are these aliens flying through the Arizona skies, or is there another way to explain these strange sightings? We'll keep you posted if and when more info comes to hand."

Source: Slapped Ham, from a video titled “REAL Mysterious Footage That Will Give You Chills” uploaded November 7, 2022

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