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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Camper's BIGFOOT 'MINDSPEAK' ENCOUNTER in George Washington National Forest

A man and his son are camping for the night in the George Washington National Forest. They hear 'whoops' that get closer. He is soon facing the Bigfoot and begins to 'mindspeak' with it.

"This is what myself and my son experienced. I don't pay particular attention to time so I apologize for the lack of these details. The location of our encounter was the George Washington National Forest between Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Franklin, West Virginia. The time was eight to ten years ago. It was an abnormally nice day, in essence, it was a cool summer day. I asked my son if you'd like to go camping for the night due to the fair weather just to get out. He agreed so off we went.

We arrived in the early afternoon. The parking was along the two-lane rural highway with small pull-offs and extensive four-wheel drive trails on the opposite side of the road. We weren't fishing so I'd decided to take us to the less traveled side. We hiked in until we found a good-looking location, a natural clearing not far from a small creek. I'm not much for planning so I really had no agenda other than being in nature.

We started collecting a fire as it would be dark and we'd like to cook our hot dogs. Around then we heard a 'whoop' from the ridge a couple hundred yards off. We both heard it. I told my son it was probably a Bigfoot. We were losing light. Then we heard the 'whoop' from a gully opposite of the ridge. There is a nearby knob. Some serious crashing sounds were coming from it. We both stopped and looked. I could see the trees getting thrashed about in a direct line to us. My son was nervous. I tried to rationalize it. I could see no animal. I could not hear boulder clacking, but it was easy to see the trees moving against the skyline. When the thrashing got to the bottom of the hill it made a 90-degree turn and soon went quiet. I told my son that we would have to deal with something and build up the fire.

It was dark now but the fire was Illuminating the area around us. We started getting pebbles tossed at us. We noticed glowing red eyes from behind a small tree that grew up in the middle of the large bush at the edge of our clearing. I asked my son if he could see it. He said he did I put myself between the fire and the eyes. My son started walking toward it, I told him not to go over there and to come near me.

I picked up some pebbles and moved to about 25 feet from our visitor. I pitched pebbles at it. I wasn't sure what I was looking at and I figured if I tossed rocks at an animal it would move. This is when my son said that I should not throw rocks at it. He was scared. I said that it started the rock throwing I'm not some fearless hero generally speaking but I think before I react this is when I was thinking what do you want? The answer came quickly. I moved closer. I wasn't sure what I was dealing with and I was excited about communicating with it. I stared this bugger in the eyes from no more than 20 feet away and commenced to think at it. I explained that I have an idea of who it was. However, I needed confirmation I asked you to wink at me. Then, out loud, I told it again, then I winked at it. Two seconds later it winked back. I laughed a smile. I explained that I understood it's just like humans and that I have the same feelings, but that my son and I are not here to cause anyone harm. Please leave. We are honored by its presence and we will be leaving in the morning. However, you have scared my son and I'm out of patience. Thankfully the Bigfoot left." DP

Transcribed Source: The Round Table Of Knowledge By HTH

NOTE: I have posted numerous Bigfoot sightings and encounters in the George Washington National Forest previously. It is well-known for a wide variety of cryptid activity. Lon

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