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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Possible BIGFOOT ENCOUNTER in Wayne National Forest, Ohio

A group of friends state that they had encountered a Bigfoot in Wayne National Forest. They apparently captured it on video. There is a question of identification...Bigfoot or dark humanoid?

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I actually encountered a Bigfoot near Nelsonville, Ohio within the Wayne National Forest back in the mid-1990s. I've told the story several times on my YouTube channel over the years. I didn't see it directly, but my friends in my Jeep saw it, and one of them who was videotaping our trip that day caught it on video.

What happened was I stopped my Jeep Cherokee on a gravel back road to retrieve a book of music CDs from the back of the vehicle. When I opened the hatchback, my friends started screaming, telling me to get back inside the truck. I quickly slammed the hatchback closed and ran to the driver's seat and got in and locked the doors. But by the time I looked around, I didn't see it and it was gone, plus we were eager to get out of there FAST.

We all watched the video (video not attached) many times back in the 1990s and could never explain what we saw. The friend who recorded the video sent the video away to some bigfoot investigator instead of sending him a copy, and the video is now lost. But there were four of us that day, and the three others all saw it, except me (only on the video afterward). The video was lost after my friend sent it to the bigfoot "investigator." I was the only person that felt it important to make copies of the videotape, and no one ever got around to it. But basically in the tape, a large black humanoid-looking creature of some kind crossed the road maybe 150-200 feet behind my Jeep.

I think it was two days later, we all went back with the camcorder and stopped my Jeep exactly where I had originally stopped. My tire tracks were still clearly visible in the gravel where I had jammed on the gas to get out of there. We had one of our friends walk back to where the "creature" crossed the road and it was immediately apparent that whatever it was, it looked to be about two feet taller than my friend, who I think was either 6'1" or 6'2". The problem was the resolution of video cameras back then was not good, so in many ways, it was just a dark blur, but it was definitely a real creature/animal of some kind.

It happened in the spring of either 1995 or 1996, right outside of Nelsonville, Ohio. The road is just west of Hocking College, I think it's called Riverside Drive and turns into Wolfe-Bennett Road. Back in the mid-1990s, they were a mix of gravel and low-grade asphalt. We DID investigate the area around where whatever it was came out of the woods, but didn't find any tracks or anything else that would indicate a large creature was there. Who knows what would happen if it were real?  All I know is that my experience was strange, and what I saw on the video afterward is something that I cannot directly explain, regardless of our attempts for many years to do so.

I personally don't believe that Bigfoot exists, though I'd still like to know what it was that crossed the road behind me. Still, we (myself and the friends who actually saw it with their own eyes that day) refer to the event as the "Bigfoot encounter" because that's what they said it was right after I got in my Jeep and started driving away. My friend rewound the video tape and I watched the footage through the black & white viewfinder, and indeed could see something walking a ways behind me. I turned around and immediately went back and didn't see anything, but didn't stop and drove directly home to view the tape. That's when we all watched it together. We were calling people, people were calling us to see the tape for days.  But everyone's first reaction to seeing the tape at the time was "that's a Bigfoot."

I'm still perplexed by what it actually was or could have been, but it makes for an interesting story to tell. I just wish my numbskull friend hadn't sent that guy the original tape, because now it's lost forever and I have no way to back up the validity of my story other than to recollect the event with the friends who witnessed it with me.  Otherwise, people are free to chalk it up to "just another 'lost the tape story," and I totally get it. I'd feel exactly the same way. But I didn't see it other than on the tape, and I was the in the tape."  BM

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