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Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Recently Forwarded EYEWITNESS CRYPTID REPORTS From Various Locations

Here are several brief cryptid sightings and encounter reports recently forwarded to me. There are a variety of odd incidents. Please feel free to comment. 

The following brief accounts were recently forwarded to me:

"When I was a kid my friend and I was playing in a meadow behind his house. It was Fall and everywhere we heard a crunching of footsteps. Bipedal. We thought initially bears, so I wanted to see one in the wild so I ran up on top of a mound, my friend was halfway to the house scared to death, screaming at me to go with him! I looked over the open meadow and nothing, absolutely nothing. I heard the crunching footsteps approaching me, closer and closer. I was completely terrified and stumped as to where is the sound coming from. My friend was now 100 yards from me screaming and asking if it was a bear. I screamed no, it’s nothing I can’t see anything. I glanced down as the sound was nearly on top of me, there were giant invisible feet crunching in front of me, perfectly invisible. I nearly pissed myself screaming and running toward the house. We made it in locked the door and got his dad's 30.06 rifle.

Yep, no one believed us! We were terrified. There are invisible entities in the woods!  This was in a small town called Twain Harte in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.  I’m 42 now." AD


"I never shared this with anyone really to keep the humiliation away, but I had an encounter a few years back. I was hunting in a tree stand on public land, but I was deep in a thicket. As the sun started dropping in the trees, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Just out of clear sight, something was slipping through the thicket. Yes, the area has black bear, but this was no bear. Looked around 7-9 feet and moved swiftly but without issue.

After losing sight for around 5 minutes, I heard a few whooping sounds that I'd never heard. Growing up in the woods, I'm very familiar with coyotes, screech owls, bobcats, etc, and this was absolutely nothing I have ever heard through my years. To this day I hate hunting there by myself and haven't but just a few times since. Due to fear of being called names and all, I've never gotten to share this with my family nor have I shared it with my friends. Here it is first hand take it how you guys want." TG


"I don't know if this is the place that you want me to share, but I will. It was the summer of 1978. My best friend's older brother worked at a local bar in Whitney Point (upstate) N.Y.  It was called the Twin Rivers Inn. That was our hub and we loved it.

Anyway, one evening he finished work around 3 am and headed off home in his car after having around (two) beers.  He lived about five miles out of town in a very rural area on Bull Creek Road. This is a dirt road even to this day.  Anyway, about half a mile from his house, he saw five of these things walking in the field very close to the road.  As the car got closer, they all turned and looked at him. Glowing eyes were all that he could recall except for the height.  They ranged he said from five to seven feet tall (Perhaps a family group). He hurried home and grabbed a shotgun quite freaked out.

My friend was watching an old TV movie at the time and asked him what was wrong. He related this story.  After a while, the word made its way around Whitney Point, and the town was divided as to who did and who did not believe him. But to this day, he is adamant that this happened." JS


"I’m not sure what I saw, but it was something odd, and I always wondered if it could have been one of these. I was with my girlfriend returning to my car after a hike. It was fully dark. My car was facing the mountain maybe 20-30 feet from the trail in the parking lot, at the base of Mt Chocorua, NH. We had just spent like 10 minutes doing an outro at the beginning of the trail, as she was shooting a video, then headed to the car (could have been interesting to rewatch the outro, now that I’m thinking about it). When I turned on the headlights, something quite tall ducked, and she freaked out and was yelling ‘Go! Go! Go!’, and after didn’t want to talk about it. I was so curious and she was all set with that topic. I don’t know how you can not talk about it. Had she not freaked out I likely would have sat there for a second to at least look. Been racking my brain for years thinking what it could have been, as it obviously followed us in parallel as we walked to the car." DR


"I totally get the not talking about it. My sister-in-law and I saw a werewolf.  We were out on a deer ride in northwestern Wisconsin in 1998 and saw our worst nightmare come true. We were both so freaked out by it that we never talked about it after that night.

2 summers ago while having a bonfire in her backyard I asked her what did we see that night at the cabin? Without even a pause she said a werewolf. I am not sure how other people have been affected by seeing these creatures, but both she and I like our beer way too much." LR


"One time I was coyote hunting in southwest Pennsylvania. It was about 2am in the morning and I climbed up an old wood tree stand that had been there for a few years. After the 1st call with the Fox Pro I saw a flashlight coming about 30 yards behind me. I watched it pass right down a trail and disappeared down a hill. I figured screw it I'm leaving and I had to walk across the trail the light that I thought was a person walked down. There was about a foot of fresh snow and there were no tracks there at all. No people prints. Nothing. It was creepy as hell." JM

Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact me by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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