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Friday, November 11, 2022

'BRUJO' Witch, Found Treasure, & Ghostly Attacks Experienced by California Witness

A northern California man recalls his experiences with a 'Brujo' Witch, finding lost treasure, & ghostly manifestations & attacks while growing up. Very strange series of events.

The following account was forwarded to me by my friends Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"I grew up in the farm country of Northern California. We lived outside of our little town in what I’ve heard is an old infirmary from World War II. There was a Japanese Interment Camp about 5 miles away. The floor plan made the rumor believable. Wide open long upstairs, one room downstairs, and the garage had a stable type feel to it. This is where I will try to align these pretty strange events.

It was the mid to late 90s and my stepdad, a Mexican-American, was hiding some illegal immigrants in our barn from immigration. They stayed there for a week until the heat came off. One guy was a “Brujo” witch doctor in Spanish. My mom, a Christian, was reluctant but he was there. Within days they were talking about spirits and money being buried in the garage. My stepdad and miscellaneous friends of his started digging. I remember thinking they were crazy. That brujo used sticks and other household items to try and find a spot to dig. They ended up finding 2 coffee cans full of World War II-era silver dollars. I remember my mom getting spooked and kicking that brujo out of the property. Stepdad was scared of his abilities and didn’t want him to go so unceremoniously. He got the boot nonetheless.  

I remember my parents trying to figure out how to cash in the loot. There was fear that the money had powers and they wanted to find a way to get them appraised. I was in my teens, I definitely don’t remember every detail but was aware enough to think we found a legit treasure.

So my mom must have had enough of some unusual happenings since the coins had been found and she decided to take the coins to town and get what she could for them.  Along the way my younger brother who was holding them opened the door, to fix his seat belt or something and the whole jar had spilled out the door. They were only able to recover a few of them. Mom wasn’t even tripping, she had more of a good riddance-type attitude about it. My stepdad acted as if he lost the original copy of the Declaration of Independence. I figure they had to be worth quite a bit back then. Life went on and there was no more brujo or anything abnormal for a period.

This is when things kind of got really weird. My brothers slept downstairs in bunk beds at the bottom of the stairs. I had a room upstairs that overlooked the garage. One day my youngest brother was scared to his core that he saw a ghost from his bunk bed. We all kind of wrote it off, but he described a tall man in green fatigues with a glow around him. He swore to never sleep in those bunks again. And he never did. Fast forward some time and the brother right below me told an identical story, this time it was upstairs in the middle room. He swore to never sleep upstairs and he never did. I can’t remember if these were months apart or years but they slept in the living room for a long time. I mean they were junior high kids when it happened to them and they slept in the living room until the day they moved out of the house.  They were scared and they saw something. They would go upstairs in the day with no fears, they’d play video games up there through the night, and they never slept up there again.  

So I left the house in 1998. I ran into some tough times and made my way back home in early 2000. My sister had the middle room and she kept it like a high school girl would keep a room, clean and smelling good. So they all slept downstairs still and I took over my sister's room.  The night I came home, fell asleep hard. At some point during the night, I awoke to this tall man dressed in Army fatigues standing over me. He looked like a character from MASH. No face but tall and right there at the head of the bed looking at me. I thought it was a dream so I closed my eyes and tried to fall back to sleep. I don’t know if I had sleep paralysis or if this thing started choking me out, but I was getting choked out. I opened my eyes enough to see that ghost still there but not on me in a full mount like it felt. Just there. I started to yell for my mom, but couldn’t utter a noise. I tried to flail, but nothing. I was raised in the church so I started to pray. I said something like I rebuke you in the name of God and his son Jesus Christ. And it was over just like that. I went downstairs, took a drink of water, and knocked on my mom's door. I asked her if she heard anything? She says no, go to bed!

I went back upstairs and went to bed. Never bothered again and moved out a few weeks later after I landed a job.  

Like I said, I’m more of a skeptic than a believer, but this happened to me and my brothers. I have a couple other strange stories, one of a UFO sighting on Halloween night in 1994. And a recent one of a rock being thrown at me in the woods with no one around earlier this summer.." Redbarnkid

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